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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 342

Date:  Thursday October 7th, 1999  2:11 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported at:
Wrestleline reports that the current prognosis on Droz is that he was
paralyzed from the waist down after suffering a fractured neck in a
match at Tuesday night's SmackDown! tapings. Doctors say its too
early to tell if he'll be able to use his legs again, but that Droz was
in good spirits when he arrived at the hospital. He is recovering from
three hours of surgery on Wednesday.

Even putting aside thoughts of his career, we all have to hope that
full mobility will be in his future.

Reported at:
Tuesday night, WCW writers Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara took part in an
online chat on Yahoo. While the transcript is far too long to reprint
here, we do have several excerpts. To read the complete chat, go to

Will Chris Benoit get the push he deserves?
Russo: No question about it! There will be no WCW super stars stuck in
the middle. its going to be an even playing field and it will be up
to the individuals to rise to the top. I have to believe that Chris
Benoit will be one of those individuals.

Will you bring Lenny and
Lodi back?
Russo: We're not familiar with that situation.
Ferrara: But we will be looking into it. As far as we know, it is a
controversial situation, so read into that what you will.

Who do you think is the most under-used wrestler in WCW?
Russo: If you said "under rated" one guy that really stands out and is
really ready to have some impact would be Buff Badwell. I think Buff
has all the tools and he just needs the opportunity and now he will get

Vince, what is your relationship towards Bret Hart?
Russo: Well I always personally liked Bret Hart, I have a great deal of
respect for Bret Hart, I look forward to working with Bret Hart.
Honestly I don't know what Bret's feelings are toward me at this point.
I guess that since I worked so closely with Vince McMahan I may be
guilty by association in Bret's mind. Bret Hart will be one of the
first people I speak to when I get to Nitro next week.

What about the ICP?
Russo: I don't know what their situation is with WCW, I don't know if
they have a contract. I know their manager can't look you in the eye.
I don't know what they're situation is with WCW. I don't know if they
have a contract, I don't know if they don't have a contract. I know
their manager can't look you in the eye. Lets just say that they
entertained me when they did their little stint for the WWF.

Who is the top wrestler in wrestling today?
Russo: If I had to give my honest opinion, right now I would probably
say the Rock.

Ferrara: I would have to agree with him.

What was Steve Austin Really like?
Russo: If I commented, I'd only get myself in trouble.

Who will you guys miss the most in the WWF?
Russo: I'd have to say a couple people, the talent that I was the
closest to would have to be Mick Foley, The Rock, Triple H, and
I'll miss everybody but I'll probably miss those four more than anybody
else....and Jeff Jerret.

Ferrara: I would agree with all five of those, but I would also go on
and say I'm definitely going to be missing X-Pac, Kane, D-Lo and
Hardcore Holly. I mean, when you work so closely with these guys, you
develop a closeness with all of them, and its really hard to single
certain ones out. There's very few people that I won't miss. There's a
few, but very few.

Who do you see as one of the most promising wrestler in WCW?
Russo: I'd have to say, up and coming because he hasn't been around
that long, Billy Kidman.
Ferrara: I'd have to say Buff, if we're going to go that way...

Russo: Big plans, he will go as far as his talent will carry him.

Ferrara: He will be given the opportunity to run with the ball, and
knowing him, he will not drop it.
Written by reader: William (madspector)

A shifting in the balance of clowns. So Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara are
in WCW. Now I could look at this in two different ways. I could elude
myself in to thinking that for the first time in wrestling history that
wrestling fans would have a balanced product, for you would basically
be combining the goofy
storylines of the WWF with the already exceptional wrestling of the

I could dream that the quality of matches would stay the same or the
workrate could even improve.....I could dream, or I could tell the
truth. So I will. I don't like either Ed Ferrera or Vince Russo, I
consider them two thirds of the clown triad from Titan and hold them
as much responsible for the non-wrestling oriented circus that is
today's WWF as I hold Vince McMahon.

Will they be successful? Probably, I can already hear the bandwagon
full of marks shifting gears fully prepared to abandon
the WWF again. I could stomach the crap that these two pulled up North
because of the lack of skilled athletes they had to work with during
their regime. The WWF was and is still made of actors and sideshow
freaks instead of athletes, so all they really did is exploit the only
talent that the roster had, and it wasn't wrestling.

I fear that the this dynamic duo will bring along with them the "sports
entertainment" fraud they made famous back in their circus days with
the WWF, and this would truly sicken me. Sure it'll be great, the
inflated ratings and over-inflated success the WWF has known could
very soon become WCW's.

But at what cost? You still have about 3 million viewers who
don't give a damn about the WWF, their shows, or whatever the hell they
may be doing, they watch Nitro because of the wrestling, what about
them? Do you alienate a loyal following that is with you even now in
the so called "doomsday" of WCW in exchange for WWF type fans that
aren't even loyal to the sport, let alone to a fed?

What of the wrestlers? Russo and
Ferrara have a reputation for the
watering down of wrestling quality to fit the attention spans of fans
instead of bringing the fans up to the level of the wrestling. That
being said, then why even employ such competitors as Chris Benoit,
Perry Saturn. Juventud Guerrera, Billy Kidman and other skilled
professionals if all your going to do is have them ac? Jerry Springer
type angles that built up to two minute matches? Why not just hire bums
of the street?.

I pray that I am wrong but I know that I am closer to reality than not
on this one. Another thing that this does is exposes Bill Busches lack
of knowledge and regard for the WCW product and its current following.
Instead of finding new ways to build on a solid foundation of wrestling
fans who are already watching...he opts for the quick fix: lets make
WCW like WWF solution. WCW needed a new President to do this? Soon
there won't be
anything left to watch, and if WCW becomes another WWF it may not be
worth it to watch anymore.

Go ahead and give the fans what they want...just don't give WCW fans
what WWF fans fell for. They aren't the same people so don't try the
same old act. They can write as many retarded
storylines as they want but when and if the start screwing up the
matches and cutting corners with the wrestling: .Monday Night
Football will start looking real good right about then.
Steve Appy responds:
While the WWF doesn't have a deep roster of talented workers, I also
think that your review was overly harsh. Steve Austin and
X-Pac are tremendous workers. Edge, Christian, Jeff Jarrett, Road
Dogg, The Hardys, & Chris Jericho are impressive undercard performers.
The Rock & Triple H are all capable of strong matches. Despite the injuries
and the weight, Mick Foley can still make your heart stop. Ken
Shamrock is underrated, and The Undertaker can be carried by the right
opponent (Austin, HBK, Foley).

Of course, there really is very little depth to the WWF's roster. I'm
hoping that Russo & Ferrara won't totally abandon the in-ring product
when it comes to WCW. As Hart & Benoit reminded us Monday night, two
strong workers can create a compelling segment without transvestites,
animals, T & A, outside interference, even grudges.

While I do have my doubts, I am willing to give Russo & Ferrara a
chance. Their first show will be the October 25th Nito, and that's
where many of our questions will be answered. Let's hope that WCW
doesn't become 'WWF Lite' and will stamp their own unique identity onto
their product.
Written by reader: MNR1118

I really enjoyed Gorilla Monsoons work as an announcer, especially when
he would talk about the wrestlers that were fat and out of shape. He
would never let them lie about their weight, like the time the ring
announcer announced King Kong Bundy's weight at 250 lbs, Gorilla said
"He must've had one foot on the scale." Then he said " This guy needs
to be weighed along with
the rest of the livestock". I liked it when he would say "Get the
hot shower ready" after a wrestler got pinned. He will be missed
-Mike (MNR1118)
P.S Someone once tried to tell me that the old man that played Chris
Jericho's bodyguard Ralphus was really Gorilla Monsoon.
Written by reader: Maddog Mike Bell (ImFilthy)

Hey, this is Maddog Mike Bell of
California's UPW. I used to do a lot
of WWF TV as an extra from 1992 to 1996. I recently had the honor of
working on
USA's G vs E as the stunt double for The Big Schwagg (Brett
Wagner). I spent the1st day working w/a few of our students from
Ultimate University. Former Pro Bodybuilder Aaron Baker, The German
Pretty Boy Stefan Gamlin, Psycho Matt Hall, Big Time Tom Howard
(instructor at
Ult U.) Bad Boy Basil, Smelly, Sylvester the Escapee,
and even Lou Ferrigno.

The 2nd day I had the privilege of working w/Mick Foley all day long.
I also got to spend time w/Mick and chat about everything from current
events, to his family, to his book and to the business in general.
What a great, down to earth guy Mick truly is. Well, I truly believe
WWF fans and G vs E fans alike will truly enjoy this unique episode.

And yes, I DID have to "mark out" and have Mick sign a piece of the
table I powerslammed him through. One more thing, on a sad
note, I would like to wish Darren "DROZ" Drozdov a healthy, speedy

Contact Maddog Mike Bell for bokings, wrestling school info, MaddogMBB Thanx
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to Thomavsille, NC this Sat.
night Oct. 9th, at the National Guard Armory (off of National Highway),
7:30p.m. belltime.

In the main event, Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant returns to
Thomasville against the The Masked Assassin. In other matches, "For
Total Control of New Dimension Wrestling", The Dirty White Boy with
managers Chris Cruise & John Hitchcock will lock up one on one with a
hardcore mystery wrestler to be determined by Executive Committee
Member Chris Plano.
The original scheduled opponent Beastmaster Rick Link was suspended
indefinitely from New Dimension Wrestling this past weekend and will be
replaced in Thomasville this Saturday night.

Plus you will see, Otto Schwanz, Cham Pain, King, Nite-Stic Eddie
Brown, Chilly Willy, Toad, Mike Gunner, Brute Shooter, Fuego Dimente,
Tim Sells, over 20 NDW Wrestling superstars to appear.

Jimmy Valiant will be holding autograph sessions this week throughout
Thomasville at the following locations; Thursday at Ingles Supermarket,
Friday at Winn-Dixie Supermarket, and Saturday at Westchester Flea

Advance tickets are available at Southwest Expressions (Archdale), Hix
Insurance Center (High Point), or at the armory the day of the show.
For information, call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at
336-882-4921 or on the worldwide web at Be
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