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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 369

Date:  Tuesday October 26th, 1999  6:34 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
RAW Nitro
1st Hour n/a 3.9
2nd Hour 5.5 3.3
3rd Hour 5.6 3.2
Composite 5.6 3.5

WWF Live Wire (10/23) 1.5
WCW Saturday Night (10/23) 1.5
WWF Superstars (10/24) 1.8
WWF Heat (10/24) 3.5

Reported by Zach Arnold at:
New Japan is attempting to book Bill Goldberg for their 1/4/2000 show
at the Tokyo Egg Dome. New Japan/WCW relations have been rocky for
some time, with WCW’s refusal to loan New Japan top talent the main

Masahiro Chono is the mentioned opponent for Goldberg if the deal is
completed; as of now, Chono is booked to face longtime ally/enemy Keiji
Mutoh (the sometimes Great Muta).

Most of you have heard of Dave Meltzer & The Wrestling Observer, though
many of you have not been exposed to The Observer (you don’t know what
your missing). Meltzer is also doing a free daily internet radio show,
which can be found at:

The two hour show can be heard live from
6:00 PM-8:00 PM on the East
Coast, and
3:00 PM-5:00 PM on the West Coast. Meltzer & co-host Bryan
Alvarez discuss all of the breaking news stories of the day, and have
had quite a variety of featured guests (highlights include Chris
Benoit, Vince Russo, Terry Funk , & Jim Cornette).

The previous days show is available to listen to at any time; those of
you who really have a deep interest in the inner-workings of wrestling
really do need to check this out! Meltzer is generally considered the
top wrestling journalist in the history of the business (not an
exaggeration, and almost without argument), and you will benefit by
being exposed to his knowledge of the business.

Visit My Home Page At:

After last weeks article about NITRO, I received several passionate
responses from die hard WCW fans saying I didn't give NITRO a fair
shake. I never expected that Ted, The Most Holy, would allow what we
saw last night on NITRO. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was quite
humorous and a lot of it was enjoyable to watch, I just never thought
we would ever see what we did. It certainly was 100% better then the
crap they have been feeding us for so long.

What did we see? For starters we saw more T&A then you have ever seen
on any WWF program. The "Match" between The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and
Scott Hall) and the three young things should have ended for once and
for all any idea that Turner provides "Family Entertainment." Scott
Hall's head and face have
never been buried deeper between a pair of Puppies then they were last
night. If he put some shaving cream on his face, he could have gotten a
very close shave.

Add that to the Top and Bottom wiggle the "lady" gave both of
them and you would have sworn you were at a Gentleman's Club. Then
there was the one who has a backache 24 hours a day, carrying her
"Watermelons" around. A heck of a wrestling match. One that all the
holier than thou "Purists" can be proud of.

Next, there was the match between Madusa, who is above Evening Gown
Matches, meeting Meng. If you missed it, you missed the best moon this
side of ECW. There was Miss Above-It-All up on Meng's shoulder, with
his hand between her legs, firmly planted on her behind, as she kept
trying to reposition
it. Her mother must be real proud of her. It will take six months to
wipe the smile off of Meng's face.

It sure looks like WCW is quickly becoming Russo's version of RAW.
There was more "Sports Entertainment" last night then wrestling. Just
look at what two die hard WCW fans are saying:

"I'm quitting wrestling until Russo and
Ferrara get fired. There no
longer is wrestling on TV. So The Outsiders are shown in a match with
breasts, because in wrestling, T&A is much more important than
wrestling matches ...So you guys can have this crap, I'm finished with

"NITRO has only been on for about half an hour, and ugh, ... its
waaaay to similar to the WWF."

He goes on to cite the similarities between Madusa fighting a man as
Chyna did, and comparing what Kidman did to what DX has done.

The backstage vignettes, the pacing, etc., were all reminiscent of
the WWF. What Russo is missing is the unique mic skills of
Austin, The
Rock, Foley, Triple H, etc. WCW has a few good mic people, but few that are
in a league with the WWF. That's what it will take to sell Sports
Entertainment, good mic work. Having you or I deliver Jerry Seinfeld's
lines wouldn't quite do the job. This is a talent that will take some
time to develop. What Russo might be well served to remember is that
McMahon may have taught him
(Russo) everything he knows, but he didn't teach him everything he
(McMahon) knows.

Now for the "Purists," those the live and die by technical skills in
wrestling. Where will they go now that WCW appears to be carbon copying
the WWF? ECW? There are some great technicians there, but Hardcore is
the thing, so that rules ECW out. They are going to have to find an
Indy that caters to their tastes.

I can hardly wait to see what a certain pompous Newsletter Editor, a
self appointed "Guardian Of The Faith," has to say about what has
happened on NITRO. He has spent the last year or so tearing up Vince
McMahon and the WWF for their programming. He also spent a great deal
of his time writing scripts he submitted for NITRO and WCW PPV's,
hoping to have them used, and
looking for employment as a Booker. Now that WCW has become a RAW
spin-off, whatever will he do with his time.

The question now is what will Uncle Ted have to say about what took
place last night. Will he allow Russo and Company the leeway they need
to compete with the WWF, or will he put the kibosh on the T&A
Free-for-all we saw last night? Will he choose ratings over his
morality? Will it be money or principles that decide?

This morning I heard a new report that said if the (his) Braves can't
extend the World Series beyond five games, they will lose
money. Will that be factor in the decision? Amazing what strange
bedfellows there are in Turnerland. Now if only we could be rid of Fat
Tony, have Booby unleashed, and see Dirtbag dumped someplace, any place
Written by reader: joe.cassidy

I just want to give my opinion on article entitled "COMEMNTS ON THE WWF
TEAM" written by reader TWOD in WBS#368. She, and so
many others as of late, have been whining about the "abuse of women" in
today, and in the WWF in particular.

One statement by TWOD in particular REALLY stood out to me...
"I have said it before in this newsletter and in other places, these
writers need sensitivity training, and should be forced to volunteer
for 24 hours at a hospice center and a battered women's shelter."

Honestly now... Isn't that a SLIGHT exaggeration? You speak as if
wrestling is supposed to be 100% realistic. Well, that's wrong I'm
afraid; Wrestling is, and always has been, an "escape from reality"...
Just a soap-opera in the form of "sport", and I enjoy it very much.

People whine that it has gotten
TOO much like a soap-opera, and that
they want MORE "actual wrestling". Well, if its "real" wrestling
you're after, then there are MANY places in which you can see
"Olympic-Style" wrestling; Wrestling with all of the
FUN stripped out
of it. "
REAL" wrestling, as some would call it.

The angles and gimmicks of the WWF, WCW and such are simply what make
it fun. If you argue that they should study "ACTUAL" battered women and
learn a lesson, then
ALL Professional American Wrestlers should study
REAL" street
Fights and actually fight each-other! The WWF and WCW are, for the most
part, just over-blown TV SHOWS these days, and that is what has made
wrestling so big as of late.

If the fact that the only thing they care about are RATINGS isn't
enough to show you that, then you need to learn to "read between the
lines" a little more. Now is my opinion controversial? Yes. And that's
the way I like it, as do many people, and CONTROVERSY is what is
earning wrestling promotions the world over so much cash!
Steve Appy responds:
I’m going to defend TWOD’s argument here (not that she couldn’t do a
very able job of that herself). She’s not claiming that storylines are
bad, or that “real wrestling” is what she wants to see.

I think that she wants to see INTELLIGENT storylines, credible
characters that make sense to the viewers. Almost all of us (even the
true purist) have characters that we enjoy. Many of you would consider
me a “purist”, although I’ve cheered Ric Flair through some of the
silliest scenarios a legend ever found himself in. TWOD enjoys the
Undertaker; it is possible to present compelling television without
insulting the intelligence (or sensibilities) of the viewers.

Very few of you would ever advocate an end to the storylines & colorful
characters; at the same time, it’s not unreasonable to not enjoy some
of the more outlandish material presented.

The fact that somebody doesn’t enjoy women-beating angles doesn’t mean
that they long for collegiate/Olympic wrestling; there’s no reason to
draw a line in the sand and decide that opposing views don’t have a
place in the debate. Wrestling is undergoing radical changes, and
there are very real questions that need to be addressed along the way.
Well Well Well...The Big Schwag and The Equalizer Ric Drasin, The AWF
heavyweight champ did a CorpOrate takeover today of KISS FM 102.7 In
Burbank California This Fine Tuesday. The Schwag and The Equalizer ran
the Music station for well over an hour, answering calls, playing
whatever music they wanted, and issued a challenge to Radio Personality
Ric Dee's of Kiss Fm to a wrestling match. No response yet but The Big
Schwag says he will take command of the radio station again real soon...

Now The Biggest Manager In Pro Wrestling today thats Me BIG SCHWAG will
be managing The Graffitty Kid This Saturday OCT 30th against none other
then Jimmy SuperFly Snuka.. WOW WOW WOW...Also on the Card .. Honkey
Tonk Man... George The Animal Steele.... The Bushwackers.. And My Favs
The Ballard Brothers... Time 6:30 Angel Hall 43717 N. Division ST. for ticket and directions info. High Dessert Sports
Cards..661 947 8025 or email me Big Schwag at BigSchwag
Written by reader: FatAnUg

Just for trivial knowledge, the stripper on Nitro last night with the
out-of-proportioned breasts is a porno star named Minka. I know this
because my friend Buffalo Jim has her on his indy wrestling shows out
here in Las Vegas under the alias "Satin". For pictures of her, go to or
Written by reader: T316rudy

Ok, let me get this. People are now complaining that Nitro is too
much like Raw. First people were complaining that it wasn't like Raw.
They wanted the young guys to wrestle and the old ones to lose or
leave. As WCW begins to do these things they turn around and say, "Oh
its too much T&A and not enough wrestling."

Personally I have always been a fan of both organizations, I
have liked WCW more for a while and did not understand why people were
being such babies about Hogan and Flair wrestling. They were all being
entertained by an immense SCSA interview in which he refers to everyone
as a jackass and The Rock and his kinky fetish of sticking things up
male asses.

At the same time I was happy watching Hogan, Goldberg, Sting vs. DDP,
R. Steiner, Sid live in my hometown. Wrestling fans started moaning
and groaning about Benoit not having a title (which was inevitable),
and Hogan and Flair being too old.

They got their wish Benoit got a title, but they still wanted more
change. Now WCW has pulled a total 180 on them, and are still running
a better program then the WWF if you ask me, and they have to moan and
groan some more.

What is it a wrestling fan wants, do they want WWF and WCW to share
Steve Austin and The Rock so that both shows can be pointless and full
of 20 minute interview sections where the Rock speaks on Puntang, while
Austin plays Sandman drinking beer or do they want Lex Luger to say his
father has a life threatening disease? Well that’s my opinion and I
could be wrong, but I
just wanted to air my frustrations.
Written by reader: Chris Migliaccio (Sting833

-First, to that person who talked about the video camera thing being
the Outlaws schitck, that's not true. The originator happened to be
Syxx in the nWo, although he may have done it again in the WWF. Same
with the crotch chops, which Hall, Nash, and Syxx started before
Michaels and Helmsley made them an art form.

-For all of you out there who think the new DX is a great idea, think
again. They got a face reaction, which means that EVERY main eventer
in the WWF is a face. Rock, Austin, Triple H, and Mankind are the only
credible World Champs, and they're all faces. Same goes for the guys
just below that level, with The Big
Show (talk about an crappy turn. He's a good guy because his father is
dying- now that's brilliant booking... yeah, right) and Kane.

The top three heels in the WWF? The British Bulldog, who's over the
hill and can't speak English, Val Venis, who's not quite there yet, and
Chris Jericho, who could very well end up in the Wrestlemania main
event if they can't find a good heel to face the champ. Yes, there's
the Undertaker, but he's faced Austin and Mankind so many times I feel
like vomiting whenever they come on together and his feud with the Rock
blew. Getting Jericho appears to be looming larger and larger for the

-WCW has some problems, too, I might add. After reading about
Halloween Havoc, I came up with a new slogan for them- "Booking so bad,
we make Ole Anderson look like Vince McMahon".

Nitro was an improvement, but until they figure out a few things (like
the fact that the Animals can't be good heels if they're feuding with
one of the best heels in the business today, Shane
Douglas), they'll still be no more than mediocre.

its times like this I'm glad I've been able to watch ECW for over
two years now. I knew that those first TNN shows didn't show how great
they really were, and stuck with them. Now they're hitting their
stride, and everything is pointing toward a killer N2R. For all of you
out there who haven't checked out ECW yet, I urge you to do so and see
why the best wrestling product in the US isn't on Monday nights.
-Chris Migliaccio
Written by reader: RDuvall365

Great, now I’m embarrassed to sit and watch Nitro with my dad.
Written by reader: Lisa McCaffrey (LMccaf1060)

I watched as much as I could, but after the "The Last Man Standing"
match I had to turn it off. That was the best match. I feel like the
management is pushing Chris out all alone. Who will be on his side,
maybe Brett Hart, but he has enough on his plate. I would like to see
someone like Benoit, stand up and maybe make a good story line, instead
of Kimberly going after the Flairs, maybe have her get involved with
Benoit, (like a few years ago, with “Woman” Nancy Sullivan). At least
with that story, it
was good.
-Lisa McCaffrey
Written by reader: KuliKid7

I just read 3 or 4 comments from people writing that Nitro is turning
more like RAW instead of a good old-fashioned Nitro. What people don't
understand is that sex sells. I think the more T&A the better, it keeps
me tuned in each week.

People are also complaining about how there is less wrestling on
these shows now. I think this is mainly because people don't want to
see 30 minutes matches anymore. People have smaller and smaller
attention spans because there is so much other stuff on television. I
will admit that I watched most of the classic Benoit-Hart fight on
Nitro a couple weeks back, but I didn't watch all of it because I
wanted to flip and see if WWF had the Rock doing an
interview or some women flaunting her puppies.

That is what I tune into see most of all. No matter who is wrestling, a
match can drag on. Of course the matches are good but nothing can beat
the Rock giving a 20 minute interview or Terri coming out in a low cut
dress. That stuff is what gets the
ratings not a 45 minute match involving anyone.

If you recall when Mankind and the Rock did the skit for "This Is Your
Life" one quarter hour drew an 8.1 Nielson rating. That's because
everyone wants to see the Rock talk for 20 minutes and not many people
wants to see Mysterio vs. Kidman in a 30 minute
New Dimension Wrestling will be debuting in Ferrum, VA at Ferrum
College (Swartz Gymnasium) for a huge fund-raising professional
wrestling show this Saturday night, October the 30th, 8:00p.m.
belltime. Ferrum College is located off of Route 220 (North or South)
just south of Roanoke, VA.

In the main event, The World's Most Famous Wrestling Clown Doink The
Clown headlines a big show as he will go one on one against A Mystery

Plus you will see, The California Kid, "Loose Cannon" Mike Gunner,
Playboy Bobby Starr, Toad, Bam Bam Roger Hamm, Chilly Willy, Scotty
Blaze, Psycho Rick Kelly, Beef, Scar Stevens, Ruckus, 7 all-star
matches in all.

Tickets are available at the Ferrum College Student Activities
Department. All proceeds benefit the Ferrum College Student Activities
Department. Call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at 336-882-4921,
540-365-4442, or on the web at for more
information. Be There!
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