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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 359

Date:  Wednesday October 20th, 1999  10:37 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by: http://www.WrestleLine.Com
The WWF's first day on the stock market was a good day for those who
got in on the IPO. It wasn't as good for those who had to wait until it
was traded publicly.

The stock was priced at $17 a share, above the $14-16 estimates. It
opened Tuesday morning at 30 1/2, meaning those who had purchased
shares at $17 in the IPO could sell it when the market opened for a
quick profit.

Despite rising to a high of $34 a share, the stock went down over the
course of its first day.
WWFE closed at 25 1/4, a sizeable increase
from the IPO pricing but below the initial price on the open market.

Reported by Dave Meltzer at http://www.Eyada.Com
Indications point to Vampiro almost immediately obtaining his WCW
release and starting in ECW Saturday night in
Philadelphia. Vampiro is
prepared to give up his $7,000 a week salary to make an immediate
impact in ECW Arena; the only thing that will derail this plan is for
WCW to increase their counter offer to Vampiro. All should be known
within the next several days…

Reported by Dave Meltzer at http://www.Eyada.Com
WCW has officially given notice to Hak (James Fullington) , and his
options aren't looking good. Meltzer reports that there is little
interest from the WWF, and Paul Heyman is lukewarm about bringing him
back to ECW.

As Sandman, he left ECW with no notice in late 1998, a decision that
Heyman has yet to forgive. Does that close the door on a Sandman
comeback? Not necessarily. Heyman seems open to possibly using
Sandman for a run-in at the November to Remember PPV, anticipating the
pop his return would generate.

Considering his lack of options, Fullington would probably not have
much leverage in contract negotiations with ECW. His former ECW salary
of $156,000 a year might be far out of reach at this point.

Visit My Home Page At:

October 18, 1999, version of NITRO was the much hyped debut of
Vince Russo as WCW's principle storywriter and booker. Although only on
the job a very short time, Russo and WCW decided that he had to get
started before the Halloween Havoc (HH) PPV this coming
Sunday, October
24, 1999
. We were promised that NITRO would be an entirely different
show then we had become accustomed to. What did we get? Let's take a

During the first hour Fat Tony and Booby "The Brain-Dead" Heenan gave
us the standard shill job. We must have heard them tell us how new and
different NITRO was going to be starting with this show a half dozen
times. Booby gave us such "new" words as "This will be the most
important match we have ever
seen," referring to the Goldberg v. Sid match at HH, and "Don't touch
that clicker" at
8:55 PM, as he has been doing since it seems like the
days of the Roman Coliseum.

This was followed (of course) by an event that couldn't be missed,
starting at the standard
8:58 PM. In this case it was Sid coming to the
ring with his "legal team", supposedly to tell us what had been
teased throughout the first hour. This was "new and different?"
Listening to Booby had me shaking my head wondering what happened to
the humorous and entertaining color man who worked with the late, great
Gorilla Monsoon, and others when he was in the WWF.

There was one thing new I guess; Larry Loser, the man who is a The
Legend In His Own Mind, did backstage interviews. I had hoped his
banishment to Thunder was the last time the world had to put up with
him on Monday. Just so we wouldn't forget and (perish the thought)
change channels, Tony and Booby kept telling us how "new and better"
NITRO was, the entire three hours.

Several times during the first hour we heard references to the WWF by
name, a subject that apparently had been banned previously under
penalty of death or worse (having to listen to some of Hanoi Jane's old
anti-American speeches)? Then we had Madusa tell us how having to
compete in an Evening Gown Match vs. Mona was beneath her dignity, and
something only done elsewhere, an obvious reference to the WWF. This
from a woman who was the WWF Champion on a Sunday, showed up on NITRO
the next night, and threw the Championship Belt into a
trash can. A real class act. It appears she never learned that one
should never burn bridges behind them.

What else did we see that would give us a reason to watch NITRO? Jeff
Jarrett appeared, and in what must be a new gimmick for him, attacked a
man in the ring and smashed a Guitar (No. 1, Official Count, Latest WCW
Appearance) over his head, apparently igniting his initial feud. Later
we saw Miss Elizabeth, who by the way (
IMO) is still one of the most
stunning women in
wrestling, unconscious on the locker room floor with a .. horrors ..
yup, Guitar (No. 2, Official Count, Latest WCW Appearance) nearby.
Jarrett hitting people with Guitars; Jarrett (apparently) abusing
women, can't be sure, but I think I have seen this before. To his
credit, Jarrret appeared on the WWF PPV, No Mercy, the day after his
contract with the WWF expired and did the job to Chyna. No matter what
else you think of him, he demonstrated that he is a man of honor.
Others could take a lesson from him.

We had our usual assortment of forgettable matches that make you wonder
what were they thinking of when they booked them. The next to last
match of the show featured Horrible Horace v. "Stormin" Norman Smiley,
in a Hardcore Match. Huh? We had to endure David Flair meeting one of
WCW's best, Kidman. Other than to keep Slick Ric happy, why waste a
talent like Kidman in
a match like this? We also witnessed Disco Inferno beating Vampiro,
while his scheduled opponent at HH, Lash LaRoux, joined the announcers.
To anyone who had any doubt about the outcome of this match, I say "Go
Directly To Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200." The shame of it
was that Vampiro,
another of WCW's finest, never got into the match. Makes you wonder if
he is being punished for thus far refusing to accept a pay cut, under
the New Bean Counter In-Charge's Austerity Plan.

The rest of NITRO was pretty much standard fare. The Canadian Crybaby
and Sting put on a good technical match, albeit a slow one. Too bad it
ended with a run-in by Flexy Lexy, carrying Sting's trust
Slugger. It was used on The Crybaby's shins. Not to worry, in the Main
Event, Sting returned with his Bat and used it on Goldberg, in
Goldberg's match v. Flexy Lexy, proving once again that one good turn
deserves another. I loved the "new" angle that had Sting using a bat.

We were also treated to the "Retired" Kevin Nash and Scott Hall paying
a visit, assuming their usual front row seats, and getting into an
altercation (this time with Goldberg). After being asked to leave, they
spent the rest of the show wandering around backstage, as a "sick" Nash
swigged "cough syrup."

At least, we were lucky enough not to have to endure Dirtbag Doophus
Page. However, in his absence, Kimberly gave David Flair her hotel room
key. She was surprised to find David's dad waiting for her when she got
there. Wonder what Dirtbag will have to say about Kimberly's activities
while he was gone.

I suspect several Newsletters will be conducting Polls this week
asking either if we watched NITRO, what we thought of it, or both. I
didn't see much difference from the "old" NITRO. With all the hype, I
expect to see a "bump" in the ratings, however, based on what we saw,
it will probably be a one time thing. With a chance to hit a Gland
Slam, Russo tapped an infield hit.
THE GOOD, BAD, and the
By: Mark George (attkdonkey)
THE GOOD......
MONDAY NITRO. This past week was the first time I watched Nitro more
than RAW. The pace of the program was quicker and the elimination of
dead space was clearly evident. The additions of Russo and Ferrara seem
to have paid off.

EDGE/CHRISTIAN @ NO MERCY. A first rate tag match with
incredible high risk maneuvers. It is great to see the fans appreciate
a match that doesn't always include the big stars of the WWF. The
Hardys are one of the best tag teams in the business and Edge and
Christian are close behind.

JEFF JARRETT goes to WCW. Personally, I don't think much of Jarrett as
a wrestler. He never was able to catch on in WWF and the only draw he
had was his valet Debra. Hitting people with guitars can only go so

FABULOUS MOOLAH & MAE YOUNG. UTriple Hh.....why?? What is WWF's point with
these two "legends"? They are old, tired, unattractive and boring. If I
wanted to see a pair of old laides wrestle, I'd go to my local nursing
home. Please go away and take your clown painted faces with you.
Written by reader: Pittu2

What is wrong with using death as an angle? My father died of cancer
when I was nine, and the current Big Show-Bossman angle is not
terrible. Cancer is a real life issue, as is death, and though the
angle may bother those with an unnecessary fear of death it is not

Death has been in WWF storylines since the Undertaker debuted. I
wonder why many people are so concerned about angles in wrestling
currently? The topics explored by the WWF may make
you uncomfortable, but most are based on reality. Some men do beat on
women. It is not right, but neither is a woman beating on a man. Both
happen and it may not be pleasant, but if it bothers you don't assume
it bothers everyone.

Incest is quite a common problem worldwide, so why ignore it, which is
all too common a strategy taken. Ignoring things does not make it go
away and maybe bringing and thereby forcing humanity to deal with such
terrible things the WWF helps society. I guess I veered off subject,
but death happens, and people have to LIVE with it.
Steve Appy responds:
I have several problems with this storyline: a realistic, thoughtful
look at a serious subject would actually be welcome in wrestling. The
Big Boss Man paying to have "bad news" revealed to Paul Wight is
disgusting. Mark Henry's "confession" about how he lost his virginity
was treated as comedy. Neither of these subjects are in the least bit

The "creative" minds that come up with this garbage scare me. The WWF
has created so many creative, fascinating storylines that I think they
can do better. I think that they get off on some of this really sick
stuff, and lets just hope that WCW doesn't quickly follow suit.

Mike Samuda has reported that The Big Show's father did die of cancer
years ago; does anybody think that Paul Wight is enjoying playing this
one out?
Written by reader: TWOD

Recent reactions from readers EBONY916 and Dojo818 on
controversial angles only highlight the points many fans are trying to
make. The first rule in writing comedy/entertainment for any medium is
to have the audience laughing with you rather than laughing at you. It
is one thing to
titillate, shock, amuse, even insult, but common norms and values do
dictate just how far the audience will tolerate a storyline.

Bad taste can be fun. We all love a pun or a jab to the moral majority.
While these concerns all fall into the opinion and subjective
categories, certainly, some tend to go over the line and into the
danger zone.

#1: Death of a father (parent, spouse ...any relative)
Unless there is a morally acceptable reason (see Aerosmith's video
"Janie's got a gun") or one is trying to elicit a particular emotion,
it is inappropriate. I also found Paul Wight posing as Andre's son in
the WCW another infringement on this issue. Bottom line: disrepect.

#2: Marketing and Murder
I do respectfully disagree with Ebony when she states "Do they
not understand that death is final and not something to be played
with?" Yes, but death and sex sell. In the last ten years, we have
seen the #1 monster truck named the grave digger; a renewed interest in
the occult and spiritual/supernatural concerns; wrestling characters
such as Papa Shango, The Undertaker, and Gangrel enjoying popularity;
and horror movies paying for themselves through the box office alone.
Death scares us and excites us. Check out the supermarket tabloids and
for the last year all we have seen are people making good money by
shamelessly exploiting the tragic murder of a little girl. We fear it
yet are attracted to it.

While this is basic Psychology 101, yet there is a difference between
an undead wrestler and an allegedly "real" cancer striken father. Even
the shameless WCW attempt to turn Goldust into grave dust is more
amusing than nauseating.

#3 The Smell of "sex-cess"
Godfather's character is in bad taste, but can elicit a smile from
both sexes.The same could be said about Val Venis's character. However
it is tongue in cheek and allegedly entertainment. It becomes no more
offensive than the reports of that infamous cigar on supposedly
reputable news programs.

#4 - Entertainment vs. Pain
I am sure Dojo818 would rather watch some great wrestling
action than be reminded of the untimely demise of his relatives. This
type of experience is not what sports entertainment is about.

Anyone who has ever worked with battered spouses will never see the
Jarrett angle in any other way than ignorant

While Dojo states that "Religious people (were) disgusted with The
Undertaker," this can be a point to discuss faith versus fiction. The
female fans went into an uproar regarding the
Stephanie/Bride angle and that was quietly suppressed.

The use of the word symbol (versus cross) made the fictitious nature of
the angle clear. Mark Henry's angle is only embarrassing himself
(someone in creative must hate him). DoJo says its disgusting but he
further states "I realize that its all just a story to offend
everyone." WWF is walking a thin line here: Is
disgusting enough to keep people watching or will it eventually burn
out even the most diehard fan? I agree with Appy that the cancer
angle is the worst out of the bunch, and that is quite an achievement
considering the other plots we have endured.

Do not let us be too much of a critic however, shock sells. With the
right amount of the "7 deadly sins" a great script can come forth.
Please remember, what was once considered shocking to one generation is
considered dull as a box of rocks to the next. Do not believe me?
Compare 'I Dream of Jeannies' belly button standards or the jiggle
censors of 'Charlie's Angels' to what we see during an average
wrestling show today.

I know more about Kitty's and Debra's anatomy than I ever wanted to.
Parents were in uproar over Alice Cooper and Ozzy, yet this generation
deals with Marilyn Manson and "Du Hast." One generation worried about
sex causing moral decay, while the next, with the advent of AIDS, sees
it as a potential way to suffer physical decay.

Watch the heads turn during a major car wreck on a thruway or at a
track. ABC Sports got it right when they opened their show with the
grabber "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."
Psychologically, we are animals that enjoy both -- but prefer it in the
proper doses. Too much of anything can become toxic.
Written by reader: BPapa2000

A word on angles...
Angles are just that, angles. Stories. How is a story about death
offensive? Is the movie Titanic offensive because people die in it? Is
the book To Kill a Mockingbird offensive because it has racism in it?
Give me a freaking break people, how the hell could this offend you so
much if it is in all forms of entertainment?

Books, movies, TV, whatever you do in your spare time, you find
stories that have interesting "angles" in themselves. About disease
(cancer or AIDS), sexual orientation, and believe it or not death.

And don't come up with some garbage about how "yeah, but the Big Show's
father having cancer has no place in wrestling" because we've gotten
past the "what has a place in wrestling" argument a long time ago. So
sit down, shut up, and enjoy the frikkin show.
Written by reader: CLAUS316

As a fan of wrestling for nearly 20 years now there are few wrestlers
that I feel need to be invincible. Their character calls for it, such
as Hogan's "Hulking Up" or the great Andre the Giant for obvious
reasons never losing until Hogan, putting him over the top ect.. Bill
Goldberg disturbs me for one reason only, they have built him to be too
invincible. Chair shots don't phase him, getting hit with a baseball
bat did not stop him. I understand the draw of a Goldberg and realize
he is over with the fans, yet I see him as pointless since he never
loses (yea, yea Hall and the taser for Nash) (and yes this past week he
laid down for more then 10 sec for the "Power Bomb" by Sid, but that
was not a match).

If he is so invincible why even have him wrestle anyone, just hand him
the belt and close up shop. I can see reluctance from people like Sid,
Sting, Luger, Hogan, Macho and others who have paid their dues in the
sport. It just is disappointing that it is inevitable that Bret Hart
will have to job to Goldberg in the near future when either is written
in as the new champ at whichever upcoming pay-per-view.

This may seem weird after what I have just written, but I don't hate
the man, I hate the writers for overdoing "The Man". He has the
intensity for the sport but needs to have his character a little more
believable. If the others have to job to him at least they can make
him more vulnerable so the matches last longer. This past Monday was a
start but he was just too fresh after the baseball bat shot. Even
Austin and The Rock and others in the WWF lose from time to time and
are still over with the fans, just an observation.
Fan Slam, The Wrestling Fan Festival, will take place on Saturday,
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We are currently planning all the events. Already signed to appear for
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its going to be a one set fee of $8.00 admission to enter the Fan
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guest it is. We will also be doing a 17 X 26 poster with it saying "FAN
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There is a fee of $15.00 for the poster, which will be autographed by
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autographed 8 by 10 pictures of any of the guests that are appearing,
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Any vendors that are interested in purchasing dealer tables for this
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would like to purchase advance admission tickets or Autograph/Polaroid
tickets of any of the guest on the show, please E-mail us at:
ispw2 for further info.
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