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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 347

Date:  Sunday October 10th, 1999  10:25 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Nate Pelley of The Wrestling Informer Newsletter. E-Mail
twi-newsletter-subscribe for your free subscription.

One of the rare chances for a national audience to see many of
wrestling's stars of the past occurred tonight, as "Heroes of
Wrestling" was presented live tonight on
PPV. The event, live from the Casino Magic in St. Louis, Mississippi,
saw the
stars of yesteryear getting together for one very special night. Randy
Rosenbloom and "Dirty" Dutch Mantel did the commentary, with Michael
St. John handling the backstage interviews. The PPV had a definite old
school feel to it, from the ring set up, to the booking. It you like
the "
Memphis style," you'd probably enjoy this PPV. Here are your
complete match by match results.

Match #1: The Samoan Swat Team (Samu and Fatu) (with Paul Adams and
vs. "Rocker" Marty Jannetty and "Fantastic" Tommy Rogers. This match up
pitted the former WWF World Tag team champs against Jannetty, a former
IC and
tag champ in the WWF, and Rogers, who held the US tag belts with
Bobby Fulton. Paul Adams worked the mic before hand, running down the
and opposition. Match started off with the faces (Jannetty and Rogers)
in control. The former Headshrinkers, who seem to have put on quite a
few extra pounds, then took advantage. Jannetty made the hot tag to
Rogers, who came in and cleaned house. They Samoans did the "no sell
the headshots" gimmick, and hit a doubt headbutt on
Rogers. With
Jannetty and Fatu brawling on the outside, Samu hit
Rogers with a TKO
to get the pin.
Winners: The Samoan Swat Team

Match #2: George "The Animal" Steele (with "Sensuous" Sherri Martel)
vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.
This battle of former WWF stars was a short one. Steele and Sherri were
being played up as a couple, but it was not to be. Valentine used a
pair of brass knuckles on "the Animal," but the green-tongued legend
would not give up. Finally, Sherri grabbed a chair at ringside, and
struck her hairy hero, turning on him, and allowing Valentine to get
the pin. Afterwards, Steele tossed Sherri out of the ring, threw some
chairs inside, and "ate" one of the turnbuckles.
Winner: Greg Valentine.

Match #3: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Julio Fantasico. Fantasico, who is better
known on the Indy scene as "Latin Dragon" Julio Sanchez, took on
Scorpio in perhaps the best bout of the evening. Fantasico is also the
only man on the PPV who has never had a major run in the WWF or WCW
(although he has competed on WWF Shotgun and WCW Saturday Night in the
past). Solid back and forth match up, with Fantasico hitting a good
plancha onto Scorpio. Captain Lou Albano came down for commentary for
this match, and announced he was the Commissioner of the Heroes of
Wrestling. The end of the bout came as Scorpio hit a somersault legdrop
from the second rope, followed by his tumbleweed from the top, to get
the win over the 27 year-old Fantasico.
Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio

Match #4: Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik (with Nikita Bersehnov)
vs. The Men From Down Under (Luke and Butch). Volkoff and Sheik, former
WWF tag team champions, took on the duo formerly known as the
Bushwackers next. Luke and Butch did their arm swinging gimmick, and
licked a few fans at ringside before this one. Very slow match up, as
the combined age in the ring was well over 200. Volkoff is as white as
Berlyn, and slower than molasses in January. Sheik never was that good,
and he has an iron tire around his waist, if you catch my drift. Luke
and Butch... well, they haven't done anything worth mentioning since
their days as the Sheepherders. This one was a dud, but the fans seemed
to love it, chanting "
USA! USA!" (even though Luke and Butch are from
New Zealand). Finish came when Volkoff accidentally hit Sheik with a
wrench, and Luke got the one, two, three on the former WWF Champ.
Winners: The Men From Down Under

Match #5: Four Horsemen vs. Midnight Express Grudge Match: Tully
Blanchard (representing the Four Horsemen) vs. "Sweet"
Stan Lane
(representing the Midnight Express). Two of the best tag team wrestlers
of the 80's went head to head in the next bout. Lane, who currently
works for ESPN, ran down his list of accomplishments, including being a
Fabulous One, a Heavenly Body, and a member of the Midnight Express,
the only team to hold the WCW World and US tag titles at the same time.
Lane, who is from the old school of classic
Memphis style workers,
played the cocky heel. Decent back and forth match up, which basically
stayed on the mat. The end came with Lane hitting a side suplex into a
bridge, but both men's shoulders were down. Blanchard was just able to
move his left shoulder before the three count, and therefore got the
duke. Winner: Tully Blanchard

Match #6: Hardcore Match: One Man Gang vs. Abdulah the Butcher (with
"Honest" John Cheetum). Gang brought his trademark chain into the ring,
and within 30 seconds, the "Mad Man from the
Sudan" was busted open.
Abby did what he does best, and that's bleed buckets, in this one. The
two men brawled around, using chairs and steps as weapons. Abdulah
broke out his fork, and that spelt disaster for the former "African
Dream" Akeem. Abby busted open Gang quickly, and soon both men were
losing blood at a rapid rate. The two brawled around some more on the
outside, until the referee called for the bell. Abby and
OMG battled at
the announce table, and destroyed several security officials who tried
to stop the bout. Finally, the two men brawled to the locker room.
Winner: Double Disqualification.

Match #7: "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka (with Capt. Lou Albano) vs. "Cowboy"
Orton. These two men, who have been battling for 15 years, took it to
each other one more time tonight. Snuka was my first "favorite"
wrestler back in the 80s, and after getting the chance to meet him
earlier this year, it was great to see him back on PPV and taking on a
long time foe. Orton dominated much of this one, keep Snuka neutralized
with arm bars and headlocks. Snuka went for a top rope move, but Orton
crotched him on the ropes. As "Ace" went for his patented superplex,
Albano grabbed Snuka's ankles, preventing him from being suplexed.
Orton chased the Captain away, but while he was distracted, Snuka
regrouped. "Superfly" took the air with a flying cross body block to
get the victory. Winner: Jimmy Snuka

Match #8: Jake "The Snake" Roberts (with Damien) vs. Jim "The Anvil"
Niedhart. Jake started things off by unveiling Damien, which did not
sit well with Niedhart. The two men exchanged moves for a few moments,
then King Kong Bundy arrived at ringside. Bundy talked to Niedhart, and
then distracted the official, allowing the "Anvil" to sneak up behind
Roberts. "The Snake" proved to be a tough customer though, as he came
back with a short arm clothesline, before signaling for the DDT. Bundy
could take it no more, and jumped into the ring to pound Roberts. After
several minutes of two on one action, Yokozuna arrived at ringside.
Yoko was set to take on Bundy in the evenings main event, but the
referee ordered that the match would now be a tag team attraction.
Winner: No Contest.

Match #9: The 1000 Pound Challenge: The Artist Formerly Known as
and Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. King Kong Bundy & Jim "The Anvil"
Yokozuna was referred to as "the Former Yokozuna" in this bout, as the
apparently owns the trademark to that name (much like they own the
trademark of "Bushwackers"). Yoko looked bigger than ever, and Bundy
looked exactly like he did at Wrestlemania II. By far not a classic (of
course no one would expect it to be), as both of the big men lumbered
around the ring, and Jake staggered about for most of the contest. Yoko
and Niedhart were brawling, while Bundy whipped Jake into the
turnbuckle. Jake moved, and tried to take down the big man from
. Bundy, however, threw Jake down to the mat, hit a big splash
out of the corner, and got the one, two, three. After the match, Jake
and Yoko beat up on "Little Bundy," who looked as though he could be
King Kong Bundy's son.
Winners: King Kong Bundy and Jim Niedhart.
Written by reader: Egg1poppa

Okay...what exactly did the Ultimate Shakespeare have to say? True, his
opinion is a far cry from his "when planets collide explosions occur"
speechs of glories past, but, was his recent rambling regarding a
refusal to job, or rather the results of steroidal abuses that did
wonders to his mastering of Warriorism?
Written by reader: ICHIBAN729

I read a lot of comments and memories on him... him and
Ventura, him
and the
Brain. Here is my most memorable memories of the big guy. It was
Wrestlemania 7. Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior in a career ending
match. Bobby Heanan: "Maybe the humanoids don't know it, but
EVERYTHING ison the line! Everything these two men have worked for....
the fame, the fortune, the prestige.... "

Gorilla: "For the guy who loses this one.... when he wakes up tomorrow
morning... WHATS HE GONNA DO???" Brain: "He'll just be another
Of course, the 1993 Survivor Series was classic too... and what about
that old
school to new school WWF promo in early 1998? They showed Monsoon
sitting in
one of those small venues... he said "back then there were no
fireworks, no high flying moves.." [footage of Shawn Michaels and TAKA
Michinoku flying through the air] The great promo ended with Gino
saying "and now I cheer for them."

Well Gino, we all cheer for you. Take care my friend.
P.S. The WWF tribute video was great... just like Owen's... "with deep
sympathies and heavy hearts... we say, good bye..."
Written by reader: TheReaDog

Hi Steve, I wrote you a few days after Wrestlemania 15 asking about
Monsoon and his condition because he obviously didn't look himself. You
informed me that he wasn't in the best of health. Well I'm writing you
to thank you for respnonding to my letter and keeping me informed of
his condition and two because I shared so many of my WWF memories with
Gorilla at the mic. He was without a doubt the best in the business at
the announce table. Not only was he a great announcer but a great guy
too. I had a chance to meet him in the late 80's at a catering hall.
He was attending a different function then I was but he was gracious
enough to take time to talk to me and take a picture as well. Many
superstars today wouldn't give you the time of day. Gorilla Monsoon
was a special person that the wrestling world will surely miss. Rest
in peace Gorilla
Written by reader: Crispy "Farley" Jones (CDCJ)

In response to JIBt911's letter: Interesting commentary. As a
boy, I too wrestled for many years and my brother as well. He is
vehemently opposed to the idea that what WWF and WCW do is called
"Wrestling". I, on the other hand believe it has every right to be
referred to as 'Wrestling'.....but it is "Professional Wrestling".

The physical exchange cannot be defined in any other way, except
perhaps "fighting".

The difference, you see, is that one is an athletic competition, with
nothing but personal pride and usually only 'local' recognition on the
line. The other is an athletic performance with the expectations of
promoters, millionaires and hundreds of thousands of diehard fans
around the world on the line.

The common ingredients of the two are immense pride of the athletes and
physical sacrifice. The question of real or fake is not a legitimate
one. Both activities require the participants to push beyond normal
levels of performance. Both activities cause very "real" physical
injury and in both activities, the participants are "competing". The
difference is that the amateur is competing to win and for personal
glory. The professional is competing to put on the finest performance,
win or lose, and in many ways is competing to protect his status in the
rankings of the industry.

Are some of the injuries or shots "worked"?.....Yes. Is the physical
performance or dedication of the performer "fake"?.....Absolutely NOT.
And, judging from the accidental death and suicide rate of Professional
Wrestlers; I would venture to say that they do not consider their lives
to be "fake" either!
Written by reader: Meghann Cuniff (UYRFU)

Am I the only one that has been smelling a setup ever since Test and
Stephanie got together? It just doesn't fit the McMahon role to have
Stephanie be such a good little girl. I mean, what would happen if
Test and Steph did get hitched....would they just live happily ever
after? NO!!! Stephanie is a McMahon!!! McMahons are pure evil!!!!

And the Bulldog?? I think he'd be great as one of Vince's or Shane's
lackeys... maybe get a feud going with Test after its revealed that
Bulldog was in cahoots with the McMahons the whole time!! Who knows if
I'm right or not...but thats the great thing about this just never know until it happens.
-Meghann Cuniff
Written by reader: chug

I just wanted to respond to something I read in the WBS about the
Undertaker written by The Big Schwag. Schwag made the point that the
Undertaker had constantly been matched up with top names, which is the
reason why he was so over. Really? What about his feuds with Kamala,
Giant Gonzales and King Mable. These guys were all pathetic, yet the
`Taker was still one of the most over men in the company while feuding
with them.
Thanks for your time,
The Chugman
Written by reader: HoLZODB

Seeing everyone write comments on the Undertaker has made me want to
my thoughts. I was at one time, a huge UT fan. I'll never forget
watching that unforgettable Survivor Series when Ted DiBiase introduced
his "Mystery Partner". When the monster walked out to the bone
chilling music (which is better then any of his present themes), I
watched in awe. I remember getting so upset because this huge 7 foot
beast did nothing but choke Hulk Hogan with a wire. He was there to
punish his opponents, not wrestle them.

What made the UT so great though was the just when you thought the
"good guy" had a chance and would fight back and knock him down, up he
sat. That was the great UT. The one that couldn't be hurt, no matter
what. A heel that was had never been done, and
UT did it perfectly. Over the years he took many more feuds and some
how or another, his "Impervious to Harm" image died.

Now in the WWF, the UT is boring. His interviews are boring and most
of his matches are boring too. All the long speeches just bore fact its one of the times I flip to NITRO and see if Nash (in
my opinion the only guy worth watching in WCW) is on. The UT was in his
prime when he enterd the WWF.....Paul Bearer did the talking and UT
just stood there making all the little kids in the audience cry and
stare in awe. He was the perfect heel. Big, scary, couldn't be hurt.
I don't see any way the WWF can bring that UT back and have it the same
way so I agree with anyone saying that UT is carried in most of his
angles and matches.

Like I said before, his mic work does not even make up for it because
that is even worse then his matches. The WWF had a second chance with
it because Kane entered the WWF the same way the UT did...and once
again, he went from a great indestructable heel, to another heel for
Austin to stun at the end of RAW, to a face.

Since I'm upsetting 50% the readers by giving my views on the
Undertaker, I might as well get the other 50% of you readers pissed at
me. I think Benoit and Malenko are both extremely boring wrestlers and
I'm glad they've never gotten a huge push. Granted, they are excellent
wrestlers, I just think if you want to see them and their technical
wrestling, watch the Olympics.
Written by reader: Leah Epting (ITBLeah)

To the WWF creative team:
Allow me to congratulate the WWFcreative team on what has to be the
best plot
twist in its history. And this one involves us! I was totally
convinced that the Jeff Jarrett/Chyna storyline was about women being
strong and respected, but it wasn't. The whole thing, every twist,
turn, and contrivance was designed to get two nearly naked women,
covered in mud, and one of the women's bare breasts, on national
television. Boy, was I stupid! Having Chyna show up at the end was
totally meaningless, because you're not doing this for her and you're
not doing it for me either.

So congartulations! Have a good laugh at the expense of the women in
the WWF
as well as all the female fans! You really duped us, the stupid,
gullible women, one more time!

I decided the sarcastic approach was best for this because words like
"livid" and "furious" are an understatement at the moment. I feel I
should inform you that I recently bought tickets to an upcoming WWF
event, although I now wonder whether I should go. Will I have to watch
this insulting spectacle in person? I recently bought my first piece of
WWF merchandise as well. Both of these things may very well never
happen again after what you pulled.

I enjoy most of what you do, but I am profoundly disappointed in your
decision that
this was acceptable. It wouldn't be difficult for me to see to it that
not one dime of my hard earned money finds its way into your wallet, so
consider carefully the cost of losing part of your audience. I hope
that its a move I won't have to make, considering how many of your
people I appreciate.
-Leah Epting
The following is a column on We need this movie to
nationwide...I really would like to see it in the movies.
Lights, Camera, ECW!
By JJ Hunter
First, it was Pay-per-view. Then it was action figures. Recently, it
was national television. What is the next medium for Extreme
Championship Wrestling to invade? How about the movies?

In case you haven't heard about it elsewhere, there is a movie called
"Beyond The Mat" that could possibly be the greatest documentary ever
made on professional wrestling. It was directed by Barry Blaustein, a
lifelong wrestling fan, and screenwriter for many Eddie Murphy hits. He
was given the opportunity by Imagine Films to make any kind of movie he
wanted, and he chose professional wrestling. The film covers a few
areas, but primarily centers on three men known to ECW fans: Mick
Foley, Jake Roberts and the legendary Terry Funk. There are also
"subplots" on former wrestler Dennis Stamp, independent wrestlers
trying to break into the WWF, the character development of WWF's Droz
(who we all wish a speedy recovery to), and much more. But the real gem
to ECW fans is the plethora of footage from our favorite promotion.In
this movie you will see:

You will see:
- Candid comments from ECW Executive Producer Paul Heyman.
- Never-before-seen backstage footage from ECW's first Pay-per-view,
Barely Legal, including Paul's speech to the company before bell time.
- Exclusive footage of Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer following the
Funker's emotional ECW World title win.
- An inside look at the making of the ECW television show (you'll never
believe where they produce the show).

This film, originally expected to be a "throwaway" project, impressed
Universal pictures enough to place it at the
AMC Century City Theaters
in Los Angeles for one week, starting October 22nd, in order to qualify
it for a possible Oscar nomination. Of course, if you want to see it,
and you don't live in Los Angeles, you have the power to make it

Persuade Universal Studios to release "Beyond The Mat" nationwide and
give you the opportunity to see it the way it was meant to be seen, up
on the big screen.The Strictly ECW fan group, and others
have been asking fans to give its support. There are no fans more
loyal in wrestling than the fans of ECW. Please take the time to sent a
polite email to:
Universal Studios
Make sure to put "Imagine Films "Beyond The Mat" by Barry Blaustein" in
subject header. Then we can get EXTREME at the movies.
Thank you, JJ Hunter (JerichoholicECW)
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