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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 349

Date:  Monday October 11th, 1999  9:13 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WWF Raw is Report - October 11, 1999
Hosted by Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole
Live from Atlanta, Georgia
By Joe De Leon at:

• Vince McMahon came out and said it was great to be back in Atlanta.
He introduced Triple H's Heavyweight Title opponent for the No Mercy
PPV, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview.
- Stone Cold Steve Austin said for the last two months, he had seen
Triple H come out in what seemed like he would beat on Jim Ross
everytime. He called out Triple H to get it on then and there. Triple H
came out and said he didn't care about the near 40,000 people calling
him an asshole. Triple H said said
Austin knew in his heart that he
(Austin) couldn't beat him. Triple H went down to the ringisde area. He
shoved Ross twice. He then turned around to at
Austin, at which point
Ross nailed Triple H with his fan.
Austin then went to the outside to
go at it with Triple H. As
Austin beat down Triple H around the ring,
he called Ross to the inside.
Austin let Ross get in a few shots on
Triple H. Chyna made her way down and took a shot at Ross.
Austin then
knocked her out of the ring. When Triple H made his way to the back, he
and Chyna challenged
Austin and Ross mater for later in the night.
Austin accepted, while Ross remained unsure.

• Backstage, bulldogs were shown in a cage.

• Backstage, Mankind, with a Rock 'n' Sock Connection jacket, waited
for The Rock's arrival.

• Mr. Ass (w/Road Dogg) defeated Crash Holly (w/Hardcore) with the
- In the beginning, Road Dogg gave a shout out to Droz, followed by the
usual New Age Outlaws introduction. Mr. Ass quickly took the win with
the Famouser. Afterwards, Hardcore nailed The New Age Outlaws with the

• Backstage, Mankind was interviewed by Michael Cole. He said that
maybe he made a mistake and maybe he didn't when he hit The Rock with
the chair. He said that later in the night, The Rock would either put
up or shut up.

• Backstage, Terry Taylor interviewed The British Bulldog. Bulldog said
he didn't know what the bulldogs were in the arena for, but said he
would backfire on the person who was responsible for them.

• In
Connecticut, Michael Hayes interviewed Stephanie McMahon, along
with Shane. Hayes asked for Stephanie's condition, after suffering
amnesia. She said she was fine except for headaches. She said she feels
she let people down since she couldn't have the wedding. She said
Andrew was so sweet, but she could barely remember anything with him.
Shane told her it wasn't her fault.

• Backstage, the bulldogs were shown again.

• Backstage, Mankind continued to wait for The Rock. He was attacked by
The British Bulldog and Val Venis.

• Ivory defeated Mae Young by Disqualification, to retain the Women's
- As the match went on, The Fabulous Moolah ran in and attacked Ivory.
Young was out cold after Ivory hit her with the Women's Title belt.

• Backstage, Mankind was shown. The Rock was on the phone and said he
didn't care about Mankind.

• A limousine pulled up and Sexual Chocolate came out with a female.

• Terri Invitational: Christian and Edge vs. The New Brood went to a
Double Countout.
- A great high-flying match. When Edge got thrown out, Matt Hardy went
to the top rope and did a moonsualt onto the outside on Edge. Christian
then nailed Matt with a plancha. Edge followed with an over the top
rope flip, both teams were then counted out.

• Backstage, The Rock arrived in his limousine.

• Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed The Rock. The Rock mimmicked Ric
Flair, Macho Man, and Hulk Hogan's quotes and then did his. Mankind
then popped into the picture and said The Rock should respect him
enough to tell them what is the deal with their team. They started
arguing. Vince McMahon said the both would have to get along, because
they would take on Val Venis and The British Bulldog later in the night.

• Backstage, X-Pac told Kane not to come down to ringside in his match.

• X-Pac defeated Faarooq (w/Bradshaw) with the X-Factor.
- Bradshaw got up on the apron and held X-Pac for Faarooq, but X-Pac
moved and Faarooq hit Bradhsaw. X-Pac then caught Faarooq with the
x-Factor for the win. The Acolytes double teamed him, until Kane came
out. He was hesitant to enter the ring. But after more punishment on
X-Pac, Kane made the save. X-Pac was not happy.

• Jim Ross left to prepare for his tag team match with Stone Cold Steve
Austin. Michael Cole took his place.

• Backstage, Mankind cleaned up all the poop from the bulldogs and
placed it on a tray.

• Backstage, Mark Henry was with his second sex therapist. She said
that later on, he would experience some drastic measures.

• The Headbangers defeated Chris Jericho and Curtis Hughes with the
Stage Dive.
- Chaz and Glenn Ruth officially made their return as Mosh and Thrasher
of The Headbangers. As the match went on, Chris Jericho and Curtis
Hughes got in a fight where
Jericho knocked out Hughes with a punch and
left. The Headbangers then finished off Hughes with the Stage Dive.

• The Godfather (w/about 25 ho's) defeated Mark Henry with the Ho Train.
- After The Godfather nailed Mark Henry with the Ho Train, he rolled
him up for the victory. Afterwards, Mark Henry had fun with the ho's.
His sex therapist, who was watching in the backstage area, was

• Backstage, Triple H said that Jim Ross better be ready for the match.

• Backstage, a tear-eyed Big Show was sitting in his locker room. D-Lo
Brown asked what was wrong. Big Show said his father had terminal
cancer. D-Lo said if Big Show needed anything, to let him know. Big
Show thanked D-Lo and asked for some time alone.

• The Big Show defeated The Big Bossman by Disqualification.
- After The Big Bossman hit The Big Show with the nightstick several
times, the referee disqualified him. Al Snow came in and took out

• Stone Cold and Jim Ross vs. Triple H and Chyna resulted in a
- Stone Cold Austin and Triple H brawled all over the arena, while
Chyna pounded on Jim Ross in the ring.
Austin was beating Triple H near
a concession stand and threw him into a "Ice House" stand. In the ring,
Chyna Pedigreed Ross. She was about to lay in more punishment, until
Jeff Jarrett came down and nailed Chyna with it. Miss Kitty brought
down a laundry bin. Chyna was taken away. In the backstage area,
Jarrett rolled the bin off a rampway.

• Backstage, paramedics tended to a bloody Chyna.

• The Rock 'n' Sock Connection vs. The British Bulldog and Val Venis
resulted in a No-Contest.
- All four men brawled all over during the match. Mankind went into Val
Venis' pants and grabbed out Mr. Rock. He tried to put it on him, but
Venis ran away with Mankind running after him. The Rock then brought
the dog poop into the ring, and Rock Bottomed The British Bulldog onto
it. It appeared The Rock was going to hit the People's Elbow, but he
left to his music.

• Backstage, Triple H attacked Stone Cold Steve Austin.
recovered and threw Triple H into his locker room where a snake was
left by his face.
By Fritz Capp (afcapp)

King Of Reporters - Round #2
Round One saw a lot of people bite the dust. The cream rose as it
usually does and now it is time for Round Two of the King Of Reporting
contest being held at
otherwise known as the Steel Cage Asylum site. Join in the fun and vote
for your favorite reporter. The following are the current matchups.

Sister Midnight VS. DDW
David Tyler VS. Robert Pasbani
Calvin Martin VS. Too Sweet
Bob Ryder VS. Wrestling Historian
Fritz Capp VS. Ricky Giri
Steve Gerweck VS. William Martinez
Dave Scherer VS. Steve Appy
Marc Middleton VS. Justin Fritz
Micasa VS. JC Hitman
Zach Hickenbottom VS. Bill Watson
Miss Pamela VS. Jaspreet Mathur
Kirk Huffman VS. Marco Paglioni
Ray Kim VS. George Epstein
Jason Riner VS. Mikey G.
Troy Menke VS. Brian Michaels
Joe De Leon VS. Mike Shalik

-Fritz Capp
PWBTS 2000
Written by reader: JBanks1372

That Hogan has been the greatest star of his generation is undeniable.
That he has done more for, and to, the game than almost anyone is
equally undeniable. There's not that many people who could generate
the kind of controversy Hogan did during his championships. But
really, Hogan has no future in WCW and should have no future. Don't
get me wrong, I like him. its hard not to. But the basic fact is
he's pushing 50 and looks it. There comes a time when one has to hang
up the trunks and call it a career and Hogan has passed it.

Same with Flair and Piper. Flair looks like he's being groomed to take
over the Executive spot in WCW, and Piper always has his things going.
Of all the people of their generation only Savage still has any real
life going in the ring. Savage actually reminds me of Terry Funk,
he'll retire the week after they hold his funeral services. He'll be
109 and in a wheelchair and challenging Flair's grandson to a cage
match. But I digress. Hogan and Flair are great, but its time to let
them retire.

But as far as Russo and Ferrara go, I've been paying attention to all
that's been said about them, good and bad, and I'm beginning to wonder
if their joining the WCW was really a good idea. I've especially been
paying attention to Jim Cornette's views on the subject, and I tend to
agree with him.

I'm something of a wrestling purist, I like my wrestling, and as bad as
WCW has gotten I still contend that that's still their strongest point:
The pure technical talent they have. Oh, they do need quality writers
and quality storylines, no denying that. But are Russo and Ferrera the
ones to do it? I don't think so. They don't have any respect for
tradition and technical wrestling. For them its all the show, and the
tackier and raunchier the show the better.

They don't like the over-40 crowd, which includes some of WCWs best
technicians, and they don't like the Luchadores and Japanese wrestlers,
again some of the best pure talent. Oh, they'll bring in the numbers
and they'll use all the younger talent,
but the pure quality will be lost. Last week on Smackdown I watched
Val Venis open up his fly and pull out a sock with the Rocks face on
it, and I saw a mud wrestling match between Ivory and Miss Kitty where
the winner won by ripping the top off her opponent. Is this what Russo
and Ferrera will be bringing to the WCW? Are they going to "improve"
WCW by taking away the talent and showing this kind of trash? I feel
very sad if it is.
Written by reader: TJ (HamronHank)

In reference to Miss Epting --I read your article and I am very
unpleased to say that I totally agree with you.

Being a female fan of wrestling sure as hell ain't easy; there's the
criticism, the sexist remarks and degrading roles that the female
wrestlers take and that we must endure. Most of the female wrestlers I
never had a care for; Ivory looks like she needs to go back to the
retirement home, Debra needs to crawl back into the coffin of silicon,
Miss Kitty is a disgrace and Sable...yuck. The only decent woman in
the WWF I found was Tori; but even she has lost most of my respect, due
to her attempt to come out into the ring with Ivory...topless.

Chyna seemed like a woman who would go far in the WWF; but what does
the WWF do? Oh no, we can't have women breaking history, we can't have
woman actually doing what the people want; what sense would that make?
I thought that women of the wrestling type could rely on Chyna for a
breakthrough performance; I've only found that she seems to be the
underdog, the imp of Triple H.

What the WWF pulled on SmackDown! was totally inappropriate and
incredibly degrading.

The sexual references on the show has become so uproarious that GUYS
have lowered themselves to grabbing other guys' crotches. Admitting to
an addiction to sex. Sleeping around with the "whore" of the WWF and
fighting for her pleasure. Has the WWF *really* resorted to
pornographic material to get better ratings?

All I can say is, good luck WWF; even the majority of your fans can see
through your mud caked lens...good luck. I appreciate your
inconsiderate moves and hope only the best for your plastic surgeons.
-- T.J. --
Written by reader: Mohsin Khan (mqkhan)

I think Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko are tremendous athletes that give
it their all when they wrestle. They give the action, they have good
matches with the likes of Bret Hart, Booker T, Eddie Guerreroand many
others. But to go as far to say they are main event status I have to
disagree. The thing about main event wrestlers is that they don't need
to know how to wrestle. They can go out there give Irish Whips and Leg
Drops and they will get cheered more than Chris and Dean.... Why????
Well, they are marketable.

When people see Benoit and Dean they change the channel to RAW because
they are not familiar with them that much. They know Hogan and Sid
Vicious. They know Goldberg. That is why the ratings go slightly up
in the main event

Chris and Dean are great wrestlers but internet reporters keep bashing
WCW for not putting them up the main event status. With Russo and
Ferrara in WCW look for Benoit and Dean to be pushed up as soon as
their tour of Japan is over. This doesn't only go for Dean and Benoit,
this goes for Guerrero, Booker T, Saturn.

In my mind WCW is doing a pretty good job with Benoit. Trust me, he is
not ready for that main event push yet. WCW will build him up; Billy
Gunn has been in the WWF for 6 years and he hasn't found the IC gold.
It will take some time for Benoit to feud with Goldberg, Flair, and
many other. Please give it some time…
Written by reader: Sandy (QwikSand)

Wow! 30 minutes of pure wrestling! That is something of a rarity in the
wrestling world today. For those of you who missed the 10/4 Nitro,
which is vastly improving week by week, I am speaking of the 30 minute
match that Bret Hart and Chris Benoit poured their hearts into in honor
of Owen Hart's memory. No flashy entrances, no wild pyros, no trash
talking, no hatred or extensively hyped build-up, just two of the best
workers of the decade putting on a show not only for the fans, but for

I truly believe they are both satisfied with the show they put on, and
they sure worked hard at it. In the end they were exhausted. No doubt,
wrestlers and personel were backstage 3 watching eagerly as their
friends and colleagues put on what has to be the hardest fought and
throughly enjoyable matches in quite some time. Some
may say it was slow, but that is what a true wrestling match is: a
culmination of ring technique and a psychological wearing down of your
opponent, and that is what we saw. That is what wrestling is all about.

Nitro had a lot of that. Malenko/Rey Jr. was great, Kidman/Juvi was
great as always, Psychosis/Disco was also a good match and so was
DDP/Bagwell. While one fed is wrestling based and one is sports
entertainment, I personally am a fan of the wrestling itself. Sure,
storylines add some spice and make things more interesting and
certainly are essential for the show to be enjoyable, but one thing:
what do these angles and storylines ultimately build up to in the end?
That's right, a wrestling match. That is the reason we buy PPVs.

Granted, I too like some of the skits and interviews and such, but what
really makes you ooooh and aTriple Hh is the wrestling itself. That
separates who can 'walk the walk' since many 'talk the talk', which in
itself is an aquired talent and is much needed to get the point of the
fued across and make the character seem complete.

In closing I would just like to end on the note that for this fan, what
I witnessed Monday night between Benoit and Hart is what makes me
really watch wrestling. It allows me as a fan to immerse myself in the
energy of the competitors and become part of the action. This truly was
a classic and I was glad to be able to watch it. I always welcome any
comments or criticism, as long as they are coherant. Please feel free
to email or
AIM me at qwiksand or ICQ me at 23708702. Thanks
for reading. Take care: O)
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Tom Kirkbride
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