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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 317

Date:  Sunday September 19th, 1999  5:15 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Scherer spoke with Paul Heyman Friday night and he said that they were
supposed to be Steve Corino's mystery team this weekend. The deal was
supposed to be that ECW would help them promote their CD through
commercials and on TV. They would job to Raven and Dreamer this
weekend, and then get a big push at the ECW taping in
Michigan last
week in front of their hometown fans. Then, Heyman heard from them
last night and they said they did not want to do the job on the PPV and
that they were staying in WCW because they said that WCW would give
them the Cruiserweight title, like that is a big bonus or something.
Heyman asked them if they wanted to be wrestlers or they wanted to sell
their music, since they had told him that the push for the music was
what was important. As of last night, the offer was pulled off of the
table by ECW.

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
The 9/16 edition of Thunder did a 2.4 rating with a 3.8 share.
Smackdown did a monstrous 4.5 broadcast rating with a 7.5 share. I
think part of the reason that the numbers for both shows are so high
was due to the fact that many people in the Northeast had nowhere to go
due to the storm.

Reported by Dave Meltzer & Mike Samuda at:
According to Dave Meltzer, WCW is planning to revamp Thunder in about a
month or two and perhaps WCW Saturday Night as well. Instead of taping
two Thunder shows every other Thursday, WCW may move the second Thunder
taping to Friday, which would be shown the following week. Got that?
Management is also planning to book these shows well in advance, so
only the wrestlers booked for the show will be flown in. You can expect
to see several other cost cutting measures from WCW in the near future.
The Ross Report
By Jim Ross
Sept. 17, 1999
Courtesy of

The World Wrestling Federation is actually developing plans to enhance
its relationship with the NHRA. Look for the WWF to take steps in
becoming a key player within the NHRA.

Look for MTV's "Whoop Ass Weekend" coming soon, featuring Stone Cold
Steve Austin. This will be a part of a special "Celebrity Deathmatch"
marathon. Production was done last week in
Los Angeles.

Chyna recorded some on-air promos for UPN's "Shasta McNasty" program
that will be airing soon.

Stone Cold, The Rock and the Road Dogg are the top three merchandise
sellers of the past month. Very impressive showing for the Road Dogg.

I enjoyed the Rattlesnake's performance Thursday on "The Martin Short
Show." Of course, I am a Stone Cold mark, according to "The King."
Lawler's right, for once.

Chyna's Emmy attire was photographed thoroughly by the media covering
the red carpet entrance to the annual television awards show. Look for
photos of Chyna to pop out (no pun intended) in a variety of
publications in the next few weeks.

USA Network will heavily promote Mankind's "GvsE" appearance on Oct.
10. Don't forget about Mick's book.

The Wall Street Journal is preparing a feature on the Federation soon,
focusing on the business side of the company.

The New York Post had an article on Tuesday highlighting Ted Turner's
management changes in his wrestling company entitled, "Turned Pinned to
Mat." More major changes in Turnerland are almost a certainty, but will
they be made where most needed?

The Federation was featured in the "Cheers" section of TV Guide.
Anti-WWFer and TV Guide contributor Phil Mushnick can't be too pleased.

SmackDown! is sold out of its advertising inventory for the balance on
1999 on UPN.

The WWF New York restaurant will be open before the end of the year.
Mid-November has been discussed. Of course, they'll be serving J.R.'s
barbecue sauce, which should be ready to roll in December or January.

Only an idiot would report that the WWF isn't doing well in the
television ratings for SmackDown! Hot shotting, my
Oklahoma ass.

We should all be so lucky to have the passion for our business that our
late friend Brian Hildebrand had.

The prime-time WWF Jakked broadcast on WWOR Channel 9 last Saturday was
the highest-rated program of the day on channel 9, reaching 263,000

The Wrestlemania Fan Fest is shaping up to be huge! Meetings are
ongoing regarding the planning and organization of the March 31 weekend
events. WrestleMania 2000 will be Sunday, April 2, in
Anaheim, Calif.

Steve Austin tapes a "Nash Bridges" episode next week in
Sept. 21 - 24.

Is it so automatic that if Randy Savage were available that he would be
brought back to the Federation? Some folks sure think so.

The Federation is discussing with FMW in
Japan the possibility of Shawn
Michaels refereeing a special match there in the near future.

Can you guess which wrestler requested Halloween off? Answer to follow.

The Six Pack Challenge at Unforgiven has the opportunity to be very
good and, because of the number of participants, has the chance to be
bowling-shoe ugly.

Some lawsuits I've read about recently seem to be so absurd that they
are actually humorous.

Helluva football weekend, especially in the college ranks. I'll be
watching the Sooners take on the Baylor Bears Saturday.
Norman, Okla.,
is heaven on Earth on game day.

Viscera is doing very well and may have earned more exposure (don't go
there) because of his efforts.

Dudleys are adjusting well in the World Wrestling Federation and
are readily being accepted throughout the locker room. Solid guys who
work hard. its not that complicated a formula.

SmackDown did a 4.5 rating Thursday, its highest number in its four
weeks on UPN. Almost 4.6 million households tuned in!

This Monday's RAW is expected to be very hot in
Houston! Crowd is
always into the Federation product and with a new champion, you just
never know what's going to happen.

The World Wrestling Federation was expecting to make an announcement of
a major player's signing; however, lawyers and agents tend to drag
their feet. Too bad because windows of opportunity stay open forever.
"Straight Shooting"
By : Fritz Capp (pwbts)
September 17, 1999
PWBTS 2000

Is there more wrestling news than we really need in one week? Sure, so
let's have some fun and go over some of the happenings throughout the

Well since the last time I wrote it is now confirmed that dear old Eric
Bischoff is out of WCW for the most part. Not that it really mattered
much this past Monday night as WCW once again took what could have been
a great angle and blew it right out of the water because they still do
not have a clue on how to start a successful angle. Maybe if they could
get some more WWF talent to defect like they did when Nash and Hall
went down there so they could give them some ideas they would be ok
ATriple H....let's not miss this tidbit. Sexy, voluptuous, and every mans
dream Nichole Bass is suing the WWF for 120 million dollars for get
this...sexual harassment. Now lets have a dose of reality here people,
who the hell would find this reject from the Amazon even the least bit
attractive? If you do then you need to see your optometrist as soon as
possible. While other so-called "journalists and webmasters" are
putting at the end of their newsbyte on this topic that Rena Mero filed
a similar suit against the WWF that was settled out of court let thus
trying to make the WWF sound like this happens all the time let's look
at the suit.

Rena Mero filed a suit against the WWF in the amount of 120 million
Nichole Bass filed a suit against the WWF in the amount of 120 million

Rena Mero claimed she was sexually harassed.
Nichole Bass claimed she was sexually harassed.

Talk on the Howard Stern show brought up the subject of holes being
drilled in locker room walls when he talked with Rena.
Talk on the Howard Stern show brought up the subject of holes being
drilled in locker room walls when he talked with Nichole.

Rena made comments that she was afraid to say anything because of
alluded threats made to her.
Nichole made comments that she was afraid to say anything because of
alluded threats made to her.

Rena made claims that she was not trained to be in the ring thus she
could get hurt.
Nichole said she was hurt in the ring by an ungimmicked guitar.

Rena Mero brought up the name Owen Hart to put that memory in the
forefront of people's minds hoping that it would tie her in with the
people that she was wrong by the despicable WWF.
Nichole Bass brought up the name Owen Hart to put that memory in the
forefront of people's minds hoping that it would tie her in with the
people that she was wrong by the despicable WWF.

Need I go any further?

Rena's lawsuit was about one thing, getting out of her recently
renewed/re-signed contract because she wanted to pursue an acting
Nichole's lawsuit is about one thing, the WWF couldn't find a nitch for
this steroided out no brained no talent idiot and got rid of her and
she has no where to go because no one else wants her either.

This is without a doubt the most bogus lawsuit brought in this country
this year. Nichole Bass should understand that even ECW didn't want her
anymore. She talks like a goon, she has no personality, she has no
verifiable wrestling skills what-so-ever and she is probably hung
bigger than most of the guys in the locker room anyway. Nichole should
stick to steroids. Oil wrestling and listening to her little bitch of a
husband who is probably the one behind this anyway. Who would
voluntarily sleep with that anyway! UGH!
Chris Benoit went online to squash the rumor that was started by
Micasa. The rumor once again was that Chris refused to job to Dean
Malenko and vice versa and subsequently Sid Vicious did a run in so
neither would have to put the other one over on a Nitro a few weeks
back. Funny, I thought we squashed that rumor last week right here in
this very column and on the PWBTS website. Oh that's right...we did.
But as usual no one wanted to hear that the great Mike Samuda was
worked to the hilt by WCW's "Dancing Machine" but as always time bears
out everything that we try to tell you and you all refuse to hear.
Someday you'll all learn who is giving it to you straight and who is
nothing more than a "Net Mark with a website." Just because the website
looks cool and someone can write a column and re-write what he reads in
the Observer and Torch doesn't mean that they have credibility, all
that shows is how gullible a lot of "Net Marks" really are when it
comes to seeing the truth because of some misplaced belief of loyalty.
Taz is being reported that he has inked a deal with the WWF and should
be leaving ECW by the end of the year. Now there are a lot of people
saying that Taz has "sold out". Why? Isn't he allowed to shoot for
better money? Isn't he allowed to try to make it one of the bigger
promotions? Doesn't he have the right to be able to say, "Hey, its
time to try and take it to the next level? Obviously not according to a
lot of people. What's the matter? Won't you be a Taz fan anymore? If
not, why not? Isn't he the same person you were just rooting for last
week before he signed with the WWF?

When I was at the height of being the consummate ECW mark and Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko left I was still a fan of
theirs. When Public Enemy, Steve Austin and Mick Foley left I was still
a fan of theirs. When Rey Mysterio Jr., Psychosis and Chris Jericho
left ECW I was also still a fan of theirs. Sure I didn't like it that
they were leaving ECW but this stuff happens all the time. It just
meant if I wanted to see them I had to watch whichever promotion they
went to. Just because someone leaves a promotion doesn't mean they are
selling out. It usually means that they feel they have a better shot at
going big time somewhere else or there are problems happening that
warrants a departure. Sometimes it even is just because of a bigger
payday. Now tell me which one of you would stay at your present job if
you were offered a lot more money by someone else? Anyone who said they
would is nothing but an absolute liar! You people who label people as
sellouts just because they go to another promotion shows that you are
just a fan of the promotion and not the workers involved. Remember
people, its not the promoters who are out there busting their ass each
and every night, its the workers who do that.
One uninspired Internet writer is hinting that the WWF cannot ever say
anything again because now that Vince McMahon is the heavyweight
champion their champion is 56 years old. The difference is Mr.
Reporter/Webmaster is that this is an angle. WCW's heavyweight
champions are all over aged and most are over the hill and should have
retired years ago. Everyone knows that Vince is turning that belt over
soon, How long has Hogan held the title since he's been in WCW?
I usually do not make many predictions and I'm not going to start here
because if anyone cannot see that Chyna is being set up as the "savior
for all women" and should take the I.C. belt from Jarrett at the
upcoming pay-per-view I do not know what to say.
Mark Madden is once again trying to make himself larger then what he is
(and that is not some small feat). Recently on the WCW Live program he
stated that he just gave the new WCW vice -president an idea that will
have Vince "pulling his hair out". Well of course we have the exclusive
for all of you. Word has it that Madden himself wants to step into the
squared circle himself after all these years of just dreaming about it
to help WCW's sagging ratings. His first altercation is being set up as
we speak. His first match will be a dreaded "Thong Match" against
Yokozuno in which Madden of course will be victorious thus leading to
an in-ring persona for him.

He will become superstitious and wear the "thong" he beat the great
Yokozuno in during every match and interview and he will take on a
bakers gimmick adding a white hat to his thong costume and will be
called "Big Bunz". Expect a huge push for him around the end of the
year. (could there be any other kind)
The official opening of the PWBTS Chartroom was a success. While we
were not inundated with huge numbers (which has it advantages) the chat
was friendly and cordial and we all got to talk without having to deal
with the minions of chat room goers who like to do nothing but disrupt.
One funny thing that went on was that Fanatics (the WCW chartroom op
who's ego is definitely larger than his genitalia) decided to lurk
under a phony name so he could see what was going on for whomever. Well
of course we gave him the boot the same he does to everyone in the WCW
chat room after we all gave him enough to run back to his new idol
with. The next chat will be during the ECW pay-per-view. You can access
the chatroom via irc at #PWBTS or by going to the PWBTS website
( going to the "Fan Interactive" section and clicking
on the chatroom link. Also visit our interactive message board.
Mankind's comic book is now on the shelves at your favorite comic book
store. If you do not now where a comic book store is in your area just
call 1-888-COMICBOOK.
Mark Madden said on the WCW Hotline that Vince winning the WWF title is
a sign of the WWF panicking. Is this guy the quintessential moron or
what? Panicking over what? WCW's sagging ratings? WCW not knowing how
to book a complete storyline? Maybe the WWF is panicking because they
collectively kick WCW's ass every time a WWF program goes up against a
WCW program. Hell the WWF doubles the ratings of WCW when WCW goes
unopposed. I remember when WCW tried the same time slot that the WWF
used during the U.S.Open and they got trounced. So I ask Mark Madden,
what is the WWF panicked over? It cannot be the ratings because WCW
wishes they could pull the numbers that the WWF does. I also ask him
what is it like to shill for a dead in the water promotion?
There are a lot of rumors going around that Disco Inferno will be
starting up his own group. Well PWBTS's P.J.Capri caught up with Disco
and here is what he had to say, "Someone must know something I
don't.... I've started three angles in the past couple months.... All
of them were never followed up on for whatever reason. Now that
everything has been shaken up... Who knows....If I get to start my own
group, great.... I'm not holding my breath." For those of you who don't
know, P.J. Capri was Disco's tag team partner when Disco was wrestling
the independent circuit.
And with that I'm outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than
it appears to be.

Fritz Capp (pwbts)
PWBTS 2000
Written by reader: Mase964403

I think everyone on the Internet knows that Chris Benoit is a great
wrestler. Even if you don't believe it, its been banged into your head
enough so you think its true and its true, Chris Benoit is one hell
of a wrestler.

However, I don't think he's a future WCW or WWF World Champion. The
of wrestling fans don't like wrestling, they like "sports
entertainment," which hurts Benoit. Benoit isn't as charismatic as The
Rock or Chris Jericho; Benoit has charisma from his no nonsense
attitude, the same as Goldberg. Unfortunately, Benoit doesn't have the
size of Goldberg, which also seems to get fans attention.

The only way for Chris Benoit to be the World Champion is for the
average wrestling fan to become a fan of great wrestling rather than
"sports entertainment." I just don't see it happening.
Written by reader: NYPaisan57

An interesting thing happend to me Thursday while I was sitting there
watching Smackdown. I enjoyed watching Triple H kick the crap out of
Vince, expecting the usual Stone Cold run in and Vince heel turn where
the boss would reignite his feud with the rattlesnake. The funny thing
is... it never happened. Sure, Stone Cold ran down and Stunned the
world as usual, but then he pulls Vince on top?? Vince becomes the new
WWF Champ?!?!

Yeah, I know what your thinking. Vince will turn heel champion to be
beaten by one of the move popular federation superstars... but i don't
think so. I think Vince will definitely lose the belt, or hand it on
to someone more qualified (maybe even his future son in law... yeah
yeah, I know Test isn't main event quality yet... but it would be a
hell of an interesting angle).

I think Fully Loaded was the end of an era... not
Austin v. Vince, but
Vince as a heel. Could the greatest heel of this decade, the most hated
man in sports entertainment, the a$$hole himself... become a babyface
fan favorite??... I wouldn't put it past him, and God knows if anybody
could pull the old switch off it would be Vince.
FANTASY BOOKING (This will not happen)
Written by reader: phodawg

In the week leading up to Unforgiven, Jeff Jarret continues to feud
with Ivory. At Unforgiven, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarret
defeats Chyna with the Figure-Four Leglock. The next night on RAW,
Jarret comes out and talks about how last nights match was his hardest
fought to date.

He praises Chyna and women in general, saying they offer more
competition than the so called challengers he has to face. In his next
statement, he challenges anyone wearing a dress to a match for the
Intercontinental Title. He expects Ivory to come out trying to get
revenge, but instead the words "What Does Everyone Want" blare
throughout the arena. Out walks Al Snow, wearing a dress! After an
actual wrestling match, Al Snow beats Jeff Jarret to become the new
Intercontinental Champion.

Visit my efed at
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