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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 325

Date:  Saturday September 25th, 1999  11:24 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Vito & Joe De Leon at:
At the 9/24 ECW/TNN taping in Plymouth, Michigan, Joel Gertner brought
out a returning Tammy Lynn Sytch and Chris Candido, who ended up
brawling with Lance Storm & Dawn Marie. A huge asset to the star power
of ECW's roster.

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
After WCW offered them a different contract than earlier agreed upon
(and the new deal was much more logical), ICP has announced that they
have left WCW. A good move on WCW's part.

The two members of the New Breed were Chris Champion & Sean Royal, not
Chip the Firebreaker (instead of Champion). All of our memories are a little faded (this was 1987!).
"Straight Shooting"
By : Fritz Capp (pwbts)
September 25, 1999
PWBTS 2000

ATriple H...another week...another column. Let's get right to it :

I was going to respond to Brad Smoley's comments on my "Straight
Shooting" column last week but why waste the time. He obviously had an
agenda of his own (which is what he accused me of) and to be honest
its not worth the time but allow me to say this, if you enjoy having
your intelligence insulted by Madden or are a Madden mark, that is fine
by me. This guy is the biggest waste of space on the Internet. I have
always said Madden is a great writer, I just don't like the way he lies
in his news reports (refer to the incest angle he reported that was
going to happen between Ken and Ryan Shamrock) nor do I like the way he
talks to and treats the people who disagree with his point of view.
(which by the way is bought and paid for by WCW). Madden has had a bug
up his a** since he shopped himself around and no one picked him up so
he had to crawl back to WCW. If because I speak out and show the
Internet wrestling fans what kind of people these "so-called
journalists" are (journalist = shill in this case) that lessens my
credibility in your eyes that appears to be your problem, not mine.
One of those so-called "journalists" (not Madden) that I was speaking
about above did his best to put WCW over saying that they had a lot to
be proud of because the "Sting/Benoit match only fell one full rating
point to a 3.6 this past Monday night at the 9 o'clock hour instead of
two full points which is usual fare for WCW at this junction in time.
While that is the bright spot of the night this person failed to point
out that the Flair/DDP match (Main Event Match) garnered a 1.7 which is
the lowest rating that WCW ever had. The question I have is how much
credibility should this "reporter" garner because of his obvious
"biased" reporting? Is it now "respected" when someone only gives a
piece of the news? The other question I have is when is WCW going to
see that the "old guys" aren't over and adjust accordingly? In keeping
with the subject of this past Nitro some shill reported that the good
news about this past Nitro was that the show was booked by 1 pm.
Considering the ratings that the main event received it may have been
better to do it on the fly as this was the lowest rating they ever
received in a quarter hour. It also appears that the inmates are still
running the asylum.
Jerry Lawler was arrested for running over an airport officers foot
last March while receiving a parking ticket. The officer is saying that
Lawler's car was ticketed because it was left unattended in a no
parking zone. My question is how did Lawler run over her foot if when
she was ticketing the car it was unattended?
Taz is slated to remain with ECW until the end of the year. For what?
To job to everyone in the company before he enters the WWF? Great, now
Taz will go from unstoppable to jobber extraordinaire. That'll be good
for his career I'm sure.
Vince McMahon and the WWF took Playboy to court because of Playboy's
upcoming issue once again featuring Sable (Rena Mero) Well, the judge
ruled in favor of the WWF and now Playboy has to reprint over 500,000
covers. Serves them right. They knew the terms of the agreement and
went ahead with this obvious breach. I guess Rena is going to find out
just how much she really means now. Except for her constant whining
about pro wrestling on different radio shows what else has she done
WCW has to be looking over their shoulders lately. Let's look at some
numbers :

* Fall Brawl drew under 4000 paid for its live audience.
* ECW's Anarchy Rulz drew over 5000 paid.

Heyman has to be ecstatic. His locker room costs him 1/875 of what
WCW's does and they can out draw them. Maybe Bischoff's fears were
Dustin Runnels is reported as having been to WCW headquarters and
should be appearing on WCW TV soon. Dustin used to be a very good
worker. I am anxious to see how long it will take him to shake the
Goldust gimmick. If he can't maybe he can re-emerge as Lenny and
mentor beings they are supposed to be from
West Hollywood and act gay
as hell. That's a great gimmick for family entertainment, isn't it?
(Before all you WCW marks start crying I have gone on record saying how
much I couldn't stand the Golddust gimmick when it was in its heyday
in the WWF.)
What would you do if you disagreed with a column written by a known
promotion employee and received some of these responses :

* I would love to see you insult me to my face. Would love to see you
do it. Why not stick to exchanging opinions and facts over the
Internet? Don't hide behind the Internet, which is what you do when you
insult me. You'd ask me for my autograph if you ever saw me in person.
You don't want to read ********.com anymore? Fine. Who cares? One guy
isn't even a blip on the radar screen. For every reader I chase away, I
keep a hundred riveted. Riveted, I tell you.

* "Schill" is spelled "shill," and I'm not one. Most of you people out
there just love the WWF because its No. 1. Someday WCW will be No. 1
again and you'll be right back with us, er, back supporting WCW.

* Let's share a prison cell sometime. Then we'll see who's the bitch,

* I'm not a shill, just the Internet's lead heel. Thanks for your

* So go to hell.

You should know that you are talking to the Internet's most over person
(at least he thinks so) Mark Madden. Well Mark, I hate to wake you up
but if the only way you can get over or people to mention your name is
by hotshoting on a website instead of you using your obvious skills at
writing then all I can say is you need to pick up the latest Dr. Seuss
book, "Go Shill Go". By the way, I highly doubt that anyone would ask
you for your a thought.

(The above was an obvious shot at Madden, mostly to annoy the Madden may now write your letters in rebuttal and protest)
Once again the PWBTS website killed a rumor before it was officially
killed. One of the last rumors squashed (there have been many) was the
one about Road Dog being suspended because of drug use. (This was
squashed on the PWBTS board a few weeks ago, then confirmed by
just this past week). With quotes from RD himself, earlier this week
the PWBTS website courtesy of StevePJC dispelled that ugly rumor once
again. The quote from Road Dog was posted this past Wednesday night,
"Drug suspension.....Heh... For those of you that believed the Dizog
got popped on a piss test well I got two words for you.... And if that
isn't good enough??? Watch Smackdown tomorrow night... Soak in what you
see.... Roll it into a nice big fatty and stick it straight up your
ass.... The Outlaws ride again!!!!"
I have to ask everyone who feels they have an inside track on how the
WWF writes their contracts....Where do you people get your information?
Not since the build up period for Wrestlemania 9 has anyone been
promised a run with a particular title belt. The people who create this
kind of crap for news is just trying to put themselves over as someone
who has some credibility or insight. Get a life people, like the WWF or
anyone else for that matter is going to divulge their contracts with
Internet reporters...what a laugh.
Stay tuned as the Nichole "Shawn Michaels using a microphone made an
improper gesture during an interview at me and now I am suffering
emotional damages as a result" Bass tour may be coming to a radio
station in a city near you soon.
Reckless Youth is being rumored as having signed a one year deal with
the WWF. While I haven't been able to substantiate this yet the source
is good so it probably happened. That is a great move for the WWF. Now
let's see if they know how to use him.
The Wrestling Guys Radio Show guest this week will be Ryan Shamrock who
has gone from pro wrestling to oil wrestling. Check it out Monday night
6 pm at
And with that I'm outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than
it appears to be.

"I've been pulling a limp white thing out of my pants for years, I just
never got cheered for it before" - Mick Foley : WWF TV
Jackal's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
By Don Callis
Courtesy of

Anarchy Rulz. The catchy name of this past week's ECW Pay Per View has
taken on a new significance with many of the recent changes to the
landscape of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The Anarchy Rulz ppv, emanating from the wrestling hotbed of
Illinois already had a lot of buildup going in. First ppv available in
Canada, first ppv after the new national television deal with TNN and
what was expected to be the largest live crowd ever to witness an ECW

If that wasn't enough, the ongoing drama of the status of Taz, ECW's
World Champion, coming on the heels of the loss of the eight-time ECW
tag champs, The Dudleys, had the locker room and the internet buzzing
with anticipation.

My flight had barely touched down at O'Hare International when I ran
straight into Taz's cousin, wrestler Chris Chetti. After exchanging
pleasantries our conversation quickly shifted to Taz and what he was
going to do. At the four hour ECW FanFest the day before the ppv, every
fan wanted to know about the hot rumor of Taz leaving for the WWF. Was
it true, and if so, what did it mean for ECW or for that matter Taz?

It is now common knowledge that Taz has signed a deal with the WWF,
after having lost the ECW World Title to ECW newcomer Mike Awesome.
There are several versions of the story behind Taz's decision, but the
reality is that in the space of sixty days, ECW lost both its tag and
world champs to the WWF, which apparently sees ECW as legitimate

One might think that all of this drama might have impacted badly on the
Anarchy Rulz ppv, but from the fog of confusion sprang the best
wrestling ppv of the year from any company. Having had the privilege of
being color commentator for the entire show, I can tell you that the
show was phenomenal from top to bottom, and this in a time where if
half the matches on a ppv are decent we feel we got our moneys worth.
Amazingly, Paul Heyman may have turned the loss of Taz into a positive
with the elevation of the huge Mike Awesome to ECW World Champ.

While both the Dudleys and Taz were ECW mainstays, the reality is that
the company has, in recent months, been built around Rob Van Dam, Jerry
Lynn, Raven, Sabu and the Impact Players.

The thought that a company with so many new pressures on it could lose
their World Champion and actually come out of the ppv stronger is
unfathomable. Indeed, Paul Heyman and ECW seem to thrive on anarchy.
For that one day a pay per view catch phrase spoke volumes.

Chris Benoits World Title match against Sting on Nitro this past week
garnered an impressive 3.6 rating, proving what I and others have been
saying for months...Look for ECW star Lance Storm to appear on
Off the Record this Tuesday. Yours truly will be back to harangue
Michael Landsberg in coming weeks...Legendary grappler Gerry Morrow is
on holiday in his native Martinique...The WWF is trying to prevent
Playboy from releasing a special Rena Mero issue because of the use of
the Sable and Raw names on the cover. Why don't they just put her in
every issue?...My apologies for not calling into the NHB radio show
from the ECW pay per view, but with the card being held in Chicago
(also in the Central time zone), there just wasn't time. I'll be back
this week LIVE from the Pony Corral on Grant Avenue...My next NHB
Wrestling Camp starts soon, call the office at 488-8785 for further
info...You can email me at jackal

You can catch Jackal every Sunday on the NHB (No Holds Barred)
Wrestling Call In Radio show from 6-7pm live from the Pony Corral on
Grant on 92 Citi FM. Also watch him on ECW Wresting on TNN every
Friday from

Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
Written by reader: Brad Michaels (FacesFear3)

In response to the Q&A about the kid who wanted to start a backyard
fed. My name is Brad Michaels. I am a professional wrestler. First
of all, have some respect, when you say you learned to "fake all the
moves". I guarantee that unless you've been to a wrestling school, you
haven't learned to do anything.

Rings cost much more than several hundred dollars. The cheapest you
will get one for is $1500. If you kids want to become wrestlers, wait
until you are 18, go to a wrestling school and learn properly. You may
think you know what you're doing, but in reality you have no clue. If
you continue this backyard stuff, you are just going to get hurt, and
possibly seriously injured, and will never see the inside of a real
wrestling ring. Keep this in mind. Thanks for your time.
Written by reader: KGill87358

Just to let you know, maybe part of the reason why Smackdown was a tad
bit down in the ratings this past week was because of where I live,
(Canton, Ohio) the UPN network is actually on WUAB Channel 43, which
showed the Cleveland Indians-Detroit Tigers game. Smackdown will air
on Sat 9/25 at
12:00 PM.

On a second note, I just bought a tape I thought you might be
interested in purchasing, I bought Steve Austin's Greatest Hits. They
showed matches in his rookie year when he was in WCCW/USWA. They
focused on his long and successful feud with his teacher, Chris Adams.
They even showed two matches where it was a mixed tag team match
between Austin/Jeannie (Adam's ex-wife and now Steve's ex as well) vs
Chris and Toni Adams. Classic, the only thing that bothered me about
that was they didn't show whereToni turned on Chris. But it was worth
seeing anyway.

They even had some legendary wrestlers in the Memphis/Texas areas, they
had Eric Embry, Jeff Gaylord, Gary Young, Bill Dundee, Skandar Akbar,
Tojo Yakamoto, and Matt Bourne (Before his Doink days...LOL). It is at
Best Buy so if you want, ask for it. Just thought I'd drop a line for
"This fool's halfway to heaven, just a mile out of hell, and I feel
like I'm coming home"
-Bruce Springsteen

If you would wish another to keep your secret, first keep it yourself.–
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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