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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 315

Date:  Thursday September 16th, 1999  1:08 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Chad Damiani & Curt Creighton at:
After Mark Madden reported on the WCW Hotline that Hall & Nash may be
making an appearance in another wrestling promotion before returning to
WCW, Chad Damiani tells us that an appearance in New Japan may be in
the works.

If Hall & Nash do work a well publicized tour, this could help them
further the upcoming "Outsider" angle for their return. It would also
allow WCW to send two "big names" to New Japan, a relationship often

Since neither man has ever made much of an impact in
Japan, the box
office benefits for New Japan are questionable. The lumbering Nash
would have to be booked as a monster to make any sort of impact, and
that would be questionable business if this is a one time tour.

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
Steve "Dr. Death" Williams reports that while he is ready to return to
the ring, the WWF seems to have little interest in using him.

Although a Big Bossman/Williams house show match was proposed (a
rematch of Dr.Death's 1987 UWF Title victory), the WWF has taken other
steps that may be an encouragement for Williams to violate his contract
(and thus be off the hook for his guaranteed deal).

The WWF has booked Williams for a tour of the Japanese promotion FMW;
Williams has a decade long association with All Japan Pro Wrestling
that would be jeopardized by such an arrangement. All
Japan is
Williams most attractive alternative to the WWF, and he is well aware
of how personal they have taken such "betrayals" in the past.

Either he does the FMW tour (and likely burns his All
connections) or violates his WWF contract by refusing the booking (and
All Japan has not guaranteed him a spot regardless). Definitely a
no-win position for the 39 year old veteran.

Reported by Zach Arnold at:
Mitsuharu Misawa will defend his Triple Crown against Vader at the
tour-ending show for All Japan's upcoming Giant Series tour on October
30th at Nippon Budokan (Tokyo martial arts building).

Many are speculating that Vader will defeat Misawa for the
championship; Misawa has recently defeated almost all of his potential
challengers for the title, and Vader will have several somewhat fresher
challengers available.

Reported by Al Isaacs at:
Mike Awesome may get himself involved in the ANARCHY RULEZ main event
this weekend. As of right now Taz is slated to take on MasatoTanaka,
but it could very well become a three-way before the bell rings.

If Awesome does agree to become a regular, this could be a huge
opportunity for the big man. If Heyman does opt for the quick title
switch, Awesome would probably be the favorite, especially since Tanaka
is on loan from FMW.

Reported by Al Isaacs at:
Isaacs heard from Ted DiBiase last night, who confirmed that he's out
of the wrestling business. The last couple of months in WCW he was
serving as a backstage commentator, but decided to walk away and pursue
other interests. And when I say walk away, I mean not looking back. To
the point that he didn't know that
Eric Bischoff was gone! When Isaacs gave him the news, however, he did
get an unexpected response...'Who knows, maybe somebody new will think
a twenty year veteran who has been on top most of those years might
have some value in the company. It
would be interesting to find out.'

UMWChris has started a newsletter totally devoted to WCW Fantasy
Bookings. For all of you armchair bookers out there (and I'm one of
them), this is one newsletter that you might as well check out. For
your free subscription, all you have to do is send a blank e-mail to:

In SamJerry's column today, at the conclusion of the newsletter, there
is a spoiler regarding Thursday's Smackdown. If you resisted the urge
to peek at the spoiler in our last issue, be prepared to be cautious
once again.
Written by reader: KGill87358

I just read Benoits commentary in issue # 313 and I just want to thank
you for putting it in. I have so much respect for Benoit and what he
had said really hit it on the money, he really is a team player. I feel
that this year was his breakthrough year and next year could be bigger
with a possible title reign. In response to "The Hardcore Truth", it
seems to me that this person doesn't respect the wrestlers that made it
in this business. He called the Sting, Luger, and Flair segment
"boring"?? To me, it made the show.

As I was watching those three work the mic it reminded me so much of
1989 when there was so much debate over who will carry the NWA into the
90's. They had claimed that Flair was passing the torch to Sting and
Luger. In fact that year, Starrcade '89 'Future Shock' was a tournament
type of matches that had Sting, Luger, Muta, and Flair involved. Every
match was very exciting until the end when Flair put Sting over to win
the tournament.

The biggest problem I have with the younger wrestlers. and even some of
the fans nowadays, is that there isn't enough respect in the business.
You have workers like Konnan, Mysterio, and Kidman who complain about
their position in WCW and they all want out. Then you look at someone
like Ric Flair, a 14 time World Champion, and yet the only man that was
willing to put some of the younger workers over. He felt it was better
for the company to do that in the young vs old angle that mysteriously
got dropped because nobody else was willing to job to the other.

Then you have three younger guys, who just because they are not where
they want to be in the company want to leave and cause more friction
with the company. I personally don't understand their position because
as I see it, Kidman at that point was going to be elevated to mid card
status in a feud with DDP, a former World Champ. Mysterio had the
"Giant Killer" angle going and is many times a Cruiserweight Champ.
Then you have Konnan, who at one time was a terriffic worker, but age
really caught up with him and fast because now he is very lazy and
tired when he works.

Flair respects the people that have worked before him, and he often
mentions some of the greats in his interviews...The Race's, The Funk's,
The Brisco's, the list goes on and on. In my own opinion, I just don't
think those other three really have any idea about the past wrestlers
and the fact that if it wasn't for them, they wouldn't even be in the
business if it hadn't been for them.
Written by reader: Jim Jacobs (jjacobs)

Thank you at least for announcing the spoilers, and putting them at the
end, so that we have a choice! The &#8!!*# WWF WebSite announces in
big headlines what's going to happen on Smackdown a day ahead of time.
If you don't want to be spoiled, then the only recourse you have is to
avoid their WebSite entirely.

Of course, in my area, it doesn't matter a whole lot...since we don't
have a UPN outlet.
[and that is all the people need to know!]
Written by reader: Tom Schultz (tomscha)

I've seen ECW on TNN twice, and I'm not surprised that their ratings
took a little dip. Already I feel that I could go for a few weeks
without another Jerry Lynn/Rob Van Dam match. its about time that we
saw some of the rest of their talent, in the ring, before they all
leave. But the production values overall are pretty good. You almost
feel as if you're part of the crowd, which is sadly lacking in the
over-produced WCW. (I almost expect Vanna White to come walking down
the ramp.)

I'm extremely tired of Jeff Jarrett and others abusing women--including
Chyna--even if it is a work. I wish somebody would
take that guitar, turn it sideways, and stuff it up his candy ass!
Tom Schultz
Steve Appy: This letter illustrates one of ECW's biggest
obstacles. The WWF & WCW have shortened the attention spans of
wrestling fans to the point that many are bored by 12-15 minute
matches, no matter how well worked.

Van Dam & Lynn (and Paul Heyman) are putting together the best feud in
North America; competition, athleticism and mutual respect are the
hooks. While I have my own critiques of Van Dam's work,
Lynn is solid
enough that he missed moves are kept to a minimum (and there actually
is an element of ring psychology). Can an audience dumbed down by 90
second RAW matches be trained to appreciate a well-worked 15 minute
match? That may be one of Heyman's greatest challenges.
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On the
September 16, 1999, edition of SmackDown, WWF Champion Triple H
selected his opponent to defend the Title against. He selected WWF
Owner Vince McMahon, and picked Shane as referee. After initially
refusing to fight, McMahon was "forced" into the match when Triple H
insulted Linda "Mommie Dearest"
McMahon. With the aid of Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA), who nailed Triple H
with a Stunner and placed a fallen McMahon atop him, McMahon became the
Champion of his own Federation.

I have seen a few reactions thus far about this. Some thinking it was a
cool move on the part of the WWF's bookers, and others thinking it was
a very dumb move. If nothing else it was a controversial move, and as
we all know controversy drives wrestling. McMahon lives by the credo of
"Anything can
happen in the WWF." It just did. I can't recall reading a single
thing suggesting this was going to happen. If represents a surprising,
dramatic (and risky) move on the part of the WWF. How it plays out
could set the tenor for the next several months.

One of the things that has been widely discussed is the limited
number of Main Eventers (and hence possible WWF Champions) there
are/were in the WWF. While I don't expect him to remain Champion very
long, it does set up both SCSA's rumored heel turn or an alliance with
McMahon as a face. Both would be new directions and could serve to
widen the field of Title contenders.

We have all witnessed McMahon taking some major bumps in matches
against SCSA, so his being in the ring has some legitimacy. I am going
to reserve further judgment on McMahon being the Champion until I see
where it goes from here. There is always the possibility that it was
decided to go this route because of WCW's "reassigning" Good King Eric,
and the attention that
the move has drawn. This has the potential of shifting the focus away
from WCW's management restructure and back onto the WWF. If that was
the intent and it is successful, it could be a stroke of genius.
However, it could just as easily backfire and blowup in McMahon's face.
As I said earlier, controversy is what wrestling is all about and this
sure fits the bill.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

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