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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 365

Date:  Sunday October 24th, 1999  9:27 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

10/24/1999, Live in Las Vegas, NV
By Nate Pelley of The Wrestling Informer Newsletter; to subscribe to
The Informer, send a blank e-mail to

The show opened up with a run down of the action, and the announcement
that Rey Mysterio, Jr. has been injured and thus could not wrestle. The
WCW board of directors stripped the Tag Team titles from Mysterio and
Konnan, and ordered a three way dance later in the evening for the
straps: Konnan & Kidman vs. Hugh Morrus & Brian Knobs vs. Harlem Heat.

Match #1: WCW World Cruiserweight Champion Disco Inferno vs. Lash
Choppy opener to the card, as LeRoux, the recipient of WCW's "midcarder
push of the month" looked very green against Disco. Sloppy action for
most of the match, as Lash seemed too interested in hitting highspots
and didn't concentrate on much else. Interesting note about LeRoux, he
got his name from a 1920's silent film star. Speaking of silent,
that's what the crowd was for this one. Disco eventually hit the Last
Dance for the merciful end to this one. Afterwards, Lash hit his
"Ragin' Cajun" (AKA the Amniville Horror that Chris Chetti uses, or the
finisher Ivory has favored lately) and walked out with the title.
Please Russo, save us from a rematch.
Winner: And still Cruiserweight Champion, Disco Inferno

Pre-shot footage showed Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko telling Saturn
they quit the Revolution.

Match #2: WCW World Tag Team Title Match -- 3 Way Dance:
Harlem Heat
(Booker T & Stevie Ray) vs. The Filthy Animals (Konnan & Kidman) vs.
The First Family ("Laughing Man" Hugh Morrus & "Nasty" Brian Knobs)
(with Jimmy Hart).
This one was contested under Hardcore rules (?). Wild brawl from the
outset, and it was hard to follow all of the action. Knobs was tossed
into the cemetery set up and had the tombstones broken and bashed over
his skull by Heat. Hugh Morrus was working over Konnan in the ring,
while Kidman brawled with Stevie Ray. Booker T and Knobs ended up in
the locker room, with Morrus setting Konnan up on a table in the ring.
Booker T got the pin in the back on Knobs, and just seconds later
Morrus put Konnan through the table and got the pin there. The
referee's argued briefly over who got the win, but eventually decided
Booker T has gotten the pinfall first.
Winners: And for the 10th time, WCW World Tag Team Champions,

Ric and David Flair are shown entering the building, Ric clutching a
crowbar. Meanwhile, back in the ring, "Diamond" Dallas Page and
Kimberly were bad mouthing Flair. DDP challenged Flair into making
their match a strap match later in the night.

Goldberg was shown entering the building and asking for Sid. Mike Tenay
talked to Kidman and Eddie Guerreroabout Eddie 's upcoming match with

Match #3: Perry Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero. Eddie took off his watch
(which used to be Ric Flair's watch) and gave it to Bobby Heenan. This
was a very good match, with lots of back and forth action and solid mat
work. Saturn hit his trademark moves (T-Bone suplex, savate kicks,
legdrops) and Guerrero proved why he is one of the top five workers in
US today. Good exchange
as Eddie went for the Frog Splash but Saturn moved, then Eddie got
crotched on the top rope and fell victim to a super-Northern Lights
Suplex. Saturn then looked like he was going for a super bomb, but Eddie
turned it into a top rope brainbuster. Cue Ric Flair, who hit the ring
crowbar in hand. He clocked Eddie , ending the match. Kidman, who tried
to help Guerrero, got a crowbar
shot, too. Finally Torrie got a big kiss planted on her by Flair, as
the "Dirtiest Player in the Game" reclaimed his watch and walked out.

Winner: Eddie Guerreroby DQ.

In the locker room, Goldberg was beating the snot out of Sid Vicious.

Buff Bagwell came out to the ring and called out Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett,
making his second PPV appearance in two weeks, brought a guitar with
him. The two men brawled briefly before Lex Luger ran in and tried to
nail Jarrett, but instead clobbered Buff with the guitar.

Eddie Guerrerowas shown in the back calling Rey Mysterio, Jr. on his
cellphone and saying "Get back here now."

Match #4: Berlyn (with his bodyguard) vs. Brad Armstrong. Decent back
and forth action in this one, although a short match (thankfully).
Crowd was dead again. Sounded like there was an "Alex Wright" chant,
but I couldn't quite make it out. Anyway, Berlyn went for his
neckbreaker, but Brad grabbed the top rope, blocking the move.
Armstrong then covered Berlyn for a quick win. Berlyn's bodyguard then
beat down B.A., and Berlyn walked out with his head held high. Huh?
Winner: Brad Armstrong

In the back, Ric Flair accepts the strap stip for later tonight against

Match #5: WCW World TV Champion "Crippler" Chris Benoit vs. "Dog Faced
Gremlin" Rick Steiner.
This one was pretty good, easily Steiners' best match in years. Benoit
once again proved why he belongs in that elite status. Very
good action, with suplexes flying back and forth. Match looked really
stiff, but then again it did involve Benoit (and Rick has been known to
work hard too). After a ref bump, Steiner brought a chair into the
ring, but Benoit blocked it and hit a side suplex. Benoit placed the
chair on top of The
DFG and went for his diving headbutt, but instead
caught the chair in his face. Dean
Malenko ran out and grabbed the chair then. He looked ready to hit
Steiner, but pulled a swerve and KO'd Benoit. Rick got the pin to
regain the belt. Meanwhile, Malenko and Perry Saturn hugged in the
Winner: And for the third time, WCW TV Champion, Rick Steiner.

Match #6: Bret "Hit Man" Hart vs. The Total Package (with
The former Lex Luger used his power to dominate most of this match, and
Bret was still selling his knee injury from Nitro. Crowd came a live
for a bit in this one, but it didn't last long. Bret limped for most of
the bout, and the Package finally applied a half crab on "The Hitman."
To the shock of everyone, Bret tapped out. I never remember Bret
submitting before last week on Nitro to Sting, and now he does it again
Winner: The Total Package by submission.

In the back, Goldberg was interviewed and promised to beat up Sid for
us. Yeah.

Medusa strutted out in a bikini top promoting the new WCW Cologne. She
said she didn't want to do this, it was degrading, blah blah. She ended
up dumping it on Heenan at ringside.

Match #7: WCW World Champion Sting vs. Hulk Hogan. Hogan's music
played, but he didn't come out. Finally, Sting's new music ("Seek and
Destroy" by Metallica) played, and out walked the champ. Eventually
when Hogan's music played again, he appeared -- but in street clothes.
Hogan got in the ring, said something to Sting, and laid down for him.
Sting covered, one, two, three. Hogan walked out and they cut to a
video. Before anyone even thinks about it: COMPLETE
Winner: And still WCW Champion, Sting.

Match #8: WCW United States Champion Sid Vicious vs. Bill Goldberg. Sid
walked out bandaged up, selling the attack from earlier. As Goldberg
came out, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash appeared and attacked the
challenger. Goldberg finally made it to the ring, and went head to head
with Sid. The two men brawled, and soon Sid was bleeding again. Pretty
soon it got to be messy, and it appears WCW is trying to push the
envelope a bit. Time Warner has a policy against lots of blood in
matches, but it didn't seem to be in effect for this one. However,
things finally got so bad with Sid bleeding profusely that the match
was stopped. Goldberg was awarded the
US title, and Rick Steiner ran
down to help Sid.
Winner: And for the second time, WCW United States Champion, Goldberg.

Sting came out and said he didn't want a night off, challenging anyone
to a title match later on.

Match #9: "Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. "Diamond" Dallas Page (with
Kimberly) in a strap match. This one has been talked about all week
long as possibly "Flair's last match." Of course, it was supposedly
Flair's last match at Halloween Havoc 1994, too, so only time will
tell. If it is in fact Flair's last bout, its good to see he went out
in the main event of a PPV. Too bad they couldn't put him in there with
someone better than DDP. Page is another guy who will be retiring from
the sport soon (and at his age, he can't have much longer) so I don't
understand why Flair didn't put over
someone younger (Goldberg for example) who the company can rely on for
years to come. This one was better than you'd expect from DDP and Flair
at this stage, but it was not classic. The two men brawled out into the
audience, then back to the ring. Page busted Flair open, as the two
continued to brawl.
Dallas eventually hit the Diamond Cutter and
Charles Robinson counted to three, but didn't call for the bell. Just
from their expressions, it looked like a blown finish. David Flair ran
in and attacked Page, but DDP took the crowbar and nailed David and Ric
with it. Ric was strangled by the strap, and David and Robinson began
to cry. Flair was put on a stretcher, and Tony and Bobby sold that it
could be "career ending." Before Flair could be put in the
ambulance, the Filthy Animals attacked him. They beat down Flair for
several minutes before tossing him in the life squad and driving off
with him.
Dallas Page

Match #10: WCW World Champion Sting. vs. WCW United States Champion
Bill Goldberg.
OK, hang with me on this one. I am not sure if this was a non-title
match or what, but silly me, I assume when the champion of your
promotion wrestles in the main event of your third biggest PPV of the
year, its a title match. But hey, that's me, what do I know? Tony
said it was a non-title bout... Anyway, Goldberg won the match (and the
title?) by pinning Sting.

This was a very confusing situation, and I would assume Goldberg is the
new WCW Champion (he was announced as such). I guess WCW is building up
things like the WWF, where the PPV ends and you are left going "huh?"
so you will tune into Nitro tomorrow. Does this mean the
US belt is
vacant? Who knows?
Winner: Bill Goldberg
Most of you have heard of Dave Meltzer & The Wrestling Observer, though
many of you have not been exposed to The Observer (you don’t know what
your missing). Meltzer is also doing a free daily internet radio show,
which can be found at:

The two hour show can be heard live from
6:00 PM-8:00 PM on the East
Coast, and
3:00 PM-5:00 PM on the West Coast. Meltzer & co-host Bryan
Alvarez discuss all of the breaking news stories of the day, and have
had quite a variety of featured guests (highlights include Chris
Benoit, Vince Russo, Terry Funk , & Jim Cornette).

The previous days show is available to listen to at any time; those of
you who really have a deep interest in the inner-workings of wrestling
really do need to check this out! Meltzer is generally considered the
top wrestling journalist in the history of the business (not an
exaggeration, and almost without argument), and you will benefit by
being exposed to his knowledge of the business.
Written by reader: Josh91896

I just have a few thoughts about what some might call just a TV
show, and some people saying not to get all upset about it. I am 17
years old, and lost my father to lung/brain cancer on October 2 of this
year. My father and I were very close, and this was the hardest thing
I have ever dealt with in my life.

When I found out about this angle, I was absolutely disgusted, and
when they furthered it, saying that his father had died, and it was
Bossman that had made it up and all of this, I turned off the
television, and refused to watch any program that the WWF does.

I have some advice to the people out there about not caring about some
of these angles, and then comparing them to other TV shows and what the
represent is just plain dumb. God forbid that
this ever happen to any one of you reading this, but I suggest you try
and put yourself in some of our situations before you so
easily let it roll off your shoulder.

I am sure that most of this is falling on deaf ears, because I know to
most of you, from what I read anyway, think that the WWF can do no
wrong. Well, I am telling you that they are, and that this is
probably the most distasteful angle, along with the Pillman/gun thing
that has ever come down the pike.

its a pity that McMahon just put his company up on the stock market,
because if the WWF keeps this up, I am promising that
most of you will smarten up, and begin to not watch it as much.

Sorry for the venting, but it had to be said. Thank you for taking the
time to read this.
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Written by reader: Kshi8762

Now that we have opened up this proverbial can of worms, lets address
it in a logical manner. Polls in and of themselves are normally
biased, in that polling companies are not unbiased robots, but are
groups of folks who have an agenda of some sort. This usually causes
any sort of poll to be skewed. How they do this, 90% of the time it is
done by controlling who is polled.

Telephone polling, for instance, can be controlled by calling at
certain times of day or sticking to certain area codes where you have a
fairly good idea of how that demographic thinks. I don't think being
Republican or Democrat causes one to be more or less likely to buy a
PPV. If the source of the poll wishes to step forward and show us all
who, when, where the poll was performed, then we can make a more
educated conclusion.

As for one of the earlier posts referring to Republicans only caring
about the richer and not caring about the poor, I have two questions:
If a man works hard should he not gain more than one who does not?
And, what does this have to do with wrestling or the poll in question,
please keep your uneducated non-wrestling opinions out of this issue.
Written by reader: Ryan Oaks (JO13squad)

This week’s wrestler of the week is none other than the most Homicidal,
Genocidal, Suicidal athelete ever to set foot into the squared circle.
That's right, Sabu. I am a huge fan of Sabu and have been for a few
years. It is good to see Sabu back in action in ECW.

Something that really pleases me this week is that, as I'm sure you've
already heard, ECW has re-signed two of its best former employees. The
first of which is Mikey Whipwreck, whom I have spoken to a few times
and definitely belongs in Extreme Championship Wrestling! I saw the few
matches he had in WCW, and I knew then that WCW wasn't going to let him
expand his superstardom even the slightest bit. After seeing his WCW
matches I prayed that he would make his way back to his Hardcore Home.
My prayers were answered and I am very glad to hear that Mikey is back
and better than ever.

The other person that ECW has re-signed is James Fullington, The
Sandman, also known to WCW fans as Hardcore Hak. I was deeply
disappointed to see that Sandman left ECW for the career suicide that
is WCW. I am very glad that he is back, and I can't wait for him to
start getting hardcore (hopefully)! However, at the same time I am
looking for Paul Heyman to make Sandman start all over like he said he
would, because Sandman did treat ECW like crap by leaving without a
notice. Had he told Paul in advance maybe things could be different,
but he didn't and now he's lucky to even be let back into The ECW
Revolution. I know that Sandman will eventually restore his main event
status, because let's face it, he is a hell of a worker, but I hope for
his sake, our sake, and ECW's sake that he doesn't make the same
mistake twice. Because that would be an unforgivable act to say the
least. Welcome back Sandman.

Now I would like to comment on the World Title match on TNN Friday
Night between New Jack and Mike Awesome. I for one am a fan of both of
these athletes and happen to really enjoy the weapons that New Jack
brings to the ring. This match was good, but it was sort of slow. It of
course had its high points but it was completely overshadowed by
Sabu's match with Rhino later on in the show. This match was great
because the young athletic monster Rhino and the experienced lunatic
Sabu is a combination that can and did indeed put on a main event
caliber match.

The women of ECW seem to just keep getting better and better. Tammy is
back and its good to see her again, and she of course is looking as
good as ever. Dawn Marie is definitely one of the most beautiful women
in wrestling. The same of course goes for Francine. Miss Congeniality
is a little "different" but still good looking in a strange sort of
way. its too bad she has signed with The World Wrestling Federation
because I don't think she will find much of a future there, but who
knows, stranger things have happened. ECW is far superior to WWF and
WCW when it comes to its women, and its wrestling. I see bigger things
in the future for Extreme Championship Wrestling. You've just been
Lethaly Injected by Ryan Rage, so always remember and never forget that
Nobody Can Cage The Rage! Visit my backyard wrestling character's site or email me with comments or
questions at JO13squad
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