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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 335

Date:  Saturday October 2nd, 1999  5:32 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

Reported by Lee Relph & Dave Scherer at:
WWF UK only PPV: October 2nd, 1999, live in Birmingham, England

IC Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/Miss Kitty) pinned D-lo Brown
The Godfather pinned Gangrel
Val Venis pinned Mark Henry
Ivory defeated Jacqueline, Luna Vachon & Tori in a Four Way Title Match
Chris Jericho (w/Mr. Hughes) pinned Road Dogg
Chyna defeated IC Champion Jeff Jarrett vis disqualification
Kane pinned The Big Show
The British Bulldog pinned X-Pac
Edge & Christian defeated The Acolytes & The Hollys in a Triangle Match
WWF World Heavyweight Champion Triple H defeated The Rock in a Steel

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer revealed an exciting new project
in this past weeks issue. Starting Monday, October 4th, Meltzer will
host a live call-in radio show over the internet (similar in format to
WCW Live). Broadcast on Eyada.Com,
the show will be daily (Monday-Friday) from
6:00 PM-8:00 PM EST
3:00-6:00 on the West Coast).

Meltzer is the top wrestling journalist in the world; I'm hoping that
this venture will expose his viewpoint to the internet fans that all
too often haven't been exposed to The Observer. I hope all of you will
give the show a chance, it promises to be interesting. Find it at:
Visit Raging Climax at
for the best in news and results on the net.
Written by reader: SnakePitt7

Every great once in a while I find myself, almost without meaning to,
writing a letter to this sheet. Usually it doesn't get sent in. When
Owen Hart died, I had an entire letter written out but didn't send, I
figured my way of showing respect for Owen would be not to contribute
to the ramblings and finger pointing before any evidence was revealed.
I find myself almost daily compelled to write in response to one letter
or another discussing why the WWF or WCW is better than the rest.

This letter is a compilation of my thoughts on the whole shebang so
please, take it for what its worth. I'm not saying I'm right, its
just my opinion. I hate the WWF. I despise Vince McMahon. I love to
watch WCW, but hated Bischoff with a passion. And so you know, in case
I may get a little biased, I've been a Bret Hart mark since I first saw
him live.

The fans have been arguing the pros and cons of the WWF Vs WCW for some
The press has been debating "Has wrestling gone too far?" Wrestlers
and wrestling celebs have feen filing lawsuits left and right as of
late. The fans of WCW have been calling for outright censorship of WWF
product. The fact of the matter is IF YOU
CHANNEL. That's the only way to tell Vince, "Your product is wrong!" or
"WCW catch up with the times!"

Is WWF better than WCW? I don't know, I try to be objective and watch
both so I'm not hypocritical. I don't like the WWF shows. They're
presented well, with a style that WCW could stand to learn from, but
what they present isn't wrestling. I can go to a local strip club and
see that any night of the week, BUT the borderline nudity is not the
only thing presented on the WWF. However it is a HUGE part. Val
Venis, sucks. He's, in my opinion, a shoddy excuse for an actor, and
his gimmick is ridiculous.

Women wrestling men? Here's where I say what you least expect. Who
cares? If
women want the opportunity to get into the ring under circumstances
other than the campy women wrestling divisions then by all means go for
it!! Chyna has proven that she has what it takes to go against any man
in the WWF, and the guys don't seem to mind. its about time women get
presented equally.

At the same time that the WWF is giving at least one woman a fair shot,
they also degrading women everywhere by saying, yeah they can wrestle
but the only thing they're here for is their "Puppies"! Thank god
Chyna has not allowed them to rip her shirt off. I respect Chyna. Now
that other He/She that has filed a lwsuit against the WWF is as
ignorant as they come. Nicole Bass's lawsuit is so ridiculous that the
first words out of the judges mouth should be THIS CASE IS THROWN OUT

Rena Mero? Let's be honest, are you telling me when she went to the
WWF that she went with the intentions of being a wholesome character?
Maybe that shoot in Playboy was meant as a way to warn todays youth
that nudity and the sexual degredation of women everywhere is wrong.
Huh? Exactly! Rena Mero knew what she was getting into when went
there. Every time she walked onto the stage or into
the ring she knew she was there for one reason, her chest and that fine
body that she presents soooo well. So naturally, when her conscience
caught up to the rest of her body she felt like trash for trapsing
around the WWF like that. So what better way to rectify her conscience
than to sue Vince McMahon, after all he WAS the one paying to her to
flaunt herself like that, and maybe he stood out there wiggling those
hips FOR her, we just didn't notice him cause we were too busy staring
at her "puppies".

Now an environment like the WWF does tend to breed sexual abuse, so it
is quite possible that SOME of her claims of backstage abuse are legit,
but in that case that should have been her suit, not that the WWF made
her become the psuedo slut she became.

Bret Hart? Okay, I've really tried to be fair about this. I've
stepped back, and even went as far as to have my fiance and future
brother in law tell me whether or not I was being biased. So here's my
view. Bret Hart wanted one thing from Vince McMahon, an honorable
goodbye in front of his fans. Should he have been allowed to go out as
champ and then surrender the title on RAW? Bret's always been a man of
his word. If he said he would show up and surrender the title, then
you know he would do it. In any normal circumstances Vince would have
been justified by being worried that his Champ would ditch the RAW show
and show up on Nitro. Not Bret.

Even so, Vince had a right to say, "No, you'll lose to Shawn at the
PPV, but with dignity, and respect. It'll be a straight match, no
interferance, and you'll still leave
the WWF as the hero you've become." So why did it go down like that?
all the makeup in the world, and all the pretty talk and diatribe in
the world can't change what makes a person. Vince McMahon is about as
dishonest and low lifed as they come, but the man is a genius when it
comes to wrestling. He was right when he said that WCW wouldn't know
what to do with a Bret Hart if they had one. Vince knows wrestling,
and knows how to sell the product, even if it is something that totally
betrays everything the WWF had stood for, betrays its millions of
child fans and becomes adult entertainment, BUT that's why I prefer
WCW. That's my choice.

I am a part of the minority. The ratings have shown that what the WWF
presents is what is wanted today. My opinion is that now that Bischoff
is out of control of WCW, what we will see is a revamping of WCW and it
will evolve into WRESTLING for the next century. I think we'll see a
resurgence of WCW, but I do think that its time for Hogan and Flair,
and Piper to step out of the boots, into suits and step into the front
office working, not for themselves any longer, but for the FANS.

Piper proved in the WWF that he can interview like no one's business.
He can get under your skins and dig down to get to story at hand and
bring out a compelling interview with the best of them. Hogan and
Flair are THE two top names in the business. Imagine for one instant if
they were to step out of the boots and egos and start promoting the
enormous roster that WCW boasts. Add them to the new staff WCW already
has. Keep friendships out of the picture and make them run the
company based on what's best!! WCW could be unstoppable.

I'm refraining from commenting on the Owen Hart situation out of
respect. I do think that the Hart Family lawsuit is justified. its a
wrongful death lawsuit, designed to get to the bottom of why Owen died.
And to send Vince a message, take better care of your talent . . .
period! That's it, I'm not saying any more on that.

The bottom line is, the viewers have proven, especially with the
ressurgence of the rating in WCW somewhat, that there is in fact a
place for both the WWF and WCW. As much as I dislike the WWF, don't
blame Vince McMahon for making money. Blame him for aiming his trash
at children, even though he says he doesn't, but don't blame him for
making money and doing what he does best.

Blame him for being a uncaring pushy boss, but don't blame him for
turning Reno Mero's character into a whore. Human nature isn't changed
by one man. Don't blame the man for altering the WWF and turning it
into adult entertainment, the
business makes money, blame the parents who use the Television as their
babysitter for all of the childhood viewers.

I strongly dislike the WWF, but Censorship is wrong, period. You start
censoring what the WWF can put on the air and you open a doorway for
others to begin telling YOU what you can and can't see. You open the
door for whoever is in "charge" at the time to say, this is not
appropriate for you to watch. You stifle creativity and
undermind the whole intent of Freedom of Speech and Expression. I
hate what the WWF does, but I'm not the man who is going to say it
needs to be taken off the air. If the talent in the WWF has no problem
with it then let them do what they do best, if they do have a problem
then they should leave. And if you have a problem with it then you
shouldn't watch it, and you shouldn't let your kids watch it.
Written by reader: Allan Schrage (Iceprince)

I think that Mankind's "This Is Your Life" bit for The Rock was one of
the funniest things I have seen in ages on TV. Everyone was talking
about it at work the next day, & everyone seemed to love it.

While I have seen some trash it, I think that if you keep in mind that
the WWF promotes itself as "sport entertainment", that the spot most
definitely hit its mark. It was sports comedy at its best. And a
nice little parody of the old "This Is Your Life" show to boot. Both
wrestlers were great, delivering some great lines. While I would not
want to see 25 minutes taken out of every show for this, as a once in a
blue moon thing, its fine with me. Especially when you have 2 great
mike men like
Foley & The Rock doing the bit.

Great work by the WWF in my book. This is why they are now heads &
shoulders above the WCW. And I don't see that changing anytime soon.
And seeing as I am a steadfast WCW & old NWA fan, that does not bode
well for the WCW. While you might make an argument that WCW has just
as much, or maybe more, pure talent than WWF, the WWF certainly knows
how to best use what they have, and that has resulted in their again
being the #1 promotion in the world. The Mankind/Rock bit was just
further proof that the WWFreally knows how to use what they have to
its fullest extent.
Written by reader: Chris Migliaccio (Sting833)

I'm writing in response to the letter in issue #334 about ECW being a
bust on TNN. Is something that's the highest rated show on the network
usually considered a bust? Of course not. That is what ECW is already
for TNN. It should also be noted that Roller Jam has seen a solid
increase in ratings since ECW came on.

A 1.0 is a very good rating for ECW considering the circumstances. One
recognize that TNN is not nearly as popular as USA or
TNT, the two
highest rated cable networks. Also, they are on Friday nights, a time
when alot of their target audience is out. Between high school football
on Fridays and other activities, a lot of those 18-35 year old males
that ECW targets simply aren't home to watch.

My main concern about ECW on TNN has been what I've felt is a lack of
quality of the product itself. As a long time ECW fan whose seen some
of ECW's best stuff, this was not it. At least until last night. Last
night they finally produced the interesting, action-packed show that
I've come to expect from ECW, and it should only get better next week.
Still left over from those tapings are matches such as Candido-Storm
(which we'll definitely see next week), Crazy-Lynn, and Sabu-Taz. Looks
like another great show if you ask me.
-Chris Migliaccio
Written by reader: Archemides

Here is my reply to reader ROBLEE4U's article, and in particular his
quoting of Jim Liberatore.

I have no idea who Jim Liberatore is, but I sincerely would love to
find out who he is, and what the hell his problem is. At this point, I
no longer watch any other promotion except ECW. WWF and WCW can no
longer really satisfy my thirst for a really good match nowadays. I
came across a VERY disturbing letter in the last WBS concerning ECW. I
find it amazing that he should refer to ECW's fans as Neo-Nazis and
skinheads. Ok, well let me clarify a few things.

Firstly, I am a registered member of
ARA (Anti Rascist Action) and find
nothing on this planet to piss me off more than racism. It is a direct
insult to me personally for him to clasify me as a Nazi because of my
choosing to enjoy ECW's product.

Secondly, I think he should look up what a skinhead is. I know this is
a wrestling column, but I might as well spread some knowledge anyway.
Skinheads were Jamaican gangsters in the 1950's (yes, black Jamaicans)
who characteristically listened to ska and reggae music. Through the
music, skinheads moved to England and America, and at the same time,
spread to people of different races. A small group of skinheads became
notorious fascists in England, and their rep spread around the world.
So don't go classifying rascists and skinheads in the same catagory.

I can think of a lot of mean stuff I would like to write as well to the
guy who quoted him. If you read his phrasing and the context of the
quote, it is obvious he has a similar view. Well, I probably can't
curse in this letter, but let me sum up how I feel for you and Jim
Liberatore in two letters. F.U.
It is a match that Ace Darling has wanted since he's been in the
wrestling business. Growing up, one of his favorite guys to watch
wrestle was former WWF Tag Team champion Marty Jannetty. Recently,
when ISPW ran a poll to see which wrestlers that the fans would like to
see more of in ISPW, Marty Jannetty won the poll. Darling didn't waste
anytime to challenge Jannetty to a match, since it is a match he always
wanted to have.

Well on November 6th, in Selinsgrove, Pa at the Selinsgrove Area High
Ace Darling puts the ISPW Title on the line against Marty Jannetty.
This should be a great match, and we here at ISPW can't wait for these
two great athletes to get it on.
This show marks the 1 Year Anniversary of ISPW, as it debuted a year
ago on
November 6th, 1998 in Paterson, NJ. Other top matches on this show
will include:
ISPW Tag Team Title Match: Glenn Osbourne & Julio Sanchez defend the
Team Titles against Samu & L.A. Smooth, The Head Shrinkers. These two
have had some great matches this summer against each other, and we here
ISPW are very excited to sign this match once again. This will mark
Osbourne & Sanchez's first title defense, and the hungry Head Shrinkers
want their titles back.

Fresh from WCW, Mikey Whipwreck will take on Judas Young in a battle of
high flyers. Young has been making a name for himself lately, and this
match could slingshot Young into the "Top Tier" here in ISPW. However,
Whipwreck is one of the top high flyers out there today, and can't be
taken lightly.

"Flyboy" Rocko Rock from Public Ememy goes one on one with the cocky 22
old, The Inferno Kid (with Bobcat). Inferno wants "HIS PROPS" from
Rock, but he isn't just gonna get them, he has to earn them. Rock has
been in the business for many years, and he doesn't give just anyone
respect. its something that has to be earned, and Inferno promises to
do just that because he needs "HIS PROPS!"

Flash Wheeler takes on "Sure Thing" Ryan Wing in a match where the
winner will get a title match against the ISPW Light Heavyweight
Champion, "The Samoan Storm" Afa Jr. These two wrestlers have yet to
receive a Light Heavyweight Title match, so the winner of this match
will go on to get a shot at the following show.

"The Psycho" Derek Domino takes on 500 pounds of Matt E. Smalls. Domino
promises to take the fight to the Smalls, who was briefly in the WWF
and ECW
a few years back as part of the Samoan Gangsta Party.

To round out a great show, you will see J.R. Ryder take on Harley
Lewis. Ryder is looking at a shot at the ISPW Title, and Lewis is
making his return to ISPW at this show. An important match for both
wrestlers, as Ryder wants to move up in the rankings, and Lewis wants
to start destoying some talent. Also apart of this 1 Year Anniversary
show will be the ISPW Commissioner, The Iron Sheik and former WCW/ECW
valet, Chastity! What will the Sheik be up to that day, and what will
the hot and sexy Chastity be doing at the event?!?

This show will be the first of five shows for the ISPW November
Neckbreaker Tour 99'. For more info, please visit the ISPW Website at: or contact them at: ispw2
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