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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 357

Date:  Monday October 18th, 1999  11:33 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
10/15/1999 TNN edition of ECW drew an all-time high rating of 1.2,
with quarter hour ratings of 1.2, 1.1, 1.2, & 1.2.
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Still shots from the main event at No Mercy were shown. The Rock then
made his way to the ring. The Rock said that he did not mean to nail
SCSA with the
sledgehammer at No Mercy, and described what he would do to Triple H at
Series. SCSA came out and said that he doesn't see the Rock being the
one contender at the PPV. SCSA said that if there was a problem they
could settle it in the ring. A both men were taking their shirts off,
Vince McMahon stepped in and said that even though he would like to see
the two go at it, that the opinion of Triple H did matter. Triple H bragged about
hurting all three men. McMahon then ordered a triple threat match
between the three at Survivor Series.

X-Pac/Kane versus The Dudley Boyz
A distraction by the Headbangers allowed Kane to chokeslam Bubba Ray
for the
win. After the bell, the Dudleyz and Headbangers fought on the floor.
Winners: X-Pac/Kane via pinfall

--In the back, the Acolytes, Howard Finkel and Curtis Hughes were
playing poker. The Acolytes would later defeat Finkel in the game when
Hughes ran out of money.

--The Holly's asked Vince to grant them a tag team title shot. McMahon
said he wasn't sure if they deserved it, but it would be "entertaining
as hell."

--The Big Bossman challenged the Big Show to a match, mocking the fact
that the Show's father is dying. The Big Show accepted saying that he
would squeeze the Big Show so tight that he would break him in half.

--The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young began arguing during an interview,
off with Young challenging Moolah to a title shot and the two women
fighting on the floor.

--At Mark Henry's fourth sex therapy session, Sexual Chocolate was
taken advantage of by his large therapist.

The Godfather w/Hos versus Viscera w/Mideon
After a distraction from Mideon, Viscera splashed the Godfather for the
Winner: Viscera via pinfall

--After searching for the Rock, Mankind found the Great One and told
him that he was going to carry the team during their match tonight and
then presented him with a copy of his autobiography. Although the Rock
refused to take it, Mankind attempted to give the Rock Mr. Rocko to use
as a bookmark.

--Chyna along with Miss Kitty (dressed exactly like Chyna), stated that
she felt good being the first female Intercontinental champion. She
then challenged any man in the back that wanted a match to bring it on.
Chris Jericho appeared and said seeing Chyna as the IC champ made him
sick. As Y2J insulted Chyna's womanhood and credibility as a champion,
Chyna walloped
Jericho with the IC belt, sending him flying off the
apron and across the Spanish announce position.

Test versus British Bulldog
Test came to the ring carrying a large trash can resembling the one
that gave Stephanie McMahon temporary amnesia. The
Mean Street Possee
forcing the bell. The Bulldog then delivered several kidney shots with
the trash can.
Winner: Test via disqualification

--In the back, Al Snow found a copy of Mick Foley's autobiography in
the trash and when he told Mankind of where he found it, Foley (after
realizing Snow was not joking) walked away looking dejected.

Val Venis versus Al Snow
Venis put away the president of the J.O.B. squad with the Money Shot.
Winner: Val Venis via pinfall

--Mankind angrily confronted the Rock and let him know that he was
unhappy about the Rock throwing away his book. Even though the Rock
said he did not know what he was talking about, Mankind laid into the
Rock, calling him egotistical and self centered, and screamed at the
Rock to grow up.

Big Bossman (c) versus The Big Show *Hardcore Championship*
The Big Show did not make it to the ring as a police officer delivered
some type of bad news to the Big Show, who broke down and started
Winner: Big Bossman via forfeit (Retains Hardcore Championship)

New Age Outlaws versus The Acolytes (w/Howard Finkel)
During this match, Farooq ran chest first into one of the turnbuckles,
snapping it loose, causing the entire top rope to droop all the way
around. Mr. Ass nailed Bradshaw with a chair (that Finkel threw in the
ring), allowing the Road Dogg to roll him up for the win. The Acolytes
then gave Finkel a wedgie from hell, and continued to chastise him in
the showers.
Winner: New Age Outlaws via pinfall

--Michael Cole introduced the New Brood. Matt Hardy began by saying
that they are not the Brood, but the Hardy Boys. Edge and Christian
came down and all four men received another standing ovation while the
four shook hands. Terri Runnels and Gangrel then made their way to the
ring. Gangrel made a comment implying that he and Runnels slept
together, which caused
ALL FOUR men to attack Gangrel.

--GTV picked up the Bossman talking to the "cop" that delivered the Big
Show the news earlier. The Bossman gave the man he hired to play cop
money, telling him that it was a great performance and wanted to know
how the Big Show was crying.

The Rock n Sock Connection (c) versus The Hollys *Tag Team Titles*
An upset Mankind sat on the ring steps with his back turned to the Rock
during this match, letting Rock wrestle the match. Triple H ran in and
delivered a pedigree, allowing Hardcore to make the cover and give the
fighting cousins the tag team belts. The champion was attacked by SCSA
and thrown into the ring. Triple H was almost a victim of the people's
elbow, but stopped dead in his tracks when SCSA stood over Triple H and gave
the Rock some "sign language." Raw went off the air with SCSA and the
Rock burning holes through each other with their eyes.
Winner: The Holly's (New Tag Team Champions)
ECW House Show Results for
Sunday, October 17th, 1999
Reported by MrSocko879
Live at The Roxy in
Boston, Massachusetts

Roadkill & Dastardly Danny Doring defeated The Dupp Brothers by pinfall
after Doring hit the top rope leg drop and Roadkill hit the splash.

P.N. News defeated Tom Marquez after a huge top rope somersault onto

Tajiri defeated Davey Cash & Simon Diamond in a
Three Way dance after a
Brainbuster to Diamond.

Lance Storm (w/ Dawn Marie Bytch) beat Spike Dudley by curling him up.

Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten defeated C.W. Anderson and Wild Bill Wiles
in a
Boston Street fight after a chair shot and Nutcracker Suite.

Raven & Tommy Dreamer (w/Francine) defeated The Baldies (Spanish Angel,
Tony Devito, and Vito "The Skull" Lagrasso) after two DDTs. After the
match, Raven challenged Dreamer then left before they could fight.
Raven came out again with a Red Sox hat on and Dreamer said if Raven
could name three Red Sox players in its history he would lay down and
let him give him a beating. Raven did, but when Dreamer laid down,
Raven spit on the Red Sox hat and just left.

Mike Awesome beat Little Guido (w/Big Sal Graziano) after an Awesome
Bomb through a table in the ring.

Jazz beat Jason (w/Justin Credible) by a roll up. After the match,
Credible and Jason attacked Jazz. Nova tried to make the save but got
caned by Justin. Sabu made the save and put Jason and Credible on the
table, but missed the leg drop. Rhino, Corino, and Victory came out
and Rhino attacked Sabu. The bell rang for a one on one match.

Sabu (w/Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso) beat Rhino after a legdrop to Rhino
through a table.
Written by reader: Dojo818

Hey, I read your Booking Sheet and the part about WWF using cancer to
get Paul Wight over as being disgusting. Well, I have lost 2 uncles to
cancer, and I agree with you, but we are both still wrong on this. The
majority of WWF angles offend certain people in some ways. I'm sure
female victims of spousal abuse are disgusted by the JJ angle. I'm
sure homosexuals were disgusted with Goldust. Religious people
disgusted with The Undertaker. Sexual addicts disgusted by Mark Henry.
The list goes on, but the point is we can't ask WWF to take out an
angle because we have personally gone through the story in real life,
and feel its inappropriate. If we did that, then there would be no
stories. It would just be pure wrestling, and the ratings would

I agree with you and think its disgusting, but I realize that its all
just a story to offend everyone.
Steve Appy responds:
The thing is that all of the angles you mentioned truly were offensive,
and few of them ever drew money. The women-beater character did
finally get Jeff Jarrett some attention, but at what cost? Jarrett's
character was actually gleeful in his violence.

While Goldust had a short run as an effective heel, his character
didn't have legs. None of the other angles cited drew a cent for the
WWF. It is possible to draw money/ratings with compelling behavior
that doesn't emulate the worst of The Jerry Springer show. While its
debatable, I think that this cancer angle may be the worst yet (and it
is debatable, because there have been some pretty bad ones!).
Written by reader: ChicagoM0B

I'd first like to say that I do not consider myself a smart because I
don't know all of the "inner workings" of the business, nor could I get
in the ring and do what they do; so I don't try to act like I do/can
like some of your aforementioned "smarts." I just consider myself a
fan that knows what he likes. I like matches that make sense.

What I mean is, that make a match seem as real as possible. its the
subtleties that make the matches I like. The psychology - transitions,
great selling, the stiffness,
the flow of a match. That's the kind of stuff I mark out for. I began
to like that
stuff at a young age, because in a world of absurd characters and
nonsensical angles, those were the believeable aspects of the sport.
It also helped to understand things for me when there were still
announcers focusing on the match as opposed to which faction is feuding
with which faction or cracking jokes about a valet's breasts.

Now obviously I can't speak for anybody else, but I can share my views
(and possibly others) for not being the biggest fans of the certain
workers you brought up.

Austin - He used to be a well versed, technically sound mat wrestler.
He busted his a** to get to where he is today and deserves the success
he has achieved. That being said, at Summerslam 97 he suffered a
career-threatening neck injury against Owen Hart, and since then
changed his style severely. He's more or less become a "punch, kick"
wrestler. I don't mind his gimmick because its believable, and I've
always liked a no-nonsense (although some of the angles he's been in
are nothing more than nonsense) a**kicker.

But to me, his matches have become very spotty, sometimes aimless,
with seemingly choreographed spots, that have little to none of the
traits I mentioned earlier. And, from his perspective, it makes sense.
It is a much easier style to wrestle, and he doesn't have to take any
bumps that threaten to reinjure his neck.

The Rock - All talk, no action. Doesn't have a very good move set.
Uses the same, tired catch phrases week-after-week, but charasmatic to
most. I really don't like the way he over does things. Has perhaps
the most business exposing move (right next to The VanDaminator; don't
get me started on him) in the "People's Elbow." But what bothers me
the most is the fact that people think he's a good wrestler. If he
gets in the ring with someone to do his thinking for him, he's
carryable (barely). A perfect example of how overrated he is: the
Ladder match versus Helmsley. They
exposed themselves as much as a Playboy model as they aimlessly
meandered around trying to think of what to do next.

Hogan - Part of this is the fact that he's terrible; simple and plain.
He was the Baba to Flair's Inoki, in that he was much more popular
despite the fact that his contemporary was a better worker (in Flair's
case, colossally). He needed to retire years ago, but his ego won't
let him. If he truly cared about the business, he'd put over some of
the young talent and then retire, but I seriously doubt that will
happen anytime soon.

Nash - I have to disagree. He is EXTREMELY lazy, and has a move set
that's more shallow than a Hollywood agent's soul. He's a good big man
if you're comparing him to the suckness that is Sid, but not next to
say Vader, or a young Andre the Giant. He's good at being a big
smart-a**, but that's where it ends. It doesn't help that he has the
knees of an 80-year old either.

In conclusion, some people DO enjoy wrestling by analyzing it. People
like the sport for different aspects, and while I may respect people's
opinions, I also disagree a lot. Many times I do get a selfish "I've
been a loyal fan of wrestling for a long time, so give me what I want"
attitude. But then I realize that this is a business and,
unfortunately, much like the "real world," the all mighty dollar runs
all, so I guess I'll have to accept it. I'll still have my cynicism
(and wrestling tapes), so I won't really change.

Now the whole point of this letter was to let everybody know that maybe
we should stop analyzing everything and everybody and just enjoy
wrestling. I love the news and different peoples columns but I miss
marking out. Before I got into the wrestling internet world, I would go
crazy for the Rock and Austin but now I just don't anymore. I just wish
everybody could love everything wrestling has to offer again.
Written by reader: Tommy Fierro (ISPW2)

A lot of people have been E-Mailing me asking me to post a weekly
column on the website, talking about my feelings about what's going on
in the business. While I don't want to put something like this on the
ISPW website, because I want to keep it strictly ISPW, I would be more
then willing to answer questions on the boards. You can get to them by
going to and go under Message Boards.

I have received a few E-Mails asking about my thoughts of the jump of
Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara to World Championship Wrestling. Here are my
thoughts on the situation:

I feel as though Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara are geniuses. They took the
World Wrestling Federation product and gave it a major face lift. They
totally helped turn the ratings war around, and you have to give them
credit for that. However, they are not the only reason why the WWF does
so well. Steve Austin and The Rock are over HUGE, and they are going to
be regardless whether Russo and Ferrara are writing their storylines or
not. Only a fool wouldn't know what to do with Austin and The Rock.
However, I give credit to the duo for getting EVERYONE in the
federation over.

However, the WWF will go on and be as strong as it ever was. Two people
aren't going to change the WWF product.

However, those same two people
ARE going to change the WCW product, and
change it GREATLY. I am very much so looking forward to Nitro tonight
to see just what Russo and Ferrara have in store for WCW. They have the
talent, and they have the stars. its just that WCW had no clue what to
do with it. It will be interesting to see if Jeff Jarrett is on the
show tonight, as I am sure he will be. Here's a great idea to debut

Have Nitro open with Mona vs. Brandi Alexander, and two minutes into
the match, have Jeff Jarrett come out of nowhere and destroy both
girls. The fans will go crazy, as probably most have no idea that
Jarrett is leaving the WWF, as they just saw him last night on the
PPV. Hot shot angles like this will get people talking. They should
give Torrie Wilson to him too, as she can be on of the hottest women in
the business today and they aren't doing anything with her really. They
should also debut Dustin Runnels tonight, as many remember him from the
WWF, and he hasn't been off TV for that long.

My final opinion is that Russo and Ferrara will make Nitro watchable
again, and their ratings should increase very much so in the future.
However, will that be enough to catch up to the WWF? Not right now. Not
six months from now. Maybe not even a year from now. But never say
never in this business.

If you have any topics you'd like to get my opinion on, please leave it
on the boards and I will answer all questions.

Also in the future, I am going to be writing more on what I would do
with certain situations, angle ideas, etc. If you think they sound
good, forward them to the right people in WWF or WCW via E-Mail. Help
get the talk out about Tommy Fierro, a 22 year old promoter from New
Jersey. Any little bit helps, it really does. I appreciate your time
and effort.
Tommy Fierro
Written by reader: Ed Pyle (epyle)

Once again, I want to put a wrestling story in perspective. I recently
saw Hulk Hogan compared to Nolan Ryan and other sports greats with
long careers. The thing is, even though Ryan was up in years when he
retired, he was still probably still the number one pitcher on his
team. Before Ryan became a liability he retired.

Hogan hasn't done that. His slow pacing and mic style have hurt WCW's
main events for the last couple of years, and I think its safe to say
that the strength of a Nitro or PPV is judged on its main event. Yes,
its sad when the greats can't break away from the game but when that
happens it takes strong management to do the right thing. I'm not sure
that Bischoff was the strong manager, and maybe WCW's new regime is. I
wouldn't be surprised to see Hogan either cut or demoted in the next
few weeks if he doesn't do the right thing on his own.
Written by reader: Ovrthehll1

Last nights PPV was without a doubt the biggest waste of time and money
that I have ever watched in my life. The bouts were to boring,
predictable and so overdone that I'm just thinking that this one might
be my last PPV ordered. I've watched wrestling for the last 35 years
and I'll tell you something, if the WWF doesn't come back with some
fresh and new storylines I think they are going to start to lose alot
of people on both sides of the ring.

I just hope that someone can get through to them that they are getting
old fast and its time for a change!!!!! (Owen was right!! )
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