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Issue # 356

Date:  Sunday October 17th, 1999  8:52 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WWF "No Mercy" PPV Results for October 17th, 1999
Live from the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio
Announced by Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
By James Caldwell at:

The Godfather (w/Ho's) pinned Midian (w/Viscera)
Godfather opened up with a nice powerslam followed by a couple of fist
shots to the ribs then a shot to the face. Viscera then slammed
Godfather back first into the ring post when the action spilled to the

Back in the ring, Midian worked over Godfather. The fans tried to get
the Godfather back in control and scored a superkick but only got a two
count. The action got a little slow with both men trying to gain
control of the match. Midian used cheap shots to ground Godfather
including a couple of eye gouges and a low blow with the ref
distracted. Midian signalled for the end but missed with a top rope
move. Godfather then clotheslined Midian and then hit a leg drop and
nearly got the three count.

Godfather then went for a top rope splash but Midian got the knees up
just in time to stop Godfather. Godfather then hit the Ho Train when
Viscera accidentally helped out the Godfather and then scored the three
count to win the match.
Fabulous Moolah (w/Mae Young) defeated Ivory to win the WWF Womens Title
Ivory instantly tried to win the match by ripping into Moolah. Moolah
then fought back with some hair pulling and hair tossing. Vintage
Moolah attack. Moolah went up top but missed off the top as Mae Young
got on the apron.

Ivory then clocked Mae Young with a right hand. Ivory then dropkicked
Mae Young on the outside. Ivory then took out Mae once again but that
allowed Moolah to score the decisive finisher on Ivory and scored the
three count to win the Women's Title!
The Holly Cousins defeated The New Age Outlaws via disqualification
Hardcore and Gunn officialy started it off in the ring with Gunn taking
control early on. Road Dogg dropped a shake rattle n roll kneedrop on

Road Dogg desperately needed to tag Gunn in and he helped his cause by
sticking his foot up when Hardcore tried a top rope move. Hardcore went
up once again but Road Dogg caught him up top and superplexed him
straight down to the mat. Both men tried to wake up and Road Dogg was
the first to make the tag in and Gunn came in and took it to the
Hollys. When Road Dogg had the ref distracted on accident, Holly
brought a chair in, but Gunn stole it and used it and the ref saw that
and awarded the Hollys the match by DQ.
Chyna pinned Jeff Jarrett (w/Miss Kitty) to win the Intercontinental
All kinds of weapons you'd find at Target or Wal-Mart were lying around
the ring. Chyna slammed Double J cranium first across a trash can.
Chyna continued to take it to Double J with all kinds of weapons.
Jarrett moved out of the way when Chyna tried a splash through a table
and then scored a near fall.

Jarrett laid into Chyna with a huge trash can shot. A fish was spotted
and Jarrett made Chyna flat as a flounder. Miss Kitty and Double J were
both sent into the ring by Chyna and Chyna went for Kitty which allowed
Jarrett to take the knee out then slap on the figure four on Chyna.
Chyna tried to escape desperately. Chyna was able to reach the ropes
and break the hold.

Chyna went for the Pedigree, but Jarrett reversed it. Miss Kitty then
gave Jarrett the IC Title and he clocked Chyna and Jarrett covered
Chyna for the three count and the win.

Another ref came down and ruled that since the IC Title is not a
household object, the match must be restarted...Jarrett slapped on a
figure four on TEddie then Chyna grabbed a guitar and smashed it over
Jarrett. Chyna covered Jarrett for the three count and the win!...but
since when is a guitar a household object?
The Rock pinned The British Bulldog
Bulldog landed a chair shot to the head of the Rock then tried to slam
Rock into the ring steps but Rock reversed that and Bulldog went into
the steps. Bulldog went downstairs and then hit his trademark vertical
suplex. Bulldog then tried to squeeze the life out of the Rock with a
reverse chinlock. After Rock was able to come back he back body dropped
Bulldog straight on the back of his head and got a two count. Bulldog
then got hung up in the ropes and Rock landed a DDT, but once again
only got a two count.

Bulldog then countered out of the corner and hit patented powerslam and
went for the cover but Rock got a foot on the ropes. Rock then
countered Bulldog and landed a Rock Bottom. Then the fans rose to their
feet as Rock laid the smacketh down with a People's Elbow followed by
the cover and the win.
Finals of the Terri Invitional
The Hardys defeated Edge & Christian in a Ladder Match to win Terri
Runnels & 100,000 dollars
You want to talk about a great tag match, right here you got one.
Hardys went for the double teaming early on. Jeff was then sent head
first to the ladder which was on the outside. The ladder was sent into
the ring. Edge tried to climb up but was taken down by Matt. Jeff was
then squashed in the ladder and was dropkicked hard into the ladder.
From the ladder, Christian hit a Reverse DDT on Jeff! Matt tried to
climb up the ladder but was powerbombed by Edge from way downtown.

Edge went up the ladder but Jeff dropkicked him down. Edge was on the
ladder and Jeff hit a Sentaun Splash from way up top! Edge was knocked
to the outside and Jeff landed a moonsault onto Christian. Edge brought
a second ladder into the ring and shoved it into the gut of Matt. Jeff
then smashed Edge with the other ladder. A crunching sound was the
sound of choice in this match as all four bodies were crunched and
crashed on the ladders. Christian then cross body blocked Matt and Jeff
onto the ladders. Matt was then sandwiched in the ladder and Edge went
for ten shots to the head. Christian then took it to Jeff with no care
for his body in mind.

Jeff then hit a neckbreaker on Christian. Both ladders were set up and
Edge hit a Downward Spiral off the ladder and he hurt himself as well.
Edge was the first one up and he landed a neckbreaker from way up top
on Jeff!!! Matt then tried to climb up top as well as Christian. A
hiptoss was then executed from up top. All four were in obvious pain
from the beating they've all taken. Jeff then used the ladder as a
catapult on Christian's face and then smacked him on the way back. All
four men then started to climb up top at the same time. Right on cue,
all four men crashed to the canvas! Needless to say the crowd was much
appreciative of the action going on.

Both ladders were set up again and Edge went for the money once again
and Jeff went up top and took both Edge and Christian down from the
ladder and climbed up top and grabbed the money to win the tournament,
money, Terri, etc... In the back, the Hardys took their loot including
Terri and the money.
We took a look at Mankind looking around for The Rock on Heat. Mick
found Rock in the bathroom and he...well he smelt what the Rock was
cooking. Val Venis then attacked Mankind while he was talking to The

The Rock came out and said he wanted the winner of the main event. He
said when the dust is settled the people's champ will be the World
Champ. Ross confirmed that he will fight the winner right here tonight.

Triple H then came to the ring and attacked Rock with a sledgehammer.
Rock was out cold, possibly cancelling Rock's short lived title shot
possibility. The
EMT's then came and hauled off The Rock.

Before coming out to the ring to fight Val Venis, Mankind told Rock,
who was on his way to the hospital, he would take care of Triple H for
him tonight.
Val Venis pinned Mankind
Lawler repeatedly made some funny jokes about Mankind's book during
this match-up. Mankind then went for the big valbowski itself and went
for Socko and instead pulled out Rocko but didn't get to use it on Val
as Val attacked him with repeated fists.

To the outside they went as Mick was sent around the guardrails around
the ring. Val then belly to belly suplexed Mankind back of the head
first into a steel chair. Mankind's head was against sent into steel,
this time the steel ringpost. Val sent Mick back into the ring picked
up another steel chair. The ref got in the way and stopped Val allowing
Mick to land some shots in, but Venis landed a Russian Legsweep into
the chair. Venis scored a two count.

Venis then focused his attack on the back of the head using his elbows
and fist shots. Venis continued to work over Mankind's head for a good
5 minutes. Venis went for the Money Shot, but Mankind moved out of the
way and came to life and hit a Double Arm DDT and covered Val but only
got a two count. Mankind then slapped on Socko and Venis went for Rocko
and Venis fell on top of Mankind and scored the three count and won!
What an upset.

Mankind then picked up both socks and gained Rocko back from Val and
chased Val off. Ross informed us that Rock has refused to go to the
X-Pac defeated Kane, Faarooq & Bradshaw in a 4 Corner Elimination Match
The Acolytes double teamed The Big Red Machine then Bradshaw and Kane
went at it. Bradshaw tagged in Faarooq who tried to go after Kane.
Faarooq tagged in X-Pac and it was Kane vs. X-Pac. Kane then
clotheslined X-Pac and Kane tagged in Bradshaw. Faarooq was tagged in
by X-Pac and the Acolytes went at each other.

Bradshaw delivered the Clothesline from hell on X-Pac, who was tagged
in but the ref was distracted and Bradshaw didn't eliminate X-Pac.
X-Pac hit the X-Factor on Faarooq. More tags were made resulting in
little in the possible elimination category. X-Pac went to the outside
and was sent head first into the ring steps by Bradshaw. Bradshaw then
took it to X-pac in the ring until Kane delivered a big boot to
Bradshaw and X-Pac nearly eliminated Bradshaw.

Kane prevented Faarooq from pinning X-Pac after landing a nice
powerslam. Bradshaw came in and slapped on a huge bear hug on X-Pac
right in the middle of the ring. X-Pac then planted Bradshaw with a
Tornado DDT after breaking out of the bear hug. Kane then chokeslammed
Bradshaw and covered him and eliminated Bradshaw. X-Pac then hit a
Spinning Heel Kick from up top on Kane and eliminated Kane with a pin!
Kane walked off in shock.

X-Pac then DDT'ed Faarooq on the padding on the outside. Faarooq then
hit a spinebuster on X-Pac but fought back and hit the X-Factor and
covered Faarooq for the three count and the win!
WWF World Champion Triple H pinned Stone Cold Steve Austin
Triple H walked to the ring with his sledgehammer in hand. Vince
McMahon then came to the ringside area and tried to take the hammer
away from Triple H, but Triple H instead smacked Vince with it.
Austin then ran
down from the ring and seized the oppuotunity, whipping Triple H around the
Austin dragged Triple H around the arena and then used someone's
crutch on Triple H.

They came closer to the ringside area and
Austin took Triple H into the
Austin continued to beat him down and took him back into the
stands and suplexed Triple H onto the concrete somewhere in the stands.
It quickly became a hardcore style match, something
Austin likes.
Austin went for a piledriver onto the hard floor but Triple H turned that
into a backbody drop and
Austin smacked hard. Triple H went for a Pedigree,
Austin countered. Austin then catapulted Triple H into the ref and both
went over the railing and onto the outside area. Finally, the match
went into the ring as the ref was out cold.

Triple H came back and stomped down on
Austin and tried to choke him out.
Out of nowhere,
Austin hit a Stunner on Triple H! However, the ref was still
out cold and
Austin went to check on him. Austin tried to bring him
into the ring and Triple H attacked
Austin and the ref was shoved off the
apron. Triple H hit a pedigree on
Austin and a new ref came in and counted
for the
Austin kicked out.

Over the top Triple H went as the first ref was taken to the back. Triple H was
busted wide open.
Austin then slammed Triple H into the announcer's table to
further open up Triple H's head.

To the outside they went again and Triple H went shoulder first into the
ring steps. The fans chanted "Stone Cold" as Ross was two feet away
from delivering a cheap shot to Triple H. Triple H then sent
Austin into the ring
bell out of desperation and ding-donged him some more. To
la mesa de
espanol they went where
Austin was suplexed onto the table by Triple H. Triple H
tried to choke the life out of
Austin and pounded him down in the ring.
Austin then avoided a knee drop but couldn't avoid a choplock from Triple H
right to the knee. Triple H then wrapped
Austin's knee hard around the

Triple H continued to try to injure
Austin. Triple H then tried to slow things
down and wear
Austin down. Austin then came back to life, but Triple H kept
him down and got about 5 near falls out of frustration. A steel chair
then came into play and took the chair from Triple H and tried to take Triple H's
head off with the chair, but Triple H landed a clothesline knocking
down. Triple H went up top but
Austin met him and landed a superplex from
way up top.
Austin went for a cover, but only got a two count.

Austin then picked up the chair and smacked Triple H in the skull and took
the chair to the knee of Triple H repeatedly just like Triple H did at
Summerslam. Triple H then low blowed Austin and The Rock came to the ring
with a sledgehammer! Rock then tried to hit Triple H but missed and smacked
Austin. Triple H then Pedigreed Rock and then covered Austin and got the
three count to retain the World Title.

Austin then chased after Triple H to the back. The cameras followed the
action and
Austin attacked Triple H. Chyna came into play and helped Triple H
escape from
Austin as we left the air.
Straight Shooting
By Fritz Capp (afcapp)
October 17, 1999
PWBTS 2000

A lot of discussion lately has centered on just how Vince Russo and
company are going to affect WCW. Drastically is all I can think of.

Let’s go back a few years when Hall and Nash made their way from the
WWF to WCW. It started what could arguably be one of the hottest angles
in pro wrestling in the 90's. All everyone did back then was talk about
what would happen next with The Outsiders and later the NWO. Vince
Russo and company have the ability to make this happen again.

But what I have not been able to understand (and maybe they are going
to change this also) is the way that WCW has allowed fans the
opportunity to either view or tape their product at a later time thus
allowing the fans to be able to switch over to the the WWF broadcast
with no fear of missing anything that WCW was putting on that night’s
Nitro show.

I remember that the WWF had a similar policy but that was abandoned a
long time ago. The WWF shows to the full version of RAW once, if you
miss it...too bad.

It may be in WCW’s best interest to the follow suit now that there is
interest in what is going to the happen in the promotion again.

While I have said many times in to the past that I believe that both
promotions are hurting themselves as far as viewership is concerned by
running against each other, as long as they are going for to the
throat, from a business point of view, it would only make sense that
WCW only showed Nitro’s full version once, thus making the fans (for
the most part) choose between to the two shows as the WWF did.

The bottom line is if you have a solid product the fans are going to
the watch.
Ya know....I am really starting to the wonder about to the WWF as far
as storylines are concerned. They have Paul Wight using a "terminal
cancer" angle to help put him over, Mark Henry and his on-going quest
for sexual normalcy, a battered woman’s angle with Chaz, Jarrett and
his constant abuse of woman and so on and so on.

I remember when everyone was up in arms about To the Undertaker’s
angles. At least they were semi-cartoonish. What to the WWF is now
doing not only crosses to the line of decency, it goes about 3 miles
past it like it was never there.

I have liked to the WWF to the past year and a half, that is no secret.
To the DX storylines, Austin/McMahon, to the emergence of To the Rock,
Mick finally getting to the recognition he deserves, it has all been
pretty entertaining to watch.

But to then see Marrianna come out all bruised just turned my stomach.
While it was shown that she was setting Chaz up and he never hit her,
does that make the angle any less offensive? Sorry, I’m just not into
woman being portrayed as being beaten.

I’m also not into incest, which is exactly how the opening of Mark
Henry’s latest angle started out. I have to give it to the Mark, he
goes with whatever the bookers tell him, but where do you draw to the

As far as Wight and his angle I think it is a disgusting way to try to
get someone babyface attention. If they cannot get Paul over any other
way than this then maybe they should release him and save themselves a
few bucks. I have lost a few members of my family to cancer and I just
do not find it amusing, entertaining and I do not see where this could
possibly have anything to do with wrestling. Oh I’m sorry, Vince
doesn’t like that word anymore, does he?
I would like to the suggest to everyone who read my last column and
wrote me moronic responses to it that they go out and take a course in
remedial reading and comprehension. I have gone over my part about
GLAAD about 20 times and I have yet to the see where I was bashing
gays. All I see is where I was bashing the gay special interest group
GLADD for sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. I pointed out
many instances where there were "less then flattering" gay angles that
they never opened their mouth about but since wrestling is at an all
time high they decided that they should put their name into the fray of
all the coat tail riders that have jumped on wrestling for some cheap

I have come down on to the stupid religious groups who have done it and
I will continue to the trash any organization who tries to the
accomplish any form of censorship in pro wrestling just to the get
their name in to the paper. I do not care who they are affiliated with,
the censorship in wrestling is done by its fans, who either take to or
turn away from any angle. If anyone thinks different they are entitled
to the their opinion but I’m not going to change mine to be politically
I also received a few e-mails about to the Droz piece I did telling me
I was just using it as an opportunity to the trash a certain reporter.
WRONG! I cannot help it that this person has to the standards of a
slug. If I found this situation with any other name on it I would have
said to the same thing. Just because someone has been around to the
Internet for a few years and has kissed a lot of ass on to the way to
the top does not make him immune to the criticism for his actions. It
also does not make him unaccountable for them. If you people choose to
support someone like this then by all means go ahead, I do not lose one
iota of sleep over it. You have every right to stand behind a person
who selfishly and for personal reasons that has nothing to the do with
wrestling denies his readers a chance to the send get well wishes to
the wrestler who just had a major in-ring accident by not posting to
the address because of who was affiliated with to the people who
started to the effort but by his own writings made to the time to the
try and discredit to the effort.

I have been e-mailed the corporate line from 1wrestling as to the why
the address was not printed. While they asked for the e-mail not to the
be printed I will tell you that the reason was to the biggest crock I
have ever read. The Gordon Solie incident was blamed as 1wrestling gave
out an e-mail address to the send wishes to him and Mr. Solie did not
appreciate that very much. The funny thing is they were asked to post
the Droz address days before this incident even happened. You may now
form your own conclusions, as you can check timelines on the PWBTS 2000
site as to when these incidents happened.

Oh yeah, when people put "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" in the subject box that
does mean not to the publish the e-mail letter in whole, correct? It
doesn’t mean content also, does it?
There is still a lot of news going around about Taz and his status in
ECW. I think this way says it best, Taz is under contract with ECW,
even though he is signed now with to the WWF. The honorable thing to
the do is to the honor the contract, do what is required and then go
on. If that means jobbing then job. If that means helping the promotion
who helped you build yourself up to the a status that made a larger
promotion desire your services then help them because if it wasn’t for
them you would still be wrestling indies.

All in all I think it is time that wrestlers who have binding contracts
to the honor them and stop bitching. Taz (if used properly) will be a
force in to the WWF. Jobbing to the a few people in ECW will not hurt
that in the least.
Steel Cage Asylum's "King Of Reporting" Voting is now down to the eight
pairings as this contest is now heating up as it heads into to the
finals. The current pairings are:

DDW vs. David Tyler
Calvin Martin vs. Bob Ryder
Fritz Capp vs. Steve Gerweck
Dave Scherer vs. Justin Fritz
Micasa vs. Zach Hickenbottom
Miss Pamela vs. Kirk Huffman
Mikey G. vs. George Epstein
Joe DeLeon vs. Troy Menke

The url to vote is
And with that I’m outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than
it appears to the be.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Tom Kirkbride
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Columnist: Darren Kramer

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