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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 360

Date:  Wednesday October 20th, 1999  3:57 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of this issue we have the Smackdown Spoiler for
10/21; as always, if you would rather be surprised, please skip this

Reported by Zach Arnold at:
Current Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko tour results from
New Japan house shows:

10/15 Nagoya Aiichi Welfare Gym (2,800)
Wild Pegasus, Dean Malenko, & Dr. Wagner Jr. (14'24
Pegasus diving headbutt on Samurai) Jushin Liger, El
Samurai, & Kendo Ka Shin

10/17 Hyogo, Kobe World Hall (6,000 -> 75% capacity)
Dean Malenko (12'41 Texas Clover Leaf) Koji Kanemoto
Wild Pegasus (14'29 Dragon Suplex Hold) Jushin Liger

10/19 Fukuoka International Center (4,500 -> 60%
Kendo Ka Shin (9'06 Standing Arm Scissors) Dean
Malenko, Jushin Liger & Wild Pegasus (15'10 Liger high-angle
leg roll-up on Takaiwa) Shinjiro Ohtani & Tatsuhito

10/20 Kumamoto City Gym (3,200)
Dean Malenko & Kendo Ka Shin (10'29 Dean uses Texas
Clover Leaf on Sammy) Jushin Liger & El Samurai
Wild Pegasus (3'05 diving headbutt) Shinjiro Ohtani
Written by reader: Riverside Rick (RickXTN)

Apparently I must have received an alien transmission of this past
Nitro because everyone else seems to have seen a Nitro second to none,
whereas I saw a Nitro that could well have been the worst ever! When I
first saw the WCW logo appear as always I said, "Let's see what Russo
has up his sleeve". I waited, to be honest, with pretty low

Knowing that Russo and
Ferrara were largely responsible for the WSOF
(World Soap Opera Federation) product had me pretty worried. Well, my
worries quickly became a reality as the show featured no continuity and
way too much non-arena (backstage/ out of arena) scenes. Things were
happening that made no sense at all. We all love surprise title
changes and seeing Rey and Konnan with gold is great but it happened at
the worst possible time! I never thought I would actually be upset at
seeing Mysterio with gold. Goldberg was made to look like a wimp by
getting taken out with a big boot and Powerbomb. Then Sid talks
about getting out of his match, rips up the contract", and says, "See
you at Halloween Havoc". How much sense does that make!?

I have never been so DISinterested in Nitro. Hell, I went to the WCW
site, found that code for WCW Mayhem (before they broadcast it on the
air) and played Mayhem for a while during a triangle match that I would
have normally been excited about. I don't know what the hell WCW put
on the air Monday night but it sure as hell wasn't Nitro and if that
kind of production continues, I may well turn into a non-wrestling fan.

:-( Now would be a great time for Ted Turner to get a show going that
would showcase the many great rivalries and matches of the old NWA and
pre-Russo WCW days. There is a ton of great wrestling action that has
happened over the years and it seems the future of pro wrestling is
pretty bleak at best now. WCW has shot themselves in the
let's see if they can heal the wound before the wound gets infected.
Written by reader: BadgerLand

I'm not sure how many of your readers are of an age to comprehend all
that you are discussing here about the various WWF angles. I,
personally, rest firmly between the four and five decades of
experience that gives me a bit of right to comment on this and the
morality and right & wrong in general. Oh yeah, I'm also a parent and
only got 'hooked' on WWF because of my youngest daughter.

The WWF has turned into a family event in our house. This includes both
daughters and my wife. We do struggle with the right and wrong of
things and I admit that I have taken advantage of the opportunity
offered by certain WWF showings to try to teach my kids some values.

For instance, in one show back when an Arab vs.
USA angle was in vogue,
there was an attempt to have an actor (wrestler) wipe his nose on the
American flag. It didn't happen, but even before seeing it my family
knew we would not be watching WWF anymore if it did occur. That is an
example of 'crossing the line'.

The same is now going on with the Big Show. Worse yet is the atrocity
of the angle involving Mark Henry. These clearly cross the line. What
point is served by trying to explain to 10 and 12 year olds the
atrocity committed by incest when it is admitted by
an actor (wrestler) they formerly rooted for. The same could be said
for Satan worship, though that was handled a little differently. At
least the Undertaker has been in a consistent role of a 'darkside'

The bottom line is that some viewers will abandon the entire genre. If
WWF wants just a few nitch viewers on the outside of society, they will
get them with their current approach. This will drive down earnings and
the stock price will plummet to single digits. BUT, Linda and Vince
will be billionaires. Maybe that's the bottom line; 'cause stone cold
Daddy said so!
Written by reader: Jamel Wright (sting_lex)

Where has wrestling gone??? its obvious from my experience that the
average American wrestling fan couldn't sit through an actual WRESTLING
match. This was proven to me a couple of weeks ago, when my friends
chose to watch a 30 minute Rock/Mankind sit com over the Chris
Benoit/Bret Hart match (which must be considered for match of the year).

its sad to see that this is why guys like Tito Santana, Ric Flair
and Rick Steamboat constantly put over they can refuse to
put over the next generation. Steve Austin used to be a great wrestler,
but Stone Cold is another matter. Yet, this farce (the PWI 500) ranks
him as the NUMBER
ONE wrestler in the world!! This was not a problem
until I saw who number #3 was--a main eventer in
Japan who didn't want
to book himself as champion.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the best worker in the world and
TRUE wrestler, Mitsaharu Misawa. If you haven't seen him, I'd advise
that you find someone who records All japan Pro Wrestling---No
outlandish storylines, no egos, no DQ's, NO screwjob finishes!!! NO
evening gown matches, just guys like Vader, Stan Hansen, and Johnny Ace
telling storylines in a ring, NOT on a mic.
-Jamel Wright
Written by reader: Busta12uss

Well, the two most popular topics right now seem to be Paul Wight's
cancer angle and
Austin's wrestling ability so I thought I'd add my
thoughts on both.

First of all, I believe BPapa2000 made the most valid point on the
cancer angle I've heard. From the moment the WWF started selling its
product as "Sports Entertainment" rather than "Pro Wrestling" the
limits on what was acceptable material were lost. People need to stop
analyzing the WWF as professional wrestling because it no longer is.
"Entertainment" takes the forms of talk shows, action shows, comedies,
drama, etc. It seems clear now that Vince McMahon intends to
incorporate all these forms of
entertainment into his shows, and a story pertaining to a victim of
cancer is certainly acceptable in every other form of entertainment, so
why would it be any different in the WWF? The only contradiction I see
lies in that 5 letter word proceeding "entertainment": Sports.

What is considered Sport-related entertainment and what is not? Its
certainly a debatable issue, but personally I feel that using cancer as
an angle is fine, for its emotional content (but I have never lost a
loved one to cancer, so I can't and know I don't speak for all.)

As far as
Austin's wrestling ability is concerned, this also is
affected by the move to Sports Entertainment.
Austin is no longer
considered a wrestler, but an entertainer, and he is one of the best in
the business at doing that. His in-ring skills are noticeably limited,
ranging from punches and kicks to....fancier punches and kicks.
However, his skills are far above the level of the man responsible for
most of us becoming wrestling fans. The Hulk
Hogan of the 1980's gave wrestling more popularity than anyone else
ever has, and he was a punch-kick-finisher type too. No one ever said
either of these two's wrestling ability was great, but none of us can
deny it is entertaining.
Written by reader: Raf314

The person who ranked on Moolah and Mae in your issue had a lot of
nerve. How dare he put legends in quotes. The people who rank on them
are people who don't even know who they are. Well, I do, and Fabulous
Moolah was one of my favorite stars of the 80s, and I am really happy
to be seeing her again. She is a great talent, no matter what her age.
And it is COMEDY. You aren't supposed to take it seriously. Laughter
is healthy, so learn to relax a bit. (This is directed at the author
of that segment, not
the person who writes the newsletter.)
SMACKDOWN SPOILER: Skip if you would like to be surprised!
Reported by Alex Bozich, Matthew Denison, & Curt Creighton at: &

WWF Dark Match, Sunday Night Heat, SmackDown Taping Results Louisville,
Kentucky - Freedom Hall -October 19, 1999

-Kurt Angle defeated Tracey Smothers
-Rico Constantino defeated Flash Flanaigan
-Paul Buckner defeated Trailor Park Trash

SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT (Air date - October 24, 1999)
-The show opened as Jericho entered, challenging Chyna
to an Intercontenintal Championship match. Chyna replied
she was "PMSing" and just couldn't do the match tonight.

-X-Pac/Kane defeated Headbangers via Dudley Boyz interference
-Curtis Hughes defeated Faarooq
-Gangrel defeated Steve Blackman

-Vince McMahon was shown backstage telling
Jericho he didn't think he
could beat Chyna, but he would get a European Title on Heat vs. D'Lo

Prince Albert defeated. Stevie Richards, who came out in
Meat's former attire. Blue Meanie made his way out dressed as

-European Title: D'Lo Brown defeated Chris Jericho to retain the
European title after Chyna caused Y2J to lose the match.

-Heat ended with a stare down between Chyna/Chris Jericho.

SMACKDOWN (Air date October 21, 1999)
-Show began with Mankind in the ring, who voiced his disapproval of The
Rock and declared he wanted a match tonight. Mankind said he would stay
in the ring all night unless Vince gave him the OK for match vs. The

Vince McMahon made his way out, followed by The Rock. Rocky accepted
Mankind's challenge for a match later tonight on Smackdown. Out of
nowhere, Val Venis made his way to the ring telling Vince McMahon he
wanted a match with Steve Austin on Smackdown.
Austin came down to the
ring and also agreed for a match tonight.

-Triple H was shown talking to Vince McMahon backstage. Vince told Triple H
that he would have to defend the title against Al Snow tonight on
SmackDown. Triple H told McMahon he didn't need anything from him and
walked away.

-Edge/Christian/Test defeated Rodney/Pete Gas/British Bulldog. It
originally was just going to be Test/Bulldog, however, Bulldog brought
out the Mean Street Posse with him. Test said he had a surprise of his
own in Edge/Christian.

-A short recap was shown on the OvalTron about the past few weeks
inthe Big Show's life... Big Show was then interviewed backstage,
talking mostly about the Big Bossman...

-Backstage, Triple H attacked Al Snow right before their title

-Triple H defeated Al Snow with a Pedigree to retain the WWF title.
This match was pretty well worked by both Snow and Triple H. But, as
Triple H went for a Suplex on Al Snow, Snow's private area was clearly
exposed to all of the fans in
Louisville. By the time I got done
laughing, Triple H hit the pedigree to end the match.

-The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young were shown backstage preparing for
their title match...

-The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young fought to a no-contest to let Moolah
retain the Women's title. The match between the two "dinosaurs" came to
a halt after Ivory came into the ring to cause the DQ. After that,
Tori, Jacqueline, and Luna all made their way into the ring, and the
mess had to be stopped by WWF officials.

-Mark Henry and the Godfather were shown backstage. The Godfather told
Henry to be himself and not worry about the sex therapists.

-The Rock and Mankind fought to a no-contest after Val Venis, who was
ringside for commentary, interfered in the match. Val received a Rock
Bottom after he interfered, but, Triple H made his way into the ring
and delivered a Pedigree on the people's champion.

-The Big Show was shown backstage preparing to meet the Bossman...

-The Holly's defeated the Hardy Boyz w/Terri Runnels to retain the Tag
Team titles. The Hardy's seemed to have this match under control, but
the Holly's came out of nowhere to retain the titles...Post match, The
New Age Outlaws attacked the Holly's in the ring.

-The Big Bossman made his way through the crowd with a Police Officer
into the ring. Bossman talked about the Big Show, but before he could
get much out, the Big Show came out and attacked the Bossman and the
Police Officer. The Bossman was able to escape, but the Police Officer
received a chokeslam for his troubles.

-The Road Dogg and Steve Austin were shown backstage. I was unable to
hear what was said between the two...

-Mark Henry/Godfather defeated Mideon/Viscera by pinfall. There wasn't
much interesting about this match except for the hoes.

-Val Venis, The Rock, Mankind, Triple H, and Steve Austin
were all show backstage...

-Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Val Venis after a Stone Cold Stunner.
Venis and Austin both worked an excellent match, which ended cleanly
with a Stunner. Post match, The Rock came into the ring, and had a
confrontation with Venis and Austin. The show ended with Rock and
Austin staring each other down.

-This is where the program will probably go off the air. After that,
Triple H came into the ring and was stunned several times by
Austin, as
Austin drank several beers with Earl Hebner before leaving. Overall, it
was a much better show than I saw the last time the WWF was here for
RAW in July...

Biggest Pops:
Jericho (when he came out at the very beginning of Heat)

Biggest Heat:
-Triple H
-Val Venis
-British Bulldog
Jericho(before his match with D'Lo on Heat...)
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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