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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 351

Date:  Wednesday October 13th, 1999  10:15 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bruce Mitchell of The Pro Wrestling Torch
As many figured, the rumors of Hulk Hogan leaving WCW were actually
false rumors started by the promotion itself.

While nobody knows exactly how Hogan's relationship with Vince Russo
will ultimately play out (at this point they have not even met), Hogan
has NOT given notice to World Championship Wrestling.

Mitchell reports that the angle will play out over the next two weeks
(could this be the first time one of their insider angles draws a cent
in revenue? Probably not)..

A troubling aspect of all this is that WCW is using their in-house
journalists in an attempt to sell the angle. By working these men (or
letting them in on the work) they risk damaging their credibility
long-term, which defeats the purpose of building internet connections.

Where will this angle go? I'm not sure, and lets hope that it won't
just be the reformation of the nWo.

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
ECW on TNN on Friday,
10/8/1999, drew a 0.9, with quarter hours of 0.8,
0.9, 0.9 and 1.1. The TNN owned Roller Jam drew an 0.6.
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Written by reader: TWOD

Female Fans Type #1

In reference to reader TJ's editorial:
Female fans of wrestling are different from female fans of any of other
sport. After years of dealing with these women in business and
personal arenas, I can tell you that Vinnie's marketing machine has not
been able to successfully pinpoint just what the XX fan is waiting to

Men are from Mercury and Women from Pluto is truly a tongue in cheek
comment, but it does bear some merit. The vast majority of men have
gotten away from the kayfabe belief systems that other sports fans
jeered and sneered about, and have now become savvy and "source-er-ers"
when it comes to substantiating a rumor. They are interested in all
forms of the business from the training schools to injury
rehabilitation. It is really hard to contrast this with the sports
fans (males) of any other game such as football or baseball. There are
less differences than similarities today. Astrologically, Mercury is
the planet closest to the sun and rules over communication and swift
interaction and the spread of knowledge.

The female fans are another story, and frankly, may be the reason why
the storylines for females are poor and the gimmicks fall short.

As TJ so aptly states, "Being a female fan of wrestling sure as hell
ain't easy; ... criticism, sexist remarks and degrading roles that the
female wrestlers take and that we must endure." (TJ 10/12)

Why do I say we are from Pluto ? Pluto is the furthest out in the
universe, the least known about and the most recently discovered. We
have just scratched the surface of this planet, and discovery takes
time. Also, astrologically, Pluto guides the underworld, the unknown,
unexpected, fantasy and occult. We will get back to this in a moment.

But from a woman's view: TJ is right on track. The type #1 fan (as I
have labeled it) loves the sport - she is made of the same cloth as the
football fan or baseball fan, who enjoys the art of the sport, and
enjoys the company of her male friends.

This fan (and I think I would place TJ there too) can not understand
why Chyna can not be used in a productive wrestling role; why Moolah is
degraded or why Jarrett must be portrayed as a misogynist; why Mark
Henry's storyline is offensive at best
(remember George the Animal's psycho story line years ago) and at worst
defames female psychologists who do not wear their skirts up to their
patootie, try to seduce their patients (against ethics code) and can
communicate in grammatically correct sentences.

Also to agree with TJ, Ivory looks like she needs a meal more than the
retirement home or wrestling ring. Debra's and Miss Kitty's types are
alien to former tomboys. The best thing about Sable, to these fans,
was when she left. In one chat room I was in - we discussed our
favorite Sable matches: all anyone could offer was the thrill of seeing
the Undertaker not be affected by the jiggling chemical canisters and
choke slamming her (which we all wanted to and therefore could
vicariously). A match? When was she really in a match?

Evening gown matches are one thing, Tori is totally another and the
topless fixation has to go - she is another one who needs to eat.

Chyna, Moolah, Luna - there are women who are in the WWF that can
certainly be role models if you will to the Type #1 female fan.
Hopefully, as new writers come in and then things settle down - they
can check these things out and put together a better program.

I quote TJ here again: "The sexual references on the show has become
so uproarious that GUYS have lowered themselves to grabbing other guys'
crotches. Admitting to an addiction to sex. Sleeping around with the
"whore" of the WWF and fighting for her pleasure. Has the WWF *really*
resorted to pornographic material to get better ratings?"

Excellent point, low blows have always been used but it seems there is
some appendage reference every 10 seconds - it is too much and the fans
get turned off. Henry's storyline is the most offensive
yet...addiction to sex can be ...well a topic for humor, but Mark
Henry, first with a man, then with his sister. Come on, this is not
entertaining but painful.

Terri needs a storyline or get back to regular managing - she cannot
display the class of Marlena if she is jumping from bed to bed with
guys that look half her age. Not that I would not take that job if
available, lol, but really???? Again, sad but not entertaining. I am
waiting for a Jenny Jones or Jerry Springer and for the expert analyst
to come out and tell everyone how to solve their psychological
I have always been able to handle the soap opera aspect - but to
pattern one's self after failing fad-laden talk shows is, ignorant, and

The type #1 female fans want the women to stop being hidden and be
brought, not necessarily to the forefront, but to a deserving place in
the sport. Get them into the known and closer to the sun, if you will.
If women race car drivers can at least be accepted at the local dirt
tracks and at Indy, is it not time for a real woman to be allowed to
wrestle as athlete and a sports entertainer?
Written by reader: Ed Pyle (epyle)

Suppose a few days after David Wells' perfect game last year he had
left the Yankees, changed his legal name to "Boomer", and disappeared.
He spoke publicly only occaisonally despite the fact he was a hot free
agent, only editing a comic book about himself, and opening a pitching
school. A few years later, he signed with the Blue Jays, only to walk
out after a bad performance against an old second rate ball club,
claiming he had been used wrong in an unintelligible, website that
reads like the Unibomber Manifesto. We would call David Wells crazy.
Substitute Warrior for David Wells,and you get the idea that Warrior is
really a deeply disturbed individual. This guy needs some serious
help, he's a danger to himself and may be to others. I've studied a
little psychology, though I'm not qualified to make a diagnosis, but I
think the writing is on the wall.
-Ed Pyle
Written by reader: Todd Jackson (tj_only)

Quick results from the 10-11-99 AAA show on Galavision:
Antonio Silva / Thai Boxer / Street Boxer / Carlos Gutierrez >DQ
Picudo /May Flowers /Nygma /Charly Manson

(Kick Boxing vs. AAA)
Sangre Chicana earns DQ for los technicos by attacking Thai Boxer;

R-15 and Oscar Sevilla get into parking lot brawl

Felino / Alebrije/Cuijel / Path Finder / Oscar Sevilla > Abismo
Negro/ Pentagon / Apache / Electro Shock

Perro Aguayo / Latin Lover / Canek > Sangre Chicana / Cibernetico /
Luchadore Sorpresa (Adios de Perro Aguayo)
Written by reader: MNR1118

I really feel bad about Hulk Hogan's apparent departure from WCW and
quite possibly from wrestling altogether. I've been a Hogan fan since I
was a little kid watching him on Verne Gagne's All-Star Wrestling (
AWA). But it is time for Hulk Hogan to retire. Why? The main reason is
that Hulk no longer possesses the wrestling skills to put him over. In
most PPV main events each wrestler usually has an equal chance of
winning, That's how it sells. Now tell me how is WCW going to sell a
Sting v.s Hogan match? Sting is younger, faster, and in much better
physical condition than Hogan is, The Hulkster just isn't able to put
on a good match anymore.

He hobbles around the ring on that bad knee, his moves are slower than
molasses, and his finishing move guillotine leg-drop is really pitiful
looking now. It really hurts to write this because my two-year old son
loves him to death. Everytime he's on television, my son runs to the
screen and yells " Dee-Dah who's that? its...........HOGAN!! Yayyyy! "
Because of what he has meant to wrestling, I think he should have one
last match before he retires, and pass the torch down to Bret Hart like
he should have done years ago.
Written by reader: TacoElf2

I went to the first RAW is WAR EVER in the Georgia Dome. People were so
jacked for the show it wasn't even funny. People were about to break
into a riot when they kept us waiting to get in for so long. Now first
of all let me say that
Atlanta truly is ROCKlanta. EVERYONE went there
to see the Rock. 75% of the signs were Rock signs. When we were waiting
to get in, the crowd chanted "Rocky" once every 5 minutes. During the
jobber matches, the crowd chanted Rocky at least twice during each
match. Fans were reeling off Rock catch phrases left and right.

We REALLY wanted to see the Rock and we REALLY wanted to sing along
with him. We were all anticipating "Finally, the Rock
Atlanta" (50% of the Rock signs said that exact phrase, and they even
made TSHIRTS that said that!). During every commercial break (when we
weren't ripping on Mets fans) the crowd chanted "Rocky" at least once.
Now throughout the WHOLE night, they kept teasing us making us think
The Rock was coming out. They kept showing vignettes of him, and when
the vignettes would end, everyone would hold up their Rock signs and
anticipate his arrival. He never came out after one of these. When the
first limo got there, everyone was SURE it was The Rock and starting
going crazy, but it was only Sexual Jobber Mark Henry.

During the "phone call", they put a big Brahma Bull up on the
Titantron, and we were SURE this was it, but we were let down yet
again. Then one commercial break, "IF YA SMELLL..." suddenly blared
over the speakers, and the place went nuts. This turned out to be a
stupid ad for The Rock's website. People were getting really pissed
now. Austin and Triple H had already been shoved down our throats, and we
wanted the Rock. We wanted to sing along with him.

When Rock appeared on the Titantron, the crowd popped big yet again.
But we wanted to see him in person. FINALLY, he came out for his match.
that, all the signs and shirts that said "Finally, The Rock has come
back to
Atlanta" were for NOTHING. That's ALL we really wanted him to
say, and he DIDN'T SAY IT!!! I along with many others know that
recently after the show ends, the Rock and Mankind have come out and
entertained the fans. So I saved my anger and justified it by telling
myself that he would come out after the show. BUT WHAT'S THIS?! NO
either as they started booing.

Then The Rock stood at the top of the ramp and looked as if he'd come
back down, but no. So I waited and waited after the show, and "IF YA
SME---" blared over the speakers, but was CUT OFF! Then Austin's music
played, he drank beer, yadda yadda everyone started leaving. After
Austin left I was sure The Rock would come out and we'd get to sing
along with him. HELL NO!! Now I would have thought all the teasing us
about the Rock coming outwas funny, IF WE HAD GOTTEN ENOUGH OF HIM.
Truly everyone there wanted to see the Rock, and wanted to sing along
with him. I am very disappointed. After 7 long years, the WWF holds
back. We didn't get to see the single most exciting move. We didn't get
the after the show performance. Andthe worst of all, no singalong

The WWF doesn't come back until February, and I am VERY disappointed.
The ONLY way they can make up for this is to have a Rock autograph
session (very possible) where he gets on the mic before or after and
does his catchphrases.
FANTASY BOOKING (This will not happen)
Written by reader: hopkotel

It would seem that now would be the best time for Hogan to exit World
Championship Wrestling, especially after signing Russo and Ferrara as
head writers. With all types of rumors and news running rampant on the
internet scene, saying that the older workers have nothing more to give
and to gain, it seems now that quite the contrary, the older workers of
WCW have everything to give and gain, especially Hogan. Now would be
the best time for him to hang up his trunks, put away his boots and
leave the wrestling business with some dignity. This would also be the
time to usher in a new era of WCW. If he has really put in his 90 days
notice, here's how WCW should act upon it in a month's time...

HALLOWEEN HAVOC: Hogan beats Sting to regain the WCW Heavyweight Title.

NITRO #1: (9:00) Hogan comes out to ringside, talks with Mean Gene
about his battle and all of a sudden, Sting comes out and attacks
Hogan. He gives Sting his last chance for a fight in the main event.
During the main event Hogan is knocked out a little and all of a
sudden...The OUTSIDERS come out! Nash Jackknifes Sting, Hogan awakes
and they rejoice, and everyone thinks that The Outsiders are fan
favorites. As Hogan goes up to
the corner, still in disbelief, Hall gets him in an Outsiders Edge.

Nitro #2: (8:00) Outsiders do a huge shoot interview as tweeners.

(9:00) Hogan comes out and says he wants to end what he started and
fight The Outsiders in the main event. Bret Hart comes out, saying
Hogan is getting in over his head, and that he (Bret) is there to help
him excellently execute Nash and Hall, but wants a title shot too.
Hogan agrees and promises to give him a title shot. Main Event: They
all brawl, until Luger and Sting come out and interfere.

Nitro #3: Hogan/Hart title match is set up for next Pay-Per-View.

(9:00) Sting and Luger come out talking about how Nash and Hall were
interfering in their business and then challenge Hogan/Hart and
Outsiders to a three-way tag match for the main event.
Main Event: Back and forth fighting with everyone, Sting goes for the
bat, swings at Hogan, hits Luger by accident, Hart pins Luger, and
Nitro goes off the air with The Outsiders looking angry.

Thunder: DDP comes out saying Hogan is getting involved with everyone
else but him b/c Hogan is afraid. Hogan says he would be pleased to
kick Page's two time, two time, two timing ass. And Hogan wins.

Nitro #4: Hogan says he's tired of all that is going on and just
wants to shut Sting up for good.
Main Event...They fight, Page rushes to ring, is stopped by Hart, Luger
rushes, Outsiders come, Hogan gets pin on Sting, Sid comes out,
Steiners, Benoit, Goldberg too. A big brawl ensues as
Hart and Benoit clear the outside of the ring and Hogan and Goldberg
stand back to back, clearing the ring and Hogan goes to shake
Goldberg's hand. They hug, and Goldberg does Hogan's hand waiving
thing to the crowd.

Thunder: Big Poppa Pump comes out saying how Hogan turned his back on
the N.W.O. and he was going to pay. Hogan says his twenty four inch
pythons can kill his little rattlesnakes (alluding to Stone Cold) any
day of the week. They fight and Hogan wins.

Pay-Per-View (WCW Mayhem)
Main event: A top caliber match between Hart and Hogan, comparable to
the Hart/Benoit match, but after a solid 20 minutes or so, Hart gets
the win.

(The first 2 hours of Nitro that begin to start under Russo)
Nitro: Hart comes out, the new WCW champion, says how he waited a
long time to become the WCW Heavyweight Title holder, and waited a long
time to fight Hogan. Hogan comes out, saying how he has accomplished
everything and more anyone could possible accomplish in this sport and
thanked the fans and hugged Hart.

Savage comes out, saying how he made Hogan into what he (Hogan) is and
is nothing without him (Savage). If Hogan thinks he (Savage) is crazy
now, he's going to let Hogan feel the madness later. Hogan agrees, he's
had a long history with Savage, and he can't wait to say his prayers,
take his vitamins and kick Savage's ass.

Main event comes, Savage comes out with Gorgeous George, big heat.
Hogan comes out, all teary eyed, rips his shirt for the last time,
throws it behind him and Hart catches it and follows Hogan to ringside.
Hogan and Macho fight for a while, g.g. interferes, Hogan gets knocked
out a little, Savage takes advantage, a couple elbows, Hogan hulks up
and a big boot here, a leg drop there and he wins. Hulkamaina lives to
see its last night, and the locker room empties to cheer him on.

Now of course with the right marketing this can be big and Savage can
be replaced with Flair as well.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
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Columnist: Darren Kramer

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