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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 324

Date:  Friday September 24th, 1999  2:14 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
The ratings for the evening of September 23 are in, and once again, the
WWF had a great night while WCW's was less than stellar. Smackdown did
a strong 4.3 broadcast rating (with a 6.9 share). It was down a little
from last week, but still a good number. Thunder did a 2.2 cable
rating (with a 3.4 share). Really, when you think about it, staying
over a 2.0 for WCW against Smackdown really is not that bad.

Reported at:
September 24, 1999
WrestleLine wire reports
MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Jerry Lawler, pro wrestler and candidate for mayor,
was indicted Thursday on charges of running over an airport officer's
foot after she wrote him a parking ticket.

Lawler was charged with reckless endangerment, punishable by up to two
years in prison.

Officer Camille Pegues said she ticketed Lawler's vehicle in March
because it was left unattended in a no-parking zone.

Lawler said the officer was nowhere near his van when he drove off.

Lawler is one of 15 candidates in the Oct. 7 race for mayor
By Nate Pelley (
TWI Newsletter)

The Wrestling Booking Sheet, always on the cutting edge with
interactive features for its readers, is proud to present the brand
new "Booking Sheet Questions and Answers" section. I'm your Q&A master,
Nate Pelley, and you can reach me at
TWI Newsletter. Some of you might know me from my
newsletter The Wrestling Informer, and to subscribe send a blank email
to twi-newsletter-subscribe I'd like to thank Steve
Appy for giving me the chance to be a member of TBS, as it is
without question one of the top two newsletters online. So onto what
this section is all about.

Have you always wondered how many Ultimate Warriors there have been?
Who did Shawn Michaels face at Wrestlemania VIII? Who managed the
Heavenly Bodies? Of course the answers are one, "El Matador" Tito
Santana, and Jim Cornette! Now do you have any other questions? Send
all wrestling related questions
to: twinewsletter

Q: Do you have any information on D'Lo Brown before he entered the WWF?
What was his ring name, did he win any titles? Thanks.
A: D'Lo Brown began his career in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1994,
working as "Head of Security" for then tag team champions The Gangstas
(New Jack and Mustafa). Brown had a few matches in SMW, but never rose
above mid-card status. Afterwards, D'Lo traveled to
Independents for a while, and worked all over the
Midwest and Great
area. In 1995, Brown captured the Heartland Wrestling Association
Heavyweight title, becoming the first (and only) person to win the
belt. Shortly thereafter, Brown was signed by the WWF as an "extra" in
the Nation of Domination. He retired the HWA title, and went on to
become the star he is now in the WWF.

Q: What ever happened to the tag team The New Breed from the NWA (now
WCW), and who were they?
A: Wow, someone has been digging back into the obscure past for this
one. I believe the New Breed consisted of Sean Royal and Firebreaker
Chip, but I could be wrong. Firebreaker Chip still does
Indies as of
about a year ago, but I have no idea where Royal is nowadays.

Q: Did the Italian Stallion ever win a title? Whatever happened to
Man Mountain Rock, Bertha Faye, Mantaur, & Teckno Team 2000?
A: The Italian Stallion (I am assuming you don't mean J.T. Smith
here) held the PWF title on and off for most of the 90s, feuding with
George South.
Man Mountain Rock worked a WCW Saturday Night taping
earlier this year using his old name "Maxx Payne," but haven't heard
from him since. Bertha Faye, the former WWF Women's Champion, is out of
the business as far as I know.
Mantaur still wrestles from time to time, and he recently worked a show
Nebraska. Teckno Team 2000 now is in WCW, as Troy and Travis are now
known as Erik Watts and Chad Fortune.

Q: Is the former United States Champion from
Syria, The Sheik, still
wrestling? I heard that he is still wrestling at the age of 72. Is
this true?
A: Yes, the Sheik, is indeed still active from time to time at his
advanced age. The hardcore legend competes infrequently in
Japan mostly.

Q: When did Savage and Liz marry, and when did they divorce? Thanks.
A: The "Macho Man" and Elizabeth married in the mid to late 80s I
believe, sometime around 86 or so. Of course, they had their "public"
wedding at SummerSlam 91. They divorced in September of 1992.

Q: What happened to Duke "The Dumpster" Drose, and did he wrestle under
any other names, if so what are they?
A: Duke the Dumpster is back in his native
Florida working Indies
again. He has used several names in career, but "The Garbage Man" is
the one you'd most likely know. I believe he might also have a training

Q: What does "BMF" stand for on
Austin's vest?
A: Bad Mother... well I'm sure you can guess.

Q: Was Ernest "The Cat" Miller ever on American Gladiators?
A: To my knowledge, no, the Cat was never on the show.

Q: Where is Nailz? And what is real name? Thanx.
A: Nailz is another guy who is completely out of the business, I
believe. His real name is Kevin Kelly (and no, not the Kevin Kelly who
now works for the WWF!).

Q: Me and my friend (we are fairly young) he's like 10 and I'm 13 and
we learned all the moves (how to fake them) and we are planning to
start a like Backyard promotion, like nothing big, it won't be inside,
we have a friend with a giant backyard (bigger than the school gym they
had a show in I went to) we are going to get like a ring and like some
seats and that leads me to my question: How much would a ring cost to
make or does the WWF sell old rings they don't use anymore?
A: It depends on where you get your ring. Rings can cost a several
hundred bucks, or you have rent them as well. Danny Davis is one of the
premiere ring builders in the
Midwest, so depending on where you are
from, you might look to buy or rent one from a local promotion.

Personal Note: I can't speak for the rest of the Booking Sheet staff,
but I personally do not advocate backyard wrestling. its always best
to be professionally trained before attempting any of the moves you see
on TV or in person.

Q: Did Debra McMichael & Steve McMichael get their divorce after she
was brought to the world of wrestling or before. If it was after, did
the Jarrett angle have anything to do with it? (not did she have a
thing with Jarrett, but did she take the gig to get away from Mongo)?
A: Debra and Steve divorced after she got involved in wrestling. Her
turn on Mongo did coincide with the divorce, as a matter of fact.

Q: Back in the late 80's, all of the talent from Memphis began to go to
Dallas' Sportatorium on Friday night's for the World Class/USWA shows,
but the World Class talent stayed & performed as well. Back then, I
knew nothing of the behind the scenes goings on in pro wrestling &
didn't know that Kevin
Adkisson (Kevin Von Erich) had sold his stock in WCCW to Jerry Jarrett
until an article had run in the "Dallas Morning News"
regarding this matter. Then a couple of months later, there was a
news story in the same paper that said that Kevin had filed lawsuit
against Jarrett claiming breach of contract, since he did stay on to
work the show to keep the name of established talent for the local
fans. Do you know whatever became of that lawsuit, if anything did
because USWA shortly pulled out of Dallas after the lawsuit was filed?
Sorry for the long winded question.
A: Good question. And honestly, I don't have a good answer for you. I
would assume that since the USWA did pull out of Texas (and later even
got rid of the Texas Heavyweight title they had, more or less merging
it with the USWA Southern title during Brian Christopher's reign in '92
where he carried both belts around in a red wagon) that there was some
kind of mutual agreement
where the USWA would back off, and all legal charges would be

Q: Was Golga from the Oddities John Tenta? If so he must have lost a
lot of weight because Golga wasn't as big as Earthquake or any other of
his characters. Thanks.
A: Yes, Golga was John Tenta. He did look like he had lost a lot of
weight, considering he used to be announced at 468 when he was
Earthquake and so on. As Golga, he looked to be down around the 400
pound mark.

Q: When did Sunny start to manage
LOD and when did they turn LOD 2000?
Where they called
LOD 2000 the last time they won the title?
LOD became LOD 2000 the same night Sunny started managing them; the
night of Wrestlemania 14. The last time they held the belts (fall of
'97) they were still the Legion of Doom, and they lost the belt to an
upstart team at the time, known as the New Age Outlaws.

Remember, only send Nate questions at: TWINewsletter
Written by reader: DKR122

All the heel turning angles that have been happening in the
wrestling world got me to thinking, what makes a wrestler a good heel?
Is it someone who makes us sick to our stomach with just his entrance
alone(Ernest "The Cat" Miller)? Or is it someone who we want to see get
their a$$ whipped every time they set foot in the ring (Ernest again)?
Or is it someone who hasn't accomplished one damn thing in his career
but talks like he
has done that and much more? (You guessed it, Ernest Miller) Or maybe
its someone who all the internet magazines want to see get kicked out
of wrestling (Ernest). Now I don't like The Cat myself, but I've come
to realize that even though he is the silliest character in wrestling
today, at least you hate him all the way, unlike most of the heels
wrestling today.
"Layin The Smack Down"
Saturday September 25, 1999
Hosts : Fritz Capp and Dan Moreland
Wrestling Online Real Audio Network : W.O.R.A.N.

Most thought that it disappeared for good. Others wondered why
the show was no longer running. While most hated the shows
disappearance, others found solace because the two hosts of the
show were not divulging any more secrets of the business or the

Let them start to worry again because once again Fritz Capp and
Dan Moreland take to the Internet airwaves giving you the wrestling
news and insight that you ask for. So often imitated but never
duplicated this months "Layin The Smack Down" covers,
discusses and illuminates the top subjects happening in wrestling
today. If you are not looking for the truth or do not want your
perception of pro wrestling changed forever then "DO NOT" listen to
this show. The following are some of the topics touched on during this
broadcast :

Eric Bischoff's dismissal and subsequent effects on WCW.
How long will the WWF stay on top?
Can ECW top WCW in the TV ratings game?
TNN : Are they sorry they went with ECW?
Vince McMahon : Degrading the belt for his own ego?
Who has the best wrestling newsletter today?
What is the real deal with Jeff Jarrett?

Plus so much more. If you are a fan of the show be sure not to miss
this two parter. If you have never listened to the show be there
Saturday night at 8 pm to see why "Layin The Smack Down" was voted the
#1 show on the Wrestling Online Real Audio Network in 1998.

Be sure to check out the rest of Indigo's site while you are there as
there are many features that will interest the wrestling fan of all
ages and loyalties.

Fritz Capp
PWBTS 2000
Written by reader: Trevor Crenshaw (LanceHavoc)

The following events are my predictions for the WWF's latest Pay Per
View offering, Unforgiven. How did I come to these conclusions?
Smackdown pretty much gave it all away.

The WWF offered up its first true masterpiece last year at the 1998
Survivor Series. The weeks leading up to the Pay Per View set the
stage. In terms of storyline, the event delivered like no other in
history. Now we are on the verge of what I believe to be the WWF's
1999 masterpiece, Unforgiven.

Unforgiven has the potential to be one of the best Pay Per View
events of 1999. Now when I say this, I mean in terms of storyline.
Like the 1998 Survivor Series, the weeks leading up to this event set
the stage.

First you have Triple H. He has been antagonizing the WWF's top names.
He even went as far as "crossing the boss" Vince McMahon. Then, you
have Chyna, who has been positioned to take on Jeff Jarrett for the
Intercontinental title. You also have Kane who is constantly being
distracted by the welfare of X-Pac. Then there is the British Bulldog
who is now in the "Six Pack"
challenge and is a new ally of Triple H. (On a side note, The Rock
should never wrestle Helmsley when there is a special guest ref
officiating the match. First HBK, now the Bulldog screws the people's
champion.) The final piece to this puzzle is the reformation of the
New Age Outlaws.

If you can't guess what I'm getting at, then let me spell it out for
you. D-Generation X will return at Unforgiven. The New Age Outlaws
won the WWF Tag Team Titles at Smackdown. All the while, Michael Cole
was talking about how the Road Dogg and Mr. Ass have been at each
other's throats for so long.
Who could be the one that got them back together? Triple H is my prime
suspect. If you remember back to Smackdown, Helmsley was to wrestle
the Rock and Mankind in their respective "specialty matches". What
better way to soften up The Rock and Mankind then to send the New Age
Outlaws after them?

Chyna will make history on Sunday night by not only being the first
woman to compete for the WWF Intercontinental Title, but to also be the
first woman to win it. Why do I say this? Well, in order for the
reformation of DX to have impact, its members must control the gold.
The Outlaws with the Tag Titles, and Chyna with the IC strap is just
the beginning.

Now we move on to the mystery factors. Where does Kane fit into this
picture? Will X-Pac stab him in the back and cause him to be
eliminated from the "Six Pack Challenge"?...Or will Kane join his
"little buddy" in the new DX and help Hunter win the title once again?
Who was the person who jabbed Mankind with a pipe to knock him off of
the second tier in the boiler room to help Triple H advance? Maybe it
was Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, or even the boss himself Vince
McMahon? For this to be a true masterpiece, Vince McMahon would have
to join the new DX. Why? Because this will all have to be a master
plan that he has been working on since his departure to get back at the
special enforcer referee, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Plus
wouldn't it be great to see Vince give a crotch chop and overact as he
says the words "Austin I've got two words for you....SUCK IT!"

As for the "Six Pack Challenge", you can pretty much guess by now who
will come out on top...none other than Triple H.

What's to happen after Unforgiven? I'd guess that DX will claim both
the Hardcore Title and the European Title. With possible new members
such as the Bulldog and Kane, this would not be a stretch. Look for DX
to rule the WWF for the next several months. Strangely enough, this
should coincide with the
reformation of the nWo over on the other station...Hmm...

This column appeared in the Wrestling Resource Newsletter. For
columns like this and a chance at a weekly prize pack go to: and subscribe.

"Every week one lucky Wrestling Resource Newsletter subscriber will win
a cool prize pack that will be sent to his or her house. How do you get
in on the action? its easy, just subscribe!"
By Cindy Barnes (wrestlebabe316@xxxxs...)
Hello Everyone! Missed you all last week! Took some doing, but I'm
back!! I'm changing my format a little, so bear with me! Got a lot of
ground to cover, so here goes...

First, I have to start off with an apology to STING. I called him a
JOBBER in my last column and boy was I wrong! Obviously he did not
to Hogan and made the biggest change he ever made in his career by
turning "Heel" There's just one thing, Sting should not trust LUGER as
far as he can throw him! Hanging with DDP isn't going to do a whole
hell of a lot for your rep either!

its that time of the year again folks/ladies! its time to pick The
Most Desirable Professional Wrestler of the Year. Here are this years

1.Shawn Stasiak aka Meat - This second generation wrestler is excellent
at tongue wrestling (ask Marianna) and is built 10 times better than
his Daddy!!

2. Test - Steph has EXCELLENT taste! Looks great in Black Leather,
takes 2nd in the posterior to Mr. Ass. (Last years winner)

3. The Rock - The Rock is
HOT!! Has an amusing personality to boot!!

4. Big Poppa Pump aka Scott Steiner - King of Boldness and Brashness!
The ladies LOVE the hook up! (Except Kimberly, but look who she
prefers) HOGAN BEWARE!!

5. Val Venis - Yes ladies - The Big Valboski made the list this year.
Since that GTV scene with Big Show, Val has grown on Wrestlebabe. The
ability to make me laugh is important in a man!!

So there they are: Write-ins will be accepted. Wrestlebabe316@xxxxs...

Here is The Soulkeeper's Schedule:
Oct 2nd West Virginia (Still waiting for details)
Oct 3rd Washington, PA Pancake Skate & Whirl 7pm
Oct 8th West Mifflin, PA Carousel Lounge 9pm bell
Oct 9th Ft. Washington, PA Expo Center 8pm bell

If you live in the area, go to one of these shows!
The wrestlers at these shows are the FUTURE of wrestling!!
Mike is a reckless Foley type that is exciting to watch! Vader, King
Kong Bundy, Superfly Snuka are wrestling in these type of Independent
shows too. The atmosphere of these shows is much more imtimate! I go
to them every chance I get!

Chris Benoit goes from being US Champ to TV Champ. Loses to a guy who
can barely wrestler and beats a guy who is probably one of the best
technical wrestlers in WCW that is almost twice his size. Chris has
the patience of a saint!

Sid is the US Champion. A total miscarriage of Justice. Goldberg will
be the next US Champion. Every week Goldberg he gets better and better!
He's totally intense!!

Has anyone been watching Shane McMahon lately? Boy, can he
FLY!! Who
has he been working out with? Edge maybe?

The New Age Outlaws are the Champs again!! There's hope for DX!! I am
THRILLED!! I'm not so thrilled about the rift this caused between The
Rock and Mankind! I LOVE these guys together! They are the Abbott and
Costello of the WWF!!

Taker/Bubby has been doing more talking than working. Bubby displays
fantastic leadership qualities by delegating the dirty work to his
crew. He looked
HOT at Smackdown last week in his bandana, black jeans
and green tinted shades! Guess he's going to take some time off? Who
knows with all the twists and turns in these storylines. Got the
feeling he'll be at Unforgiven anyway.

The feud that's brewing between The Dudley's and The Acolytes is
awesome. It seems like the Acolytes hate ECW wrestlers as much as
Jerry Lawler. I don't think the Dudley's are going to go away as
quickly as Public Enemy did.

Double H - Hardcore Holly is not a masochist any more. He's more
sadistic now as he demonstrated Monday Night. Shattering wake up call
on the Bossman's head. Bossman is not a happy camper right now!

I'm going to start a new segment in my column called
"HEEL of the Week" The winner will be the SOB I get
the most complaints about. Wrestlebabe316@xxxxs...

Final Thoughts:
Farewell to EBB and probably the "Demon" gimmick for
Brian Adams. My guy is in LIMBO again.

Would someone please ask Sid or Savage who was driving
that GD Hummer! They better not say Sting or Luger or
I'll HURL!!

Kanyon - Join The Revolution, PLEASE!! You are a lost
soul! Being in The Revolution would give Kanyon a

Boy oh boy, you can tell those "SCABS" weren't picked!
This strike has been going on for 2 weeks, think
something should happen soon. Steve Lombardi aka
The Brooklyn Brawler is the best of the Scabs, Tom
Pritchard or Harvey Wippleman tie for the worst.

Enjoy The Weekend and Unforgiven!!
"I looked into your eyes and my world came tumbling down"-GH

A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant
to be. -Frank Clark
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