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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 312

Date:  Tuesday September 14th, 1999  3:43 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Raw did a 6.0 rating with a 9.0 share off of hours of 5.7 (8.3 share)
and 6.2 (9.6 share). Nitro countered with a 3.3 rating with a 5.0 share
(2.9 with a 4.3 share head-to-head) off of hours of 4.1 (6.5 share),
2.8 (4.1 share) and 2.9 (4.5 share). The marquee match-up Monday Night
Football game that saw the Miami Dolphins beat the Denver Broncos, did
a strong 16.1 rating with a 27 share, so a part of the wrestling
audience was surely watching football on 9/13. and the WWF still does a

Other weekend ratings saw the 9/11 edition of WCW Saturday Night do a
1.7 rating with a 3.8 share. The 9/11 Livewire did a 1.8 rating with a
5.6 share. Superstars did a 2.0 rating with a 5.7 share. Heat, back in
its normal time slot, did a 3.5 rating with a 5.8 share.

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
The live Thunder, scheduled for
Florence SC, has been cancelled this
week due to Hurricane Floyd. Thunder will instead be taped on
Wednesday night (9/15) in
Norfolk VA.

Reported by Ricky Giri at:
Roddy Piper's film career continues as he will star in 'Shepherd'. The
film also stars C. Thomas Howell and Marina Carradine and is scheduled
for a November release. Look for the film to be a direct to video

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We plan on opening the chatroom up with a bang as we present "CHAT with
PWBTS!" this Wednesday, the 15th, at 8:00PM EST.

We are hoping for a good turnout from reporters
AND readers. The chat
will basically consist of debates, discussions, and questions between
the reporters/staff and the readers.

Connecting through JAVA via
Go to, there should be a link to lead you to the chat. All
you have to do once you've logged on is enter a nick. The link is
located in the Fan Interactive section located in the upper left hand
corner of the main page at

Connecting through IRC...
Channel: #PWBTS
The staff at PWBTS feels that this chatroom will be a great addition to
the PWBTS site, and we hope you feel the same. Working together will
make this work, and with our staff here at PWBTS, that looks like
absolutely no problem.

Also do not forget to to visit the PWBTS Interactive Message Board.
Fritz Capp
PWBTS 2000

Visit My Home Page At:

The program began with clips of Triple H over the past few weeks,
including his being thrown into an ambulance, manufactured by The Acme
Ambulance and Guided Missile Company, Division of The Acme Corporation,
by Stone Cold Steve Austin last Thursday on Smack Down. SCSA then
destroyed the ambulance with a semi, manufactured by The Acme Heavy
Duty Trucks and Ping Pong Game Company, Division of The Acme
Corporation, however, Triple H had gotten out.

After the RAW opening, JR and The King were at the announcers desk.

We saw Kane, The Rock, Mankind, The Undertaker and The Big Show
backstage. All were contemplating the meaning of life.

We then saw WWF Owner Linda McMahon (aka Mommy Dearest) in her office
talking with The Stooges, Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco. They were
trying to persuade her to go back to her hotel. She said she had to go
out and talk about "family business."
Triple H and Chyna arrived in a car, surrounded by many of

Mommy Dearest and The Stooges came to the ring. She announced a No
Holds Barred, First Man to Score a Pinfall Wins Match for No. 1
Contender's Spot and the right to face the WWF Champion at Unforgiven.
The participants will be Kane, The Rock, Mankind, The Undertaker and
The Big Show. Do you
suppose that was why we saw them at the start of the show? Nah,
probably just a coincidence. Triple H and Chyna watched on a monitor
backstage approvingly. She went on to say that if SCSA arrives tonight,
he has the right to have a return match for the title, per contractual
agreements. Triple H and Chyna stopped smiling and came to the ring,
accompanied by his platoon of police.

Triple H and Chyna kicked The Stooges sorry asses, with Chyna sending
Patterson home singing two octaves lower. A chant of "Asshole"
serenaded Triple H as he addressed Mommy Dearest, telling her to go home to
her office in
Stamford before he does something he might regret. I
figured he was going to pin a "Kiss
Me" sign on her back. He said something to her that we couldn't hear on
the mike as The Undertaker and The Big Show come to ringside. They must
have been thinking the same way as me and wanted to be the first to
kiss her.

They were soon followed by Kane, The Rock and Mankind. Looks like she
is a popular lady, the way they were lining up to kiss her. They all
got into the ring. I was wrong, they didn't kiss her. She got out as a
brawl erupted. Triple H and Chyna got their asses out of Dodge in a hurry.

We saw a cage hanging above the ring as we left the five of them in the

Michael Cole talked with JJ, Debra, The Puppies, Miss Kitty and The
Kittens backstage. There were enough animals there for a Discovery
Channel program. Cole wanted to know about JJ's attack on the two
oldest living (or almost living) female
ex-wrestlers in the world, The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young
(unofficial combined ages - 253 yrs) on SmackDown. JJ crowned Moolah
with Guitar No. No. 3883 (Unofficial Count) and applied a Figure Four
on Mae. He challenged any woman to a match as a message to Chyna, who
will challenge him for the Intercontinental Title at Unforgiven.

Shane was seen arriving.

Cole talked with The Rock and Mankind backstage. The Rock did his
routine, with the crowd joining in. Mankind imitated The Rock, ending
with The Rock laying the smack down on him. There is only one Mankind.

JJ, Debra, The Puppies, Miss Kitty and The Kittens came to the ring,
with Miss Kitty carrying Guitar No. 3884 (Unofficial Count)
manufactured by The Acme Guitar and Tennis Racquet Company, Division of
The Acme Corporation. He wanted to know which woman had the genitalia
to face him. Luna raced in. She could frighten him to death but beat
him? I don't think so. I gave her a 10 for Genitalia Fortitude and a 1
for Brains. Needless to say, she got her genitalia kicked. Ivory raced
in, grabbed the Guitar from Miss Kitty and used it on Luna. Scratch
Guitar No. 3884 (Unofficial Count). Guitar No. 3885 is warming up in
the Bullpen.

Ring Announcer Lillian Garcia announced Luna as the winner by DQ. This
didn't thrill JJ too much and he went out to tell her so. She got into
the ring, proving that The Fink isn't the dumbest Ring
Announcer around. JJ applied a Figure Four on her. Debra and Miss Kitty
were distraught at the way he manhandled her.

Winner - Luna - By DQ
Loser - Lillian Garcia - A change in professions might be the
Loser - Guitar No. 3884

SCSA was shown arriving in the arena.

Terry Taylor talked with Chyna backstage. He asked about her upcoming
match with JJ. She said she wasn't impressed by his manhandling the
"old hags," and Lillian Garcia. She plans to take the Intercontinental
Title from him. She also said that SCSA was "going to get hammered." Do
you suppose she and Triple H have plans for their sledge hammer?

The next match was D-Von Dudley, accompanied by Bubba Ray Dudley, v.
Farooq, accompanied by Bradshaw. The Dudley's came to the ring first
and Bubba Ray did his stammering routine. I'm glad Vince McMahon likes
it because I sure don't. D-Von challenged Farooq to make it a
Dudleyville Strap Match as he bad
mouthed him. Farooq stormed in and the match was underway. They used
the strap on each other and the match was rough.

Bubba Ray grabbed a Steel Chair, manufactured by The Acme Table and
Steel Chair Company, Division of The Acme Corporation, and introduced
Farooq's head to it. He then went over and bashed Bradshaw. Bubba Ray
is an equal opportunity ass kicker. D-Von pinned Farooq. Bradshaw used
the chair on Bubba Ray. They will all meet for tea, crumpets and a tag
team match at Unforgiven.

Winner - D-Von Dudley
Loser - Farooq and Bubba Rays' heads

We saw SCSA in his locker room getting ready for his match with Triple H.

Cole tried to talk with The Undertaker and The Big Show. He took off as
The Undertaker indicated it might be a wise move. The Undertaker said
he couldn't care less about The Rock and Mankind's rhymes; he is coming
after them.

JR was in the ring and introduced The British Bulldog, who came to the
ring to a nice pop. He said he gave The Hardcore Title to Al Snow
because he deserves it. He said he is showing the people who doubted he
would ever be back that they were wrong, adding he has been the
European and Intercontinental Champion, as well as Tag Team Champion,
but before he retires he will be the WWF Champion, and retirement is a
long ways away. The Big Bossman came out and was pissed about what The
Bulldog did on
SmackDown last week. He told The Bulldog he won't be WWF Champion, but
will be sent home in a doggie bag by The Bossman.

Al Snow came out and asked The Bossman if he got the letter he
stuffed down his throat on SmackDown. Snow said it was a challenge for
a Special Match, "Just like you put Pepper in a cage and cooked him."
The challenge is for a Cage Match, with a Hell In The Cell Cage around
the regular cage. The Bossman accepted as long as The Hardcore Title
was on the line. Snow said it was, then added that between the Cages
would be two of Pepper's friends. With that, two Rotweilers were
brought out. The Bossman said he wasn't afraid of them and agreed to
the match. The Bulldog then hammered The Bossman from behind (for shame
Bulldog). The Bossman fought back, however, when
the Rotweilers were brought down, he took off faster than he knew he
could run. He escaped thru the crowd, who may have been more dangerous
than the Rotweilers.

Cole talked with The Mean Street Posse (MSP), Joey Abs, Rodney and Pete
Gas, and Terri Runnels backstage. Joey said he wasn't going to listen
to Shane and was going to kick Test's ass. Note To Joey: Pack a big
lunch. He told Test "that if he won't fight for himself, to fight for
that tramp (Sweet Steph)." It must be hell to be dumped. He told Terri
that she might want to wait in the trailer because it would be brutal.

Triple H was shown pacing backstage.

Dennis Miller was sitting in the crowd. I won't go off on a rant here
about it.

We then saw two
EMT's rushing to the side of a fallen Shane. Someone
had apparently kicked his ass. I wonder which three it might have been.

The next match was Joey Abs, along with Rodney and Pete Gas, v. Test.
Rodney and Pete Gas didn't get involved ... Not. Test did a number on
them, but it ended up as a 3-On-1 after Test hit Joey with a Power Bomb
and pinned him. Shane raced in and jumped Joey. Do you suppose Joey was
involved in the attack on Shane? MSP jumped Shane, but Test ran them
off. MSP took off with
Shane and Test in pursuit. They chased them out into the parking lot
and took off after them in a car. Looked like a chase in a "B" Western.

Winner - Test
Loser - Mean Street Posse - The jerks get their asses kicked more
often than The Brooklyn Brawler

We saw SCSA on his way to the ring.

The next match was for the WWF Championship, pitting Triple H (C), with
Chyna, v. SCSA. SCSA came out first to a monster pop. Triple H, Chyna along
with the entire California Highway Patrol. He told SCSA he had blown
his chance last week on SmackDown when he drove the semi into the
ambulance. That represented
Aggravated Assault and he just signed an arrest warrant. With that, the
California Highway Patrol went to the ring and handcuffed SCSA, placing
him under arrest. Triple H came into the ring and smashed SCSA. The police
restrained him. The crowd chanted "Asshole." SCSA was led away.

Switch to the garage and the police were putting SCSA into a police
car. Mommie Dearest was standing nearby talking on a cell phone. Triple H
ripped it out of her hand and threw it away. It was my guess that she
was making dinner reservations, but I've been wrong a few times.

The Godfather came to the ring accompanied by five primo California
Ho's. One of them was wearing a dress that showed what she ate for
dinner. She had much difficulty keeping it down. He did his Ho Train
bit. He was announced as being from "The Red Light District." That has
to be in either Parts Unknown or Dudleyville. His match was v. Chaz.
Prior to the match we saw a
clip from last week of Chaz saying it was over with Mariana and he had
to move n. The Godfather told Chaz since he had no luck with the
ladies, he wasn't going to make him and offer, and that they should
just wrestle.

The match was in progress as Mariana came to the ring crying, and
sporting a shiner. She kept asking Chaz "Why?" The Godfather sad her
eye and thought that was what she was asking about. Nobody abuses the
ladies when The Godfather is around. He was all over Chaz and nailed
him with The Pimp Drop for the victory. The Ho's mobbed him. Pimpin'
Ain't Easy, but it sure is fun.

Winner - Godfather
Loser - Chaz - Unlucky in love, unluckier in the ring
Winner - The Godfather - If I have to explain, you haven't been
paying attention.

Mommie Dearest was back in her office with The Stooges. Patterson again
tried to get her to go back to the hotel. She said there was family
business to take care of and she wasn't running from anyone.

We saw a series of clips highlighting X-Pac splitting with Kane, for
Kane's own good. Included was one from SmackDown, where X-Pac told him
he was holding him down.

The cage came down as Chris (Y2J) Jericho came out for a match. He did
his "RAW is Jericho" routine and made fun of Ken Shamrock, saying he,
not Ken, was The World's Most Dangerous Man. He called the cage "the
Y2Jail" and said he plans to beat The World's Best Shoot Fighter in it.
Calling himself "one Bad
Mamma Jamma," he introduced "The Sultan of Shoot Fighting" Gotch Gracy.
A hooded man dressed in black with "GOTCH" on his shirt came to the
ring. The match got underway and Y2J applied several submission hold on
Gotch. Gotch tapped out to The Lion Tamer. Y2J then applied Ken's Ankle
hold. That's all I can stand, I can't stand no more. Shamrock came to
the cage. Y2J tried to climb out. Gotch got up and nailed Kenny. It was
then 2-On-1 as Y2J and Gotch assaulted Kenny. Gotch removed the mask to
reveal he is Curtis Hughes, back in the WWF.

Winner - Y2J
Loser - Gotch - Think Gotch is short for "Gotcha?"
Loser - Ken Shamrock - Hands of Stone, brain to match - Y2J has been
making a fool out of him

We saw Kane, The Rock, Mankind on their way to the ring.

We got a shot of D'Lo handing The Godfather some money. D'Lo, a

Backstage Cole spoke with Y2J, as Hughes looked on. Y2J said he is
trying to teach Shamrock a lesson, so went out and got Hughes to
protect him. Hughes has been a bodyguard in the past.

The next match was the No Holds Barred, First Man to Score a Pinfall
Wins Match for No. 1 Contender's Spot and the right to face the WWF
Champion at Unforgiven. The participants were Kane, The Rock, Mankind,
The Undertaker and The Big Show. Soon after the match started Mideon
and Visera uglied up ringside by their presence. When Mankind was
thrown out their way,
they treated him to a fist punching. Mankind nailed Kane with a Double
Arm DDT, but The Undertaker pulled the referee away and decked him.
Scratch one referee. Another came down as The Rock nailed The
Undertaker with a DDT and The People's Elbow. Kane stopped the second
referee from counting and sent him to LaLa Land. Scratch the second
referee. A third and fourth referees
came in and met similar fates. The Referees were falling like flies.
Senior Referee Earl Hebner came down and decided his wife and family
were more important, so he left. In short order, The Godfather, Crash
Holly and Prince Albert came in and all got clocked. Chaz was next in
and then the entire locker room followed. We had a WWF Roster Battle
Royal going. A bunch of
WWF officials came in and tried to restore order. The WWF then pulled a
WCW and went to a commercial, leaving us hanging.

Winner - The match was a No Decision according to JR
Loser - The Viewers - We were shafted

We saw the referee's locker room. It looked like a MASH Unit. They told
Hebner they weren't going out anymore.

The next match was a tag team event pitting Val Venis and D'Lo Brown v.
Steve Blackman and Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry. Henry didn't come out
so Blackman fought himself. He tried hard. He failed. The end came on
D'Lo's Frog Splash. As Blackman headed up the ramp. GTV came on the
TitanTron. Mark Henry
was watching two of The Godfather's Ho's dance for him, as The
Godfather looked. D'Lo is a real standup guy buying the Ho's for
Henry. Blackman wasn't all that happy at Henry's good time.

Winner - Val Venis and D'Lo Brown
Winner - Mark Henry - This was lucky night
Loser - Steve Blackman - This wasn't his lucky night

We saw Triple H and Chyna heading to the ring.

The police cars returned, escorting a limo.

Triple H and Chyna came to the ring. He addressed Mommie Dearest, telling
her this was personal, and not to involve others and force him and
Chyna to kick The Stooge's asses. He called her to the ring and she
obliged. He told her he likes her, but SCSA had forfeited his title
shot. He asked her to agree. She said "No." He pressed her about it and
she stood firm. He was getting real
upset at her and grabbed her. Vince McMahon came to the ring. There
were no "Asshole" chants! He said he gave his word not to get involved
in WWF affairs, but this as personal. He continued "Listen up you SOB,"
going on to say he gave Triple H his chance. He took his jacket off and it
appeared that he was going to meet Triple H for the title.

Not tonight. SCSA was back, and with a vengeance. He spent the better
part of the next 5-7 minutes kicking Triple H's ass up one side of the arena
and down the other. The crowd chanted "Austin" continually. SCSA went
out, got a chair and brained Triple H with it. He then used it on his legs.
Paybacks really are a bitch. Referee Hebner tried to stop it, but
joined his buddies on the casualty list when SCSA plastered him. When
he got up, he called for the bell. They were on the floor as the cage
came back down. Austin dragged Triple H into the cage and continued wiping
the floor with him. He hit Triple H with The Stunner and gave him The Bird
as the program ended.

Winner - Triple H - By DQ
Loser - SCSA using him as his personal punching bag
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: SamJerry
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Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
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Tom Kirkbride
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