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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 337

Date:  Monday October 4th, 1999  8:50 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported at:
In a huge move, WCW has acquired the services of Vince Russo. Often
credited as being one of the main reasons behind the WWF's resurgence,
Russo is one of the driving forces behind the de-emphasis on the
in-ring product in the 1999 WWF.

Will we now see WCW attempt to compete with the WWF in the variety show
sweepstakes? Will WCW neglect their in-ring product shortly after
producing several high quality television matches? Below we have the
brief announcement posted on WWF.COM:

"Vince Russo resigns
Effective Sunday, October 3 at
9:45 p.m. ET, Vince Russo, one of the
creative writers, will no longer be with the World Wrestling
Federation. Russo abruptly resigned over the phone and will now be
working for WCW."

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
Scott Hall & Kevin Nash will both be in
Kansas City for Nitro tonight;
at this point I would expect that they will not be shown on-camera.
One would think that Russo would like to script their return himself at
this point…

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer revealed an exciting new project
in this past weeks issue. Starting Monday, October 4th, Meltzer will
host a live call-in radio show over the internet (similar in format to
WCW Live). Broadcast on Eyada.Com,
the show will be daily (Monday-Friday) from
6:00 PM-8:00 PM EST
3:00-6:00 on the West Coast).

Meltzer is the top wrestling journalist in the world; I'm hoping that
this venture will expose his viewpoint to the internet fans that all
too often haven't experienced The Observer. I hope all of you will
give the show a chance, it promises to be interesting. Find it at:
To check out Chris Nelson's online superstore, go to:
For all of you backyard wrestlers out there, this is the place to go!
Written by reader: Joseph Cassidy (LooseCannonJC@xxxxc...)

Well, I've read many wrestling web sites' opinions of WWF Rebellion
sinceSaturday, but the one thing that seems to be missing is a British
person's view of the whole thing. So, as a British person and a
long-timeBulldog fan, I HAVE to give my opinion. For those of you who
have not heard or seen what happened at Rebellion concerning the
Bulldog, and there are probably many of you, the WWF went COMPLETELY
wild, and decided to make the Bulldog an out-and-out, 100% diabolical

Yes, they WANTED the Brits to boo the Bulldog. And the way they done it
was very ironic; They have ruined the Bulldog's career in muchthe same
way they ruined Jeff Jarrett's career. First of all, they had Davey Boy
"accidentally" knock out Stephanie McMahon with a trash can, and then
run-out and Powerslam Chyna during her "bonus" match against Jarrett.

Firstly, if the WWF really WANT Jarrett and the Bulldog to go heel,
theWORST possible way they could go about it is by having them attack
women. All these wrestlers attacking women is setting a terrible
example for the hundreds of little kids that watch the WWF's
programming. Also, this gets a reaction from most of the "mature" fans
not of "hatred" for the wrestlers, which is what a heel persona aims
for, but more a reaction of "disgust" towards the wrestlers, and the
fans will then soon lose interest inJarrett and the Bulldog completely,
and they will fade into obscurity, their careers ruined in much the
same way in which the WWF destroyed the careers of many a talent
before, such as Vader and the late Brian Pillman.

As if that,wasn' tbad enough, having the Bulldog go heel in
Britain was
a TERRIBLE mistake. Are the WWF trying to COMPLETELY ruin the British
wrestling market? The Bulldog is the
ONE wrestler in the WWF who,
through thick and thin, hasALWAYS received cheers from a British crowd,
and has always just "been there", and was the main reason for a LOT of
young British children watching the WWF.

Now with Bulldog as an INTERNATIONAL heel, I believe tha tmany British
fans will soon lose interest, and the sport of wrestling will be
completely forgotten in the
UK once again. This is a real shame, since
wrestling has come back with a vengeance over here as of late, and even
British Independent Promotions are now actually doing some GOOD
business for the first time in years, such as NWA-UK Hammerlock, the
FWA and the new "shining star" of British wrestling, the UWA.

So, WWF, sit down, think abou twhat you've done. Bulldog may work
incredibly well as a heel in the
US, but he CERTAINLY does not abroad.
The WWF have until mid-2000, when the next WWF appearance in the
will be to re-think their strategy. Let's just hope they do the right
thing and make The British Bulldog that one wrestling role-model that
children across the
UK really need these days, since EVERY British
wrestler seems to be pushed as a heel nowadays.
--Joe Cassidy
Written by reader: Adam Schlosser (kenkoretzin)

A big question has been whether Taz will be a face or a heel and who
will he feud with. Yesterday though, I passed an interesting question,
will his size diminish his standing? True, most WWF superstars are
huge, I think even the smallest stands at least 6'0 tall. Taz stands
only 5'8. I don't think Taz's short stature will have any impact on his
outcome with the company, mainly because of attitude.

I mean, you look at the Rock and say, "He's some big tough mouthy guy
on TV, but he probably goes home and plays a round of golf with the
boys from the country club." Or you see Chris Jericho, who's all
arrogant and brash but you think, "No, he's probably just a nice
relaxed guy outside the ring." Look at Taz though. I've seen him smile
sure, but when I see him, and I hear him talk, I can't help thinking
that he carries that attitude 24/7.

I don't see Taz hitting the links or lounging in his favorite recliner
at home with a cigar. No, I see him sitting at home telling his wife to
get the pork chops on the table, and that his kid better eat his peas
or he's going to get choked out. Sure Taz is short, but he's going to
go in that ring mean and tough.

5'8, so what if the Rock is 6'5, or The Big Show is 7'2, or 7'4 or
whatever his specified height is for the week. I can see The Rock
falling prey to a Taz-Plex, or Taz leaping on The Big Show's back and
choking him out with the Kata-Hajime. I can even see WWF's main draw
Stone Cold Steve Austin on the receiving end of a T-Bone Taz-Plex or
two, but of course, with
Austin's arrogance he'll have to get up
immediately and be able to stun Taz. Anyways, what I'm saying, is
anyone that thinks Taz is too small for the WWF better think again, WWF
sells attitude and Taz packs a lot of it. He may just be too big for
the WWF, not too small.
Written by reader: Richard Knott (flyer88)

Just a few comments regarding the letter from snakepitt7. While I
admire the intelligence behind the letter, it brings up some points
that drive me absolutely crazy. The whole WWF vs. WCW is to me a
creation of the internet and nothing more. It is a bogus issue, about
as serious as the great Coke vs. Pepsi controversy. The fact that
people are now obsessed almost more with ratings points each Tuesday
than with what they actually saw on Monday speaks volumes.

Does anyone really believe that Turner is going to pull the plug on a
cash cow like WCW because it is losing to WWF in the ratings? It may
be a blow to his ego, but as long as the revenues keep pouring in, I
think he can live with that. Changes are being made at WCW not because
of ratings, but because the company was LOSING money. And it wasn`t
losing money because of ratings, it was losing money because Bischoff
was tossing cash around like it was Monopoly money. Easy to do when it
is not your money.

He hired wrestlers for whom he had absolutely no need, in
fact..just so no other company would have them. His roster became
bloated and the payroll, thanks to the stupefying salaries he was
paying to just about everyone, whether they earned it or not, had
become more than just a slight problem.

WCW is not in danger of dropping off the airwaves. It is a viable
product with a solid fan base and it will survive. Even if it doesn`t,
so what? These "desperate" plans to "save" WCW crack me up. Save it
from what? From the nightmare of being number two? Horrors!

Don`t ever forget that it was Turner`s dislike for McMahon and
Bischoff`s COLOSSAL ego that started the whole Monday night wars.
Using Turner`s money, Bischoff raped McMahon`s roster and
"in-your-faced" him by deliberately putting Nitro on Monday. Make no
mistake about it, the plan was to destroy the WWF COMPLETELY, not just
win a ratings war. They were out to ruin Vince. The fact that they
couldn`t, though they came close, is a testament to his business acumen
and his amazing resiliency.

That brings me to another point...on what basis is it fair to call
McMahon, "the lowest of the low"? What incredible inside information
regarding his personal life do people on the internet have that enables
them to assassinate a man`s character like that? I happen to prefer
the WWF. But do I think it goes too far? Sure, sometimes it does.

The Henry/transvestite angle was embarrassing. Seventy year old women
in the ring, much less in a title match? Ludicrous, pointless and
potentially dangerous. But get down off your soapboxes, people. WCW
isn`t exactly a Sunday sermon, either. I will say it to my dying day:
as a parent, I would rather have my child see a woman in a thong than
be taught that it is cool to be part of a "gang" and that you are cool
and sexy when you attack four and five on one and spray paint your
"colors" on the bodies you leave laying when you leave. And that is
exactly what the
NOW was...a glorified street gang with all the cool
guys as members and which always came out on top by using those same
street gang tactics. And don`t think that WCW won`t saddle up that
horse and ride it again if they think it will help their cause. Let`s
see where all the internet moralists are then.

As for Bret Hart, if I hear one more time that he was "screwed", I will
puke. Why is it that the same people who moan about the "colossal egos"
in the WCW locker rooms and cite as one of its biggest problems the
unwillingness to "job" for the good of the company are the ones saying
Hart was screwed because he refused to job on his last night in the
company that had made him what he was? What kind of ego refuses to
allow a wrestler to do for another wrestler what so many other
wrestlers had done for him in the past? Hell, Ric Flair jobbed to Hart
in a title match, losing the belt.

Hart was the "Excellence of Execution" because McMahon made him that.
McMahon told the other wrestlers in the WWF that Hart was the "man". He
told them to job for Hart, and they did their job. Do you think they
all liked it? That they
all liked him? Doubt it, but they did their job and put him over,
because that`s how the game is played. Betcha some of them didn`t like
Hart and a few of them even thought that they could kick his ass in a
legitimate fight...but they did their job.

Hart`s job was to lose the belt, pass it on to Michaels and move on to
WCW to cash his fat paychecks and start a new "legend". But he
couldn`t..wouldn`t do it. Why, because he didn`t "like" Michaels? So
what? Because he didn`t want to lose in front of Canadian fans.
What??!! Somewhere along the line, Canadians must have seen him lose.
If not, they were due and probably would have gotten over the shock
eventually. Hart`s own ego "screwed" him. I really believe he thinks he
is the character he portrays. The best there was, blah, blah, blah!

I don`t even want to judge him or the depth and sincerity of his grief
over the loss of his brother, but how hypocritical is it for him to
blast what the WWF did in its heart felt tribute to Owen (probably the
classiest thing the WWF has EVER done) as
exploitation? What the hell does he think WCW did with his
strategically placed "return" interview and is doing with its upcoming
"tribute" match on Nitro between Chris "the man who the internet would
be king" Benoit and himself? Think that might draw a few more viewers
than usual and really bring him to the forefront again? I hate to be a
cynic, but if he was really saying, "gee, I don`t know if I`ll ever
wrestle again, but I might if I have a program with Hogan and a title
reign", to WCW after his brother`s tragic death, who is the cynic? Just
thinking out loud.
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to Thomavsille, NC this Sat.,
night Oct. 9th, at the National Guard Armory (off of National Highway),
7:30p.m. belltime.

In the main event, Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant returns to
Thomasville against the The Masked Assassin. In other matches, "For
Total Control of New Dimension Wrestling", The Dirty White Boy with
managers Chris Cruise & John Hitchcock will lock up one on one with a
hardcore mystery wrestler to be determined by Executive Committee
Member Chris Plano.
The original scheduled opponent Beastmaster Rick Link was suspended
indefinitely from New Dimension Wrestling this past weekend and will be
replaced in Thomasville this Saturday night.

Plus you will see, Otto Schwanz, Cham Pain, King, Nite-Stic Eddie
Brown, Chilly Willy, Toad, Mike Gunner, Brute Shooter, Fuego Dimente,
Tim Sells, over 20 NDW Wrestling superstars to appear.

Jimmy Valiant will be holding autograph sessions this week throughout
Thomasville at the following locations; Thursday at Ingles Supermarket,
Friday at Winn-Dixie Supermarket, and Saturday at Westchester Flea

Advance tickets are available at Southwest Expressions (Archdale), Hix
Insurance Center (High Point), or at the armory the day of the show.
For information, call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at
336-882-4921 or on the worldwide web at Be
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