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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 350

Date:  Tuesday October 12th, 1999  3:22 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet


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In the past couple of weeks, the WWF has taken what was comic relief
and gone much too far with it. For whatever motive, they are continuing
the angle with Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah. I can see very little
in the way of entertainment in seeing old ladies being used as they
have been. So far we have seen things like one or both of these seventy
plus year old women:

1. Skulled with a Guitar
2. Stripped down to their undies
3. Given a mud bath
4. Abused by Jeff Jarret

There are few things more scary then seeing a "full figured senior
citizen" running around in her frillies. The sight of seeing Mae Young
like that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I agree with the
concept of providing our senior citizens with meaningful employment,
but this goes beyond that. Moolah was the WWF Women's Champion for
twenty-five or so years, the longest reign by any title holder that I
know of. She is in the WWF Hall Of Fame. Is this how she wants to be
remembered? Is this the legacy both the WWF and Moolah want for her? I
doubt it.

Moolah is scheduled to meet Ivory for the Women's Title at the next WWF
PPV, No Mercy, and I am hearing rumors that she will come away as
Champion. If this is so, the WWF is diluting a title that has become a
joke even further. In today's environment, titles are changing hands
more often than Mae Young changes her Depends. The European Title has
about as much credibility as anything Booby "The Brain" Heenan says.
Why foist this farce off on the fans? What can possibly be gained from
it? Put an end to this crap. It has gone on long enough. Wouldn't it be
better to bring in some women with wrestling ability. There is a rumor
floating around that the WWF is looking to bring in Miss Congeniality
from ECW. She is a wrestler. There are more out there her.

Speaking if "crap," on last night's (
October 11, 1999) RAW, we were
treated to repeated scenes of a group of well fed Bulldogs and their
"leavings." At The Rock's direction, Mankind played Pooper-scooper,
cleaned the mess up and placed it neatly on a large metal plate. It was
then brought to the ring for the Tag Team Match between The Rock and
Sock Connection and the team of The British Bulldog and Val Venis. The
Rock planted The Bulldog onto the pile with a Rock Bottom. Was this
really necessary? I think not. If the idea was to embarrass The Bulldog
and build up more heat for his match v. The Rock at No Mercy, couldn't
mud or something else been used? Yeah, I know the symbolism of The
Bulldog being dropped onto a pile of Bulldog Poop, and that they really
didn't use Poop, but it was plain disgusting. Heck, why stop at Doggie
Doo, why not try for Horsey Pucks? Since X-Pac is famous for his Bronco
Buster, how about The Acolytes, or even a rejected Kane, smashing him
onto a pile of it.

I am a staunch defender of Freedom of Speech and Expression, but its
time to end the Septuagenarian Silliness and Poop Plopping. There is
little to be gained from either. Can you picture the headlines if one
of the elderly ladies gets hurt? How could it possibly be justified?
Can't you just read Phil Muchnick's next TV Guide Article about the WWF
using Doggie Doo? WWF wise up. Stop both now.

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

An emotional Bobby Heenan was shown discussing the death of his friend,
Gorilla Monsoon.

Rey MysterioJr. versus Perry Saturn
Saturn took the match with a DQ after interference by members of the
Revolution and the Filthy Animals.
Winner: Perry Saturn via disqualification

Disco Inferno versus Kaz Hayashi *Cruiserweight Title*
Disco retained the title after escorting Hayshi to the "Last Dance."
Winner: Disco Inferno (Retained Cruiserweight Title)

Meng versus Konnan
The big man defeated K-Dogg by pinning him after putting him down with
the Tongan Death Grip.
Winner: Meng via pinfall

--The Outsiders rejoined Nitro (in the crowd) again this week and
reiterated that Nash was retired, but they were getting the "band" back
together, while Hall said his back hurt from carrying WCW on his back.

Goldberg versus Horace Hogan
The Man....spear......jackhammer..........victory.
Winner: Goldberg via pinfall

--Mene Gene interviewed Hulk Hogan. Hogan, apparently highly
agitated said that he would defeat Sting and told the "guys in the
back" that he would get the last laugh at Halloween Havoc.

--Then next semi finalists for the Nitro girls contest were introduced.

--David Flair questioned Torrie, who had just been talking to Kidman
(who had lipstick on his face). She told him to go talk to his dad "or

--In the back, Brad Armstrong was attacked by Berlyn and his
bodyguard. When Armstrong gained control of Berlyn's cane and began to
attack, he was detained by WCW security.

Stevie Ray versus Brian Knobbs w/Jimmy Hart *Street Fight*
As Booker T fought with members of the First Family on the outside,
Jimmy Hart nailed Ray with a chair, allowing Knobbs to make the cover
for the win.
Winner: Brian Knobbs via pinfall

--Shane Douglas berated Dean Malenko for causing Saturn to take a DQ
over Mysterio earlier on the card and Benoit for getting out of the car
with Bret Hart. Benoit told
Douglas that if it were not for the Hart
family, there would not be The Crippler and there would not be the
Revolution. He then took off his shirt and threw it in
Douglas' face.
Saturn then yelled at
Douglas for not thinking before opening his
mouth. Malenko said he would stand in their corner later in the
evening, but the Revolution would do what they started out to do.

La Parka versus Brad Armstrong
Although he was attacked by Berlyn and his bodyguard (La Parka was also
attacked), Armstrong rolled over on top of his opponent for the win.
Winner: Brad Armstrong via pinfall

--Curt Hennig and Curly Bill attacked David Flair, who was
interrupting the king redneck as he was talking to Torrie Wilson.

--It was announced that Brad Armstrong will face Berlyn at Halloween

Norman Smiley versus Berlyn w/Bodyguard
The German Machine took down the Big Wiggle with a reverse
Winner: Berlyn via pinfall

--Mene Gene interviewed Ric Flair. The Nature Boy challenged Hennig to
a match for attacking his son. He also said that Kimberly was tired of
the 2 time champion, DDP and wondered if she would want to be with the
14 time champ.

Kidman/Rey MysterioJr., Perry Saturn/Dean Malenko
There was a lot of friction on the Revolution side during this match.
Malenko also kept
Douglas from interfering on more than one occasion.
Saturn nailed Kidman with a chain that was thrown to him by
Douglas to
gain the win. When Malenko saw the replay, he threw his shirt at Saturn
and walked away from the Revolution.
Winner: Perry Saturn/Dean Malenko via pinfall

Van Hammer versus Sid Vicious *US Title*
With an assist from Rick Steiner, Sid took the match with a
Winner: Sid Vicious via pinfall (Retained
U.S. title)

--Highlights of the Bret Hart/Chris Benoit match from last week were

--The odd ghastly man with the evil voice was shown again telling a
child to sleep.

Curt Hennig/Curly Bill versus Ric Flair
Hennig tried to win by putting his feet on the ropes and using Curly as
leverage, but was stopped by David Flair, who pulled Curly off of the
apron. Flair then rolled up Hennig, putting his feet on the ropes for
the win.
Winner: Ric Flair via pinfall

Chris Benoit/Bret Hart versus The Total Package w/Miss Liz/Rick
The match ended with Sid interfering. Goldberg made the save, but was
stopped by Sid who reminded him that if he touched him, Goldberg would
lose his "opportunity." Goldberg obviously did not care, as he speared
Sid to the mat.
Winners: Chris Benoit/Bret Hart via disqualification
Written by reader: ChicagoM0B

This may be the death of wrestling as we know it. The WWF surely won't
change what's working. And with Russo in WCW, we'll be in for more
"Sports Entertainment" at the expense of WRESTLING fans. But what else
would you expect? All that matters to them is the dollars that roll in,
not the happiness of their core fans.

Most bookers in the
United States have so much contempt for the
American WRESTLING fan that its disheartening. Maybe its just the
fact that they're so inept at what they do, that the only thing they
know how to produce is absurd angles and long, drawn out interview

Well, to me, that is not professional wrestling. That's a cheesy
sitcom, and if I wanted that I'd flip over to "Must See TV." A
wrestling match in itself can be entertaining and compelling, if in the
right hands. I feel almost like a steel worker, who has given so much
of his life supporting a business, only to see it get bigger than ever
and then laid off.

I guess much like there's no room in the world for the working class
man, there's no room in the professional wrestling world for a
WRESTLING fan. Like I said before, its just disheartening. But then
again, what do I know. I'm just some punk who's not even in the
Written by reader: EPMD31

I was one of the millions, no wait, I mean thousands of fans (around
40,000 in fact!) to attend the HUGE RAW is WAR in
Atlanta. A lot of
cool stuff happened. For instance there was around 20 fights in the
crowd between drunk fans. Toilet paper rolls and plastic cups and the
good ol' beach ball were all being thrown around. Alot of cool signs
that probably didn't make TV, "Triple H is Chyna's bitch", "Who's on
FOOTBALL!!", and the best one of the night, which was taken by a police
man (He got the old ASSHOLE chant for it) said, "HEY TED TURNER...WCW
SUCKS!!!". It was a huge banner and also had pics of the Rock and
Austin on it.

Then one time some guy held up a sign that said, "GO NY METS" We all
started chanting "YOU SUCK" and then we started the tomahawk chop.
Here's something interesting, as we all know Val Venis has been a huge
face since he started around last year and now they are making him a
heel. Right before he came out, he was on the Titantron and he
completelyw ent off on the ATL, so that we'd boo him when he came out,
boy did he ever get some heat!

ENDED??? Well
Austin was backstage beating on Triple H. He kicked open
a door and threw Triple H into a room and guess what was laying on the
floor right next to Hunter? A Rattlesnake!! It started to rattle really
loud and then Triple H screamed and the Titantron went blank.

But that's not the end.
Austin came back to the ring and put away
about 8 Steveweisers and he was joined by JR who had a drink too. The
show really ended with
Austin laying down on the walkway (ramp) and
pouring beer all over himself.

OVERALL: A+. I bet it looked and sounded awesome on TV, we were so damn
loud! Biggest pops: (in no order, too hard to tell but most likely the
Rock, they were chanting his name during the Jakked tapings!!) 1. Rock
Austin 3. X-Pac 4. Jericho 5. The Reunited Headbangers 6. Edge and
Christian 7. The King & JR (When they come out before the show starts)
8. Of course The Godfather and his like 20 ho's

Most Heel Heat: 1. Triple H, they hate this man in
Atlanta. He then
got the ASSHOLE chant louder than Vince and Shane ever got. 2. Bulldog
3. Val Venis 4. Bossman, he even got booed in his hometown, how
pathetic 5. Chyna
Written by reader: Reaper0519

Over the past few days, I have read a number of things that I must
comment on. First of all, going back, in reference to the "phantom"
title change of the WCW Crusierweight title, I read, and I quote, "gave
the title to Pscosis of all people". My question is, what's wrong with
Pscosis? He is arguably the most gifted participant in WCW's
Cruiserweight division. The only problem I see was making him job to
Disco Inferno. This is the second time WCW has given Psychosis the gold
and then jobbed him out of it only days later. (last time it was to Rey

Secondly, on to the whole issue with Steve Austin and the Undertaker
and everybody's in-ring quality. I think both men are capable of
putting on great matches, as long as both are at 100%. The problem lies
with the angles and characters. Please do not get me wrong. I love the
demonic living dead character, and the beer swilling redneck, but the
WWF needs to put together some better angles.

Next on my list, and I know I'm probably going to offend some one with
this, is the whole WWF/T&A/ Sex thing. Quite frankly, I think we all
need to lighten up. Maybe the mud wrestling match wasn't the most
intelligent idea, and maybe the Mark Henry/Incest angle is just plain
retarded, but lets face it: Sex sells. Bottom line. And for the most
part, the WWF's use of sex in storylines has been funny. (The Godfather
& Val Venis come to mind). These recent attempts may be flops, but it
happens. You can't win them all. So for now, lets just relax a little,
and roll with the punches. ===========================================
Written by readers: LaserboyX

In response to several newsletters with people's views on the major
talents in wrestling today, I just couldn't sit back anymore. I find
that the problem with BOTH organizations is that they focus too much on
one particular circle of athletes and the storylines revolving around
them. Of course, the WWF isn't nearly as faulty in this area. A new
sports entertainer seems to
go up every 4-6 months, and that is much better than WCW...but I
won't go into the fossils that have stayed at the top forever.

On the constantly raised subject of
Austin, however...Austin's
in-ring personality is personally annoying to me. But, I can see the
viewpoint others do in liking it, I suppose. As far as his in-ring
ability, yes it has changed...and decreased along with his character.
But just a week or more ago, we saw
Austin wrestling in not one, but
TWO knee-braces. This raises concern from me for the athlete.

Austin's suffered a great deal of injuries (most of them requiring
surgery, and one that I know of even threatening his career). The only
other athlete I can think of who has been this big, and suffered as
many injuries, is Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels will stand for all time as my favorite wrestler. He had
everything one could expect from an organizations belt-holder, and sold
the WWF greatly. He is still an entertainer in the truest form, but
now he cannot enter the ring again. We all know this is a result of
his spinal problems. What I'm saying is, should
Austin not be allowed
to have more time off? I know, someone is going to e-mail me and say
"That's not what
Austin would want" or something like they did about my
feelings during the Owen Hart tragedy. But, I'm sure HBK didn't want
that either, and look where he is now. You know it has to tear him
apart that he can never wrestle again.

If Steve Austin continues to put his body through this kind of
punishment, and never takes the MUCH NEEDED rest (of a more substantial
time than two lousy months), he may end up exactly the same as Shawn
Michaels, a side-lined wrestler. This will not only cause a great
disheartening effect among the fans (like I felt when I found out about
HBK) and the athlete, but it would leave the WWF with another
unmarketable entertainer. As much as people love to see
Austin run his
mouth, they want to see him "whoop ass". And if more injuries occur,
that may become a thing of the past.
Written by reader: jandsb

Has it occured to anyone that WCW is sitting on a gold mine with Billy
Kidman? They've just got the characterization messed up, and I think
they've got the ability to recreate a Shawn Michaels persona, similar
to the one he portrayed alongside Helmsley in DX's evil days. The two
are roughly the same height and both are really nifty movers and

Side Kidman with someone ruthless (like what was done with Michaels and
Triple H) or someone with the potential to be so, Eddie Guerreromaybe?
Luger? Benoit?

WCW also has the ideal wrestler to go against this character: Bret
Hart. Hart is undoubtedly a future WCW World Champion. He could get the
title from virtually any other prospective title holder and
realistically drop it to someone who is roughly the same height, like
Michaels (Kidman) just as realistically.

Kidman's present 'Filthy Animal' image is just a step away from being a
fully fledged user of women; despite the crowds love of him he could be
a just as promising heel. All he needs is an ego. He could even fued
with goodies Goldberg (Hell you could make that a PPV headliner with
Mike Tyson refereing). Kidman could have great matches with Sting (this
guy will never be a respectable heel, he still gets cheered), DDP (the
2 were once friends, you could call it a grudge match). A Nash title
bout may seem like a bit of a mismatch with the height difference, but
a controversial victory within a hell in a cell cage to Kidman would be

Kidman has promise, and despite the fact that people who have paid
their dues like Benoit, deserve the belt, I class his in-ring charisma
up there with bricks and 3 toed slothes. Despite the fact that Kidman
doesn't fall under any of the usual prerequisites that are in place in
WCW to get a title shot (He isn't either 200 years old, from WWF, or is
10 foot tall) he has unquestionable ability, in the ring and on the

What else should really define a champ? Turn Kidman bad Shawn Michaels
style and make him GOOD!
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Rick Phelps
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Tom Kirkbride
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