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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 353

Date:  Saturday October 16th, 1999  11:18 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch &
WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett is leaving the WWF and will
be jumping to WCW, possibly as early as this coming Monday night.

Jarrett's two year WWF contract expires today (10/16/1999); considering
the WWF's pre-emptive moves in signing all of their on-air talent to
long term contracts (a policy in effect since 1996), the WWF's
motivations in Jarrett's recent push are unclear.

Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara cited Jarrett as "a person they will
especially miss" during their recent Yahoo chat; while Jarrett is a
good worker, I would hope that WCW would focus on getting their own
mid-carders over before focusing on the constantly dissapointing
Jarrett. History has shown that Jarrett needs an almost franchise-like
push to even get over as a solid mid-card act.

With Russo confirming an involvement with this coming Monday's show, I
would expect to see Jarrett make his WCW return at that time.

The WWF released the following statement on their website:
"Due to a contract dispute between J.R. and Jeff, Jeff Jarrett will be
leaving the World Wrestling Federation for World Championship
Wrestling. Although his contract with the WWF expires this Saturday, he
will be at No Mercy on Sunday, which is a testament to the kind of
human being Jeff Jarrett is. The WWF hopes to do business with Jeff
again in the future.

Jim Johnston, the man who composes entrance themes for WWF Superstars,
is not going anywhere. He's a very wealthy man due to stock options.

The World Wrestling Federation has distributed non-compete forms to all
employees, which prohibit any WWF employee from going to work for
WCW/Ted Turner/Time Warner for one year after either resigning or being
terminated from the World Wrestling Federation. All employees have
signed this form. its necessary in today's environment, where a
billionaire is attempting to raid the Federation's talent. Other such
companies, such as Internet-related companies where there is intense
competition, have the same policy."
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With top Writers/Bookers Russo and Ferrera having already moved to WCW
from the WWF, and rumors of more defections of Writers, Bookers and
even wrestler(s) (Jeff Jarrett is said to be going to WCW as early as
Monday), October 16, 1999, it looks like WCW is heading in the
direction of the Hollywood style, better known as Sports Entertainment.
It is reported that Russo has asked the powers above to allow him to
produce PG-14 rated programs. This will change the dynamics of the
battle for No. 1 between WCW and the WWF. Not wanting to lose their No.
1 spot, the WWF will have to stretch the boundaries even further. To
keep pace, WCW (Russo) will have to go even beyond that. With this in
mind, I present the results of WCW's Halloween Havoc 2000 PPV, held in
Haddonfield, IL:

Triple Threat Death Match, All Weapons Legal: Jason Vorhees v. FrEddie
Kruegger v. Leatherface.
Leatherface was eliminated first when he took a hit to his heart from a
spear gun, launched by Jason. Before being eliminated, he managed to
cut off FrEddie 's right leg above the knee. As he attempted to throw
the leg to throw to his family at ringside for refrigeration, he left
himself vulnerable and took the spear. FrEddie regenerated the lost
limb and went on the offensive, tearing a wide gash in Jason's chest.
Jason shook it off and decapitated FrEddie with one swipe of a Sickle.
The crowd chanted "Jason, Jason..." which completely unnerved Russo,
since it was the first time he had heard any crowd reaction since
joining WCW. As Jason was raising the referee's hand (the rest of him
had already been retrieved by Leatherface's family) in victory, FrEddie
put his razored hand thru Jason's chest, removed his non-beating heart
and claimed victory. Jason again forgot that FrEddie can regenerate any
body part. Jason has demanded a rematch on NITRO. WCW has decided
instead to make a TV Movie: Jason Returns, One More Time - Nightmare On
Halloween - Revenge On Elm Street.

Most Undesirable Women On The Planet Tag Team Match: Roseanne and Janet
Reno v. Nicole Bass and Rosie O'Donnell.
There was very little crowd reaction to this match, other than the
sounds of people snoring, and a few chants of "Don't Show Your T*ts."
It was apparent from the beginning that Roseanne was the best
competitor in this match, having already emasculated several husbands.
Nicole Bass had to carry her team, as Rosie spent the match talking to
several sleeping fans in the first three rows, something she was very
familiar with from her show. Roseanne pinned Nicole after blasting her
with a monster belly bump. Unable to get back to her feet, Roseanne had
to lifted off with a back hoe. As the victorious team waddled up the
ramp towards the locker rooms, an Illinois State Trooper stopped
and gave her two tickets. He said the first one was for doing 75
MPH in
a 55
MPH zone, and the second was for uglying up the highway.

First Blood Match: Buffy, The Vampire Slayer v. The Mayor of
Still smarting from Buffy vanquishing after his metamorphosis last
season, the Mayor contacted WCW and demanded this match. Never one to
back down from a challenge, or an undead demon, Buffy accepted the
challenge, but insisted on a Stipulation (Can't have a decent PPV
without out) that it be a Lumberjack Match. The Mayor brought an
assortment of Vampires, Ghouls and Demons as his Lumberjacks. Buffy
brought Giles, Zander and Oz. As Giles searched for the proper spell
that would get rid of the Mayor for once and for all, Spike arrived,
and bit Giles on the neck, turning him into a creature of the night.
Zander and Oz followed in short order, leaving Buffy with no male
friends. To the complete surprise of the fans and PPV audience, Buffy
came out of the closet and revealed that she never loved Angel, but was
deeply in love with Cordelia. Invigorated that she had gotten the
secret off her chest, she drove a wooden stake thru the Mayor's heart,
drawing first blood and winning the match. An angry Spike jumped into
the ring and said he drew first blood when he bit Giles. Buffy and
Spike will meet tonight on NITRO.

Battle Of The Enterprise Captains, Tricorders Set On Stun Match: Capt.
Janeway v. Capt. Picard v. Science Officer Spock.
The crowd had just settled down for the match when Spock set his
Tricorder on Kill and took Janeway and Picard out seconds after the
bell sounded. The crowd reacted immediately with a chant of "Spock,
Spock.." Mumbles entered the ring to ask Spock why he did it and was
also hit by a fatal blast from Spock's Tricorder. The crowd really
popped this time. WCW officials were seen with smiles from ear to ear.
As he left the ring, Spock took out three fans holding up a "Spock
Sucks" sign. The crowd again popped for him. He uttered "Beam me up
Scottie" into his Tricorder and Scott Steiner raced towards him, only
to be No. 6. WCW is attempting to get Spock for their next PPV to face
The Borg Queen.

In a Special Added Attraction Endurance Event, Jenna Jamison faced
Debby (of
Dallas fame):
This match was taped earlier in the week and highlights shown on the
big screen. After 96 hours, the match is still in progress. It is hoped
that there will be a winner by the time NITRO airs, if not hopefully by
Thunder. Contingency plans being developed at the present time include
trying to lure Val Venis and Mark Henry from the WWF.

Main Event: Battle of The Dinosaurs Handicap, Anything Goes,
Elimination Tag Team Match: The Original and the New Godzilla v. Hulk
Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Ric Flair.
Piper tried to unnerve Original Godzilla by showing him what is really
under his Kilt. He was quickly turned into Barbecued Roast (Male
Chauvinist) Pig, eaten and eliminated. The crowd chanted "Godzilla,
Godzilla." WCW brass made notes that the crowd loved Original Godzilla
and made plans to sign him to a long term contract. New Godzilla and
Hogan came in. After getting his wrinkled butt kicked by New Godzilla,
Hogan "Hulked Up." He whipped New Godzilla into the ropes and hit him
with The Big Boot. Hogan followed with The Big Leg Drop. New Godzilla
looked like he was laughing at Hogan's feeble attempt. Flair came up
from behind and nailed New Godzilla with a low blow (you figure out
where he placed it). Hogan covered New Godzilla, and he was eliminated.
The crowd booed him as he left, vowing to destroy
New York. Original
Godzilla came in and it was 2-On-1 against him. He fought back and
nailed Flair with a Front Right Paw Shot. Flair did the Flair Flop
(almost), falling off the apron. With Original Godzilla distracted by
Flair's fall. Hogan put him in a Sleeper and won the match. It was a
victory for the Two Legged Dinosaurs and once again proved the old
adage true: "No matter how much things change, they remain the same.

The WWF is hard at work to produce an even more crowd pleasing show.
Written by reader: Johnnybvo

Here's something that irritates me about internet smarts!!! I'm a big
wrestling fan, I watch WWF, WCW, and ECW. I like each one for what it
has to offer: WWF=has great story lines, WCW=has great matches, ECW=has
great harcore matches, among other things.

My problem is that it seems that whenever a wrestler gets on the top of
the game they instantly become the subject of scrutiny. Here are some
examples: Austin= Possibly the single most popular wrestler ever. You
can't go to the mall without seeing his shirt's somewhere. Gets some of
the best pops in the business. And though a little stale his gimmick is
still pretty damn good. Regardless, smarts or internet fans want to say
all the things he doesn't do. How bad his moves are, how he doesnt
sell, etc etc.

Rock= He hasn't got the hate that Austin is getting but I can see it
starting to happen. Great mic worker, gimmick, and in my opinion one of
thebest wrestlers in the WWF. I say this because while Edge, The
Hardy's, and X-Pac have great in-ring ability, The Rock is a great big
man captivating the crowd by over-doing everything, even that extra
wiggle he does when he kicks somebody.

Hogan= Okay he isn't one of my favorites, but the fact remains that he
is a big name. I personally feel he should move on to another role on
the company, an announcer, a manager? As long as he can put on a
decent match his name alone could help put over others in the fed.

Nash= Everyone says he's lazy, has no moves, and books selfishly. I
agree with the booking part, but the bottom line is he's one of the
best things going for WCW. He, along with good ol Scotty are one of the
most over people in WCW. He is a pretty good big man and has charisma
that makes up for whatever he is lacking. I love to hate him so he is
doing something right.

Now the whole point of this letter was to let everybody know that maybe
we should stop analyzing everything and everybody and just enjoy
wrestling. I love the news and different peoples columns but I miss
marking out. Before I got into the wrestling internet world, I would go
crazy for the Rock and Austin but now I just don't anymore. I just wish
everybody could love everything wrestling has to offer again.
-Kenney (johnnybvo)
Welcome To The Jungle/Lethal Injection
Written by reader: Ryan Oaks (JO13squad)

First off, I know a lot of you haven't seen any of my articles in
awhile, and that's because I haven't written in quite some time, but
now due to a bit of idiocy on some readers parts, and strong opinions
on my part, I have made the choice to return to writing my articles.
Some of you may like this, and others it might piss off a bit, and I
know that after my opinions get out that I will get a lot of hate mail.
However, I really don't give a damn, so send your responses positive or
negative, I really don't care.

First I want to talk about the name of my article. It started out as
"Lethal Injection", and then changed to "Welcome to The Jungle". I am
taking this opportunity to let you vote on what it should be because I
can't decide. Send an Email to JO13squad and let me know.

Now, the first issue about wrestling that I must address is the
"Readers Response" article about how disappointed a person was that The
Rock, whom I prefer to call The Broken Record, didn't come out and say
his catch phrases that everyone has heard at least 100 times. Now
that's okay, I am not condemning this person for liking The Rock,
because a lot of people do like him. However, when you wait all night
for a catch phrase I must say that you are there for the wrong reasons.
Why don't you just download a wav file of it onto your computer and
you can sing along with him for hours. I don't know about anyone else,
but when I go see the WWF I am there for the whole show and don't plan
my night around some lousy catch phrases. You never talked about what a
great show it was, or how happy you were that WWF came to Atlanta, but
you just dwelled on the fact that The Rock, a small part of a big
business, didn't say a few words.

Next, I don't mean to dwell on The Rock or anything, but I must talk
about the Rock and Sock Connection. I am a huge Mick Foley fan and
think he is probably the most dedicated athlete in the sport, and I am
really getting tired of him having to pretend to worship The Rock.
Although this angle can be very humorous at times, I think it would be
better to see Mankind turn heel in the middle of a tag team match with
The Rock. Then have Mankind and Rock re-kindle their feud from earlier
this year and put on some of the greatest matches ever. By the time
their feud is over hopefully The Undertaker will be back and an angle
with these two would be nothing short of spectacular, to say the least.

Of course if I know Mankind's luck none of this will happen, but as for
Rock and Sock, its time for it to be dropped. Now onto brighter
pastures... I am extremely happy that ECW has made its way onto cable
television and hope that their ratings rise dramatically very soon. I
love the element that ECW brings to the professional wrestling picture.
The only complaints I have are that we are seeing too much Jerry Lynn
vs. RVD. Hopefully that will stop, even though these matches are
incredible. ECW brings a sense of something new and unexplored to the
table, and hopefully they will get farther into that and show us some
of what the old ECW did in their future programs.

At the same time I hope that no more of ECW's superstars get blinded by
the professional wrestling deathtrap that is WCW and its unlimited
cash. ECW is limited right now as it is, but Paul Heyman knows how to
change that, as he's proved many times in the past. I encourage anyone
that doesn't already watch ECW's TNN program to watch it and show
support for them. That's about it for now.

I also want to say that anyone that owns a newsletter or web page that
would like me to send them my articles, just let me know. I will be
writing again and it won't be too long till I do, but go ahead and send
me responses if you wish: Jo13squad Thank you,
Written by reader: Auggie1316

I would like to talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin's wrestling ability.
I am a big Austin fan and I have had to defend him alot as of late. The
biggest topic I have come across is his "wrestling ability". I will be
the first to admit that he doesn't have as much talent as others do,
such as the Chris Jerichos, Chris Benoits, Rob Van Dams and a whole
list of Cruiserweight names in WCW.

Come to think of it, some of the biggest players in the sport never had
a lot of moves either. Look at Hogan, punch, slam, legdrop, but people
still would love to watch him. Even Bret Hart, the self proclaimed
'Excellence of Execution'. Back Breaker, Sharp Shooter,
clothesline,punch. Rocky Miavia? Well lets see, Rock Bottom, People's
elbow, DDT, Samoan Drop. Yet all these people have rose to become all
time fan favorites and world champions.

What about Austins "angle"? Would it suit Austin's toughest SOB style
to pull off a Hurricanrana? I know that I wouldn't find that quite
right. He gets in the ring and beats people down until they don't get
up. Now that fits better.

And one more thing, I used to be a fan of Stone Cold the 'heel', When
he defied the law and went against the 'faces'. Now I am a fan of the
working class hero Austin. The guy that came back from a neck injury,
and a recent leg injury, to come in the ring and please you and me, the
fans. In conclusion, don't analyze wrestling to death, watch it and
have fun with it.
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to Greensboro, NC, and the
Glenwood Recreation Center (behind the Greensboro Coliseum) for a huge
fund-raising professional wrestling show, on Saturday night, October
the 16th, 8:00p.m. belltime. Doors open at 6:15p.m.

In the main event, Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant headlines a
big show as he will go one on one with former WCW announcer Chris
Cruisew/manager John Hitchcock. Plus you will see, Chilly Willy,
Nite-Stic Eddie Brown, King, BruteShooter, Chad Austin, Tears, J-Money,
Scar Stevens, The Masked Assassin, Troy "Bruiser" Graham, Jonny
Fairplay, Boogie D (102 JAMZ), 7 all-star matches in all.

There will also a best 2 out of 3 falls arm wrestling challenge between
Guilford County Sheriff B.J. Barnes and WFMY Channel 2 morning show
hostRobert Marshall. Jimmy Valiant will be holding autograph sessions
at the Winn-Dixie Supermarket on Holden Road in Greensboro (Thursday,
Friday, and Saturday of this week) leading up to the wrestling show.

Jimmy will also be appearing on WUPN Channel 48 this Saturday morning
at 9:30a.m. on the Chuck Rock weekly UPN wrestling game show. So check
it out!!!! All tickets are just $8.00. Advance tickets are available
now at Greensboro Day School, Glenwood Recreation Center, or at Parts
Unknown Comics. Call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at
336-882-4921, 336-379-9571, or on the worldwide web at for more information. Be There!!!!
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