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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 314

Date:  Wednesday September 15th, 1999  3:32 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

This week's Smackdown Spoiler contains a major piece of news;
definitely a huge surprise.

I've always been kind of torn about whether its a good idea to run the
spoilers. I know that they are very popular (in fact, some of you
enjoy the spoilers more than anything else in the newsletter). Still,
it does take the surprise away from the show, and really some of the
enjoyment. For all of you that skip them, I fully understand; for
those of you who devour them, its understood as well.

The Spoiler will be appearing at the conclusion of this issue; as
always, if you would rather be surprised, please skip it.
The opening field of 310 has been narrowed down to 165 as the fight
continues involving wrestlers from any point in time and any
organization. Go to to
cast your votes and visit regularly as the page updates several times a

IPWA (Independent Professional Wrestling Association)
10/8 7:30pm
10/15 7:30pm
10/22 7:30pm

Former WWF and WCW Superstar, The Warlord, will be on hand as well as
former WWF wrestler, Rusty Brooks, current WWF worker (part of the indy
scene), "Samurai Kid" Billy Fives, plus a ton of more wrestlers will be
on hand.

The Sportsplex
West Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL
(954) 752-9622
(954) 227-7838
Written by reader: matt

In response to The Hardcore Truth:

In an excerpt: "Then came Sting and Luger, now heels, beating up Ric
Flair. Sigh. As boring as the "Bad Guy" Sting is, nothing can compare
with that inbred nimrod, Sid (and, on a side note, please, WCW, give a
gun to the ring girls, so if they see that freak going for a microphone
they can shoot him and put us all out of our misery.....please!). "
WCW did something totally unexpected at Fall Brawl. Sting went heel
after being a hero for the past decade. Sting now being a heel allows
WCW to create new angles not possible before. Sting may be boring in
your eyes but having Ric Flair in this segment energized the situation.
Ric Flair is one of the all time greats in wrestling ability and being
good on the mic.
"Later on, I was reminded how "old school" WCW was with
Berlyn.....for the second time, sigh. I guess I should know that all
foreigners think that Americans are lazy and stupid, and that their
nationality is the master race. Wasn't that Nikita Volkoff's angle in
the 80's??"
A common side effect of a typical WWF fan is selective memory. Just as
recent as a few months ago Tiger Ali Singh would do this same basic
routine where he would insult Americans. Ali Singh, though, would
challenge Americans to disgusting acts. Basically, the same idea.
"Then, finally (and mercifully) the Benoit match came. But it didn't.
Instead Benoit beat Rick Steiner, took a lower belt than the one he
lost, and we, who were guaranteed the match, once again found out that
WCW just doesn't really give a damn about us. And I was left sick."
Everyone felt sick there. :(
"...All I have to say is this......GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!!!!!!!!!!
The WWF does. ECW does. WCW? Nope, they give us what the wrestlers
The WWF gives us what we want? I don't want to see 2 move Austin or
Triple H have the title. I want a real wrestler to have the title. Why
can't Mankind have the title? Or let some of the lightweights make it
to RAW instead of confining them to their own show. WCW doesn't satisfy
me either.

Why is Hogan still wrestling? Why don't Hart or Benoit have the belt?
Why is Sid on TV? I am not satisfied by any wrestling fed and I doubt
every wrestling fan is either. So when you say "GIVE US WHAT WE
WANT!!!!!!!!!!" I hope you are referring to your multiple personalities
because you don't speak for me or a number of wrestling fans. And
before anyone responds to me of being a "WCW mark" just reread this and
you will see that I have negative and positive comments about both feds.
Thank you,
Written by reader: Suprem6666

To everyone saying that it was smart to sign Bischoff so that he
couldn't blab, it doesn't matter. Bischoff had a strategy to plan
events hours before the start, so it doesn't matter what he wanted to
say, there would be nothing to say, Bill Busch is instituting the
planning ahead
Reported by David Tyler & Furdog12 at: http://www.cataclysmal.c

Smackown Tapings, September 14th in Las Vegas, NV
-Footage was shown of WWF Referees holding a protest outside the arena.

Austin came out and talked his crap about Triple H. Triple H came out
and said he would defend his title tonight to a main eventer of his
choice. After the interview
Austin got some beers and left.

-Shane McMahon vs Joey Abs w/ MSP and Terri Runnels
Shane called Joey Abs out and he attacked the whole Posse before they
got in the ring. Brisco, Patterson, and Meat all came down to referee
at parts of the match with Shane finally winning.
Winner-Shane McMahon

-Camera showed Cindy Margolis in the crowd and Ivory watching a monitor
in the back

-Ivory came down and introduced Cindy Margolis and brought her in the
ring. She asked her to pose like she does on the internet but Cindy
refused. Ivory made her lie down to pose and then Jeff Jarrett came in
and put the figure four on Cindy. When Jarrett and Ivory were
celebrating Jarrett pushed Ivory down and put the figure four on her.
Sgt Slaughter came down to help Cindy to the back.

Mark Henry vs Steve Blackman
Mark Henry won when Val Venis came down and hit Blackman with the Kendo
stick. DLo then came down and attacked Mark Henry.
Winner-Mark Henry

-As Cindy Margolis was being helped in an ambulance Jarrett was yelling
at her. Test came up to say a few words and they ended up exchanging

-Jarrett challenged Test to a match for the IC Championship that night.

4-Way Tag Match: Edge & Christian vs Acolytes vs
Dudleys vs Hardy Boys
Acolytes won with Bradshaw's clothesline on Jeff Hardy. The Hardy Boys
and The Dudleys stayed after got into a brawl. The
Dudleys ended it
with a 3D.

-Clip of Jericho and Mr. Huge talking in the back. I couldn't hear what
they were saying

Shamrock vs Mr. Hughes
Jericho announced he has a special referee for the match. He brought
down a chubby guy with a mask that he said was a Mexican wrestler named
El Dumpo. Jericho did commentary during the match.

Shamrock put a leg submission on Mr. Huge and the referee called for
the bell. Shamrock was announced as being disqualified. Shamrock
grabbed the referee and took his mask off. It was Howard Finkel.
Winner-Mr Huge

-Mankind interview in the back. He said something about The Rock being
a finely tuned machine. Also something about if The Rock and Mankind
were a car The Rock would be the front and Mankind would be the rear
end. The People's rear end. Something like that.

Mini Royal Rumble: Rock vs Big Show vs Mankind vs Kane vs Undertaker
The winner of this match gets the number 1 spot in the 6 pack Title
Match at Unforgiven. I don't know how that match is going to work. I'm
sure they'll explain it Thursday. It had a Royal Rumle setup starting
with The Rock and The Big Show and everyone else coming out in 2 or 3
minute intervals in the order above. Elimination was being thrown over
the top rope.

The Rock came out first and cut a really funny promo talking about
Taker, Big Show, and Kane. It was about them playing The People's Slot
Machine. He even imitated Kane again.

Everyone was eventually in the ring except Taker, as he came down in
street clothes and to his older music, like the one on Vol 3. He went
to do commentary. The Rock and Mankind eliminated Kane and when Mankind
was celebrating The Rock tossed Mankind out. The Rock took a chokeslam
from The Big Show but
eventually fought back and had him halfway over the top rope. Taker
came in and pushed them both out.

The Big Show was pissed and Midian and Viscera came down. The Rock came
back in and hit Viscera and Mideon with a chair. He eventually got
pummeled by everyone.
Winner-The Undertaker

-Undertaker interview in the back. I couldn't hear what he was saying.
Something about the 6 pack match. I think that's what he called it.

Holly's vs Chyna
The Holly's called down Chyna and whatever partner she wanted for a tag
match. Chyna came down alone and fought both of them for awhile. Mr.
Ass came down to be Chyna's partner. Chyna wouldn't tag him. Mr. Ass
slapped Chyna on the back to come in and get The Famasser for the win.

Jeff Jarrett came in and knocked Chyna out with a frying pan. Debra and
Miss Kitty came in the ring and put a dress on Chyna while she was
lying down and also put the frying pan and a spoon in her hands. He
then said some crap about Chyna should be in the kitchen or something
like that.
Winner-Chyna and Mr. Ass

Big Bossman vs Al Snow----Pepper on a Pole Match
Before he came out Bossman said he had the remains of Pepper in a
doggie bag he was holding. The doggie bag was put on a pole above one
of the ring posts.

When The Bossman beat Al Snow down with the nightstick he got the bag
and two people came down with dogs. Bossman panicked and threw the bag
away and ran away from the dogs. Al Snow grabbed the bag for the win.
Winner- Al Snow

-Triple H and Chyna were shown talking in the back. I couldn't hear
what they were saying.

Jeff Jarrett vs Test
The Posse and Test all got involved and the match was thrown out.

Triple H vs His Choice
Triple H came down and talked for awhile about who he could fight. He
then said he could choose the referee and he asked Shane to come out.
Shane came out and stood next to Chyna. He then called out Vince. Vince
was shown in the back with Linda. Triple H insulted McMahon until he
came out. Vince said he wouldn't fight but Triple H said something
about Linda and the match finally started. The match went of for a long
time. When Triple H hit Vince with a chair Shane attacked Triple H. It
turned into a brawl with Brisco and Patterson and a few other people.
Chyna was holding Linda while Triple H taunted her while beating Vince.

Austin then came down through the crowd and totally screwed up a
stunner on Chyna (I'm sure they'll edit that out somehow). Austin then
stunned Triple H and put Vince on top of him. Shane counted the 3 and

Austin ran back through the crowd and Triple H followed after him.
Everyone else stayed in the ring to celebrate as the show ended.

Note: Butterbean was in the front row near Cindy Margolis wearing an
American flag-like t-shirt. He wasn't used.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

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