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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 323

Date:  Friday September 24th, 1999  10:09 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
The current plan, which of course can change, is not for The Revolution
to split up with Shane Douglas going heel, but for the whole group to
go heel and to feud with The Filthy Animals.

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Even though the PPV would have made a fitting exit for Taz, the plan is
for him to continue in ECW until the end of the year. Taz will wrestle
Sabu on the 9/24 TNN tapings in
Plymouth, MI; he will also have future
matches against Awesome & Van Dam.

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
The plan is for the ECW November To Remember PPV show to most likely be
in Indianapolis on 11/7. No matches have been decided for the show,
although Paul Hayman is considering a Taz vs. Rob Van Dam match and is
hopeful to get Masato Tanaka in for a rematch with Mike Awesome.

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Dustin Rhodes (Runnels, aka Goldust) is scheduled to return to WCW in
the next week or two, and not as a member of the Rednecks. At this
point its unknown what role/character he will be involved with, though
I figure he will likely be a heel.

To subscribe to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter (a must
for all serious fans), send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell, CA 95009-1228
"Layin The Smack Down"
Saturday September 25, 1999
Hosts : Fritz Capp and Dan Moreland
Wrestling Online Real Audio Network : W.O.R.A.N.

Most thought that it disappeared for good. Others wondered why
the show was no longer running. While most hated the shows
disappearance, others found solace because the two hosts of the
show were not divulging any more secrets of the business or the

Let them start to worry again because once again Fritz Capp and
Dan Moreland take to the Internet airwaves giving you the wrestling
news and insight that you ask for. So often imitated but never
duplicated this months "Layin The Smack Down" covers,
discusses and illuminates the top subjects happening in wrestling
today. If you are not looking for the truth or do not want your
perception of pro wrestling changed forever then "DO NOT" listen to
this show. The following are some of the topics touched on during this
broadcast :

Eric Bischoff's dismissal and subsequent effects on WCW.
How long will the WWF stay on top?
Can ECW top WCW in the TV ratings game?
TNN : Are they sorry they went with ECW?
Vince McMahon : Degrading the belt for his own ego?
Who has the best wrestling newsletter today?
What is the real deal with Jeff Jarrett?

Plus so much more. If you are a fan of the show be sure not to miss
this two parter. If you have never listened to the show be there
Saturday night at
8 pm to see why "Layin The Smack Down" was voted the
#1 show on the Wrestling Online Real Audio Network in 1998.

Be sure to check out the rest of Indigo's site while you are there as
there are many features that will interest the wrestling fan of all
ages and loyalties.

Fritz Capp
PWBTS 2000
Reported at:


NP:Helloween-Metal Jukebox

Hello Jerichoholics!

Well, its been another crazy week and a sad one as well, but life
goes on.

For everyone inquiring about my 1000th match, well the time is
approaching at an astounding rate! Currently I have 997 matches under
my championship belt, with a house show this weekend and the PPV on
Sunday bringing the total up to 999. So if I have a match on Raw or
Smackdown next week, you could see my 1000 match on the tube. If I
don't wrestle next week, then it will occur at the PPV from
England on
Oct 2, which is also the ninth anniversary of my first pro wrestling
match. its funny how everything works out!

Many net people were surprised that I can still perform my patented
Lionsault in the WWF rings with the looser ropes. Granted, WCW rings
utilized cables which are tighter, but keep in mind that I've been
doing the move since 1993, so I've done it off cables, ropes, rubber
hoses, string, chairs, guardrails, barbwire and a whole bunch of other

I found an awesome travel agent with really cheap rates, so if you need
to buy a plane ticket, you should check her out. Call Jessica at 1 800
621 2016 ext 1385 or 813 908 0603 ext 1385 and leave a message with
your name, phone number and where and when you want to travel and
she'll call you right back with the lowest airfare possible. She's
great and she does all my travel!!

I was reading about a recent match that took place in
Japan called a no
rope barbed wire barricade mat electric land mine double hell scapegoat
death match. I'm not making this up!

Good to see that Taz is coming to the big leagues. He's a great talent!

The new box number is
PO Box 2863, Brandon, FL, 33509-2863. Send an
8X10 self addressed stamped envelope if you want a signed picture. No
SASE, no pic, so don't forget that!

The movie of the week is definitely the Sixth Sense. What a great
ending and Haley Joel Osment was tremendous!

God Bless you guys and be good to one another. Don't forget to say
your prayers!
-Chris Jericho
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Larry Zybysko and Mike Tenay discussed the upcoming hair versus mask
match between Kidman and Psychosis, Sting "turning" on all of his fans
and Hulk Hogan, and the destruction tour that Sid Vicious has been on.

Lodi w/Lenny versus Kidman
Despite the attempted distraction by Chavo Guerrero Jr. (which was
stopped by Eddie Guerrero), Kidman came back to win with a short power
Winner: Kidman via pinfall

--Stevie Ray was walking down a hallway in the arena. A few short
seconds later, Sid Vicious and Rick Steiner (who was carrying a 2x4)
came out of that hallway, with Sid spitting on Stevie Ray.

--Clips were shown from Monday Nitro of Goldberg's challenge to Sid and
Vicious' acceptance.

--Mike Tenay interviewed Booker T. Booker said that he was upset
because Stevie Ray was on his way to the hospital, and then challenged
Sid to a match for later in the evening.

Brandi Alexander versus Mona
Alexander took the win by rolling Mona up, and putting her feet on the
ropes for leverage.
Winner: Brandi Alexander via pinfall

--A clip was shown of Evan Karagias defeating Blitzkrieg to earn a
Cruiserweight title shot.

Perry Saturn versus Chavo Guerrero Jr.
In a three stooges series of movements, Eddie Guerrero(getting even for
Douglas' actions on Monday night) dropkicked Saturn in the back which
sent Saturn's head crashing into Chavo's. Then Chavo's head fell right
into the groin area of Saturn, allowing Chavo to take the win.
Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr. via pinfall

--Sid Vicious ranted and raved about being the Millennium Man and what
he would do to anyone and everyone that got in his way.

--Coach Buzz Stern told his prize student that he would be taking him
to Thunder.

--The situation that led to the six man tag team main event on next
week's Nitro was shown.

Prince Iaukea versus Van Hammer
The cobra clutch slam sent the Prince to loser land. After the bell,
Hammer challenged the winner of the Sid/Booker T match.
Winner: Van Hammer via pinfall

Rick Steiner versus Eddie Guerrero
Eddie took the match by DQ when Sid interfered. Kidman tried to save his
friend, but was Powerbombed.
Winner: Eddie Guerrerovia disqualification

Evan Karagias versus Lenny (c) w/Lodi *Cruiserweight Championship*
With constant interference by
Lodi, Lenny hit a front face slam from a
full nelson for the win.
Winner: Lenny via pinfall (Retains Cruiserweight Title)

Sid Vicious (c) w/Rick Steiner versus Booker T *U.S. Title Match*
At the beginning of the match, the senior official ousted referee
Charles Robinson and made himself the ref of the match. As Nick Patrick
was making the three count on Sid (who had just been hit by a missile
dropkick), Rick Steiner pulled him out of the ring, allowing Charles
Robinson to take over as the referee. In the end, Sid powerbombed
Booker T, allowing Robinson to make the three count.
Winner: Sid Vicious via pinfall (Retains U.S. Title)
WWF Smackdown Report - September 23, 1999
Hosted by Michael Cole and Michael Hayes
Taped from Dallas, Texas
Report by Jeff Jacobson at:

o Vince McMahon Interview.
- Vince McMahon said he was going to get even against Triple H for what
he had done. He called him out. McMahon said he wasn't going to wait
until Unforgiven to get revenge on Triple H, but later in the night,
Triple H would face The Big Show in a Chokeslam Match, Mankind in a
Boiler Room Brawl, Kane in an Inferno Match, The Rock in a Brahma Bull
Strap Match, and The
Undertaker in a Casket Match. Vince said that if he (Triple H) wanted
to stay in the Unforgiven main event, he would have to win three out of
the five matches.

o The Big Show defeated Triple H in a Chokeslam Match.
- After chokeslam attempts by Triple H, The Big Show proved to be too
much for him and finished him off easily with the
Chokeslam. He proceeded to get revenge on Triple H after the match by
hitting another Chokeslam on him.

o Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviewed Chris Jericho, who said he would
make Ken Shamrock bleed later in the show.

o WWF officials were shown on strike when out of no where The Dudley
Boyz attacked official TEddie Long who was on good
terms with Faarooq. Long used to manage Faarooq along with Butch Reed
in WCW to make Doom.

o X-Pac defeated Mark Henry via Countout, to let Henry retain the
European Title.
- D'Lo Brown came out for color commentary of the match.
X-Pac dominated and hit Mark Henry with a spin kick to get him counted
out. D'Lo went away from the booth to brawl with Henry.

o Triple H (w/Chyna) defeated Kane in an Inferno Match, to make his
score at 1-1.
- The two wrestled a back and forth match. Kane hit the chokeslam on
Triple H and was ready to finish him off with the Tombstone when X-Pac
was dumped on the Smackdown ramp, bloodied and battered. Kane went to
check on X-Pac when Mideon and Viscera along with The Big Show headed
to the ring but The Big Show stayed back. Mideon and Viscera brawled
with Kane and during all this, he caught his hand on fire to let Triple
H, who was bloodied from the mouth, pick up the win. Kane went up to
attend to X-Pac while his hand was still on fire.

o Jeff Jarrett Interview, with Miss Kitty.
- Jeff Jarrett discussed the dominant male being him and talked about
women's roles in the world. He told Chyna she would be out of the WWF
by the time Unforgiven came around. Then, a female production crew
member tried to tell Jarrett to wrap up his
interview. He tried to put the Figure-Four Leglock on her, but Chyna
came out with a frying pan and hit Jarrett with it. She then
proceeded to put an apron on him.>[?

o Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviewed Luna who challenged Ivory to a
Hardcore Women's Title Match.

o The New Age Outlaws defeated The Rock and Mankind, to capture the Tag
Team Titles.
- The Rock and Mankind were hyping the crowd up and talking about
players Brett Hull and Mike Modano, who were inthe
crowd, when Road Dogg's music hit. He challenged The Rock and Mankind
to a Tag Team Title match. Mr. Ass's music hit to a
large pop and the match was on. After a back and forth match, The Rock
hit the Rock Bottom on RD, but Billy Gunn interfered and eventually hit
the Famouser on Mankind for the victory. After the match The Outlaws
did their "Tag Team Champions of the World" line.

o Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviewed Ivory who accepted Luna's

o Backstage, The Undertaker and The Big Show looked at footage of Kane
hitting walls out of anger about what they did to X-Pac. Mideon and
Viscera joined in as The Undertaker taunted Kane. Lilian Garcia brought
up the casket match and The Undertaker said that it wasn't going to
happen. Vince McMahon said if it didn't happen he would be out of the
Six Pack Match and The Undertaker said he didn't care if he ever
wrestled in the WWF again.

o Backstage, Vince McMahon told Mideon and Viscera that they would be
wrestling Triple H in the Casket Match.

o Mideon and Viscera defeated Triple H in a Casket Match, to let
Triple H's record go to 1-2.
- Triple H was dominating the match. He Hit Mideon and Viscera with
Pedigree's and stuffed the lid on Mideon to pick up what
appeared to be the victory. Shane McMahon came out and said
Triple H had to stuff both men in the casket and the match must
continue. Mideon and Viscera then double-teamed Triple H, rendering him
unconcious. They stuffed him in the casket for the

o Hardcore Holly (w/Crash Holly) defeated Al Snow with the Hollycaust.
- Hardcore along with Crash came out and said they did Al Snow a favor
by injuring The Big Bossman. He said he needed to be repaid, as
challenged Snow to a match. Snow was dominating when Bossman was seen
taunting the Rotweiler's of Kennel From Hell, which distracted Snow who
was then caught in the Hollycaust for the victory. After the match,
Bossman came out and rubbed dog food in the face of Snow.

o Triple H defeated Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl, to let Triple H's
record go to 2-2.
- The two wrestled a match which was hard to call because it was so
wild. Near the end, Mankind fell from a ladder through a table
of led pipes and Triple H walked out the door for the victory.

o Chris Jericho (w/Mr. Hughes) defeated Ken Shamrock in a First Blood
- Chris Jericho came out in a Buffalo Sabres jersey to a large chorus
of boos. Ken Shamrock came out to a huge pop. After a
technical match which saw Mr. Hughes interfere, Jericho hit Shamrock
with a hockey stick behind the referee's back to make
Shamrock bleed internally, which let Jericho pick up the victory.

o The British Bulldog was shown talking to Vince McMahon. He said he
was promised a WWF Heavyweight Title shot when he
signed his contract and Vince said he would be in the Six Pack
Challenge at Unforgiven to determine a new WWF champion. The British
Bulldog asked if he could referee the Brahma Bull Strap Match. Vince
McMahon complied.

o Triple H defeated The Rock with the Pedigree in a Brahma Bull Strap
Match, to let Triple H remain in the Unforgiven main event.
- The two wrestled a match similar to their previous strap match
encounter which took place at Fully Loaded, but The British
Bulldog was the only variable. He seemed to be refereeing an impartial
match. The Rock hit the Rock Bottom and was going for
The People's Elbow when Bulldog caught The Rock in the Running
Powerslam, thus turning his back on him. Triple H then hit the Pedigree
for the win. Triple H and Bulldog celebrated without Chyna since Jeff
Jarrett came out from the crowd during the match and knocked Chyna out
with a frying pan. Bulldog got a large chorus of boos' from the crowd,
as the show went off the air.
Written by reader: SpacemanEd

I'm a 43-year-old guy who's watched rasslin' since the Buddy
Rogers/Dory Funk I'm probably not the "target demo". I admit
the old formulas will not work with today's target demos; however, past
formulas have kept me a fan for 35+ years and today's fans (including
my son) might not have the same staying power.

I believe, like everyone else, the reason the WWF is riding high and
WCW is struggling is storylines. However, I don't believe the WCW's
answer is to get more crass and vulgar. Let the WWF and ECW keep that
territory. What WCW lacks (especially recently, and particularly with
the loss of Jericho) is humor.

Wrestling used be the funniest show on TV. Look at old Andy
Kaufman/Jesse Ventura videos, remember Flair/The Horsemen in their
glory days. The "heels" were stupid, crazy, vain, or evil; but they
all were funny. The "faces" were the straight men. What the WCW needs
is comedy writers to punch up the storylines. Let the guys with great
moves but poor mic skills have a manager to handle the comedic part if
need be.
Written by reader: Sting6886

In the last few issues of the Booking Sheet, the same thing has
been repeated. GIVE US WHAT WE WANT! The question (or questions) that
comes to my mind is, What do we want and how do we really want it?
Another that comes to mind is How to give everyone what they want?

While I can't answer the last question because there is no such
thing as pleasing everyone, I do feel that I have a few valid points
concerning the other. First I would ask you, Would you watch a movie
that began with the "good guys" beating the "bad guys" that just went
on and on about it? No! You would prefer all the events that lead up
to the final stage, the "good triumph over evil" ending, ect. The same
can be said for wrestling.

Anyone who watches would soon become bored if, lets say, Stone Cold
always won matches and never lost the belt. This is already a proven
fact for those who watched Hogan retain the title for more than a year.
I, for one, was quite sick of watching wrestlers job to him for that

The point I am making is this. We the fans are unyielding in our
demands and impatient for the results. So it would seam that we would
do well to remember that if it were not for all the work they put in
each week to entertain us and bring us to the peak of ongoing segments,
it would be the old two guys fights, one wins wrestling of old.
"Layin' here in the dark you're like an angel on my chest, just
another tramp of hearts crying tears of faithlessness."
-Bruce Springsteen

You can have such an open mind that it is too porous to hold a
conviction. - George Crane
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"When you're young and you pick up a guitar, it feels so powerful. It feels like you pulled the sword from the stone. I used to believe that it could save the world. But I don't really believe that anymore." - Bruce Springsteen

"The greatest challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism
after you lose your innocence and believing in the power of the human
spirit after you come crashing into the limits of the real adult
world." - Bruce Springsteen


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