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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 352

Date:  Wednesday October 13th, 1999  6:26 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
RAW Nitro
1st Hour: n/a 3.6
2nd Hour: 6.1 2.2
3rd Hour: 6.0 2.0
Composite: 6.0 2.6

WWF Live Wire (10/9) 1.7
WCW Saturday Night (10/9) 1.3
WWF Superstars (10/10) 1.9
WWF Heat (10/10) 3.4

At the conclusion of this issue we present The Smackdown Spoiler for
10/14; as always, if you would rather be surprised, please skip that
Written by reader: Dan Altano (Dmadev@a...)

I am a long time fan of the sport of Wrestling. Sunday night,as many
know, was the Heroes of Wrestling PPV, which saw some of the old greats
of the ring fight to end long lasting grudges. It was a stacked
cardand and as soon as I heard about it, I couldn't wait to watch. The
event was an old school type style with a small ring, an old fashion
backstage setup and commentating. There was one thing wrong with this
pay-per-view: Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

One of my favorites from a long way back disgraced his career and all
that he had accomplished in the past few years in one stupid night. He
was first shown
backstage, putting his arm around the announcer, yelling, and
desperately trying to get his words out. He yelled at the announcer,
yelled at the camera man, and made crazy remarks that I could not even
make out. He was obviously hammered.

As he screamed DDT to the crowd he looked like he was about to throw up
in front of the camera. From my point of view, I was hoping that his
mic skills were just a little bit rusty and he was acting to try to
make it looked like he was crazy and possesed.
But when he made his way to the ring, practically stumbling, it was
clear that this was no joke, which was truly scary.

He came to the ring with Damien and slowly stepped into the ring. He
tried to open the bag where Damien was, and couldn't do it. It took
him a few seconds to even unravel the bag. Finally, when he had taken
a few minutes standing in one spot he ran to the back, possibly to ask
the bookers what it was exactly that he has to do.

A few seconds later he ran out without a shirt and started shaking
hands with the fans. Taking his time he then took a ladies hand and
made her rub his chest. At this time I could not believe that Jake was
even okay to wrestle the match. He got into the ring against Jim "The
Anvil" Neidhart and every punch knocked him over for about a minute.
It was terrible to watch.

This was not the end of Jake's disgrace. After the match he took
Damien out and put him in between his legs and played with the snake
under his legs, it must have sunk in to the producers that this man was
truly plastered, but it apparently didn't, not until Jake started
licking the snake in the mouth like his first kiss. At this point King
Kong Bundy have to come and start something with him, and only then did
he realize that he was being filmed.

In the tag team match he didn't throw a punch, used the middle finger
frequently and at the end of the show, the crowd chanted DDT and Jake
did not have the energy to do it. When I looked at the career of Jake
the Snake before Saturday, it looked like
it ended on a happy note. He was booze free and made a comeback and
gained fan respect.

Saturday night I watched him slap everything he had accomplished in the
past few years right in the face. He couldn't hold himself up and for
that he won't be remembered as a Hero of Wrestling, he is remembered in
my mind as a crazy old drunk that ruined a perefectley good
-Dan Altano
Steve Appy responds:
Dan, remember the phrase "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice,
shame on me"? As much responsibility that Roberts has to take for his
plight, I can't feel too much sympathy for a promoter who builds a card
around him. At this point a promoter who touches Robert is asking for
a poison pill.
Written by reader: Josh Skinner (nwopac@h...)

I have been a fan of Canadian wrestling for 10 years now. I love Lance
Storm, Y2J, Adam "Edge" Copeland, Chris Benoit, and the Harts. I
personally believe that Chris Benoit is the best wrestler in the
business now and Bret Hart is the best wrestler ever. I had the joy of
seeing what I had been waiting for years to see, The Excellence of
Execution vs. the Canadian Crippler in a match for the ages.

I have had fights (verbal) with friends many times over why Chris
Beniot is better than HHH and SCSA. Some of my friends hated this
match. There were no puppies, no catch phrases, no Hogan or Sid, and
no sexual inuendo. In the era of sports entertainment, The Crippler
and The Hitman put on a wrestling clinic. They put out everything they
had. It was a technical masterpiece. I was standing in my living room
during many points of the match. It was breathtaking. I had tears in
my eyes watching this match thinking how I would never see Owen wrestle
again (I know that
sounds selfish and corny but its real).

These men gave their souls in this match! I hope this gave closure for
Bret, Chris and the Hart family. I would like to thank WCW for giving
these wrestling gods time to perform. I would like to thank Chris and
Bret for the best match I have ever seen in my life. I hope they get a
chance to do it again.
Written by reader: Rhino888@a...

"We are getting the band back together..."----Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

I would like to start off by saying that I am an equal fan of WCW and
WWF, but I see one of the best opportunities in WCW history to take a
run at the WWF for the ratings war. The WWF is soon going to be in a
temporary state of confusion, and naturally they are going to turn to
the one wrestler they must, and that is of course Stone Cold Steve
Austin. And frankly I believe that, like myself, many people are
played out on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Fans are going to tend to turn
towards newer, fresher faces like The Rock, Mankind, and don't forget

And with a lack in fan interest.....WCW (With Ferrara and Russo at the
helm) need to "get the band back together". I see it coming already in
a move that may truly save WCW. Hogan said Monday Night "Hulk Hogan
will have the last laugh". The last laugh on who??? My guess is the
Hulkamaniacs, as he will once again turn his back, probably with the
help of Lex Luger, on Sting and WCW. This will leave a face Sting to
team up with Goldberg, Bret Hart, Ric Flair (in his latter days in
wrestling), with Chris Benoit and Bagwell making up the young talent.
But this sets up an elite force of heels, unlike any other seen in

With "
Hollywood" Hogan, the new World Champion, teamed with the
greatest tag team ever (Hall and Nash), the foundation for the nWo is
set. The likely additions of Lex Luger and Big Poppa Pump make for a
strong US Title threat. Then of course we cannot forget the
lunatic...MACHO MAN Randy Savage. One last run in WCW with the nWo will
make for a perfect exit to the WWF. Undercard workers like Rick
Steiner and Hugh Morrus would make for a good enforcer group.

I see this as the way for WCW to rise to the top. The biggest mistake
they could make would be to try to tie the Cruiserweights into this
heel/face battle. The Cruiserweight division is strong enough to make
it on its own. And lastly, if WWF doesn't want to fall off.....GIVE
Steve Appy responds:
This scenario already took place, and while it took WCW to its greatest
heights it also contributed to it's downfall. Hall & Nash will lose
all of their potential appeal by being saddled with Hogan; for Hogan to
draw, I think a new spin is needed. Recycling the nWo &
Hollywood just
won't be it.
Written by reader: TWAN@T...

How can the Rock have said, "Finally the Rock has come back to
when he's never wrestled in the Georgia Dome (or
Atlanta) before?
SMACKDOWN SPOILER (Skip if you rather be surprised)
Reported by David Broughton & Sister Midnight at:
I just got back from the WWF in
Birmingham. There were Jacked, Sunday
Night Heat, and SMACKDOWN tapings. The whole show lasted from
7:30 to

The show begins with Mankind talking to Vance MacManon, about one more
match with he and the Rock. I think he asked for a title shot against
the New Age Outlaws, because later that night they get one.

After this I think they show some highlights of HHH being bit by the
Rattlesnake from Raw.

The New Age Outlaws come to the ring first to do their usual ring
intro. Then HHH comes out with his face all swollen and looking real
bad. He starts talking about how he feels its not worth it anymore,
etc. and goes on to stay he is leaving wrestling, and then he calls
Vince out to say that he is done with wrestling.

Through out the night we are shown clips on HHH being rush to the

Here are the matches from SmackDown, I'm sorry that I can't remember
the whole show in order, but here are the results.

Another Terri Runnels Invitational Tag Match: The New Brood, with
Gangrel Vs. Edge & Christian,
Winners: The New Brood, with Gangrel

Jeff Jarrett, with Ms. Kitty, comes out to do an interview in the ring
. They talk about this Sunday's match with Chyna, by the way there were
household items all in the ring. At the very end Debra comes out and
says there will be a new I.C. Champ this Sunday.

There is a GTV segment shown with Stephanie Macmanon talking to the
British Bulldog. She says that if the Bulldog tells Test that he is
sorry, that it sure would help matters out. Bulldog says no way

There is a clip shown of JR talking to the Big Show.

Hardcore Title Match: Big Show vs. The Bossman Vs. Champ Al Snow. At
one point during the match Al Snow uses a fire extinguisher on the Big
Show. However the Bossman ends up becoming the new Hardcore Champion.

Y2J Chris Jericho Vs. Curtis Hughes
Winner: Y2J. During the match, the Fink comes down to ringside.
When the match is over Y2J tells Curtis that is over between the two,
but he has a parting gift for him. He gives Fink to Curtis, telling
them they deserve each other.

Val Venis Vs. Dude Love (Stevie Richards)
Winner: Val Venis, with Socko or Rocko

Handicap Match: The Acolytes Vs. Kane, Kane puts up a good fight, but
after 3 doubleteam powerbombs its over. After the match X-Pac makes the

A clip is shown of Sexual Chocolate meeting with a new counselor about
his women problems

The Godfather Vs. Median, with Vicera, Winner: The Godfather, but after
the match Vicera gives him a big splash.

The Dudley Boyz Vs. The Headbangers, The Headbangers come out mocking
and making fun of the Dudly Boyz. Winners: The Dudly Boyz. After the
match the Headbangers clear the ring with a chair.

Tag Team Title Match: N.A.O. Vs. Rock/Sock, the Hardcore Holly Brothers
come out while the ref. is down and cost the N.A.O. the match and the
Winners: New Champs Rock/Sock

A clip is shown of HHH returning to the building with Chyna. They meet
Steve Austin in the back and double team him. The whole thing about HHH
being sick from a snake bite was fake. HHH comes back to the ring and
tells the crowd how stupid they were for falling for his trick. Then
Austin comes and Stuns HHH about seven times and drinks a few beers.

P.S. : Now that Rock/Sock are the tag champs I wonder what will happen
Sunday. I think now maybe Test will face the Bulldog now. Also Val
Venis might face someone else now and the tag title match become a 3
way between: the Hollys, The N.A.O. and Rock/Sock. Just some ideas.

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