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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 368

Date:  Tuesday October 26th, 1999  10:34 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

As with much of the rest of the evening, many clips and still shots
from Halloween Havoc were shown. In the back, an infuriated Sting
(without face paint) was searching for J.J. Dillon. In the ring, Sting
told Dillon that while "bailing WCW out of a bad situation" that he
agreed to fight Goldberg, not put the title on the line and that he
wanted his title back.

Dillon agreed, said Goldberg was not the champion, but neither was
Sting, stating that he had been stripped of the title due to his
attacking of an official. Dillon then announced that a 32 man
tournament would begin tonight to crown a new champion. Sting then
attacked Dillon and then put him in the scorpion deathlock. Goldberg
then came out and a fight ensued that had to be broken up by security.

--In the back, Mike Graham informed the Outsiders that they would be
wrestling on the card tonight. Nash later told Mike Tenay that he was
retired and would not wrestle and that the Outsiders would have to wait
until the "top of the hour" to comment. They would later say that the
censors better have their hands on the buttons when the Outsiders hit
the ring.

--Norman Smiley told Mike Tenay that he would defeat Bam Bam Bigelow in
the tournament because he was tougher than a "two dollar steak."

Bam Bam Bigelow versus Norman Smiley *Tournament Match*
Smiley seemed frightened when Bigelow made the match a hardcore match.
Smiley won the match with a headbutt on Bigelow.(Smiley had a trash can
over his head)
Winner: Norman Smiley (Advanced in tournament)

--The Filthy Animals showed a tape of them taking Ric Flair to a
field and leaving him in the dirt after Halloween Havoc. Kidman said
that Flair was not coming back and that Harlem Heat was next. Saturn
and Malenko then attacked while Shane Douglas and Aysa (carrying Torrie
over her shoulder) headed to the back.

--Curt Hennig told Mike Tenay that the "powers that be" told him that
if he gets his shoulders pinned to the mat, that he is gone. Hennig
said that when he hangs the belt up that it will be his decision, no
one else's.

Curt Hennig versus Lash Leroux
Hennig got himself disqualified after slapping the referee. Hennig
then hit Leroux with a chair. Disco Inferno who was at the broadcast
position, attempted to help the Cajun but was also struck with the
Winner: Lash Leroux via disqualfication

--The Filthy Animals spent alot of time during the show looking for the
abducted Torrie.

--Bret Hart and Goldberg were both shown, and they will face each other
in a tournament match later in the evening.

--The next semi finalists for the Nitro Girl search were introduced.
Jeff Jarrett then hit the ring and said that he would be the next WCW
Heavyweight Champion. Jarrett claimed that he did not hit Liz with the
guitar, and that if Luger had a problem with it, to take it up with the
"new powers that be."

--A bloody post match interview with Sid was conducted after
Halloween Havoc, where Sid said that the war with Goldberg was not over
and that when least expected, he would be back.

Perry Saturn versus Eddie Guerrero*Tournament Match*
Saturn sent the other Filthy Animals to the back, telling them that
if they came in the ring, they would not see Torrie again. David Flair
came out and attacked the injured ribs of Guerrero with a crow bar.
Saturn then applied the Rings of Saturn for the win.
Winners: Perry Saturn via submission (Advanced in tournament)

--In the back, the Revolution were yelling at Torrie when Dean
Malenko left to find a bathroom. As he walked into another room, Benoit
locked him in that room and brutally beat his former friend, while the
helpless Revolution looked on.

--In the ring, the Outsiders were telling the new powers that be that
no one tells them what to do when Goldberg (standing in the crowd)
interrupted. The man said that he hoped the two had eyes in the back of
their heads because they were next.

--Randy Savage, along with Gorgeous George, said that the Red and
Yellow and
Space Mountain were played out, but Macho Madness would not
be punked out like Flair and Hogan were. The Macho Man then said that
it was time for him to pass the torch on to someone else.

Madusa versus Meng *Tournament Match*
Madusa gave it her all, but fell prey to the Tongan death grip. After
the bell, Evan Karagias helped Madusa to the back.
Winner: Meng via pinfall

--Dean Malenko hit the ring and challenged Chris Benoit to a Last Man
Standing match.

--In the back, Curt Hennig and Brad Armstrong were discussing the
treatment they were receiving from the powers that be while Bret Hart
was having his foot/ankle checked out by a doctor.

The Total Package w/Miss Liz versus Rick Steiner *Tournament Match*
Jarrett mistakingly hit the
DFG with a chair, who then followed Jarrett
to the back. This allowed Luger to beat the ten count for the win. Miss
Liz seemed to be angry that Luger dropped her (who fell down running
from Jarrett) to get in the ring before the referee hit ten.
Winner: The Total Package via countout (Advanced in tournament)

--Konnan told Mike Tenay that the match between he and Kidman was about
business while Kidman threatened to end the careers of the Revolution
if Torrie was hurt.

--Buff Bagwell was shown arriving at the arena saying that trouble had
just arrived.

Kidman versus Konnan *Tournament Match*
While the referee was down, Harlem Heat attacked both men. Guerrero and
Rey Mysterio Jr. then ran down and began fighting with the tag champs,
while Kidman pinned K-Dogg for the win. After the bell, Konnan
challenged the Heat to face he and Kidman in a tag team title match.
Winner: Kidman via pinfall

--Buff told the crowd in
Phoenix that he would not JOB for anyone ever
again. Bagwell then said that the "two idiots in the back" would not
tell him what to do. At that point, two large men in suits,
representing the powers that be, attacked Bagwell.

Chris Benoit versus Dean Malenko *Last Man Standing Match*
After a double clothesline, Benoit was the only of the two men that
responded to the ten count fast enough, giving him the win. The Filthy
Animals then attacked Malenko, and
Douglas told the Animals that if
they wanted to see Torrie, that Malenko would be set free. The
Revolution, including Aysa, took Torrie, got into a car and left.
Mysterio Jr. and Guerrero chased after them, leaving
Kidman and Konnan to face the Harlem Heat.
Winner: Chris Benoit via decision

Brian Knobbs w/Hugh Morrus/Jimmy Hart versus Sting *Tournament Match*
After a couple of well placed ball bat shots, Sting nonchalantly
covered Knobbs for the win.
Winner: Sting (Advanced in tournament)

--Bret Hart told Mike Tenay that he wants to prove that he is not a
quitter, and that he would do his best, even if it met suffering
physical consequences.

Harlem Heat (c) versus Kidman/Konnan *Tag Team Championship*
Stevie Ray hit Kidman with a side suplex at the end, however, he left
his shoulders down while Kidman bridged up. Hence, the referee counted
the shoulders of Ray down, giving the Filthy Animals the tag team
Winners: The Filthy Animals (New Tag Team Championship)

--Goldberg said that he respected Bret Hart and knew that Bret was not
at 100 percent, which makes the Hitman more dangerous.

Diamond Dallas Page versus David Flair *Tournament Match*
Page took this match by DQ when young Flair began the match by
repeatedly hitting Page with a crow bar.
EMT's had to take DDP out on a
Winner: Diamond Dallas Page via disqualification

--In a mock match, three scanitly clad women "wrestled" the Outsiders
in their return match. The fun and humor ended when Goldberg hit the
ring and speared both men.

Goldberg versus Bret Hart *Tournament Match/U.S. Title Match*
While Bret was on the floor, Sid and the Outsiders attacked Goldberg
(Bret was dazed on the outside of the ring, and he did not see the
interference). Bret then rolled in the ring and covered Goldberg, not
only to advance in the tournament, but to take the
U.S. title.
Winner: Bret Hart (New U.S. Champion/Advanced in tournament)
Most of you have heard of Dave Meltzer & The Wrestling Observer, though
many of you have not been exposed to The Observer (you don't know what
your missing). Meltzer is also doing a free daily internet radio show,
which can be found at:

The two hour show can be heard live from
6:00 PM-8:00 PM on the East
Coast, and
3:00 PM-5:00 PM on the West Coast. Meltzer & co-host Bryan
Alvarez discuss all of the breaking news stories of the day, and have
had quite a variety of featured guests (highlights include Chris
Benoit, Vince Russo, Terry Funk , & Jim Cornette).

The previous days show is available to listen to at any time; those of
you who really have a deep interest in the inner-workings of wrestling
really do need to check this out! Meltzer is generally considered the
top wrestling journalist in the history of the business (not an
exaggeration, and almost without argument), and you will benefit by
being exposed to his knowledge of the business.
Written by reader: TWOD

There was a time when my friends and I would look forward to
Monday nights - it seemed to be a co-ed party for RAW to
de-stress and de-tox from the 9-5 life and discuss something as
seemingly inane and inconsequential as the athletic abilities of the
Rock vs.Austin or Taker vs. Kane.

We would argue over who was shooting or declare angst over a real or
imagined injury. The guys would go off on, while watching Sable and
Sunny as to whether they preferred real ... or real big. The gals
would cringe at the sight of Wight and discuss if the Taker was the
ultimate bad boy biker "Fabio" for the "more
meat, less fluff" generation of adult female fans.

Then there were the heated debates on the storylines - the good, the
bad, the ridiculous - and where they were all going to end up.

In the past two weeks, the group has dwindled from its high
attendance rates of over 15, to its low of four last night. Why? Well,
we buy the same beer, coke, pizza and munchies, so it is not the menu.
We had seen a decrease in women since the Undertaker has gone MIA but
with school starting and Halloween around the corner, no one was

Now the guys are less interested, citing anything from "I wanna check
out WCW this week" (they have always taped it at home - poor excuse) to
"gotta clean up my car (at
9 pm at night in the dark, here on the East

Why is it that I, myself, a fan (for over 15 years - though in
the closet in the beginning) decided to check out eBay during the show?
I am sick of the stupid, ignorant storylines. Is the head writer going
through a divorce or dealing with infidelity in his relationship? This
abuse of women gets worse every week.

Case in point last night was the"winner take ho match". Godfather,
Viscera and Mideon (sports entertainers we enjoy) are relegated to this
misogyny match, bringing in Mark Henry (always a disappointment) and
then we have Viscera bouncing on the girls in a way that suggests not
naughty thoughts, but nauscious reactions.

I read my favorite newletter, hoping to find that either I had
mistakenly ingested halucinogens last night and it was all a dream, but
the review proved my wishes wrong.

Secondly, I peruse the well-written LONGTIME FAN GIVES UP
WRESTLING by reader Eric (Hogefan). His quotes ring out the
truth so hard, that the
Liberty bell is ready to crack again.

"I'm quitting wrestling until Russo and
Ferrara get fired."
"There no longer is wrestling on TV ... T&A is much more important than
wrestling matches."

"...its insulting to the intelligence of wrestling fans
Besides...breasts are coming up! WOO
HOO!!!! And after all, you can't
have a wrestling match without gratuitous breast shots. Hey, maybe on
the next PPV, Nash will pee on somebody.
I couldn't care less anymore. Wrestling angles completely fail to
make sense ... Good wrestling will no longer be rewarded, as its
taken a back seat to mic abilities and sense of humor. The stupid,
immature and inconsistent stories and the lack of wrestling isn't why I
started watching the sport in the first place.

Reader DXDGNR8CHK, complains that WCW is getting too much like
the WWF. Though this reader and I come from opposite ends of the
spectrum, I would have to agree, saying "yep, it is, and both really
are missing something."

An adult female fan recently posted on one of the wrestling
boards that the Undertaker better come back soon, because the writers
have been into abusing females since he has been absent. Though I do
not agree, I see her point. The "sacrifice" of Ryan Shamrock and
"abduction" of Stephanie were certainly no acts of canonization, but
they were dramatic and fun and at least showed creativity.

There is nothing creative about having a bunch of big men slap around a
bunch of loose women and treat them as property, or worse, as dirt
under their feet.

I have said it before in this newsletter and in other places, these
writers need sensitivity training, and should be forced to volunteer
for 24 hours at a hospice center and a battered women's shelter. Then
force them, Clockwork Orange style, to watch the last 30 years of
wrestling on tape.

Bottom line: it is time to call in the ghost writers or give up
the ghost!
Written by reader: Jayme Summers (sting_lex)

Granted, Russo and Ferrera have turned WCW upside down in the last
couple of weeks. Funny, but what happened to all those people who were
bored with Nitro 3 weeks ago. Tell you what, I'd much rather see a
Benoit/Hart 30 minute match EVERY week than a 20-30 minute interview on
RAW that only sets up the same 3-4 moves every week.

Granted, Russso and
Ferrara have borrowed certain "elements" from what
THEY made successful, but as the old adage goes, if it ain't broke
don't fix it. Anyway, you people, who all of a sudden are watching WCW
just to make comparisons (ooh, Kimberly's not dancing, she's the next
Sable) or (Kidman has his own
camcorder, its like G-TV), turn back to RAW.

Stop acting as if the WWF is SO original! Kimberly was a valet
getting mad heat WAY before Sable even thought of stepping foot in the
ring. The Camcorder was used to push an angle, NOT the envelope! ECW
was doing the T&A bit, as well as pushing the envelope back when the
WWF actually stood for World WRESTLING Federation. Maybe they should
call it the World
Sports Enter. Fed b/c quite honestly, the wrestling sucks.

Paul E. pushes the envelope, but he has wrestlers who can actually BACK
UP their talk with GREAT in-ring action. I dare you to show me ANY MAN
in the WWF who is better than ECW's Nova! And as long as Russo is
booking over guys like Jim Cornette (someone who appreciates WRESTLING
talent), I'm not a fan anymore.
Written by reader: JP0379

So....Eric is gone. Thank God. Now we have new blood in the WCW.
What's that? Hogan is being phased out? Break out the champagne. Now,
lets sit down and watch the "new" Nitro.

Breasts. Skimpy outfits. Strippers. Wait, I must have accidentally
switched to RAW. Nope, unfortunately, this IS Nitro.

When I first heard about Russo and
Ferrara joining Nitro, I was
happy. Not as happy when I heard Eric Hogan...I mean, Eric Bishoff was
being asked to take a hike, but close. THEN, I hear Hogan is gone.
Even when I heard Flair was not going to be wrestling as much I was
okay, even though I think he still generates heat amongst fans all over
the country. I figured, okay,
sometimes things have to happen in order to get to the next stage.

That gives the Benoits, Goldbergs, Malenko's, ect. the chance to
showcase their talent, which is going to be the future of WCW.

Then reality set in. First, Flair is forced to have a "career-ending
injury" at the hands of DDP?!?!? At least give Flair the respect he
deserves. Let him walk that aisle on Nitro and retire with style. Let
him say that since there is new leadership in WCW, he has been offered
a front-office job to assist in building WCW back to where it once was,
on top. But no. A mid-card talent like DDP is given the job of ending
Flairs career. Gee....almost as disrespectful as what they did to Bret
Hart, isn't it? What a coincidence.

Then, I watch Nitro. Breasts galore. Torrie, who was sexy last
week, is now dressed like a slut. Nash and Hall vs. three strippers.
I'm sure that Nash and Hall enjoyed it, but they don't buy the tickets.
I also hear that Russo and the gang are going to make Nitro a TV14
show, which will allow more "adult" content. Yeah, lets put in more
broads instead of WRESTLING on a WRESTLING show. Too bad RAW and now
Nitro are catering to those that can't get a date and are forced to
pleasure themselves while Torrie or Terri Runnels are on the screen.

I guess Monday Night Football just gained back yet another fan. I'll
flip back every now and then to see if Goldberg is on. I hear next
week he is wrestling....oh hell, by next week, there won't BE any
wrestling, just a pole in the middle of the ring for the "ladies" of
wrestling to grind on.
New Dimension Wrestling will be debuting in
Ferrum, VA at Ferrum
College (Swartz Gymnasium) for a huge fund-raising professional
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Ferrum College is located off of Route 220 (North or South)
just south of
Roanoke, VA.

In the main event, The World's Most Famous Wrestling Clown Doink The
Clown headlines a big show as he will go one on one against A Mystery

Plus you will see, The California Kid, "Loose Cannon" Mike Gunner,
Playboy Bobby Starr, Toad, Bam Bam Roger Hamm, Chilly Willy, Scotty
Blaze, Psycho Rick Kelly, Beef, Scar Stevens, Ruckus, 7 all-star
matches in all.

Tickets are available at the Ferrum College Student Activities
Department. All proceeds benefit the Ferrum College Student Activities
Department. Call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at 336-882-4921,
540-365-4442, or on the web at for more
information. Be There!
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