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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 322

Date:  Thursday September 23rd, 1999  9:06 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bob Ryder at:

The Funk Brothers (Terry & Dory Jr.) are going to reunite for the first
time in several years for an FMW show in November, against opponents to
be named later.

I would love to see them tour All Japan together one last time,
bypassing FMW and returning to the promotion where they truly cemented
their legendary status. Perhaps with Misawa at the helm some of the
bad blood can eventually be eliminated.
The Crippler Crossface Online Commentary
September 22nd, 1999 By Chris Benoit

Courtesy of &

This week I thought i'd answer some of the many questions you guys have
been sending in to the webmaster here, Carl Hancock, and give you guys
my answers to your questions as the commentary for this week.

Q: I would like to now who his heroes
were growing up and what made him want to be a pro wreslter?

A: Dynamite Kid. The first time I saw him I was 11 or 12 years old and
that moment on I wanted to be him. I wanted to be like him, a
professional wrestler. I idolized him so much, I tried to pattern my
wrestling style and training style after his.

Q: I noticed you were one of the few who wore a armband in respect for
Owen Harts death in WCW. How close were you and Owen?

A: We started in the business around the same time. Owen was obviously
around wrestling all his life, being born into the Hart family. We
broke into the business at around the same time, and I used to go up to
Stu Hart's house and train in the dungeon and in the ring and I trained
alot with Owen. After I started my career, I traveled with Owen
Canada working for Stu and I've been to Japan with him,
Mexico, Europe. I knew Owen very well, and I had a tremendous amount of
respect for him. If it wasn't for his family, I wouldn't be where I am
right now. They made me apart of the family when I started training
with them.

Q: Benoit - you rock!! Hopefully you are the heavyweight champion
someday. Of all your matches in your career, who was your toughest

A: Toughest in what way? I really enjoy wrestling more then others, but
I enjoy every opponent that I have because I enjoy the challenge of
having a good match. Thats what is important and "tough" to me, the
quality of EVERY match no matter who the opponent is.
Q: Do you think that you will get a shot at the heavy weight title

A: I have no idea. But I certainly would like the opportunity. (EDITORS
NOTE: This question was answered the day before Chris went on to
wrestle a great match with Sting for the World Heavyweight Title)

Q: What do you think about Chris Jericho's jump to the WWF?
A: I'm very happy for him, I think it was a smart decision on his part.

Q: What is your main goal in the wrestling business, have you
accomplished it yet?

A: Before I first started, my main goal was to wrestler for Stu Hart
and Stampede Wrestling. Everything that I have accomplished after that
is way more then I ever anticipated doing. What I want to accomplish in
wrestling, is to contribute to the sport and make it a better sport for
the fans as well as the wrestlers that compete in it.

Q: If you could go back in time to change one thing in your personal
life, one thing in the wrestling business, and one thing for the world
in general, what would they be?

A: A lot of people ask me those kinda questions, and I'm the person
that never looks back. When you start looking back, its too easy to
kick yourself. I'm very happy with who I am today, and I'm very happy
with my life. That's all that matters to me. The decisions that I made
in the past, made me who I am today.

Q: Did you grow up watching wrestling, and if so, who have been your
favorite wrestlers or role models over the years?

A: I grew up in
Edmonton, and the only wrestling show we got was
Stampede Wrestling. My idol and role model was the Dynamite Kid Tom

Q: Do you feel like you got robbed out of your title reign as

A: No, I didn't. I had the belt for a month, and successfully defended
it against Diamond Dallas Page (which was a match I was very proud of),
and although I lost it to Sid Vicious at this last pay-per view I
thought it was a hard fought match and I hope that the fans appreciated
my effort.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for young men who want to break in to

A: Be aggressive about it, if you have a goal, no matter who you are,
don't let people tell you that you can never do it. When I started
wrestling, when I started training I was like 185 lbs. All I heard was
"Your too small" or "you'll never make it". That was around the time
the WWF was high on the huge monsters, and all I ever heard was I would
never make it.

It was a dream I had, and I never let anyone tell me I couldn't do it.
I always believed I could, and if you really want to do it you should
strive to acchieve your goals.

Hopefully this answers some of the many questions the fans have been
sending in, once again I want to say thanks for helping make this site
a success and keep watching for future features we will have available
here online!
Thanks again!
Chris Benoit

Visit My Home Page At:

While its been less than a month since Good King Eric (GKE) was
"promoted* and reassigned," we should have seen some major changes in
WCW by now. That is the nature of corporate management; changes that
are made to bolster sagging sales, ratings, etc. You almost always see
the new boss put his stamp
on things immediately to show that he is now in command, and that
changes are being made. It can be argued that its been less than one
month since the bean counter took over, but its naive to believe that
he didn't step in with a plan in hand and ready to go as soon as his
appointment was announced. The cancellation of the ill timed New Year's
Eve Show is an example of this. I will wait to see where he takes us in
the following weeks and months
before making any final judgments, but I think we should take a look at
what we have seen thus far.

*Corporate euphemism for "His ass has been fired."

This past Monday we saw Chris Benoit finally getting his well
deserved shot at the WCW Championship, however, it was done as the
first uncontested hour was drawing to a close, in hopes of preventing
the now famous "Nine O'clock Shuffle." It didn't work. The remotes
still were within reach and many switched to RAW (on Monday Night
Football). The telling part of this is that it is exactly a strategy
that GKE tried several times with the same results. Hardly the type of
thing to give one a warm and fuzzy feeling of things to come.

If I were the new Bean Counter In Charge of WCW, I would be very
concerned by this. Giving Benoit his shot is something that the
Internet fans have been screaming about, yet it was unable to prevent
The Shuffle. What better match could his Bookers have come up with?

Then we have the continuation of Sid The Invincible's "Unbeaten
Streak." Haven't we seen the phony Unbeaten Streak before? Speaking of
The Original Phony Unbeaten Streak, Goldberg has reportedly been named
"The Man" and will be the center of all WCW's major angles. If that be
the case, why the hell have him chase any title other than the WCW
Championship? Turning
back To The Incredible, Invincible Millennium Man, who is destined to
face The Original Phony Unbeaten Streak at Holloweenie Havoc, isn't
there a better way of building up the Match Of The Phony Streaks than
having him play Ping-Pong
with every jobber in WCW? Here's an idea: Hold a Luchador Battle Royal
in the first hour and have him join in as soon as the bell rings. Every
Luchador he pins will up his Streak. He can also be awarded one-half a
win for each mask he removes. Then in the second hour hold a Battle
Royal for all non-Luchador jobbers. In the third hour hold yet another
Battle Royal, bringing back the winners of every match in hours one and
two. This will help
The Streak reach 2,000 in a hurry.

Moving right along, we are still see exciting matches involving The
Happiness Twins, Prince I-came-and-lost-another, The Pussy Cat, etc.,
etc., etc. Who Cares? These losers contribute nothing to NITRO and
should be pink slipped, or at least banished to Thunder where they
belong, joining Larry The Loser and The Ancient Perfessa in WCW's
answer to No Where Land.

Is there anyone out there, other than The Eight Known WCW Fans, who are
valiantly fighting to save WCW from extinction, who care about the
search for The New NITRO Girl? Do any of The Eight even give a rats ass
about The Search? The only purpose they serve is to provide time to
make a sandwich, or
for an extended potty break. Looking at it that way, they may
actually serve a useful purpose. Given a choice between them and a
match between The Pussy Cat and the Prince, I'd choose ... gas.

Last and in his case, definitely the least, we come to the biggest
slimeball walking G-d's Green Earth, Dirtbag Doophus Page. How can The
Bean Counter say changes are being made when this useless slug is still
being given mic time and put in the final match (Main Event?) of the
program? Thankfully Slick Ric is back, but he should be utilized where
he can help most, cutting
promos. The Slick one is still one of the best with his mouth, but his
ring days are behind him. He isn't even doing The Flair Flop very well
any more, a sure sign that its time to let go. If he has to compete,
he is going to have to start wearing a halter top. Ric is hanging loose
and they are flopping in the breeze. I hear it is one of the thing that
come with age, like going to the bathroom ten times a night. Matching
him and Dirtbag like they did assured RAW a big win in the final
quarter-hour and any overrun. Hardly a viable game plan.

There you have it. A short term Progress Report on where The Bean
Counter has boldly taken us. I would like to say "Boldly to where no
man has gone before," but alas, it is a well traveled and worn out
road. We can only hope.
Written by reader: Mark Schmidt (jackknife4ever)

Well, SamJerry decides to hang up the TV Reports. I myself have been
one of Jerry's most loyal readers as well as one of his most loyal
friends. This did not come as a surprise to me. Jerry admitted to me
a month ago that his wife Sam was on him more than ever to slow up on
writing TV Reports and Article's.

Jerry stays up way late at Night even to write/read his E-Mail, even
when he did not do Reports. He told me he averages between 300 and 600
E-Mail's a day. He also admitted to me that having to do 2 Tv Reports
a night was going to be awfully hard, since he gets both ECW on TNN and
ECW Hardcore TV within a 7 hour span.

He takes about 3 Hours to Write a Report. Sitting in front of your
computer typing 3 hours straight is not easy. Me and Jerry have been
more than just friend's. We talk about all kinds of things, stuff that
has nothing to do with wrestling.

Jerry will be the first to tell you that nobody agrees with him more
than me on his Anti-DDP Views. We exchange emails on a daily basis and
we talk constantly. Jerry is one of the greatest people you can ever
meet and he is a great friend. I will support Jerry no matter what his
decision's, in writing article's or writing TV Reports or anything else
he does in his life.
By Josh Hewitt (San316born)

I hated to admit it, but my girlfriend was right. Now, being a
debator at heart, I almost NEVER admit when someone else is right,
because I have numerous tricks and gimmicks that I can use to show that
I am always right. Unfortunately, Kristina knows all of them, and now
has used them against me.

I went my apartment to lick my wounds, when I read the last edition of
the Booking Sheet. There I found my salve to mend my wounded pride,
and get me out of the terrible mood I was in. Now, the Booking Sheet
didn't have winning Lotto numbers (and due to my unemployment, I sure
could use those), or Pam Anderson's home phone number, or even zesty
low calorie
chicken recipes that you can make using your "George Forman's Lean Mean
Grilling Machine" (a steal at only 49.99!). Instead, it contained the
six words that, since King of the Ring, I have sooo longed to hear:
"The Return of The New Age Outlaws" (notice that "of" doesn't count as
a, all you people wanting to write in to say "Ha! Josh
doesn't know jack, that was 7 words, nerts to you!)

Why so joyous over the NAO's return? Well, there are numerous
reasons. First of all, in my own humble (blush) opinion, they were the
greatest tag team of all time. Wait, better than the Outsiders? Yup.
Better than Harlem Heat? You betcha. Better than even King Haiku and
Andre the Giant? Uh Hunh. Why?
Well, for one thing, they are a PERFECT match. The Road Dogg's not
that fantastic of a wrestler, but is a wonder on the mic (notice the
pops he gets every time he comes out.....people love him more than
Rocky Road Ice Cream).

Billy, on the other hand, isn't much of a mic worker (If uh you ain't
daown wid DX.....we got two wors for ya!), but is almost unmatched in
pure athleticism. (My God, if I had abs like that, I'd never wear a
shirt. I mean it. You'd see me in front of some Girl's dorm just
posing down.)

Unlike other teams, there isn't a Stevie Ray in the NAO. Nor,
is the team a wild combination of two superstars. Secondly, unlike
other teams like the
LOD, DOA, or Steiners, these guys have
PERSONALITY. They're funny. Coming down, during their war with DOA,
on the little scooters was one of the funniest things I've seen in a
long time. The NAO has got tons of personality, humor, wit, and,
ultimately, credibility.

I've never thought most tag teams were close, with the exception of the
Outsiders. The NAO act like childhood friends, and that makes them an
even tighter unit. One that will be around for many years to come.

I, like I said, hate to be wrong, and I know that I'm not wrong
supporting the return of the NAO. Hopefully, Road Dogg and Badd @$$
will continue to run the tag team world, and we'll be spared another
Headbanger....oh wait, ICP is wrestling. Well, anyway, seeing the NAO
is what, to me, tag team wrestling is all about. Now I just got to go
find a way to out argue my girlfriend.......(send help here)
Written by reader: WeEatFish

In response to the Benoit/Sting letter: PsychoGabe mentioned that he
didn't switch to Raw at 9:00 but that no wrestling fan wants to see the
match end with a run-in. But the reality is that Benoit/Sting ended
with the same ending most WWF matches do, which is someone interferes,
costing one of the wrestlers the match. Benoit/Sting was not a
disqualification or a no-contest, Sting did pin Benoit, he just had
Luger's help (the way Triple H had help from Chyna in almost all of his
title defenses). Hell, it was pretty much guaranteed that Benoit wasn't
going to win, so why complain when they at least have him look good
"When the promise is broken you go on living, but it steals something
from down in your soul....." -Bruce Springsteen

Never ruin an apology with an excuse. -Kimberly Johnson
The WWO, a 16 month old fed, is looking for new talent! Rookie
andVeteran e-wrestlers alike are invited to a fed like none other!
Withoccasional Live Cards (broadcast in chatrooms), a great talent
base, and two stellar action-packed weekly cards the WWO is about one
thing: fun! E-maileither BPapa2000 or Sneauxy
for an application!

AWA continues to dominate "Independent Wrestling Promotions" in
Indiana and the MIDWEST in general. September 8th saw the "
AWA" in
MUNCIE, INDIANA, home of Ball State Cardinals. The site was the Horizon
Convention Center. Here are the results: Sexxxy Ace Steel w/Dave
Prazak def Devin Daniels/ Wrestlings Famous Clown def Adrian Lynch/
Brandi Alexander def Malia Hosaka/ GOLGAR (substituting for the "
MEANIE") def Rock'n Randy/ Scrap Iron "Adam Pearce" def Mad Man Pondo
w/Dave Prazak/ Playboy Bobby Starr def Brian Logan/ WWF Light
Heavyweight Champion "GILLBERG" def Sexxxy Ace Steel w/Prazak/

The "Muncie Star Press" called it the best Wrestling to hit MUNCIE
since the WWF...Ball State Daily News says "
AWA lived up to
EXPECTATIONS & MORE" By popular demand, the "
AWA" returns to Muncie,
IN WEDS. OCT 20 to the "Horizon Convention Center". 7 Great matches.
With the best of "Superstars of Wrestling"... Bell time is 7pm...Visit
the "Official Website of the
AWA" (American Wrestling Alliance)
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
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