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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 307

Date:  Saturday September 11th, 1999  11:19 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bill Apter at:
& Mark Madden at:
Both Apter & Madden report that Ric Flair is interested in assuming
some of Eric Bischoff's creative duties. Apter filed the following
report on Wrestleline concerning the Friday (9/10) house show in

"After the show's intermission, fans were stunned to hear Flair's
entrance music play, as the "Nature Boy" strutted his way to the ring
to a standing ovation. Flair's speech centered around "major changes
that will be made shortly in WCW," as he put it. He told the crowd that
he was embarrassed at such a small turnout at the Arena, and vowed to
"make WCW number one again."

He added, "tonight you could have bought tickets at the box office, but
the next time WCW will be in town, it will be impossible to buy a
ticket that way. We will be sold out way in advance, I can assure you
of that. We will be number one again." Flair made references to "Stone
Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock and The Undertaker, saying that WCW would
make fans forget them in a matter of time."

Although the top performer in the history of the business, Flair has
had limited success when working on the booking end of the business.
Although his 1989 booking reign resulted in some of the best matches of
this generation, Flair did not show an aptitude for top-to-bottom
consistency. His 1994/1995 booking reign was even more unremarkable
(though Hogan & Bischoff provided their own "input").

The one obvious upside is that we will surely see Flair back in action,
a development I look forward to...
"Until you've walked a mile in my only know half the story!"
-- Jim Ross
Courtesy of
By Jim Ross
Sept. 10, 1999

I am saddened by the loss of our longtime friend Brian Hildebrad who
died Thursday after a long, tough battle with cancer. Brian was a
wonderful person who truly loved our business. I got to know Brian when
he refereed in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and quickly grew to admire and
respect the man. I'm really going to miss him.

The overnight ratings for SmackDown Thursday night were very consistent
with last week's numbers with a 4.8 rating and a 7.6 share. UPN is
ecstatic with the new program's delivery and with RAW returning to its
regular time this week, SmackDown ratings are likely to increase.
Speaking of RAW, this past Monday's ratings were tremendous, despite
airing later in the east and midwest. The program averaged a 4.4
rating/11 share and was seen in 3.3 million households! RAW beat Nitro
in the ratings Monday, even though Turner's boys were unopposed in
their regular time slot. Do you think some of the folks in
Atlanta are
turning gray or getting balder as a result of Monday's ratings?

Look for some very entertaining features from the NHRA U.S. Nationals
on Superstars this Sunday morning and the MTV Video Music Awards show
this Saturday morning on USA Network's LiveWire. The MTV footage will
include several top stars from music and entertainment talking about
the Federation. Not only was Stone Cold Steve Austin a part of the
broadcast but Debra, the Road Dogg and
X-Pac all attended as well.

A new Chris Jericho shirt will debut this Monday at RAW in
Calif. Plans for Jericho merchandise began months ago in preparation
for Y2J's arrival in the Federation. Chris did a great job this week in
Las Vegas promoting Tuesday's SmackDown there.

Mankind will appear on
USA's "GvsE" on Sunday, Oct. 10. Heard Mick did
a great job.

Fans who can get WWOR-TV in
New York (channel 9) will see a WWF TV
special this Saturday night at
8 p.m.

TV Guide has a feature on SmackDown in the current edition. Mostly
good. Usual wise-ass remarks, too.

Stone Cold has a head shot on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's fall
TV preview. More SmackDown stuff on the inside.

Vanity Fair is set to do a major pictorial on the Federation, and will
be taking photos with many superstars this Monday and Tuesday in

Stone Cold recorded an interview at the MTV show Thursday night that
aired on Howard Stern's radio show Friday morning.
Austin will tape
"The Martin Short Show" on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

MSNBC is set to do a very high profile piece on the McMahon family in
the next few weeks.

WWF Rebellion will be seen on Sky Box Office Saturday, Oct. 2, and it
was just learned that this event will also be distributed on pay
television in
Ireland for the first time! The sold-out event originates
Birmingham, England.

The main event for Sept. 26's Unforgiven in
Charlotte will be announced
Monday on RAW, live from

The World Wrestling Federation is currently negotiating with several
young stars currently on the roster to extend their contracts. The
Hardys, Joey Abs and
Prince Albert are rumored to be in this group.

The Federation is conducting another tryout camp this week in
Conn. Our talent development program is being refined and will remain a
primary focus of the company. Know any prospects?

Great effort by Tori and Ivory last week on RAW in their Hardcore Rules
bout! Same for Jackie, versus Jeff Jarrett.

Expect the Federation to announce the signing of another top competitor
very soon. This one even surprised J.R.

The World Wrestling Federation will be running a show in
Oklahoma. City
during the State Fair on Thursday, Sept. 23. Kane, Boss Man, Al Snow,
Edge and Christian, the Hardys and Bradshaw are some of the stars
participating. I'm looking forward to being there too.

The Federation is very pleased with the
Dudleys thus far. Good
attitudes and great effort. Let's hope they continue to improve and
eventually get in the tag title hunt. I like their chances.

Huge crowd on hand Friday in
Miami for the on-sale of the Federation's
return on Oct. 10. Rock and D'Lo Brown lead the charge on this launch.

J.R.'s barbecue sauce project is alive and well. As a matter of fact, a
new, big-time player has entered into talks about being the distributor
of my family recipe. December or January is still our target for the
product to be available in stores.

Beware of Sumo Sammy!

The Godfather is scheduled to return to action Sept. 13-14 after
recovering from surgery to remove a cyst on his tailbone.

The British Bulldog has returned, as those of you that saw SmackDown
already know, and looks to be fit. Davey Boy will be challenged to
regain his one-time luster, and he's hoping he can get it done. The
Bulldog is only 36, but has been in the business for over 20 years! It
would be awesome if the Bulldog can return to his former, in-ring self.

The Undertaker ranks at the top of the list when it comes to mental
toughness and working through injuries. Like him or not, the Phenom is
one dedicated, hard working son of a gun. Wish we had more like him!

We will soon be going to two days a week for this report. I really
appreciate your support! Thanks!

Written by reader: JlBt911

In brief response to the "Who should be elevated" column, I was very
disappointed to see Kanyon's name on the "keep at mid-card status"

Further, as the only man to give Scott Norton a 1st place vote in the
huge poll just over a month ago, I stand behind my belief that he is
World Title Material. Konnan needs to be deported. Eddie Guerrerois a
great face. He's a boring heel. Disco Inferno's time has come and
gone. Dean Malenko is in Benoits shadow and needs a good 6 month war
with the Canadian Crippler over the
US title to regain respect...

Aside from a Malenko/Benoit fued, I think Rick Steiner needs a
push...right into the unemployment office.

Visit My Home Page At:

The program began with ECW Owner Paul Heyman doing a voice over as a
clip of Raven helping arch enemy Tommy Dreamer win the Tag Team Titles
from The Dudley Boyz ran.

After the ECW opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers position
welcoming the viewers. He hyped ECW's next PPV Anarchy Rulz,
19, 1999
, from Chicago, IL.

Dastardly Danny Doring (DD), Amish Road Kill (RK) and "Miss
Congeniality" Angelica came to the ring. The crowd taunted RK about
"his love of farm animals." DD took the mic and said he was going to
"guarantee" (he must have gone to The Vincent K. McMahon School of
Wrestling Mic Work) a victory v. Chris Chetti (CC) and Nova, or would
shave his head and split the team. Would anyone notice either? Would
anyone care?

CC and Nova hit the ring and the first match, DD/RK v. CC/Nova got
underway. They knocked RK on his fat ass and cleaned DD's clock. As
they came off the ropes at DD for a Double Clothesline, Angelica
reached in and tripped them. Bad move Miss C. This brought Jazz to
ringside and she shoved Angelica away and turned the match into a
Six-Person Tag Team Match, as she joined CC/Nova. However, it was time
to sell you every tape ECW ever made, so we went to a commercial.

When we got back, RK and Nova were in. Nova dumped the lard ass with a
Drop Toe Hold, sending him to tag Angelica in as he went to think about
the next dozen chickens he will kill. She wanted CC, so being a
gentleman, he came in and immediately applied an Arm Wringer on her.
Angelica countered with a Tilt-A-Whirl Flying Head Scissors. Chetti
replied with a Scoop and Slam. Jazz couldn't wait to get her hands on
Angelica so she tagged in. Angelica couldn't get out fast enough as she
tagged DD in to face Jazz. He did The Dastardly Shuffle, obviously
figuring he could gross Jazz out. It certainly worked on everyone else.
He then kicked Jazz in her midsection. She Irish Whipped him into a
corner and Monkey Flipped him out. She gave him a parting love tap and
tagged CC in. Angelica tagged back in to face CC. She rubbed up against
CC suggestively and as he watched her drop to her knees (call the
censors), she hit him with a Low Blow that would have made Chyna smile.
She then tagged The Amish Chicken Lover in. He blasted CC with The Dirt
Road Stomp (its not worth asking about if you don't know).

DD dropped an elbow on CC from the top turn buckle as he lay on the mat
after the Dirt Road Stomp. A pinning attempt failed. DD stayed in and
exchanged punches with CC. CC then picked DD up and dropped him on his
back. RK and Nova tagged in. Nova punched the fat tub and blasted him
with a Flying Forearm, following it up with a Tornado DDT. Angelica
made the save on RK. She stayed in and Jazz quickly tagged in and it
was Cat Fight City. RK came in and picked Jazz up, however, CC came in,
kicked him and stopped whatever he planned to do to Jazz. The ring
filled as the referee lost control (major surprise). Jazz applied a
Testicular Claw on DD and he hollered for his mommy. She was in Florida
and could hear him. She wasn't watching TV at the time. She Irish
Whipped DD into a corner and followed him in with a Clothesline. Jazz
got the worse of an exchange and that allowed RK to nail her with a Leg
Drop off the top turn buckle. This got us our first "Oh, my G-d" from
Joey. Angelica came back in and covered what was left of Jazz for the
victory. The crowd loved the action and broke into a chant of "ECW."

Winners - Dastardly Danny Doring, Road Kill and Angelica
Loser - Jazz - She was picked up with a blotter
Loser - Dastardly Danny Doring - Now eligible for membership in
and as a Soprano at The Metropolitan Opera

Joey gave the cards for upcoming House Shows through early October and
hyped the ECW Magazine. Joey is an equal opportunity shill for
everything ECW.

Joey then talked about the ECW Championship Match at Anarchy Rulz that
will see Taz defend the title v. Masato Tanaka. This worked out just
fine as it led into the next match. It was Tanaka v. Mike Awesome,
taped last time Tanaka was in the USA, and took place in Queens, NY.
They began by exchanging punches, followed by Tanaka applying a Head
Lock that Awesome broke as he shoved Tanaka off.

Awesome hit a Clothesline, Irish Whipped Tanaka into the ropes and gave
him a boot to the face as he came off. Tanaka replied with a
Springboard Clothesline that knocked Awesome to the floor. Awesome came
back with a Slingshot Shoulder Block as he got back in, followed by a
Clothesline that sent Tanaka to the floor. What's good for one, is good
for the other. Awesome went over the top rope onto Tanaka. That got the
fans going as they chanted "ECW." Awesome grabbed a Steel Chair,
manufactured by The Acme Table and Steel Chair Company, Division of The
Acme Corporation, and delivered it to Tanaka's head. He followed by
Irish Whipping his Japanese friend into the guard rail and then
slamming him face first onto it. They exchanged punches on the floor.
Awesome got tired of it so he grabbed the chair again and nailed Tanaka
with a pair of shots to the head. They finally got back in as the
referee's count reached somewhere near 100 (he used his fingers, toes
and the first three rows of fans). The only thing rarer than a count
out in ECW is birthday greetings that Slobo sends to the Albanians.

Awesome hit a Clothesline off the top turn buckle and tried for a pin.
No go. He got the chair again and jammed it into Tanaka's ribs as he
was pinned in a corner. He then crowned Tanaka with it one more time
for good luck. Tanaka fought back with a belly to-back Suplex and a
Flying Forearm. He tried for a pin and had the same luck as his
opponent .. none. He then buried Awesome with a Tornado DDT and once
more tried for a pin, with the same results. He then tried for a Power
Bomb, but Awesome reversed it and dropped him. Back to the chair for
our boy Mike, as he nailed Tanaka two more times. This impressed Joey
enough to get a "My G-d." Awesome hit a Sit-Out Power Bomb on the chair
and tried unsuccessfully for a pin. He then picked Tanaka up and hit
him with a Scoop and Slam. He went to the top turn buckle and dropped
on Tanaka with a Frog Splash. Rob Van Dam needn't worry. Awesome only
got a 6.5 from the judges on it, with the Romanian judge coming in with
a low mark of 1.0. I think I recognized him from the last Summer
Olympics. Another pinning attempt, another failure. They exchanged
punches. Again Awesome tired of it and hit a Running Awesome Bomb.
Tanaka folded like a cheap accordion. He went to the floor, rolled the
mats back and set an Acme Prime Wrestling Table, manufactured by The
Acme Table and Steel Chair Company, Division of The Acme Corporation,
up at ringside. Joey couldn't figure out why he moved the mats. Awesome
couldn't have cared less. He went back in and tried for an Awesome Bomb
over the top ropes onto the table, but Tanaka was having none of it. He
rolled off and hit Awesome with an Elbow to the face. He went for the
pin and Awesome kicked out. It was Roaring Elbow time. It was lights
out for Awesome time. The pin was academic, Awesome didn't know what
freight train hit him. When he came to, Awesome figured that since he
set the table up, he might as well make use of it. He sent Tanaka over
the top rope and thru it with an Awesome Bomb. This got us our second
"Oh, my G-d" from Joey. For those of you counting along, the "My G-d"
doesn't count in the official count. Tanaka counted Sushi. The crowd
chanted "ECW."

Winner - Masato Tanaka
Loser - Masato Tanaka - He now has Acme branded on his ass

Joey responded to those questioning why ECW would show a match in which
Tanaka got his ass kicked, when he is about to face Taz for the ECW
Title. He ran a tape of the rematch Tanaka had v. Awesome. We saw a
short piece with Tanaka this time throwing Awesome over the top rope
and thru a table at ringside. He said Taz has promised to make Tanaka
tap out to the TazMission. Not to worry, Taz says that about every
opponent ... and most do.

We again saw the clip of Raven saving Tommy Dreamer's ass and helping
him win the Tag Team Title. That makes it about fifteen times its been
shown since it happened. Note to Joey and Paul E: We got the message.

This was followed by The Dudley Boyz handing Tommy the Belt and
congratulating him on finally winning a title in ECW. This was a class
move by The Dudley Boyz in the final appearance in ECW. The crowd let
them know they appreciated it. As it ran, Joey talked (and talked)
about the feud between Dreamer and Raven. He mentioned The Dudley Boyz
destroying Beulah McGillicutti in New Orleans, adding that as much as
Raven hated Tommy, he disavowed all knowledge of it. Those words sound
familiar. I wonder if Jim Phelps is on the card tonight.

Tommy Dreamer and Francine, who was looking fine as usual, came to the
ring. Joey didn't let us down as he again talked about the Raven -
Dreamer feud as being the hottest one in ECW history. Dreamer
reminisced about ECW's first PPV, Barely Legal, from the ECW Arena in
South Philadelphia, and how five seconds after it was over, the
equipment blew and there was a power failure. Because of this (and the
fact that is so old, it is rumored that Thomas Edison himself wired the
place) that TNN was concerned about a National TV Taping from there. He
say Paul E. has promised TNN it wont happen again. He said the fans in
Philadelphia deserve to have a TNN show taped there. He then talked
about the rivalry between the fans in Philadelphia and the ones in New
York. He said he was born in and lives in New York, but made his career
in Philadelphia.

The fans roared their approval with a chant of "F*ck New York." No one
ever said they were Politically Correct. They then chanted "ECW" as he
said TNN to tape a show in Philadelphia. He told them to forget the war
with New York, that combined, they were the greatest fans in the world.
There is a rumor Tommy will be tarred, feathered and castrated next
week in Chicago. He asked the crowd to show TNN they wanted a taping.
Another chant of "ECW" erupted. He then said he was answering the
critics who called his back injury a "retirement gimmick," saying the
injury is legitimate and he is going to announce tonight what his plans

Steve Corino, Rhino and Jack Victory came out. Corino and Rhino got
into the ring, and Jack Victory watched from ringside. Corino launched
into his spiel about how wrestling caused Tommy's injury. The crowd
chanted "Shut the F*uck up." Corino isn't the most popular guy in town.
He then questioned why TNN would ever consider taping in this
"craphole." Corino will need an armored battalion to get out of
Philadelphia alive. The crowd chanted some "colorful" words at Corino.
He told Tommy that he wouldn't disappoint the people, because he is as
big a "Mark" as they are, if he lays down and allows Corino to pin him
so he can go on with his life. He said then he would be one-half of the
ECW Tag Team Champions and Tommy could "go rehab, get a new job, or do
whatever he wanted." Tommy reached for the mic to respond, however when
he did, Rhino Clotheslined him. Corino did the same to Francine, who
Joey called "just a 105 pound woman." Funny, when she did a Bronco
Buster and DDT on Corino, he didn't call her that. For shame Joey. Jack
Victory joined the party and brought along a Metal Trash Can,
manufactured by The Acme Trash Can and Hauling Company, Division of The
Acme Corporation. Rhino and Victory held Tommy as Corino crowned him
with the can. Tommy was busted open and blood covered his forehead and
face. Victory then brought in a roll of barbed wire, manufactured by
The Barbed Wire and Chicken Coop Company, Division of The Acme
Corporation. As Rhino and Victory held Tommy, Corino wound the wire
around him, tying him into a neat package ready to mail home to Grandma
Dreamer for Christmas. Corino got a Steel Chair, manufactured by The
Acme Table and Steel Chair Company, Division of The Acme Corporation,
and was set to clobber Tommy with it, when Raven staged another
dramatic rescue. He Double DDT'd Rhino and Victory as Corino took off
for I-95 and New York. Raven covered Rhino and Victory and the referee
counted the pin. I must have missed something as I didn't even know
there was a match. Then again this is ECW and Sh*t Happens.
Raven went out and played nice with the crowd as the program came to a

Winners (??) - Raven and Tommy Dreamer - Retain the ECW Tag Team
Loser - Tommy Dreamer - Victim of another ass kicking
Losers - Rhino and Jack Victory - They will need a whole bottle
of aspirin to get rid of their headaches
Loser - Steve Corino - On principle - Wait until Taz gets his
hands on him
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

Copyright- Steve Appy of The Wrestling Booking Sheet ©1998, 1999, 2000


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after you lose your innocence and believing in the power of the human
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