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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 363

Date:  Saturday October 23rd, 1999  7:28 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported at:
Ross reports that Stacy “Miss Kitty” Carter has been signed to a long
term contract and will shortly have an expanded role; Mideon recently
signed a new contract and “and will be given the opportunity to further
develop his television persona” (their last idea of turning him into a
poor man’s Jake Roberts didn’t go far); the WWFederation has not
offered a contract to Nova and has no plans to (I didn’t know that
anybody claimed that they had); Amy Dumas (ECW’s Miss Congeniality)
will start in the WWF in a few weeks.

Reported by Dave Meltzer at:
WWF Smackdown (UPN): 4.8
WCW Thunder (TBS): 1.9

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer
A survey in the Philadelphia metro area showed that registered
Republicans are four times as likely to order a pro wrestling PPV event
than registered Democrats.

Why? Any intelligent theories? Definitely an odd statistic…

Most of you have heard of Dave Meltzer & The Wrestling Observer, though
many of you have not been exposed to The Observer (you don’t know what
your missing). Meltzer is also doing a free daily internet radio show,
which can be found at:

The two hour show can be heard live from
6:00 PM-8:00 PM on the East
Coast, and
3:00 PM-5:00 PM on the West Coast. Meltzer & co-host Bryan
Alvarez discuss all of the breaking news stories of the day, and have
had quite a variety of featured guests (highlights include Chris
Benoit, Vince Russo, Terry Funk , & Jim Cornette).

The previous days show is available to listen to at any time; those of
you who really have a deep interest in the inner-workings of wrestling
really do need to check this out! Meltzer is generally considered the
top wrestling journalist in the history of the business (not an
exaggeration, and almost without argument), and you will benefit by
being exposed to his knowledge of the business.
Written by reader: Chris3460

So the Big Show's dad supposedly has cancer. Everyone is saying how
this is extremely tasteless. Did it ever occur to anybody that Raw is
just a TV show? Nobody has a problem with any other TV shows doing
stories about cancer, so why should this matter?
Steve Appy responds:
The difference is that no other TV show (and I hope I’m not ever proven
wrong on this one) would treat the subject as disgracefully as the WWF
already has. I recall that on ‘NYPD Blue’ Dennis Franz was involved in
a prostate cancer storyline, and his condition was treated with the
seriousness that such a serious subject warranted.

Cancer, homosexuality, alcoholism; these are all subjects that a truly
creative wrestling writer could examine in a new light. Let a
performer explore his real life grief over losing a loved one to cancer
and use it as a technique to push for early testing; show us a
homosexual wrestler who is a babyface and is not interested in feeling
up his opponents; let a wrestling personality (and not a goof like
Scott Hall) really share their experiences in how alcohol/drugs ruined
their lives.

The WWF, WCW, & ECW bookers would never have interest in intelligent
portrayals like these. They feel that their audience would not
understand/enjoy them, and they may be right. In the meantime, I
really wish they wouldn’t go near them.
Written by reader: Joan Moore-Thompson (yobaby4)

I think Vampiro is making a mistake staying with WCW. Paul Heyman
could make him huge, and WCW will continue to hold him back and keep
him at undercard status. Do you really see him getting a world title
shot in WCW? He has talent but WCW will not use him properly.

I can see Vampiro as the champion in ECW someday. Vampiro in ECW would
be so interesting, especially if he teamed up with Raven again. I think
Vampiro would make a good asset for ECW; there are endless
possibilities and interesting storylines for Vampiro.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

Copyright- Steve Appy of The Wrestling Booking Sheet ©1998, 1999, 2000


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