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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 332

Date:  Friday October 1st, 1999  10:38 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

Reported by By Tommy Meyerhoeffer at: &
Meyerhoeffer spoke to
Lodi and informed him that he and Lenny were told
that they have been taken off TV "indefinitely."

According to
Lodi, "Everyone from Bill Busch to Craig (Leathers) and
Annette (Yothers) love the angle."

This move has caused a lot of debate online, with some questioning the
wisdom of canceling such a controversial
storyline (after all, some would say controversy = ratings).

I would disagree; Lane & Lodi were portraying all of the worst
stereotypes a homophobe could ever ask for. How did they draw heat?
They rubbed up suggestively against their opponents, welcoming a
negative reaction based on a very common prejudice.

What is unfortunate is that both men are very promising young stars;
they both deserve the chance to get over, although in a more
conventional manner. The fate of the Cruiserweight championship is
still unknown at this point.
BOOKING SHEET Q & A By Nate Pelley
(TWInewsletter) I'm glad to be back again with another week of
Q&A. Thanks to everyone who has sent in questions, they all will be
answered (as long as they are wrestling related). There's already a
backlog of well over 100 questions, but keep 'em coming! I will answer
them in the order I receive them, unless there is a questions like
"Will so and so show up on Nitro on 10/4," in which case I'll answer it
as soon as possible, because it won't be relevant 3 weeks from now. If
you have a question, email me at TWINewsletter. Also, be sure
to subscribe to The Wrestling Informer newsletter, by sending a blank
e-mail to
twi-newsletter-subscribe- Onto the questions!

Q: Was Ernest "The Cat" Miller really world karate champion? Also, was
Mark Henry really the World's Strongest Man at one time?

A: Yes, "The Cat" is a three time World Karate Champion. I'm not sure
what years, but he debuted with WCW in 1997, so certainly sometime
before then. Henry was in fact at one time debatably the "World's
Strongest Man" based on all the weight lifting records he set. He
competed in the 1996 Olympics for the
US, but an injury prevented him
from winning the gold.

Q: What happened to the Giant Gonzalez?

A: Jorge Gonzalez, known also as "El Gigante" left the WWF in 1994 and
filmed a few TV shows (Baywatch, Thunder in
Paradise). His last known
whereabouts where back in
Argentina, his homeland, where is apparently
not involved in wrestling any longer.

Q: I am 16 years old and have been an avid wrestling fan since I was
two I can answer about every question in the world about wrestling but
one question I would like to know is Yokozuna ever going to make a
return to the WWF and what ever did happen to Ryan Shamrock, I heard
that she was fired and not fired. So was she fired or not? By the way,
I would just like to say Chris Jericho rules!!

A: Everyone always wonders about Yokozuna, and I can say as of right
now, NO he will not be returning to the WWF. Yoko is said to be very
large (even bigger than he was the last time he was in the WWF) and
with his size and the WWF's schedule, it would certainly be unhealthy
for him. He does however do Indy shows from time to time still, usually
working brief matches or tag team bouts. He will be facing King Kong
Bundy on the October 10 "Heroes of Wrestling" PPV event.

As for Ryan Shamrock, yes she was fired by the WWF earlier this year.
There are no plans to bring her back, and its unknown if we will ever
see her involved with wrestling again on a regular basis.

Q: I remember a few years ago a wrestler in the WWF brought a rabbit
down to the ring. Do you know who he is? If you do, do you know if he
still wrestles?

A: I don't recall the WWF ever having a wrestler who brought a rabbit
to ringside, but WCW did. Dave "Evad" Sullivan (aka The Equalizer)
brought "Ralph the Rabbit" to ringside with him during 1994-95.
Sullivan certainly had an interesting WCW career, going from a feared
wildman to the dyslexic brother of Kevin Sullivan, to the number one
Hulk Hogan mark in the world, to a peaceful calm guy who carried
rabbits with him to ringside. Sullivan is obviously out of WCW now,
and if he's anywhere, I'd suspect
Florida or Puerto Rico.

Q: Hey Man, how are you? I'm good, I have been watching wrestling for
many, many years now, and lately I have had a question no one was able
to answer, and I have been looking for the answer to this question
everywhere, but no one seems to know the answer, no matter where I
look. Some on there Q and A sections wouldn't even post the question
because they don't know the answer.. if you dont' know the answer, just
please tell me, instead of totally avoiding the question.
question is, what exactly does DDT stand for? Thanks, please answer the
question... see ya later. -George

A: This is surprisingly a fairly frequently asked question. The DDT,
the move made famous by Jake Roberts, is not really an abbreviation of
anything. Roberts took the name "DDT" from a powerful insecticide used
in the1940s, Dichloro Diphenyl Chloroethane (yes I know, that's DDC!).
The insecticide was so powerful and deadly however, its use was halted
due to illness and the threat to human's it caused.

Q: I have some questions: 1. Will HBK ever wrestle again and if yes
when? 2. Are Nash and Hall going to the WWF please say yes? 3. Is
Undertaker leaving the WWF? 4. Give me a hell ya if HBK rulz? 5. Why
don't they have PPV's on Saturdays so everyone can watch it without
school the next day? That's all please answer some or all, bye.

A: 1. HBK is the only person who knows if he will ever wrestle again,
and he's not saying. From seeing him in WWF rings the last year or so,
I don't see how he could be in such a bad state that he couldn't
wrestle again, but that's just me. I have long been a believer that
Shawn still has one good match left in him, but again, that's my
opinion. I can tell you that from talking to a friend who is training
with Shawn in
Texas, it does not look like he will ever get back in the
ring. 2. Nash and Hall may eventually wind up back in the WWF, but not
for another couple years, if ever. They are slated to return to WCW
soon with their "Outsider" gimmick again. 3. No, the Undertaker is not
leaving the WWF. He is taking some time off to heal up injuries that
have been bothering him for almost two years. He should be back by
November. 4. I've always been an HBK mark. 5. The main reason is
because while younger kids could stay up for the PPV's on Saturday
nights, most older people are out on Saturday nights, going to parties,
or whatever. Saturday is of course "date night" for a lot of
teenagers, and with males 18-35 being the target demographic, it would
not make sense to run PPV's on a nightwhen the majority of them are not
home. This is one reason why ECW's ratings have been so low, in my
opinion, because the show is on Friday nights, when half of American
teens are out at high school football games or just out with friends.

Q: Here's a question for you. I have always been a huge Rockers fan,
and continued to love Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty in their
singles days, with Jannetty being one of my all-time favorites. Where
is he? What has he done since that STUPID "New Rockers" angle with Leif
Cassidy/Al Snow?

A: Marty had a brief run with WCW there in 1998-early 99, but he
severed ties with the company earlier this year. You may recall he blew
out his knee at Survivor Series 1996, which put him out of action for a
long time. Marty still does a lot of Indy shows, and has talked about
making a comeback to the WWF, WCW, or ECW, all federations he has
competed for in the past. He also recently came back from a tour of
Australia. Like Yokozuna, he will be appearing on the "Heroes of
Wrestling" PPV event, facing Julio Sanchez.

Q: Who were the original 4 Horsemen?

A: That would be Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and Tully

Q: Could you tell me all the gimmicks Sean Waltman's had and the
background behind each one?

A: Well, Waltman's first major gimmick was that of the "Lightning Kid."
He used this in the GWF among other places, when he first broke into
wrestling. If you think he's small now, you need some tapes of his work
from back then! He did go on to hold the GWF Light Heavyweight title
for a while under this gimmick. He debuted in the WWF as "The Kid" a
jobber on RAW in 1993.He lost to the likes of Mr. Hughes and Doink
before shocking the world with his upset of Razor Ramon in May 1993.
The WWF ran through quite a few names for him, from "Kamikaze Kid" to
"Cannonball Kid" before landing on
"1-2-3Kid." When he left the WWF for WCW in 1996, he became known as
Syxx, a member of the NWO. He was the sixth member of the NWO (also,
1+2+3=6!). When he came back to the WWF in 1998, he was reborn as
X-Pac, a mixture of his
NOW nickname "Syxx-pac" and the name of his new
affiliates, DX.

Q: First of all I'd like to say I admire how you know all of this
stuff. Basically my question is could you tell me whatever happened to
these guys? Koko B. Ware, the Bushwackers, the Body Donnas, Ultimate
Warrior, Typhoon, and Texas Tornado. These were my favorites and after
I stopped watching for a few years they just disappeared. I remember
hearing about the Warrior in WCW, but someone said it was a fake
Warrior. Thank you.

A: First up, thanks for the compliment Now onto your "where are they
nows." Koko B. Ware is working Independent federations in TN and the
South from time to time. He suffered a mild heart attack last year, but
has bounced back just fine. The Bushwackers still appear from time to
time too on Indy shows, and will be working the "Heroes of Wrestling"
PPV in October. Skip of the Body Donnas (Chris Candido) is now back in
ECW, as is Sunny (Tammy Lynn Sytch), while Zip (Tom Prichard) is
appearing right now on WWF TV as the head of the scab referees (and
Jeff Jarrett's tag partner on RAW this past week). Dr. Tom also hosts
WWF Byte This! on, and works with WWF hopefuls at training
camps. The Warrior has faded away (again). He recently made comments
that he'd make ECW a major force if they signed him, but its doubtful
they will (although I'd love to see him do a 30 second job for Spike
Dudley!). Warrior was indeed in WCW, and yes it was the one (and ONLY!)
Warrior, not a fake. Typhoon still works Indy shows as well from time
to time, although he is not nearly as visible as he once was.
Unfortunately, "The Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich committed suicide in
1993. Kerry was the most talented member of the family, and its a
shame that the entire clan had such a tragic time.

Q: When Doink first showed up I thought it was a great gimmick. Who was
the original Doink? How many different people played Doink? Where is he

A: The very first person in Doink make up was Matt Borne. After he gave
up the role, several other people donned the face paint at one point or
another to be Doink. Phil Apollo, Steve Lombardi, Steve Keirn, Luke and
Butch of the Bushwackers, Jeff Jarrett, Mo and Mabel from Men on a
Mission, and dozens of other people have played the part of Doink
across the country. There are several "Doinks" still active today, all
over the country, and because they are behind a mask & makeup its
always hard to tell who's playing the role. There are "Giant Doinks,"
black Doinks, fat Doinks, and midget Doinks (or Dinks), running wild
over the country.

Q: What ever happened to the Berzerker, Kurrgan, Sniper and Recon and
The Patriot?

A: Berzerker was last seen in WCW as John Nord, but he quickly left
after making no impact. Kurrgan is working in Mexico right now, and is
still under WWF contract. Sniper is actually rumored to be on his way
to WCW soon, to team with Steven Regal and Dave Taylor. Recon (now
known as Bull Buchanan) is wrestling in OVW for Jim Cornette, so a WWF
return is not out of the question. The Patriot tore his arm to shreds
in the WWF, and had to take some time off. He returned at a show in I
believe North Carolina earlier this year or late last year, but I
haven't heard much from him since.

Q: How many Ultimate Warriors have there been? Is it true that there
have been more than one Undertaker?

A: There has been one Warrior, and ONLY one Warrior (thank God!), Jim
Hellwig, who legally changed his name to Warrior. There has been only
one Undertaker (the same man who plays the role now). In 1994, there
wasTed DiBiase's Undertaker (or as I call him the Underfaker), and that
role was played by Brian "Chainz" Lee (a member of DOA in 1997-98, also
known as "Prime Time" and "the Bulldozer" Brian Lee in SMW and ECW).

For ECW fans who might not know, in the opening credits of the show,
Lee is the man chokeslamming Tommy Dreamer off the balcony through all
of the tables. Lee was the Underfaker in the Undertaker vs. Undertaker
match at SummerSlam 94.

Q: Where is WOMAN aka Nancy Sullivan? Is she coming back? A little
ofher background please. Thanks, Jim.

A: Well, she's not Nancy Sullivan anymore for one, she's Nancy Benoit.
She married Chris a few years ago, and just recently announced that she
is pregnant with the couple's first child (and its a boy). She has
decided to stay out of the wrestling limelight for now, after several
years as a valet for everyone from Kevin Sullivan and Benoit, to the
Sandman. One of the few public appearances she makes each year is at
the Brian Pillman Memorial show. Now before we get to the next
question, there is a correction for you. The New Breed consisted of
Sean Royal and Chris Champion, not Firebreaker Chip as I said last
time. Thanks to everyone (all 9000 of you!) who emailed me with that
one. Here's a letter that pretty much sums it up.

Q: Nate,You have a great Q & A big guy but one answer I must disagree
with concerns the New Breed back in the days of the NWA. Unless there
were two tag teams called the New Breed, I distinctly remember one of
the guys being a young man that went by the name of Chris Champion who
at one point and time was the Bahama's champion. I don't recall the
name of his partner but I remember their angle was that they were from
the future. Can anyone else out there help on this one?
SGT E. Russell.

A: Thanks to you Sgt. (as well as the dozens of other people who
e-mailed me) for the correction. Yes, the New Breed's gimmick was that
they were from "the future" (2002 I believe). Kind of like Teckno Team
2000 in the WWF in the mid-90's.

Q: What was the name of Tito Santana and Rick Martel's tag team and how
many times did they hold the WWF tag team title?

A: Martel and Santana were known as Strike Force, and held the WWF tag
belts together on one occasion, from October 1987 to March 1988.

Q: After Mosh became Chaz, he was wrestling in a match back in May I
think, and all the sudden, Thrasher comes out of nowhere and saves him,
but since then we haven't seen Thrasher, and we see Chaz beginning to
fade a bit. So what's up with Thrasher? Is he off his injury, and can
he wrestle now? Ice4419.

A: Thrasher is still getting back in shape after his injury. He got
pretty lazy during his time off and put on quite a bit of weight. He
and Chaz did team up a couple weekends ago, however, to defeat the Mean
Street Posse on an ECWA show. His WWF return should come fairly soon.

Remember, only send Nate questions at: TWINewsletter
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Juventud Guerrera/Psychosis/La Parka versus Silver King/Villanos IV and

The unmasked Psychosis took the win for his team with a Guillotine
Legdrop on Villano V.
Winners: Juvi/Psychosis/La Parka via pinfall

Adrian Byrd versus Norman Smiley
The Big Wiggle forced Byrd to tap out to the cross face chicken wing.
Winner: Norman Smiley via submission

--Mene Gene interviewed Mona. As Mona was talking about how she wants
to give it her all, Brandi Alexander attacked her from behind. An
impromptu match began with Mona defeating Alexander with a top rope

Dean Roll versus Frankie Lancaster
This match was thrown out when Scott Norton attacked both men. Norton
then laid a challenge at the feet of Goldberg for the end of the night.
Winner: No Contest

--Mene Gene interviewed Goldberg. Goldberg accepted Norton's challenge
and told Sid Vicious that the clock was ticking.

Brian Knobbs/Hugh Morrus versus Dave Taylor/Steve Regal w/Fit Finlay
Attempted interference by Finlay got the Irishmen ejected fromringside.
The First Family took the match when Hugh Morrus hit his "No Laughing
Matter" Moonsault on Taylor for the win.
Winners: The First Family via pinfall

--Mene Gene interviewed the Revolution. Saturn told Shane Douglas by
interfering in matches, he was breaching the code of ethics. Saturn
also told Douglas that if he did not change, he would be ousted.
Douglas apologized to everyone and the group held their hands in the
air as a show of solidarity.

Bobby Eaton versus Luther Biggs w/Coach Buzz Stern
Eaton took the match with a spinning neckbreaker. After the bell, Stern
attacked Eaton and then put his own student in the full nelson, and
then walked him to the back.
Winner: Bobby Eaton via pinfall

Horace Hogan versus Brad Armstrong
Armstrong went to the pay window after hitting Hogan with the Russian
leg sweep.
Winner: Brad Armstrong via pinfall

Kendall Windham/Curly Bill (Vincent) w/Curt Hennig versus Kidman/Rey
Mysterio Jr.
With a boost from Kidman, Mysterio hit Curly Bill with a top rope
Winners: The Filthy Animals via pinfall

Goldberg versus Scott Norton
Spear.......jackhammer......that's all she wrote.
Winner: Goldberg via pinfall
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