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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 311

Date:  Monday September 13th, 1999  9:19 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
Vampiro suffered a broken nose, a concussion, and has a loose front
tooth that may have to be pulled. He was taken to a hospital by
ambulance at around
1:30am for a skull x-ray after his eye began to

Shane Douglas suffered what appears to be a partial tear of his bicep,
and a sore shoulder. Rey Mysterio Jr. came out of his match with a knee
injury, but its not known how serious it is.

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
There had been some talk backstage under the Bischoff regime that if
Taz signed with the WWF that WCW might try to cause problems over the
use of the name "Taz", which is a trademark of Time Warner. The
trademark is related to the very popular Warner Brothers/Looney Toons
cartoon character.

Reported by Al Isaacs at:
While I predicted that Taz would probably end up dropping the ECW strap
to Rob Van Dam, Isaccs's theory is that Sabu will get the victory over
Taz at the November to Remember PPV. Interesting, and it would set up
a full-blown Sabu vs. RVD feud for early next year…

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
ECW's TNN rating (9/10) took a step back this week, doing a 0.9 with a
1.6 share, down 11% from last week. The quarter hours were 0.6, 0.8,
1.0 and 1.0. RollerJam followed with a 0.5.
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Our regular Nitro Reporter, Rick Phelps, was unable to do a Nitro
Report tonight; helping Florida get through a Hurricane takes
precedence (Rick is a member of the reserves). Good luck, Rick,
Thunder will be here soon enough...

WCW Monday Nitro - September 13, 1999
Hosted by Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan
Live from Chapel Hill, North Carolina

By Joe De Leon at:

• Chris Benoit defeated Dean Malenko via Pinfall, to earn a Heavyweight
Title shot. - This rematch between the two Revolution members took
place after Sid Vicious interfered in the one the previous week. Shane
Douglas and Perry Saturn were at ringside. Both Dean Malenko and Chris
Benoit wrestled a nice, technical match, that saw many unique holds and
pin attempts. Benoit signaled for the Diving Headbutt, but Malenko
recovered. He took Benoit down with a superplex, but Benoit then turned
it into a roll-up for the victory. Malenko and Benoit showed their
sportsmanship in the end, as they hugged and raised each other's arms.
Benoit would go on to wrestle Sting for the Heavyweight Title later in
the show.

• Ric Flair Interview, Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
- Gene Okerlund told Ric Flair, "Welcome home." Flair said he was glad
to be back. Okerlund told Flair to explain where he had been the past
few months. Flair said he actually didn't know where he had been the
last six months, since he had a heart attack, been in an institution,
had a daughter getting married, had a son in the wrestling business, a
daughter in varsity cheerleading, and son in Japan for national amateur
wrestling finals. Flair said he had been held back, but was back to
take over. He said he and Hogan had a date with destiny. He said he
kept his eyes off the business for six weeks, and saw that Sting became
the Heavyweight Champion by hitting Hogan with a baseball bat. The
crowd booed. Flair said may be he was jealous of Sting in the past, but
he knew he was the bigger man, while Sting was "the franchise." Sting
and Lex Luger made their ways out, with a ball bat. Okerlund told Sting
to start with what went down the previous night on Fall Brawl. Flair
said Sting needed to instead walk back to the locker room, so he
(Flair) could finish up what he was saying. He said the format read,
"Ric Flair, 10 minutes." Sting said he and Flair went way back. He said
after looking back 10 years, he wondered how many times Flair lured him
in to stab him in the back. Sting said Flair made him what he was. He
called Flair the dirtiest player in the game that he (Sting) learned
from. He said deep down inside, he loved and respected Flair. Sting
said he would give Flair the opportunity to walk peacefully to the
back. Flair said it was a fact that he made Sting a millionare, but
Sting sounded like his wife. Flair said, "You're right, I'll leave." He
acted as if he would leave, but then returned. Sting said he and Luger
were ready to run with the ball. Luger said he had respect for Flair,
which was why they were giving him the opportunity to walk out of the
ring. The crowd chanted, "Luger sucks." Luger said he didn't mean to
lecture Flair, but it had been a year of retirements of great sports
athletes. He told Flair to take a walk, because it was his and Sting's
time. Flair said he was ready to retire after not watching WCW for six
weeks, but after tuning in the previous day, he said WCW needed him
back. He said Sting wouldn't walk over him to get recognition. Luger
then decked Flair. They stomped on on him. Luger followed-up with a
clothesline and the Torture Rack. Sting then applied the Scorpian Death
Drop. Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart then made their ways out. Sting and
Luger slowly exited the ring. Hogan said he didn't know what planet
Sting and Luger were living on, but he was going to take them out of
their dreamworld. He said Luger and Sting crossed the line when they
attacked Flair. He said both he and Hart would show Sting and Luger
what kicking someone's ass meant. Hart said it was about time they got
rid of some wrongs. He told Luger and Sting to prepare themselves to be
excellently executed later in the show. Hogan said it was for not only
him, but for Flair, since the crowd respected him. Sting and Luger were
shown in the backstage area. Luger said he didn't have his medical
release or wrestling gear, so they couldn't wrestled. Both smiled and
walked away.

• Backstage, Berlyn arrived with security and his intrepreter, Uta

• Ricky Rachtman, Kimberly, and Spice updated The Nitro Girl search.

• Backstage, J.J. Dillon was on the phone, requesting immediate
information on the medical condition of Lex Luger. Dillon was told
Luger was cleared to wrestle later in the show and actually had been
for three weeks.

• Disco Inferno defeated Erik Watts with the Last Dance.
- Close to the end of the match, Sid Vicious was shown in the backstage
area, viewing the ongoing action in the ring. Disco bragged about
himself afterwards, saying he was an icon. Sid, along with Charles
Robinson, then made his way down. He chokeslammed and Powerbombed Disco
Watts. He pinned Watts to make his "winning streak" at 81-0. He
bragged about the United States Champion and taunted Goldberg. He
Powerbombed Disco once again for win number 82.

• Norman Smiley and Silver King went to a No-Contest.
- As the match went on, Sid Vicious made his way down. He chokeslammed
Silver King and Powerbombed Norman Smiley for 84-0.

• Kendall and Barry Windham (w/Curt Hennig, Vincent) defeated Steven
Regal and Dave Taylor via Pinfall.
- As Vincent distracted the referee, Curt Hennig nailed Steven Regal
with the cowbell. Barry Windham made the pinfall to pick up the win for
The West Texas Rednecks.

• Jerry Flynn (w/Jerry Flynn) vs. Prince Iaukea resulted in a
- Goldberg made his way down in regular clothing, along with security.
Prince Iaukea, who was scheduled to wrestle the match against Jerry
Flynn, was in the backstage area, confused. Goldberg apologized to
Flynn and asked for just a second. He said he had always been told good
things are worth waiting for, but he had run out of patience. He said
every week, he had been watching Sid Vicious wreak havoc. Goldberg
admitted he admired Sid's skill, size, strength, but one thing he would
not stand for was Sid's mouth. He said he would put a stop to it on the
show. He said he worked hard at his record by destroying everyone
one-by-one, but Sid cheated, as he came out and interrupted matches.
Goldberg said he didn't admire that, so he would draw the line on the
show. He said he would stomp a hole in Sid's ass. He told Sid to show
him and people that he had a backbone. He waited for Sid to appear. Sid
appeared in the backstage area. He said Goldberg's talk was cheap and
he wasn't wrestling him, because it was his show and his
United States
Title. He packed his bag and left. Goldberg said if that was the case,
the match could down whenever, because Sid's ass was next. Flynn then
kicked Goldberg, but received a spear and Jackhammer in return.

• Harlem Heat vs. Brian Knobs and Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Flynn) resulted
in a No-Contest, to let Harlem Heat retain the Tag Team Titles.
- Brian Knobs called the crowd
North Carolina losers. He told them he
and Hugh Morrus would become the Tag Team Champions after defeating
Harlem Heat. Jimmy Hart got in several cheap shots to The First
Family's advantage. Stevie Ray later made the hot tag to Booker T.
After taking Morrus down, Booker set himself up for the Missle
Dropkick, only to be attacked by Kendall and Barry Windham. Curt
Hennig, along with Vincent, pulled his troops back.

• The Insane Clown Posse (w/Vampiro) defeatedLenny and
Lodi via Pinfall.
- Before the match, the
Lodi fan ran in the ring. He was taken away by
security. Vampiro was shown with a bruised eye. He got onto the
cameraman, saying there was something more important going on in the
ring. The Insane Clown Posse dominated. Lenny and
Lodi took the
advantage at one point. Lenny superplexed Shaggy 2 Dope down the
canvas. Shaggy, however, rolled-up Lenny for the win. Vampiro said to
the camera, "This ain't over, Kidman."

• Chris Benoit defeated Rick Steiner via Pinfall, to capture the
Television Title.
- Chris Benoit said the previous night was one of the worst nights of
his life. He said Sid Vicious beat him and showed him why he (Sid)
called himself The Millennium Man. He said he wasn Sid tapped out
whenever he was strapped in the Crippler Crossface, but he didn't,
according to the referee of the match. However, after going to the
production truck to view a replay of the match, he saw Sid tap out. He
then told Sting to get his rear out there to show what kind of true
Heavyweight Champion he really was. Rick Steiner came out instead. He
said he heard Sting wanted a title shot. He said Sting had better
things to do than wrestle Benoit. Steiner said if Benoit wanted a title
shot, he had his Television Title belt with him. Benoit took his
t-shirt off to get an unscheduled match underway with Steiner. As the
match went on, Steiner grew frustrated and threw out the referee.
Benoit then backsuplexed Steiner for the pinfall. Steiner attacked the
referee and Benoit afterwards. Dean Malenko made his way down to scare
off Steiner.

• Perry Saturn (w/Revolution) defeated Eddie Guerrero(w/Filthy
Animals) via Pinfall.
- Just before Eddie Guerreroand Perry Saturn were about to go at it,
Kidman, Rey Mysterio, Jr., and Konnan (new addition) made their ways
down to the ring. After Saturn bodyslammed Guerrero, he went for the
Death Valley Driver, but Guerrero countered with a huracranana and
brainbuster. He then went for the Frog Splash, but Saturn moved. Saturn
then locked down Guerrero for the pinfall. Both teams entered the ring
and faced off, as we went to a commercial break.

• Berlyn (w/Uta Luddendorf, Bodyguards) defeated Buff Bagwell with the
Reversed Neckbreaker.
- Buff Bagwell and Berlyn went one-on-one after their match wasn't
delivered the previous night on the Fall Brawl PPV. Uta Luddendorf
joined in for color commentary. Bagwell dominated Berlyn in the
beginning, until Berlyn was on top after countering a Blockbuster
attempt. After Berlyn's head bodyguard punched Bagwell, Berlyn finished
things off with the Reversed Neckbreaker.

• Sting and Lex Luger defeated Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart via Pinfall.
- Lex Luger was in regular clothing. Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart
immediately went at it with the heels. Sting and Luger remained on top
by working on Hogan's knee. Hogan later made the tag to Hart. All four
superstars were soon in th ering. Diamond Dallas Page interfered with a
baseball bat, but Hogan took him out. Meanwhile, Hart had Sting in the
Sharpshooter, until he was whacked in the face with the bat by Luger.
Sting then made the pinfall for the win. Luger and Sting left with DDP,
while officials tended to Hart's face.
Written by reader: Bob Colby (bobcolby)

I've been trying to think of a way to make it clear to people like
"madspector" ("Shooting The Horse That Brought You There"; WBS 308)
just why the Turner people did what they *had* to do in regard to Eric
Bischoff's role in the company. Luckily, an event at Fall Brawl '99
made my point for me.

Buff Bagwell's refusal to job to Berlyn at the PPV, and the horrible
match that resulted from having to throw an unprepared Jim Duggan in at
the last minute, is a perfect symbol of everything that's gone wrong in
WCW. And it happened because WCW has become the kind of place where a
star can believe that he can take the best work the creative team has
come up with in a long time (namely Berlyn's gimmick), and toss it in
the dumpster without any consequences to himself. That he managed
(according to the latest reports) to get the creative committee to
agree to sabotage their hard work at the last possible moment only
points up just how bad things really are.

Yes, there is "infantile" behavior running rampant, but there are far
better people to point your finger at than Ric Flair. For awhile, Flair
was the only top star in the promotion (except for the one who was
doing the booking) willing to job to the up-and-coming midcarders (he
even added himself to a house show match and laid down when it became
clear that neither of the scheduled competitors wanted to job to each
other). It certainly says something when the most consistently
mistreated star in the promotion shows the most team spirit!

Now compare that to some of the people who gained favor with the old
regime. Like Savage, who went on strike after a monster push didn't
get over with the fans, or Hogan, whose eyes turn northward whenever
any challenge is made to his prerogatives. While "madspector" worries
about the precedent set by listening to the voices of the justifiably
disgruntled, he would do well to also consider the precedent set by
further indulging the already pampered.

Now I'm not one of those people who try to negate or minimize
Bischoff's very real contribution to this field (including the way his
success energized his competitors). But any business has to make
decisions based on *today's* reality. Would the Turner people really be
honoring Eric's achievements by standing around and letting him go down
with the ship? That wouldn't exactly be doing any favors for all the
other people who depend on WCW to keep a roof over their heads (and
their families fed), would it?

The fact is that for all of his accomplishments Eric Bischoff still has
to take responsibility for the destructive,couldn't-care-less-about-the
-company attitude that has developed among the favored talent in WCW.
It happened on his watch, nothing has been done about it, and now its
time for a change.

And we had better hope that change comes right now. Bagwell's selfish
act (which may very well have killed the best angle WCW has developed
in many months) has given Bill Busch his golden moment of opportunity
to demonstrate that he's serious about making a real difference. If the
stars of the promotion continue to exercise veto power over storylines,
even the best creative team the company can find will find it that much
harder to tell the kind of coherent stories that will get people caring
again, and if they can't do that then it really is all over.
Written by reader: ReaprGrim9
I met Booker T and Stevie Ray at Richmond International Raceway as they
and Road Dogg were there to help promote the WCW/WWF sponsored cars for
the races this past weekend

I talked to them for a few moments and asked Stevie Ray what his
favorite part of wrestling was and Booker T quipped "the days off".
Then joking aside both said, "the fans. ". I asked him what did it
feel like to come into the ring and get the fan reactions they get,
whether it be as a face or heel, and Booker T said "that's what makes
it all worthwhile".

I also asked about his feelings towards the past split up of
Heat and he said "it was hard BUT, I got to work on my singles
competition and I liked that alot." Booker T seemed very outgoing,
even though he may have been tired. Stevie Ray was a little less
outgoing, but both were very cordial to the crowd and shook my hand as
I wished them luck in their respective futures. Thought I would pass
this along: free autograph sessions are becoming a thing of the past as
I was glad to see these two NOT charge for theirs. I was surprised to
not see them in Harlem Heat garb in the picture, though. Even
wrestling can't pass up the huge following in Winston Cup these days;
both cars were very well painted although the WCW car I only saw on the
track while the WWF car was next to the trailer / very heavily
promoting Stone Cold Steve Austin on the car itself…
FANTASY BOOKING (This will not be happening)
Written by reader: Moj8681

Granted, the Bossman will be pretty upset with the Bulldog. On RAW,
Davey Boy says he's back in the federation for one more legendary run
and that he's already started by winning the Hardcore title. He also
brags about how he is the strongest WWF star in recent memory.

He and the Bossman have a match, which is interupted by Mark Henry, who
exception to the Bulldog's comments. Henry, the new strong man in the
feels threatened by the Bulldog. Bossman doesn't appreciate Henry's
"help" in the match, and a brief 3 way feud emerges, with the Bulldog
claiming the European title.

At the December PPV, the tag team champs, Edge and Christian, lose the
belts to the
Dudleys. The next night on RAW, the Bulldog loses his Euro
belt to Christian, after a memorable 3 month title reign.

In the meantime, the new tag champs, the Dudleys, are still out to
prove how tough they are. They dismantled the Acolytes in September,
and had a long lasting feud with Edge/Christian and Big Show/Undertaker
for the tag titles.

Now, they go after Ken Shamrock, and the Bulldog, the world's most
dangerous man, and the WWF's resident strong man. This leads to a
coalition between Davey Boy and Shamrock. They eventually win the tag
belts at the Royal Rumble, and Shamrock also regains the
Intercontinental title from his longtime nemesis, Chris Jericho the
next month.

The Bulldog gets jealous of Shamrock's added success, and the team
splits up at WrestleMania, resulting in a Bulldog/Shamrock feud for the
IC title. Bulldog comes out on top, and Shamrock finally graduates to
main event status.

The now heel Bulldog has another long IC run, from April to August of
2000. He loses the title to Val Venis, and in the meantime, Ken
Shamrock finally gets his first World title, defeating the 4 time
champ, the Rock.

After SummerSlam, the Bulldog goes over his awesome year, and says that
he did it all, except get the big one. He says he beat his former
partner once, and he'll do it again if Shamrock has the guts to put the
belt on the line. They fight a series of matches that never have a
decisive winner.

First a double countout on RAW. Then a steel cage match in which both
men fall off simultaneously at a PPV. Another NO Holds Barred RAW match
results in both men falling unconscious. Finally, the Bulldog wins the
belt in an Iron Man match. At the end, he celebrates and says it was
all for Owen.
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