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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 339

Date:  Tuesday October 5th, 1999  5:25 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
RAW Nitro
1st Hour n/a 3.6
2nd Hour 5.9 2.4
3rd Hour 5.9 2.6
Composite 5.9 2.9
The classic Bret Hart/Chris Benoit tribute match did quarter hours of
2.5 & 2.8, disappointing numbers considering the quality of the match.

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
ECW on TNN (10/1) 0.7
WWF Livewire (10/2) 1.5
WCW Saturday Night (10/2) 1.4
WWF Superstars (10/3) 1.8
WWF Sunday Heat (10/3) 3.6

A reader of ours, Jeff, needs a copy of the 10/4 Nitro from
. If any of you have a copy, please let him know at

Visit My Home Page At:

The sudden change of employers for Vince Russo and his protege Ed
Ferraro from the WWF to WCW portends major changes in the way WCW
programs will be done. The Bean Counter In Charge (BIC) decided that he
had a better idea than his predecessor. Rather than raid the talent
from the WWF, he would raid the head writer and his closest aide.
Having already said he watched and liked RAW, The BIC now has the man
primarily responsible for the WWF's turnaround from a moribund entity
to the thriving company it is today.

What does this mean for WCW? Russo is known to favor younger wrestlers
(under 40) and for providing viable story lines and angles for
everyone, not just the top tier. Should he follow his successful
formula in WCW, it bodes ill for the likes of Hogan, Flair, Piper and
Dirtbag. It also doesn't seem like it will give people like Hart,
Douglas, Nash and Hall, who are approaching or in their 40's, a warm
and fuzzy feeling. It seems like it will be good news to the younger
and so far unpushed mid carders. People like Benoit, Saturn and Kidman
might finally get the recognition they so richly deserve.

How will be treat The Luchadores is another question that comes up.
Noting the lack of Mexican wrestlers in the WWF could mean their time
in WCW is limited.

If Russo continues his successful formula and is allowed to push the
envelope as he was in the WWF, there will be major changes in what we
see on WCW's programs. In the WWF, Russo was a proponent of the
"Hollywood Style" of wrestling and of Sports Entertainment. Should he
go that direction, it will have a major impact on the fans as well.
Those that favored the product that WCW had been presenting will be
losing what they liked best about WCW, wrestling as opposed to Sports
Entertainment. It will also leave ECW as the only major Federation
placing wrestling above entertainment.

The impact on the WWF promises to be dramatic. It will be virtually
impossible to replace someone with the creative talents and work ethics
of Russo. They will have a major void to fill. If they are to retain
their position as the leading wrestling organization, they are going to
have to find someone who can fill his shoes. It won't be easy. Perhaps
there are people on the staff at the WWF ready to step in. Russo was
known as a man of integrity, leaving because he felt there were no
challenges left for him at the WWF. He has stated that money was never
an issue. That tracks with most creative geniuses; they thrive on
challenges, not financial reward. I doubt he would just up and leave,
leaving McMahon and the WWF in the lurch. Whoever takes over his spot
will have to hit the road running. Russo said he wrote the
October 4,
, version of RAW, but there was no mention of anything beyond that.
A positive sign can be found in recent remarks made by Chris Jericho.
He said that "he knew his role for the next three months." That gives
the creative team at the WWF a bit of breathing room.

However it shakes out, Russo's defection is the most significant one
ever. He says he has been given complete control of WCW television. How
much more important could a job be? Where he takes WCW and what his
move means to the WWF promises to make the future exciting. Will we be
watching RAW and Son of RAW compete against each other on Monday Night?
Will Russo come up with an entire new concept? Will NITRO be cut down
to two hours, or even moved to another night so it isn't head-to-head
with RAW. Ditto for Thunder v.

SmackDown. How will the WWF fare without Russo? Stay tuned, it looks
like we are on line for a "E" ticket ride.
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

New Age Outlaws vs. Kane/X-Pac vs. The Hollys vs.Acolytes
At one point, X-Pac refused to tag in Kane, wanting to prove that he
could hang with the big men without any help. As Kane chokeslammed
Farooq, Bradshaw nailed X-Pac with the "clothesline from hell" to gain
the win for the Acolytes.
Winners: The Acolytes via pinfall

--A clip was shown of the British Bulldog throwing a trash can
(knocking out Stephanie McMahon) at the
UK pay per view, Rebellion,
followed by a clip of him powerslamming Chyna. Davey Boy then told the
crowd in
Jersey that there were too many women in the WWF and they did
not belong there. The Bulldog said he didn't care about his country,
U.S. or the people, only the WWF title. Chyna then stood on the
ramp and challenged the Bulldog to a match.

--Mankind was telling the Rock (who was paying absolutely no attention
because he was on his cell phone) that they should break up the Rock n'
Sock connection and that he thought the Rock would be all right. The
Rock finally put down his phone to ask Mankind who he was talking to.
Mankind left and the Rock told whoever was on the other end that
Mankind was "half retarded."

--Michael Hayes interviewed Test live from a
Connecticut medical
hospital. Test said Stephanie McMahon was suffering from post
concussion syndrome and that Stephanie does not recognize him.

--The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young were in the back attacking Ivory,
ripping her clothes off.

--In the back, Mankind was telling Stevie Richards that he could see
the pain in The Rock's eyes and that it hurt him to see the Rock
feeling so low.

Edge/Christian versus The New Brood *Round 2 of the Terri Invitational*
The winner of this best of five matches between these two teams will
win the services of Terri and $100,000. Edge and Christian won their
second consecutive after Edge speared Matt Hardy in mid air.
Winners: Edge/Christian via pinfall (Take 2-0 lead in the Terri

--X-Pac challenged the Acolytes to face he and Kane in a four corners
elimination match at No Mercy.

--Triple H took center ring and asked Jim Ross to join him in the ring,
promising him that he would not attack him. In an exclusive interview
that J.R. conducted with Steve Austin last Friday,
Austin said that he
may not be medically cleared to wrestle, but he will be at No Mercy to
gain revenge on Triple H for what he did to him at SummerSlam.

Triple H asked Ross what he thought
Austin thought of him. Ross replied by
saying, "He thinks you're an a$$hole". Ross then told the world
champion that he thought he was a " sorry, low down, S.O.B." Triple H then
clotheslined Ross and continued to beat on him (while taunting him with
his own phrases like Slobberknocker) until officials broke it up.

--Jeff Jarrett agreed to team with Ivory to face Mae Young and the
Fabulous Moolah.

--Mankind was seen with two starts from G vs E, a show which he will
appear on Sunday (along with Brett Wagner).

Miss Kitty/Ivory versus Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young
Jarrett was supposed to wrestle in this match, but he pushed Kitty into
the arms of Moolah and then joined the broadcast team. Moolah rolled up
Miss Kitty for the win. An angry Jarrett put Kitty in the figure four.
Winners: Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young via pinfall

--GTV picked up Droz puking in D'Lo Brown's bag.

--Mankind took the ring flanked by G vs E stars Chandler Smythe and
Henry McNeal. Mankind said that he did not like having his testicles
grabbed when he was an alter boy and especially not by Val Venis. The
Rock then made his way to the ring. Mankind said that he didn't want to
be known for his past accolades but for his rededicating his career
tonight to the Rock n' Sock connection. As Mankind was trying to
convince the Rock (alot of comedy relief at this point) that they
should stay together, Chris Jericho interrupted. Jericho, in an
indirect way, said that he thought the Rock might be a little gay. At
this point, a fan dressed like Jericho tried to get into the ring but
was taken down by Mankind. After squabbling back and forth, the Rock
challenged Jericho to a match.

--In the back, the Dudley Boyz attacked Stevie "Dude Love" Richards and

British Bulldog versus Chyna
The Bulldog was disqualified when Jarrett hit Chyna over the head with
a coffee pot. The Bulldog then threatened to Powerslam Chyna to the mat
if Triple H did not grant him a title shot. Triple H did not shown and Chyna
Winner: Chyna via disqualification

--The Dudley Boyz claimed that they did not steal the Rock's jacket,
instead, they found it in a trash can.

Mankind versus Stevie Richards (Dude Love) versus Dudley Boyz
Val Venis lured Mankind away from the ring with Rocko. As Mankind was
putting out an interfering Venis with the Mandible claw, the Dudlyz hit
the 3d on Richards for the win.
Winners: The Dudley Boyz via pinfall

--Vince McMahon demanded that the Bulldog come down and make an apology
to Stephanie McMahon. When he refused, McMahon challenged him to a
fight. The Bulldog walked away.

The Rock versus Chris Jericho w/Curt Hughes
The match began with Hughes sneak attacking the Rock. There was a lot
of interference by Hughes in this match. In the end, the Rock prevailed
after a Rock Bottom on a chair followed by the Peoples elbow. The Rock
was then attacked by the Bulldog. A fight ensued until the officials
broke it up. The Bulldog tried to leave but was kicked and then thrown
back in the ring by Vince McMahon.
Winner: The Rock via pinfall
Knights of the ROUNDTABLE
By: Senor Diaper (BGPapaPOOP)

HOLA mi AMIGOS!!!!!!!!

Well, my stench ridden friends, Senor Diaper has been out of action for
quite a while and has finally made a return visit to the Wrestling
Booking Sheet. Let me tell you, drinking too many cervesas will cause
a man to wind up in a pool of something that resembles Hogan's
wrestling skills. Pretty stinky indeed!!!

My friends, Senor Diaper was overjoyed at the possible return of the
Outsiders. Watching the great Hall and Nash brought a poop to my
diaper as I thought fondly of the great CLIQUE. Hall, Nash, and the
great HBK made a trio of fun and excitement. The trios backstage
hijinks were as great as their in ring performances. All hail the

After last nights programs, Senor Diaper has made a few observations:

1. Lex Luger.
Instead of being the "Total Package" he should be known simply as

2. DDP's mic work.
Words...words.....words... Senor Diaper says "Shut up!!!!" By the way,
DDP actually stands for Disgusting Dirty Pampers.

3. Stephanie McMahon getting hit with a garbage can. That was funny.

1. Shane McMahon & Cha Chi from Happy Days. They both are Fonzi's

2. Scott Hall & Ricky Ricardo.
A pair of greasy booze hounds.

3. Scott Steiner & Mel from Alice.
One is blonde the other is bald, but both are as smart as a soiled

4. Goldberg, Steve Austin, & Kojak.
All too lazy to comb their hair.

5. West Texas Rednecks & The Dukes of Hazzard.
One got Daisy, the other Boss Hog.

Quote of the Day: " If the diaper doesn't fit, OJ must be hungry". ---
Johnny Cochran.
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)

I really do now fear for WCW. Vince Russo has stated many times that
he does not care about in-ring action, he just cares about mad angles;
he is the reason I don't watch the WWF)

I think Malenko, Bret Hart, Benoit, Guererro, the Luchadores, and the
rest of the genuine wrestlers will suffer, as there matches will become
shorter and most matches will end with a screw-job finish.

Could someone please tell me why wrestling in America has got so bad?
(ECW is the only promotion that cares more about in-ring action). In
NJPW & AJPW, there are no stupid angles. The promotions are built on
solid wrestling!!! AJPW has not had a DQ or screw-job finish for 5
years, WCW and the WWF couldn't go 5 mins without a run-in.

I know WCW is going to get really bad, so I expect to see Benoit,
Malenko, and Eddie Guererro back in there rightful home, New Japan
Pro-Wrestling. I would also love to see Bret in Japan, as they respect
great wrestlers.
-Kevin Bryce, London, England

P.S. For all the "purists" out there, order a tape called the best of
Chris Benoit. It has classic matches from Japan, including Beniot v
Owen Hart in NJPW. (Brilliant match up - pure technical wrestling!!!)
Written by reader: DynDen

I feel the need to comment on the TAZ/ Austin thing. First Austin
should not refuse to work anyone. I think he has let this go to his
head. If his neck is hurt then he should pursue other avenues. Billy
Gunn has not made it as a main-eventer because he has had some attitude
issues to deal with. Billy Gunn, like Triple H, may be the future of
the Heavyweights. I also find it very humorous that everyone feels TAZ
is going to be a super big star in the WWF.

First of all the WWF will have to deal with TAZ's tremendous ego. I
have a feeling everyone will be shocked at the TAZ roll. The Dudley's
are duds right now due to them having to tone things down. So don't
look for this tremendous push into the WWF Title for TAZ. The WWF
already has a future successor to Austin ..... and that is The Rock. I
think everyone is in for a real shock with this TAZ coming to the WWF.
Wait and see.
Written by reader: Russm23391

Everybody is saying that Jeff would not be able to make as World
Champion in the WWF and my question is this, why do you say that?
Before Triple H became The World Champion, people called him a
mid-carder for life. Now he the World Champion.

Austin is drunk with power. Austin refuses to job cleanly to anybody,
such as at Summerslam. Putting Jarrett over would have been a great
push for Jarrett, who is getting over as a heel perfectly. He is the
second best heel next to Triple H. Remember, Jarrett is a former NWA
North American Champion and USWA
World Champion. Jarrett can put on a match like in the past against the
likes of Shawn Michaels or Scott Hall.

Austin is the number 1 star in the WWF, or at least he thinks he is.
Everyone knows The Rock has way more popularly then Austin and if you
notice or not, people are not cheering Austin as much as they used to.
The Rock and Jarrett put on a good match. So I wish everyone would give
Jarrett a chance.
ISPW on November 12th, at Lincoln High School in Jersey City, NJ in
action will be: King Kong Bundy, The Head Shrinkers, Afa The Wild
Samoan, Mikey Whipwreck, "Flyboy" Rocco Rock, Ace Darling, J.R. Ryder,
Flash Wheeler, Matt E. Smalls, Glenn Osbourne, "Sure Thing" Ryan Wing,
"The Psycho" Derek Domino, "Samoan Storm" Afa Jr., Bobcat, Harley
Lewis, and more! WE

This will be only 1 of 5 shows for the ISPW November Neckbreaker Tour
99'; for further info please visit the ISPW website at: or E-mail them at: ispw2
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to Thomavsille, NC this Sat.,
night Oct. 9th, at the National Guard Armory (off of National Highway),
7:30p.m. belltime.

In the main event, Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant returns to
Thomasville against the The Masked Assassin. In other matches, "For
Total Control of New Dimension Wrestling", The Dirty White Boy with
managers Chris Cruise & John Hitchcock will lock up one on one with a
hardcore mystery wrestler to be determined by Executive Committee
Member Chris Plano. The original scheduled opponent Beastmaster Rick
Link was suspended indefinitely from New Dimension Wrestling this past
weekend and will be replaced in Thomasville this Saturday night.

Plus you will see, Otto Schwanz, Cham Pain, King, Nite-Stic Eddie
Brown, Chilly Willy, Toad, Mike Gunner, Brute Shooter, Fuego Dimente,
Tim Sells, over 20 NDW Wrestling superstars to appear.

Jimmy Valiant will be holding autograph sessions this week throughout
Thomasville at the following locations; Thursday at Ingles Supermarket,
Friday at Winn-Dixie Supermarket, and Saturday at Westchester Flea

Advance tickets are available at Southwest Expressions (Archdale), Hix
Insurance Center (High Point), or at the armory the day of the show.
For information, call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at
336-882-4921 or on the worldwide web at Be
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