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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 331

Date:  Thursday September 30th, 1999  10:03 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
56 year old Harley Race needs both neck and back fusion due to injuries
suffered over his illustrious career; in a recent
St. Louis television
interview, Race had some words of advice for Chris Benoit.

An admirer of Benoit’s ability & dedication, Race said that he wished
he could talk to Benoit. Race loves how Benoit does the diving
head-butt (a move Race originated), but warned that 15 years from now
the move could destroy his neck.

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
At last weeks
UFC show Abbott made an interesting announcement; after
appearing on two WCW events and promptly disappearing, many questioned
Abbott’s status in WCW. After not being used for around four months
those questions seemed resolved: Abbott & WCW had apparently parted

Abbott is still in the first stage of a reported three year contract;
it’s unknown when, or if, Abbott will be thrust into future storylines.
Perhaps he will be inserted into a partnership with the Steiners after
Scott returns full-time.

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Violent J. of The Insane Clown Posse announced on the ICP's hotline
Tuesday that WCW had come back with a new contract, asking them to work
75 dates a year, and they will be back at Nitro this coming Monday.

If they are signed for 75 dates, this basically is Nitro, PPV’s, and
the occasional Thunder thrown in. Have their mainstream notoriety
helped draw interest in WCW? Have they accidentally injured opponents
due to over-zealousness? Were they prepared to jump to ECW without
notice? Somehow, WCW can still justify giving them a sweetheart deal.
We’ll see if the coming week breeds any more drama & conflict.

At the same time, I do respect the obvious love the clowns have for the
business; showing up unadvertised at house shows does denote a passion
most of today’s stars rarely exhibit. Does protecting your own
interests make you a bad guy in today’s wrestling world? Will WCW/ECW
protect their interests if they don’t. It’s not a black & white issue
regardless of your perspective.

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell, CA 95009-1228
Written by reader: FatesClwn

This is a rebuttal to SamJerry's column in issue #330.
WCW vs. WWF, My two cents.

After reading SamJerry's recent column on WCW I decided the readers
might benefit from my views. Now, I am not unbiased, I’m a big WCW fan,
but I feel that I can look at the situation from an unbiased point of

Every time I turn on the WWF I see one of a couple things. Rock, Stone
Cold, Triple H (ie big names), Jobbers, breasts, or some grown man using
childish terms like “suck it” and “ass” every five minutes. I’m not
saying any of this is bad, but its a little repetitive.

When I watch WCW I see some different things. Hogan (I’m a huge Hogan
mark since I was a kid.), Flair, Goldberg, Sting, (again big names.), a
huge line of great midcarders, (Rey Jr. Kidman, Benoit, Malenko, the
list goes on and on.), a little bit of gratuitous use of the female
body (nowhere near the amount in the WWF.), and unfortunately more and
more foul language.

Now I’m not saying this is good, but its what I like. I watched the
WWF for years and I loved Hogan as a child and watched in awe,
chanting his name with the crowd at home. But then something horrid
happened, Stone Cold. The end of heroes and villains and the birth of
some cross breed. In the 80's, if Stone Cold came out and did what he
does everyday, he would be a heel, but alas, the tons and tons of
younger watchers assure he'll be around for a long time.

The WCW failed in the same lame for a while with the NWO. But with the
return of Hulk Hogan, its back to good guys and bad guys, the way it
should be. Maybe there isn’t as much
"story line", but if that means I don’t have to watch corny acting, so
be it.

My best friend works at an Elementary school, and every time I talk to
him he tells me about 2nd graders saying stuff like "Suck it" to other
children. I wonder where this comes from? The WWF says their product is
meant for teens and up, but it is obviously aimed for, or at least most
appreciated by, younger children. The only people that would enjoy such
foul language and near nudity
is younger people, or maybe some older guys who just enjoy feeling
young, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now you can draw what you want from these tidbits of info, but the fact
is WCW is a more wholesome product and WWF takes a much more arsenal
route to entertain. Thanks for reading…
Written by reader: MAGM83

The following contains ways to:
Debut Taz-
Turn Austin Heel-
Bring back HBK to fight-
Bring back Cactus Jack-
Bring back Undertaker-And-
Reunite DX-All in
ONE angle! Lol

With Stevie Richards doing the gimmick of having multiple gimmicks. I
would like to see him STEAL the DX gimmick!!! He could go around and
annoy the past members and harass them. He could bother NAO, X-Pac,
Chyna, andvTriple H. During a World Title Match...Triple H is facing
Mankind In a Hell in the Cell! Stevie Richards comes down and helps
Triple H win somehow!!! All the former members run out and finally
catch up to Richards in the ring..."Sexy Boy "plays and Shawn Michaels
comes out and into the cell.

With all of the old DX there they look at each other as if they are
ready to kill one another...Then they all attack Mankind as they are
LOCKED inside the Cell. HBK runs down and locks it with a key!!!! DX
reunites as Heels!!! They beat Mankind down badly and the whole locker
room tries to get in to save him. Vince..Shane..DLo...Kane...EVERYONE.
UNDERTAKER (Who returns "out of gimmick"!)..But its too late as THE
NEW DX has beaten Mankind to a pulp. The show ends with HBK, Triple H,
X-Pac, New Age Outlaws, and Stevie Richards on top of the cell mocking
the WWF as the cell goes up to make sure they are left for safety!

The big question would be..."Who raised the cell?" It couldn't of been
Vince or Shane. Both of them were out trying to help Mankind. The only
two men that weren't out there were THE
They'd go on where both men would deny it for a few weeks. Doctors
order Mankind to not fight for awhile...So he comes back as CACTUS
JACK!! Cactus Jack attacks the Rock as the Rock's sunglasses were
"accidentally" left at the Cell Controller. Cactus Jack
challengesTriple H to a MYSTERY PARTNER

Triple H/Cell Lifter vs. Cactus Jack/Mystery Partner #1....IN A
Cactus Jack comes out with TERRY FUNK (Last Career Match)!!! They both
bring numerous weapons into the Cell!!! Triple H comes out with HBK.
HBK announces that "The Cell lifter" isn't there so HE WILL FIND A
SHOWSTOPPAH OF A REPLACEMENT....HIMSELF!!! This goes to be the best
Cell match EVER with all four men giving it their all. HBK and Triple H
somehow get Terry Funk knocked out after some dramatic action. They get
Cactus tied into the ropes...They beat him with chairs...THE GLASS
AND HE GOES IN!!! Austin takes the chair from Triple H!!! Austin looks
as if he's going to attack him...BUT NO!! AUSTIN

Quickly officials get Cactus and Funk out of there...The lights go
out!!! HBK and Triple H get knocked out!!! The lights come back
on...ITS TAZ!!! ITS TAZ!!! Austin turns around and see's him...He gives
him the bird and a crotch chop... Kickshim... STUNNER!!! Austin starts
to celebrate...TAZ GETS UP!!! TAZ
show would end with Vince McMahon coming out to talk to Taz and welcome
him... NO! TAZ
HITS THE TAZ PLEX ON MCMAHON!!! The show ends with Taz
doing his "Beat me if you can....Survive if I let you!" stuff! I KNOW
its VERY far-fetched..but don't you think this stuff would


"Sometimes its like someone took a knife, edgy and dull, and cut a six
inch valley through the middle of my soul..."
-Bruce Springsteen

Any nation that thinks more of its ease and comfort than its freedom
will soon lose its freedom; and the ironical thing about it is that it
will lose its ease and comfort too. -Somerset Maugham
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Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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"When you're young and you pick up a guitar, it feels so powerful. It feels like you pulled the sword from the stone. I used to believe that it could save the world. But I don't really believe that anymore." - Bruce Springsteen

"The greatest challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism
after you lose your innocence and believing in the power of the human
spirit after you come crashing into the limits of the real adult
world." - Bruce Springsteen


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