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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 320

Date:  Tuesday September 21st, 1999  5:29 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ratings for Monday, September 20th, 1999
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
The ratings for 9/20 are in and once again, the WWF came out on top.
There was a very telling story in one of the quarter hours however, as
WCW World Title match, which carried over into the
9 o'clock hour, only
dropped from a 4.3 to a 3.6, which is great for WCW. If was Bill
Busch, I would be thinking about using Chris Benoit more!

Anyway, Raw did a 6.1 rating with an 8.9 share while Nitro did a 3.1
rating with a 4.6 share. Nitro did a 2.6 rating in the head-to-head

Other ratings for the weekend of 9/19 saw Heat do a 4.3 rating with a
7.2 share. WCW Saturday Night did a 1.4 with a 3.3 share. Livewire
did a 1.9 rating with a 5.9 share. Superstars did a 1.9 rating with a
5.6 share.

ECW on TNN for 9/17 did a 0.7 rating.

WWF files suit against Playboy
September 21, 1999
Reported by WrestleLine wire reports at:

NEW YORK - The World Wrestling Federation wants to get Playboy in the
ring over some nude photos of former women's champion Sable.

Rena Mero, aka Sable, has twice appeared in Playboy and wants to do it
again in the Oct. 19 newsstand issue, which isn't mailed to

But the WWF filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to block release of the
issue and demanding the profits from an appearance Mrs. Mero made in
Playboy last month. The federation claims it created the sex-kitten
Sable image.

Playboy had no comment.

Mrs. Mero, who lives in Amelia Beach, Fla., filed a $110 million
lawsuit against the WWF in June. She accused the federation of trying
to degrade her with plans for a lesbian story line, exposure of her
breasts on television and appearances in sexually degrading photos.

She has said she considers it tasteful to pose in Playboy.

Mrs. Mero was stripped of her championship belt in May after refusing
to go along with the plans.

WWF Raw is War Report -
September 20, 1999
By Joe De
Leon at:

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live from
Houston, Texas

o Vince McMahon Interview.
Vince McMahon came down to a big pop. When he got in the ring, he
opened his jacket and exposed the Heavyweight Title that was around his
waist. He announced that he would relinquish the title since he
couldn't be involved in WWF business and the winner of the Six Pack
Unforgiven PPV main event between The Rock, Mankind, The Undertaker,
The Big Show, and Kane would become the undisputed Heavyweight
Champion. Stone Cold Steve Austin then made his way out. He said that
the WWF has not been the same since McMahon had left, even though they
still may not like each other.
Austin said he would be in the Six Pack
match at Unforgiven, since McMahon wasn't in it, which put it back at
six superstars in the match. Triple H and Chyna then came down, along
with local police officers. Triple H said he wanted the title shot in
the end, if he didn't get it, someone in The McMahon Family would get

Shane McMahon came down and said no one in his family would get hurt.
He also announced that later on, he and his father would team up to
take on Triple H and Chyna.
Austin told Vince that he needed to take
back his company, but Vince said that couldn't happen because of his
contract. However,
Austin said that it said in his contract that he
could reinstate Vince if he wanted to.
Austin said he would only do so
if he received a title shot. Vince granted him that opportunity, but it
wouldn't be until the following night after Unforgiven. Vince let
Triple H into the six-pack match instead. Vince said since the referees
are on strike,
Austin would be the special enforcer for the Six-Pack

o Backstage, a woman police officer, named Louise, told The Rock she
was a fan of his and it was her birthday. He sung "Smackdown Hotel" for
her, as the woman snapped her fingers. He then gave her $100 out of his
wad of cash, so she could buy herself something nice. He then asked her
if she liked pancakes and had a pain in her stomach. She said she did.
The Rock told her to go to the store, buy some Maloxx, and was about to
tell her to turn it sideways and stick it straight up her candyass, but
decided to tell her to just have a good birthday.

o Backstage, The Undertaker, The Big Show, Mideon, and Viscera were
talking. The Undertaker directed Mideon to go attack Mankind, who was
in the boiler room. Mideon went in and got knocked out with a trash can
by Mankind. The Undertaker then told Viscera to go in, who nailed
Mankind with a garbage can. When they came out of the boiler room, Big
Show joined in on the attack. The Rock then made the save.

o Pre-recorded footage was shown of the referees on strike, who were
outside of the arena, protesting. Each match of the night was
substituted once again by Tom Pritchard, Steve Lombardi, Harvey
Wippelman, etc.

o Chris Jericho (w/Mr. Hughes) defeated Mr. Ass with the Walls of
Jericho (Lion Tamer) submission.
- This match was originally supposed to be a "First Blood Match"
between Chris Jericho and Ken Shamrock, but no word on why it didn't
take place. Anyway, as it went on, with Mr. Ass mainly dominating, Mr.
Hughes DDT'd Ass on the outside on the exposed concrete floor. Chris
Jericho capitalized with the Walls of Jericho submission hold for the

o Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed The Rock and Mankind. Mankind
said he was dominating The Undertaker's gang when The Rock came in. The
Rock said he broke his rolex for Mankind. He put a t-shirt over Cole's
head. He said The Undertaker spoke so much trash, that he did it in his
sleep. He next did his usual mic work, with the fans chanting, "Rocky."
While Mankind asked The Rock if he could keep the t-shirt, The Rock
challenged The Undertaker and The Big Show to a Tag Team Title match.

o The Dudley Boyz defeated The New Brood (w/Gangrel).
- During the match, The Acolytes came down and did commentary. Stevie
Richards then entered, dressed up as one of The Dudley Boyz. He started
brawling with Gangrel on the outside when The Acolytes also got
involved. D-Von then got the pin.

o Backstage, The Undertaker and The Big Show said they would accept The
Rock and Mankind's challenge, but only under "darkside rules." The
Undertaker told The Rock to get his writer to make a eulogy for him.

o Ivory Interview.
- Ivory came down and complained about Houston, Texas and the Compaq
Center, saying the baggage department smelt like urine, and she had
rats and cockroaches in her locker room. She announced that she would
give Luna a Women's Title shot at the Unforgiven PPV, but tonight, she
would challenge anyone (or any skank) to enter the ring. She picked
someone and it turned out to be Luna, who was in a wig. Luna attacked
her and pinned her in a non-title match.

o Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed D-Lo Brown. D-Lo said he tried to
help Mark Henry by making him lose wait, but Henry stabbed him in the
back. He said their friendship was lost, going into their European
Title match at the Unforgiven PPV. Henry then attacked D-Lo from behind
with a chair and a garbage can.

o Backstage, Vince and Shane McMahon discussed strategy for their
upcoming match with Triple H and Chyna.

o Backstage, Test and Stephanie were interviewed. Test said that Jeff
Jarrett went too far when trying to put the Figure-Four Leglock on
Stephanie. He said their match with Jarrett and Debra would be a Street
Fight, but Jarrett popped out and said that would not happen.

o Outside of the arena, D-Lo Brown went into a car after Mark Henry.

o Backstage, Debra was getting her makeup done. Jeff Jarrett told her
they had to go. He then put the Figure-Four Leglock on the make up

o Test and Stephanie McMahon defeated Jeff Jarrett and Debra (w/Miss
Kitty) via Pinfall. - Test mainly dominated Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett
tagged in Debra at one point, but she didn't do match. After Test
Powerbombed Jarrett halfway into the match, he tagged in Stephanie
McMahon, who easily made the pin. Jarrett then got onto Debra after the
match and put her in the Figure-Four Leglock. Miss Kitty tried to stop
Jarrett, and he eventually let go of the hold.

o Backstage, Triple H and Chyna were discussing strategy for their
upcoming match with Vince and Shane McMahon.

o Backstage, The Rock and Mankind made their ways toward the ring.

o Backstage, The Big Show made his way down to the ring. The Undertaker
was some place else talking with Kane.

o We once again saw a shot at the referees on strike.

o The Rock and Mankind defeated The Undertaker and The Big Show with
Rock's People's Elbow to recapture the Tag Team Titles.
- The Rock opened up with his introduction. The Undertaker sat down for
commentary and said that "darkside rules" meant he didn't go anywhere
without a plan. Mideon and Viscera, along with The Big Show, basically
fought the match. After Mankind nailed Mideon with the double-arm DDT,
he tagged in The Rock. The Rock soon took Viscera down with the Rock
Bottom. Kane came down and clotheslined Big Show, which made The
Undertaker irrate. While Mankind stuffed Mr. Sock down the throat of
Mideon, The Rock finished off with the People's Elbow.

o Backstage, Terry Taylor interviewed Mariana, who was crying and had a
bruised face. She wanted to know what kind of woman got beaten the way
she did. Chaz then popped into the picture and asked what the deal was
with Mariana. Police officers then arrested Chaz. As Chaz was taken
away, he said, "This is bullsh*t."

o Backstage, The Undertaker told his group that he wanted Kane's heart
in his hand.

o Sean Stasiak defeated Steve Blackman via Pinfall.
- Val Venis joined in for color commentary. Jim Ross kept hearing a
sound at ringside and didn't know what it was. Steve Blackman went for
the weapons bag that Venis brought down. He pulled out a viabrator,
looking for nunchuckas. A distracted Blackman was rolled up by Stasiakn.

o Backstage, Vince and Shane McMahon were shown, discussing strategy.

o Undertaker Interview. - The Undertaker said he had enough. He said he
gave Kane too many opportunities, calling his younger brother weak and
a coward. He called Kane out, saying he (Kane) would be left flat. Kane
made his way out. The Undertaker threw Kane to the outside of the ring
and then Viscera, Mideon, and The Big Show poured gasoline all over
him. Big Show then tried start a fire with the blow torch, but
couldn't. The Undertaker took it away, at which point Mankind and The
Rock made the saves with baseball bats.

o Backstage, Triple H and Chyna geared up for their match.

o Earlier in the day at a cemetery, Al Snow was shown doing a funeral
for Pepper. The Big Bossman was caught on G-TV, urinating on the grave.

o Hardcore Holly (w/Crash Holly) defeated The Big Bossman via Pinfall.
- Hardcore and Crash Holly first challenged The Big Bossman to a match,
who immediately made his way out. On the outside of the ring, Hardcore
Holly nailed The Big Bossman hard with a pitcher of kool-aid, which
totally busted and swelled up Bossman's eye. Bossman later hit his
Sidewalk Slam, but before making the pin, Al Snow appeared on the Titan
Tron with a dummy and showed what would happen to Bossman at
Unforgiven. He dropped the dummy and the two rotwhilers tore it apart.
Crash then hit Bossman with a metal pipe, which Hardcore took advantage
of to make the pinfall.

o A shot of a strip club was shown. One stripper was removing her
dress, which was blurred out. When returning from a commercial break,
Mark Henry was at the place. D-Lo Brown ran in and attacked him.

o Backstage, Triple H and Chyna were making their ways toward the ring,
when Jeff Jarrett came out of nowhere trying to hit Chyna over the head
with the guitar, but missed. Officials broke it up.

o Backstage, Vince McMahon was warming up with push-ups. Shane left and
said he would be right back.

o Test and Shane McMahon defeated Triple H and Chyna by
- Before the match, when Shane McMahon came out, in the backstage area,
Vince McMahon could not get out of his locker room door because a
forklift was blocking it. Test then came down as Shane's partner. In
the match, Shane immediately went at Triple H, but Triple H ducked, so
Shane speared Chyna. As Test and Triple H battled on the outside, Shane
went for the Bronco Buster on the inside, but Chyna blocked it with a
big foot. Triple H and Chyna were soon working on Shane. The hot tag
was made to Test. Later, Shane hit the Bronco Buster on Triple H. Jeff
Jarrett then came down and attacked Test. Chyna went after him and both
fought to the back. Test went for his Flying Elbow, but missed. Triple
H knocked out the referee, Tom Prichard, and then hit Test and Shane
with Pedigrees', followed by chair shots, resulting in a
Disqualification. When Triple H made his way to the back, Vince nailed
him with a chair.
Written by reader: Archemides

First of all, I'd like to address this whole Jerry Lynn/RVD getting
old/stale thing... In the last couple of years that I've been watching
wrestling, these two have had some of the greatest matches I've ever
seen. They're all quick paced and include new and exciting moves every
time. I even had the privilege to see what was one of my favorite
matches between the two, at
Hardcore Heaven this year, live. However, these two really should move
on to new feuds. While they put on great matches, I see this feud
going absolutely nowhere at this point, should RVD continue to win
every match. If ECW has no intention of finally (and rightfully)
giving Lynn the title, there is no point to keeping these matches

At the same time, they should consider putting these two incredible
wrestlers up against other really talented guys on the roster (as they
have done quite recently) and in turn have other great matches and
feuds. Honestly, the way I think things should go at this point, is
drop the feud with Lynn, and drop the Credible feud with Sabu. Give
Sabu the title from Awesome at November to Remember, and have RVD drop
the belt to Credible. This should set up a series of great feuds,
which would hopefully lead up some of the best feuds I can think of in
wrestling, with Lynn, Sabu, Credible, and RVD feuding for the two
belts. I think that would really put ECW ahead.

Next order of buisness, the deal with Taz. In response to what Taz
wrote and what other readers have written, Taz didn't sell out. He
made a wise career decision which I very well might have made as
well... but it wasn't what he did... it was how he did it. Honestly,
I'm sure that even with some of the best internet reporting, there is
always something unclear.

I'm not saying I'm definitely right, but my opinion, ACCORDING TO WHAT
I'VE HEARD, is that Taz backed out on an all but signed agreement with
Heyman to join the WWF. If Taz was unsure of what he wanted to do, he
shouldn't have said he agreed to Heyman. Also, I think the WWF is
slightly at fault, offering the contract when they did. They should
have known that any of their offers would be too good to resist.

This predatory competition shouldn't have happened between the two
companies, especially after Taz had said he would sign a contract with
Heyman... Well that's just my two cents on all
of that stuff...
Written by reader: PsychoGaBe

One thing I would like you all to know is that I DID NOT TURN TO RAW at
Nitro's second hour. The Benoit/Sting match was one of the greatest
I've seen WCW pull off in a LONG time. However, the very MOMENT I saw
Luger run towards the ring I switched the channel. WCW, let me be the
first to say, you're on the right track, but give us (it can't be said
enough times) what WE WANT. NO wrestling fan ALIVE wants to see a
Benoit/Sting match end with a run-in by the All-American Flexy/Sexy
Lexy Luger, who is more German than Berlyn ever was. If WCW keeps this
up, who knows, it might win a
battle in their ratings war.
LOS ANGELES--September 13
Get Xtreme all over again with XPW's live shows on Friday, September 24
and Saturday, September 25.

At Xtreme Pro Wrestling's inaugural card on July 31, 1999, Big Dick
Dudley told all the fans in attendance that, "This is only the
beginning." The former Extreme Championship Wrestling behemoth said
that he had a new home in XPW, and that a number of his friends would
be following.

On XPW's August 27 show, former World Wrestling Federation star Nicole
Bass was there to protect "The Real Deal" Damien Steele and former WCW
and ECW manager Missy Hyatt was introduced as the new manager of "White
Trash" Johnny Webb.

On Friday night, September 24, the East Coast invasion continues as
former ECW World Tag Team Champions, The Pitbulls, make their XPW debut
to face the left coast extremists, The West Side NGZ. Since the debut
of XPW, the West Siders have shown themselves to be the most dominant
tag team west of the
Mississippi, leaving a path of battered and broken bodies behind
them. But, the former ECW World Tag Team Champions have decided to
come to Xtreme to prove that they are just that- XTREME!.

Also scheduled to appear are: Big Dick Dudley, "The Real Deal" Damien
Steele, "White Trash" Johnny Webb with Missy Hyatt, Donovan Morgan,
Kristian Blood, Michael Modest, Jake Lawless, Kid Kaos, "Mr. 80s"
Dynamite D, Phenomenal Phil, Supreme, Jimmy, Pancho Killa with Los
Vatos Locos, and other surprise
guests. And, as always, the girls of Xtreme: "Queen of Xtreme"
Jasmin St. Claire, "Miss Xtreme" Kristi Myst, and "The Xtreme Girl"
Lizzy Borden.

Tickets for the show are available in person at the XPW Box Office
located at 16140 Leadwell St. in Van Nuys (3 blocks north of Sherman
Way between Woodley and Valjean) or may be purchased with a Visa or
MasterCard by calling (818) 779-6479. Ticket prices are as follows:
$20 Golden Ringside; $18 Ringside;
$12 Section B; $10 General Admission. Any remaining tickets will be
sold at the Reseda Country Club box office the night of the show. The
XPW Arena is located at 18419 Sherman Way in Reseda, CA.

On Saturday night, September 25, XPW debuts at Seaside Park/Ventura
Fairgrounds in the Commercial Building. Fans will see all of the stars
on the XPW Arena show in an action packed night of hardcore wrestling
action. Tickets for the Ventura show are $20 Ringside and $13 General
Admission and can be obtained by calling (818) 779-6479, in person at
the XPW Box Office, or at a location soon to be announced in the
Ventura area. Additionally, any remaining tickets will be sold the
night of the show at the door.

For up to date information on XPW, fans can check out the XPW Hotline
at (818) 779-6475 or log on to the XPW web site at

Xtreme Pro Wrestling, L.L.C., Van Nuys/ XPWX
NDW Newsletter
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to Taylorsville, NC this Sat.
night, Sept. 25th, to the Alexander County Fair with a huge
championship wrestling show, 7:30p.m. belltime.

In the main event, the world's most famous wrestling clown Doink The
Clown will go one on one against The Masked Assassin.

In other matches you will see: The Beastmaster Rick Link, NDW
Heavyweight Champion "The German Beef" Otto Schwanz, Nite-Stic Eddie
Brown, Brute Shooter, Chilly Willy, "Loose Cannon" Mike Gunner, Tears,
Simply Delicious, The Dirty White Boy, Ruckus, Playboy Bobby Starr, six
all-star matches in all.

For more information, call the Alexander County Fair in Taylorsville,
the New Dimension Wrestling Hotline at
336-882-4921 or at
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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