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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 308

Date:  Sunday September 12th, 1999  1:02 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Scherer reports that ECW World Heavyweight Champion Taz is close to an
agreement bringing him to the World Wrestling Federation.

Taz is currently under a handshake agreement that is valid until
12/31/1999; he is expected to honor that agreement. Despite numerous
reports to the contrary, Taz did not sign the agreement presented to
him late last month. It is expected that the WWF will announce the
deal as soon as it is completed, possibly as early as this week.

How this affects his title match on 9/19 against Masato Tanaka is
unclear; if Taz will be around until 12/31, we may see a delay in the
switch, enabling Rob Van Dam to get the coveted victory over the

As a side note, Taz is obviously the wrestler Jim Ross was referring to
in his 'Ross Report'.

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Scherer reports that Eric Bischoff won't be backstage at future WCW
events; whatever his role in the company ends up being, he will largely
be kept out of the creative/administrative end of the company. Besides
not undermining the authority of the new leadership, this move
certainly should improve moral in certain corners of the locker room.

Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch
Beulah, the former on-air girlfriend of both Raven & Tommy Dreamer (and
off-air love interest of Dreamer) will not be returning to ECW, despite
attempts to bring her back.

Paul Heyman told Keller that will he still considers Beulah a friend
(Teresa Hayes), she has told him that she has no desire to perform and
is happy in her new life as a college student in New York.

To subscribe to Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch, send $36 for 20
issues to:
The Pro Wrestling Torch
P.O. Box 201844
Minneapolis, MN 55420

WWF House Show Results - Salt Lake City, Utah - September 11, 1999
Reported by Curt Creighton, Jacob & Brian Michaels
-Jeff Jarrett & Mark Henry defeated Val Venis & D'lo Brown
-Hardcore Holly def. Crash Holly with a powerslam.
-Visera def. Gangrel with a big splash.
-Edge & Christian def. The New Brood, The Acolytes, & the Dudley Boyz
-Test def. Steve Blackman with the Pumphandle slam.
-The Rock def. Triple H w/out Chyna via DQ
-Ivory def. Tori, Luna, and Jacqueline when she hit Jackie with the
-Big Bossman def. Ken Shamrock via knockout
-Kane def. The Big Show w/ Visera with the
-X-Pac def. Billy Gunn with a rollup.

ECW House Show Results for 9/10 in
Pittsburgh, PA.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Dastardly Danny Doring & Amish Roadkill beat C. W. Anderson & Wild Bill
Jesus (a newcomer) defeated Vito "The Skull" Lograsso
Three Way Dance: Super Crazy defeated Little Guido and Davey Cash.
Nova and Chris Chetti defeated Simon Diamond & Tony DeVito.
Tommy Dreamer & Raven defeated Steve Corino & Rhino.
Jerry Lynn beat Lance Storm w/Dawn Marie Bytch.
Axl Rotten, New Jack & Balls Mahoney defeat
Uganda, Rod Price and ?.
Sabu beat Justin Credible.

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
The PPV previously planned for New Years Eve has apparently been
cancelled. The show had been expected to feature a combination of
wrestling and a KISS concert.

Reported by:
Hulk Hogan vs. Sting /, Bill Goldberg vs. DDP /, Chris Benoit vs. Sid
Vicious /,
Perry Saturn vs. Rick Steiner /, Vampiro & IPC vs. Kidman, Mysterio Jr.
& Guerrero
Berlyn vs. Buff Bagwell /, Harlem Heat vs. The Windham's /,
Dean Malenko & Shane Douglas vs. Hugh Morrus & Brian Knobbs
Kaz Hayashi vs. Lenny Lane
Bischoff steps down
Saturday, September 11, 1999
By Mike Mooneyham

World Championship Wrestling announced Friday that Eric Bischoff is no
longer in charge of day-to-day operations at WCW, effective immediately.

Bill Busch, the head of the company's finance division, was promoted to
executive vice president and will assume complete oversight of the
day-to-day business and creative operations of WCW. The position is
believed to be an interim one until a permanent head is named.

WCW employees were notified of the change on Friday morning.

Bischoff, who has been under increasing scrutiny in recent months, has
not been fired and remains an employee of Turner Sports, according to
WCW sources. Bischoff reportedly will continue to report directly to
Turner Sports president Dr. Harvey Schiller.

The move follows a rash of WCW releases and reports of internal unrest
in the company.

Bischoff has been widely criticized for giving some of his top stars
enormous booking control over their programs while alienating a group
of talented workers relegated to mid-card programs. A number of WCW
performers have been outspoken in recent weeks over the direction of
the company and the sagging ratings.

"We need a complete overhaul, from the leader to the production to
everybody who's on top," WCW's Billy Kidman said recently. "We need to
overhaul everything, because obviously the formula we have is not

"Everybody can see we need a change, yet Eric keeps looking to all the
top guys, and of course they don't want to change because they won't be
in their spot anymore," Kidman said.

Ric Flair, who has sitting out due to back problems and a longstanding
dispute with Bischoff, was asked on Friday to attend WCW's Fall Brawl
pay-per-view special Sunday night in
Winston-Salem, N.C., and Nitro
Monday night in

For wrestling updates during the week, call The Post and Courier Info
Line at
(843) 937-6000, ext. 3090.

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (843) 937-5517 or by e-mail
at mooneyham. More wrestling news with Mike
Mooneyham is available every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline.
The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18
must get parental permission before dialing.
September 11th, 1999
Jackal's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
By Don Callis
Courtesy of

Every so often something happens that reminds me of why I got into the
wrestling business in the first place.

Such was the case two weeks ago in the ECW Arena, when I was witness to
Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn put on the single best match I have seen
live since the legendary Shawn Michaels-Undertaker Hell in a Cell match
back in 1997.

Van Dam and Lynn have been putting on consistently fabulous matches
throughout 1999 in what will likely be the feud of the year, but the
match in Philly eclipsed all the others. The combination of both mens'
timing being perfect that night along with the incredible emotion of
the live crowd popping for a feud which is now rich in history.

The crowd reaction was very much like an All Japan main event in the
sense that the well educated (for wrestling anyway) crowd was familiar
with many of the guys' spots and the clever twists Van Dam and Lynn
added had the crowd on an emotional roller coaster for fifteen minutes.

The Van Dam-Lynn feud is a modern example of traditional booking, of
how in an age of vignettes and comedy sketches, that actual wrestling
can be the focal point, that people can believe and care about the

While Van Dam is a huge babyface with ECW fans and has beaten
every time they have wrestled,
Lynn has carved himself a niche in the
traditional role of sympathetic babyface. The fans love RVD, but Lynn,
who may be the best worker in a company of great workers is a guy who
is so good in the ring that he gets over by losing.

Its all about the booking, you see. The idea is that
Lynn never beats
RVD, but that one day he will, finally. The way the feud has been
booked makes fans want desperately to see Lynn get his win, and the
more time RVD beats him, the more drama is added and the more
significant that eventual win will become. As a result, the fans pop
wildly for every two count, every move and every death defying dive.

I recently told Lynn, who is a friend, that the worse thing that could
happen to him is to beat RVD.
Lynn is so good he doesn't need to. The
pairing with Van Dam, who is the best pure athlete in wrestling, along
with the creative mind of ECW Executive Producer Paul Heyman is the
stuff of which historic, legendary feuds are made.

For myself, I just sit back and enjoy like everyone else. And while the
wrestling business has many downsides that often make me question my
place in it, for that one night, I was a fan again, sitting in the
famed Eagles Nest at the ECW Arena, Paul Heyman next to me, both of us
out of our seats high fiving each other, marking out for the false

It was a great night to be in the wrestling business.

Condolences to the family of Brian C. Hildebrand, who referred in WCW
as Mark Curtis, he passed away this week after a long battle with
stomach cancer...Kurrgan and myself will be featured on a card at the
University of Manitoba on Monday at 1:30 in University Centre...Former
IWA star Joe E. Legend, currently in Germany for Otto Wanz, is getting
another look from the WWF...Giant Silva is still plying his trade in

You can catch Jackal every Sunday on the NHB (No Holds Barred)
Wrestling Call In Radio show from 6-7pm live from the Pony Corral on
Grant on 92 Citi FM. Also watch him on ECW Wresting on TNN every
Friday from

Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
"Straight Shooting"
by : Fritz Capp (pwbts)
September 12, 1999
PWBTS 2000

Word is that there are a lot of people in WCW who are very upset with
the New Year Eve pay-per-view that is expected to be run. Do you blame
them? I mean what the hell is WCW thinking? Not about its workers I
can say that. Here we are at the biggest New Years Eve as far as
historical value is concerned in our lifetime and WCW wants to make a
few bucks. These are real life human beings you are asking to give up
that night idiots. And does WCW do anything special for them? Hell no!

If I was in charge in WCW and I wanted to run a pay-per-view on
December 31, 1999 believe me when I tell you I would make it worth
everyone's time. How about having the pay-per-view somewhere you never
Hawaii, all expenses paid for by the company? This would at
least compensate the workers for their sacrifice. WCW is now not only
killing its promotion but really getting everyone, including
managerial employees, pissed as well.

I've received a few letters asking if the Eric Bischoff being replaced
was a work by the company to increase interest. I have to say that I am
not quite sure if WCW is smart enough to pull something like this off.
While it is true that it was who broke the story (this
is the same website that broke the Hogan retirement story and we all
saw where that went) I am hard pressed to believe it is another work
perpetrated by WCW on the wrestling fans. Here is one of the letters I
I may be paranoid, but....Who actually reported this ? Is there any
supporting information on this news ?

Strange that Bishoff would be demoted right before a PPV, and one where
Sid is supposedly going to squash Benoit, eh ? Lately, Ryder and Co.
have been hyping how much Eric listens to the Internet fans, last
Monday, Bishoff told Ryder that Benoit will get a title shot on the
next that he's supposedly not in you think it
will still happen ?

Call me weird, but I would not be surprised to see Benoit get squashed
by Sid on the PPV, then not get a title shot on Nitro, and finally, a
week or so latter, Bischoff "getting another chance" as president...if
you smell what the sock is cooking.

Makes some interesting points huh? Anything is possible and if this
does happen then once again everyone will have to consider who the real
"news sources" are on the net and who is just shilling for a promotion.
Last but by far not least Chris Jericho put out his column this week
which is about Brian Hildebrand. While I usually do not post other
peoples columns in Straight Shooting I consider Chris a friend and one
of the true "real people" in this business, and what he has to say
should be read by all so I will leave you with that. Remember wrestling
is nothing more than what it appears to be.
Reported at:

NP:Boston-Greatest Hits

Hello Jerichoholics!

(In reference to a picture of Brian Hildebrand,
Jericho, Eddie Guerrero,
Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko)

This picture features four of the best friends that I've ever met in
this business. Four guys who love and respect wrestling as much as I
do, who appreciate everything they ever received from it and who strive
to keep it a thriving, entertaining and well respected sport. Four
guys who take special pride in going the extra mile to be better than
the norm. Four great friends...and now one of them is gone.

Brian Hildebrand knew and loved the Lord, so he's in a better place, so
that's a good thing. But the fact that I'll never have the honor of
being in his presence again is a bad thing. Brian was not only a funny
guy who loved disco music and could cut a rug with the best of em, he
was also a student of the game and its number one fan.

Countless times, he would tell me with great delight how he had just
seen a match between two guys I've never heard of from 1973, a match
that would bore me to tears, but a match that would excite and
captivate him. He knew what made a good match, what made a bad match
and what made a classic.

If you ever got a compliment from Brian on your match being good, you
knew it was genuine. He wasn't one to throw out empty praise or blow
smoke. He was genuine.

He was also the toughest man I've ever met. He never complained about
his disease, never put it over, never sold it. He was so full of
desire and determination, that you knew he was going to beat the

For all intensive purposes, he did. He beat it twice, twice more than
the normal person would've. He came back to refereeing a number of
times, each time deflecting well wishes and proclimations of amazement
at his return, because to him it was always a given he would survive.

One of my best experiences in wrestling came on
Nov 30, 1998 in
Knoxville. You know the story. Tribute to Brian, huge turnout,
awards, ceremonies, everyone applauding and commending this fine gent.

But I knew how Brian was, I knew that he was a student of the game. I
knew he appreciated the art of heeling. So that night before the main
event of myself and Eddie vs Benoit and Malenko, I grabbed the mike and
told Brian that he most certainly had done nothing to deserve a tribute
and that the only reason the people came to the show was to see Me and
Eddie . I told Brian to sit down, shut up and be thankful that he had a
free front row seat to watch greatness. The fans didn't like that and
booed profusely.

Of course at the end of the match, after I had beaten up the ref and
then had the tables turned, Dean and Chris both had Eddie and I in their
finishing holds, but couldn't get the win as no ref could call for the
bell. But heroically, into the ring slid Brian and signaled for the
bell with his trademark two gun salute!

Needless to say it was one of the greatest roars that I had ever heard
during a match. The people went nutso!! It was what pro wrestling is
all about. It was what each and every one of us in the ring crave to
achieve every night we perform. It doesn't happen often, but that
night us five guys worked together to produce a most magical moment.
After the show the gleam in Brian's eyes was worth the moon and I have
never felt so good about a wrestling match before...and probably never
will again.

Goodbye my friend. I learned alot from you and I promise I will never
forget it...nor will I forget you.

See you in heaven.

-Chris Jericho

Fritz Capp
PWBTS 2000
Written by reader: madspector

Shooting the horse that brought you there.

I'm taking in the news of Eric Bischoff's removal from day to day
control of WCW with mixed feelings. Personally I think its a stupid
move made by narrow minded stuffed shirts who have no place in the
business. Many words come to mind when I think of what a retarded move
this was, and so I will elaborate on some of the things that expose
this as a panic move rather than a well thought out one.

Timing. Why do something this stupid less than 48 hrs before what
could have been a major PPV? If they were going to shaft the guy, why
didn't they do it before signing him to a brand new 3 year contract?
Now they still have to pay him the exact same salary that they would if
he were still running things..sound like a well laid out plan to you?

Precedence. With all of the moaning and groaning being made by the
infantile Ric Flair and others this move comes of as a coup. Now Flair
and his like will be happy when they should have been unemployed. This
blunder sets a bad presidence and pretty much damages any credibility
of the next guy who should hold the position, If the employees know all
they have to do is bitch and moan like babies and become cancers in the
locker room to put pressure on the person who employed him...what does
that say for the next guy?

By screwing the guy in the position they've screwed the position
itself, making it nothing more than a puppet title for the stuffed
suits to control.

Outside Influence- Turner Sports
The stuffed suits. Eleven years ago, when Ted Turner bought the NWA, I
said to myself "this is a bad move...what the hell does Ted Turner know
about wrestling?". He soon proved me right. The newly named WCW lost
money in each of its first five years under Ted Turner's ownership, and
after "Cowboy" Watts presidency, enter Bischoff. The rest is history.
But the seeds of stupidity were being sown years later when the
ultimate cardinal sin was committed, elevating a non wrestling oriented
stuff suit in to what was basically a watchdog position.

The man in question, Bill Busch, a Turner Sports accountant who had no
real wrestling association, if any at all. The Turner pencilnecks put
Busch into place
because they were concerned about how much of WCW's funds were being
spent (Triple Hmmm that's funny, all this despite the fact that Bischoff
made the funds everyone seemed so concerned about possible in the first

There were those in stuffed suit land who were concerned about the
ratings for Nitro ...which by the way wouldn't even be in existence if
hadn't it been for Easy E creating the entire format in the first
place. So it sounds to me that there is alot more movement behind the
scenes that even the internet loudmouths may not be privy to.

For all of the internet marks who are happy about this, the ones who
could never stop running their mouths about how how bad WCW is doing
and that Bischoff should be executed...ask yourselves this...Could you
do it? Could you take a money losing company and turn it into a
wrestling powerhouse? Would you have had the balls to take the risks
that it takes to build a company? Could you? Or are comfortable at your
keyboard in front of your monitor taking shots at those who can?

As for WCW's future...things could turn out for the better. I'll
definitely keep an open mind, but at the same time I have learned that
when it comes to wrestling Turner Sports doesn't know what the hell
they are doing, and have just removed the only good choice they ever
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