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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 328

Date:  Monday September 27th, 1999  9:31 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
ECW on TNN improved to a 0.9 rating and a 1.7 share this week, up from
last week's 0.7.

Reported by Zach Arnold & Bob Ryder at:
Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko will work for New Japan from
October 15 to October 21. Benoit will fight Jushin Thunder Liger on
October 17th at the 8,000-seat Kobe World Hall in Hyogo, along with
Dean Malenko facing Koji Kanemoto. On October 19 at the 7,500-seat
Fukuoka International Center, Jushin Thunder Liger & Chris Benoit will
face Shinjiro Ohtani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa.
IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kendo Ka Shin will face Dean Malenko in a
non-title match.
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

As Hulk Hogan was visiting with some fans in the parking garage, he was
attacked by Sting. Hogan denied medical attention. In the back, Sting
said, "It looks like I didn't get the job done." It was announced that
Goldberg would be wrestling in the first hour.

Chris Benoit (c) versus The Cat w/Sonny Onoo *WCW TV Title*
The Cat called out any champion in WCW and the Crippler was who
answered the
challenge. Benoit then forced the leader of
CAT-BO to tap out to the
Crippler Crossface.
Winner: Chris Benoit via submission (Retains TV Title)

Vampiro versus Buff Bagwell
After avoiding a superplex, Bagwell hit his patented Blockbuster for
the win.
Winner: Buff Bagwell via pinfall

--As Tony and Bobby were squabbling, a sinister voice began speaking
and told
Schiavone that darkness would fall upon him.

--A vignette was shown of the old Lex Luger "dying." Then led by Miss
Elizabeth, the new "Total Package" (he does not want to be called by
the name "Lex Luger"
anymore) was born in mid-ring.

--As Hogan was having his knee tended to, he received another shot to
the knee by the baseball bat, courtesy of Sting.

Dean Malenko versus Rey Mysterio Jr.
At the outset Malenko sent the Revolution to the back as did Rey Jr.
with the Filthy Animals. During this match Sid Vicious and Rick
Steiner were shown arriving at the arena. Rey Jr. took the match with
a quick roll up.
Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. via pinfall

Hugh Morrus w/Jimmy Hart versus Goldberg
Despite receiving a massive chair shot by an interfering Sid Vicious
and getting nailed by a "No Laughing Matter" moonsault, Goldberg came
back to win with the spear and jackhammer. Goldberg then challenged
Sid to come to the ring, but received no response.
Winner: Goldberg via pinfall

--An ambulance was seen racing away from the arena.

--Kimberly and Storm joined Mean Gene to introduce the two
finalists in the search for a new Nitro girl.

Evan Karagias versus Berlyn
Following a head shot from his bodyguard, the German Machine took the
with a reverse neckbreaker. After the bell, Berlyn was still attacking
Karagias when Brad Armstrong attempted to make the save. However, he
was also beat down to the mat.
Winner: Berlyn via pinfall

--Goldberg stormed into the lockeroom of Sid, looking for the
Champ. When he did not find him, he instead took his car keys from one
of the WCW crew members.

--In the back, David Flair was using the phone trying to locate Torrie.

Harlem Heat (c) versus Kendall/Barry Windham w/West
Texas Rednecks
*WCW Tag Team Championship*
As expected, the other Rednecks interfered on many occasions. In the
end, Stevie Ray used one of the tag belts to smash Barry Windham's knee
repeatedly, allowing Booker T to make the cover.
Harlem Heat (Retain World Tag Team Titles)

--In the back, Goldberg was talking to someone on the telephone telling
them where Sid's vehicle was.

Rick Steiner versus Van Hammer
Although he did not require the assistance, Charles Robinson helped the
DFG get into the position of being able to bulldog Hammer off of the
Winner: Rick Steiner via pinfall

--Mene Gene interviewed Bret Hart. The Hitman said that he had a
couple of stitches in his mouth after the shot he received from "The
Total Package" a couple of weeks ago. He also said that he lost all
respect that he once had for Luger and Sting and that it would be an
honor to tag with Ric Flair and Hogan. At this point, the Nature Boy
made his way to the ring, going on a tirade that only Flair could go
on, saying that they would, even without Hogan, beat Page, Sting, and
Luger tonight.

--In the back David Flair was talking to Torrie on the phone (who was
with the Filthy Animals) questioning her about her whereabouts. She
was making excuses as Flair was getting angrier, who hung up on her.

Konnan versus Perry Saturn
This match ended when Chavo Guerrero Jr. led Juventud Guerrera,
Psychosis and
Silver King to attack Konnan. The Filthy Animals and the Revolution
then entered the fray which saw members of the Revolution once again
angry with Shane Douglas for getting
TOO involved.
Winner: Konnan via disqualification

--Diamond Dallas Page told Mene Gene that people in the world loved him
and hated him for being married to the most beautiful woman in the
world. Page also said that he, Sting, and the Total Package would take
care of business.

Psychosis versus Kidman *Hair versus Mask Match*
Despite being victimized by Chavo Guerrero's tornado DDT and Juventud
Guerrera's Juvi Driver, Kidman came back to win the match with the
shooting star press. Kidman forced the mask off of Psychosis and was
saved by his Filthy animal comrades when Chavo and Juvi attacked.
Winner: Kidman via pinfall (Psychosis loses mask)

Sting/Diamond Dallas Page/Total Package w/Miss Liz versus RicFlair/Bret
The referee called for the bell in this one when Luger used the baton
on Flair, who had Sting in the figure four. The wound that Hart
received was reopened courtesy of the bat. David Flair tried to help
his dad, but was destroyed by the trio of Sting, Luger, and Page.
Hogan, leg brace and all, made his way to the ring and used the
baseball bat to clear the ring.
Winners: Ric Flair/Bret Hart via disqualification

--The show ended with Sid going to the parking lot and finding that his
car had been smashed to the size of pancake and yelling for Goldberg.

Ricks Comments:
--Luger....excuse me, the Total Package still looks like a million
bucks....too bad his wrestling skills are only worth one dollar.

--Seeing this week after week search only brings one thought to
mind......I miss Whisper.....THANKS HBK!!

--Stevie Ray is getting a bit pudgy around the middle.....don't ya

--Once again, the quality of WCW Cruiserweight matches are

--Everytime I see Diamond Dallas Page, I see a guy who has improved
his craft, but still reminds me of a used car salesman. Why is that
WCW is trying so hard to push Sting as a heel? It IS NOT
WORKING......he got the same reception tonight that Flair and Hart did.

A great week......some actual good quality wrestling
matches......well......minus the interference.

Is it just me or is is every time that Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan
arguing......they sound like a couple of school girls fighting over the
class cutie?!
Written by reader: William (madspector)

The truth about Slick Ric...And why he shouldn't be involved in the
power structure of WCW.

Now that the coup is over and "Evil Eric" has been overthrown (note
sarcasm) and all responsible are trying to figure out what to do with
the company they had little to do with building, and rationing out the
money they had very little to do with making, they might be thinking of
which puppet to install in the position of president, a position which
they have pretty much converted into a worthless transient role.

They probably have a list of men who they would like to stuff in to the
suit and prop up into the big man should be left off
completely: Ric Flair

First things first, I would like to congratulate Mr. Flair on his
miraculous recovery from back ailments that had him not even being able
to move days ago. It seems he was suffered from the common disease
known as "I dont-like-my-boss-so-I'll-stay-homeitus", a disease that if
most of us had the only cure would be the unemployment line.

Before I get started with the many reasons why Slick Ric should be kept
away from the main office I'll get this out of the way. Don't e-mail me
telling me that Flair is the greatest of all time, I already know he
is. Don't e-mail me and tell me that he is the greatest mic performer
that the sport has ever seen, I already know it, and don't e-mail me
telling me that Flair is a true Icon compared to the kid phonies of
today's wrestling world...because I already know that too.
Unfortunately, none of these achievements has anything to do with the
reasons I wouldn't want him making decisions for the company and here
are those reasons:

1. Poor decision making. Bringing David Flair into a wrestling world
that he wasn't ready for exhibits some of the lack of thought, and he
compounded this mistake by pushing for his kid to be awarded the
Heavyweight title. By doing this he not only made himself look bad but
he did damage to the prestige of a belt the he and other legends worked
hard to build up. Combine that with the fact he had the audacity to be
upset when his son mercifully lost the belt he never should have held
in the first place.

2. Immaturity. At the age 50, when things weren't going his way he
resorted to the tactic of taking his toys and going home. His reasons
were unacceptable. One of those reasons is that he didn't want to be
involved on the angle with Shane Douglas. Now keep in mind that for
all of his greatness, Ric Flair is still an employee and when he
decided to exaggerate his back injury so that he didn't have to show up
to work, action should have been taken. Wrestling is business and Flair
works for that business, if they tell him to be somewhere and wrestle
and who to wrestle, it should be done, otherwise he is in breach of

Try telling your boss that you decided that you don't like him, and
that you don't want to work with a certain employee that your job
requires you to work with and see how long you keep that job. The line
needs to be drawn and the clarion call sent out to everyone from the
older veterans down to the young "talent": you signed a contract, and
you operate under the conditions of that contract or you can go flip
burgers or deliver pizzas. One of those conditions is following the
directive of he who employs you. Sound like a man who could run a
multi-million franchise?

3. Bad example: this sets a bad example for the future. Flair was
allowed to come back without being punished or fined despite the fact
he obviously over used what was once a legitimate injury so that he
didn't have to show up. What does this say to the next guy who wants to
pull this crap?

4. The Coup. All of a sudden not only is Flair allowed to come back but
the first day he does he starts telling people ho he wants a piece of
Bischoff's job. Now if he the pencil necks allow this, the entire move
to replace Bischoff will lose what little credibility it had. Whether
or not he had anything to do with his removal its going to look like
he did, thus dooming Flair to become a target of someone else withthe
same motives as he may or may not have had somewhere down the line. It
would also expose the fact the Schiller and Busch need to stick to
sharpening pencils and stay away from wrestling. All of these things I
mention have brought down the position of president in less than seven
days. Adding Flair to the power structure might please the masses but
it would have the same effect in the log run.

I idolize Ric Flair, for me he embodies all that wrestling should be,
but for the reasons I have stated making him president or anything
similar in power in WCW would give the two paper pushers
(Shiller-Busch) an 0-2 record as far as their ability (or lack
thereof) to run a wrestling company.
Steve Appy responds:
William raised some interesting points, and its an issue that I have
given much thought to as well.

I'm really not sure how well suited Flair is for the booking job; both
of his past reigns would have been considered failures. While his 1989
stint was an artistic success on some levels, it was also a terrible
year financially foe the company.

His 1994/1995 was a low point artistically for the company, though WCW
started to dig itself out of the red ink (both the artistic doom and
the financial success can probably be traced directly to Hulk Hogan's

I do think that Flair's dedication to the company should be rewarded
though; a front office position besides head booker would be
appropriate. I do disagree with many of your conclusions about Flair's
absence, though.

Flair's back injury is very legit; the 1975 plane crash that caused it
is well documented. He did receive orders (from his physician) not to
take any bumps on his back. In the past Flair would have worked
anyway, risking even greater injury and pain because of stubbornness.
If Flair had a very real injury that necessitated time off and was
ordered by his physician, should he have returned against doctor's
orders? In this case, no.

WCW did not want Flair to return to pop the ratings; WCW did not want
Flair back because he is still their biggest draw (besides possibly
Goldberg). Eric Bischoff wanted Flair to return for one reason: he
wanted to humiliate Ric Flair.

Nobody in their right mind thinks that a Ric Flair/Shane Douglas feud
would draw a dime of revenue. Douglas's five year campaign of shoot
comments directed at Flair are unknown to WCW's audience; ECW &
Internet fans have heard it for years, and I don't think even a large
percentage of that audience cares less.

For some reason, Eric Bischoff HATES Ric Flair. Nobody is exactly sure
why, though many have puzzled over it. Flair should have returned to
the ring, against doctor's orders, simply to put over Douglas? Flair
made the right decision in staying away. Bischoff's one motivation in
booking the feud was to humiliate Flair, and drawing money never
entered into the equation.

As for David Flair, putting him on TV before he was ready was a huge
blunder, though I'm not sure how much of this was Flair's doing.
Having Flair "push" his green son on television before he was ready
seems more of an attempt to humiliate Ric, and it did tie very well
into the "Mad President" character. While I hope that Flair protested,
I'm not sure what the real story really was in that case.
Written by reader: Kathy (KatViolet9)

Hello. I'm Kathy, 23 year old female and a HUGE wrestling fan. This is
in response to Brad Michaels' post and the post about backyard
wrestling. I am currently attending the HWA school of pro-wrestling to
become a referee. Prior to getting involved with the school I was (and
still am) involved with a backyard fed. I agree that most of the stuff
done by backyard feds are crazy, dangerous and stupid. Still, there are
some people who do it for the right reasons. My friends and I are all
from the ages of 19-25 and the majority are hoping to get involved in
wrestling in some way eventually.

The wrestlers who run my school are former backyard wrestlers
themselves. It is a great way, if done correctly, to get a bit of
practice and to really help realize if it is
something you want to do for a career. I have seen Brad Michaels
wrestle and have all the respect in the world for him and his opinions
BUT I must defend backyard wrestling. It is something we do for fun,
for practice and I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything. Backyard
wrestling gave me the chance to realize my dream and get into sports
entertainment in the first place.

I am not saying anything Brad said was wrong because no one really
knows how much is involved in an actual wrestling match, and in
learning to wrestle in general until they get to a real school. It is
damn hard work. Backyard wrestling has gotten such a bad name and I
hate to see it that way. We have been around for almost
3 years and are hoping to stay around for quite some time. If anyone
has anything to say about this I am open to hearing any opinions.
Thanks for reading.
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