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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 375

Date:  Saturday October 30th, 1999  1:00 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Zach Arnold at:
Japan Pro Wrestling has officially announced that Bill Goldberg
will be working the
1/4/1999 Tokyo Egg Dome show. New Japan announced
that they will announce their booking intentions for Goldberg November
10th; several matches are under discussion, with the two most frequent
suggestions involving Goldberg vs. Chono or Goldberg & Mutoh vs. Chono
& Rick Steiner.

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
WWF Smackdown: 4.8
WCW Thunder: 2.3

Reported by Zach Arnold at:
Vader defeated Mitsuharu Misawa in 12:12 to win The Triple Crown (All
Japan’s version of the World Heavyweight Championship) in Budokan Hall
following a Powerbomb.

10/29/1999 ROSS REPORT
Reported at:
Ross revealed that the WWF has no more TV commercial time to sell
during the 4th quarter of 1999; Ross claimed that “One of the
best-known action/adventure stars in the entire world may show up on
SmackDown! very soon” (I have no idea who this is); Taz vignettes will
start soon after the Survivor Series and he will debut in January; Bob
Holly has signed a long-term contract and Steve Blackman is on the
verge of doing so; Ross claims that “Lots of unemployed talent are
looking for work. Some soon-to-be-former big stars are reportedly
shopping themselves for ridiculous sums.” Randy Savage is the one man
who comes to mind. Ross predicts that The Undertaker will return in
November or early January; Kurt Angle will be making his TV debut over
the next few weeks; Ross claims that “Internet reports that the Road
Dogg is presently unhappy with WWF management are false. Previous
problems have been resolved even though the old story has more sizzle
and seems to be more newsworthy.”

Most of you have heard of Dave Meltzer & The Wrestling Observer, though
many of you have not been exposed to The Observer (you don’t know what
your missing). Meltzer is also doing a free daily internet radio show,
which can be found at:

The two hour show can be heard live from
6:00 PM-8:00 PM on the East
Coast, and
3:00 PM-5:00 PM on the West Coast. Meltzer & co-host Bryan
Alvarez discuss all of the breaking news stories of the day, and have
had quite a variety of featured guests (highlights include Chris
Benoit, Vince Russo, Terry Funk , & Jim Cornette).

The previous days show is available to listen to at any time; those of
you who really have a deep interest in the inner-workings of wrestling
really do need to check this out! Meltzer is generally considered the
top wrestling journalist in the history of the business (not an
exaggeration, and almost without argument), and you will benefit by
being exposed to his knowledge of the business.
Reader Response to Straight Shooting
By Fritz Capp (afcpwbts)

I first want to thank everyone who wrote me on the latest Straight
Shooting column so far. The mail count has been enormous and the column
hasn't even been online for 12 hours yet. I want to put some of these
online as everyone who wrote has some additional great points:
Best article I’ve read in a long long time. I hope some more people
feel the way I felt after reading that. I love wrestling in general,
although WWF and ECW fit my fancy a little more, I still like WCW. I
have gotten so sick of everyone bashing everyone else. I also hate how
most reporters bash certain wrestlers for not being good workers. What
the hell do they know. I think to become a professional wrestler in the
big 3 you have to be a damn good wrestler, so put that in your pipe and
smoke it!
Jeff Reen
FC : Very good point...unless you have laced up the boots yourself what
does anyone know about workrate.
Hi Fritz...
I just had to write and tell you that your latest "Straight Shooting"
was excellent. My friends and I have been wrestling fans for over 16
years and we have never had a favorite promotion. We watch
wrestling because we love WRESTLING! Of course we get frustrated when
any of the feds get lazy or silly but that will never make us stop
watching. Basically, I'm just trying to say that your article kicked
@xxxxcxxxcs and I agree that people are way too critical and need to relax and
Thanks for reading...BJay...
Just wanted to say I read your Straight Shooting
10/29/99 edition and I
couldn’t agree with you more. So many people are concerned with
ratings. I could shive a git myself!!! I am personally a WCW fan. WWF
to me is just not my style. I like the newer "edge WCW is taking, but
at the same time not letting it go to the extremes on language.
Although that *BIG* breasted chick on this past Nitro gave me good
wood... :)

I felt the same as you concerning the promotions. No one should try to
copy the other simply for ratings. QUALITY is the issue, not QUANTITY
(ratings). Although I know ratings is the business of TV, for 25 years
I have followed it (since I was 4) from the days of Flair's "7-time
reign" and Gordon Solie on Georgia Championship wrestling on
Superstaion WTCG (before Turner changed it to TBS), to todays wrestling
has been pure
FUN. Fun to watch...period.

I keep an eye on ratings, but not to the point like some of these
reporters who make the biggest damned deal about "RAW winning again" or
"WCW just cant cut it" or "WCW loses (big surprise!) another ratings
decision". Give me something I can USE!!!

I'm sure you and your peers are aware of this, but Wrestling
promotions, mainly WCW, have been taking note that the internet is
powerful. I hear stuff all the time now on Nitro about this and that
which has been talked about on the web.

Last Monday, Nash & Hall were making a stink about making their
gestures at the top of the hour so that the ratings wouldn’t drop. Now
Bagwell is "PO'ed" at the "powers that be" about jobbing...something
which I am sure came about thanks to a few web sites mentioning how he
hates jobbing. And Schiavone really making notes about Russo and
Ferrara running the show, which is a hot topic on many sites including

Sometimes I think you guys influence the shows more than the bookers
do...Its the 90's thing I guess... :)
FC : As far as the net having an influence....I believe you hit the
nail on the head with that one.
I understand your point about "can't we all just be wrestling fans" and
in the process appreciate each federation for what they have to offer.
In your latest editorial you likened these federations to two extremely
talented musicians.

The problem that comes from that illustration is that's it's not very
accurate in terms of what many wrestling fans enjoy watching. I like to
watch TV shows but I don't like all TV shows just because I'm a TV fan.
I like movies but I don't like all movies just because I'm a fan of
movies. I like pro wrestling but I don't like all pro wrestling shows
or organizations, yet I still consider myself a huge fan.

A good wrestling show to me is like a really good movie with super
plot, interesting characters, witty dialog and well thought-out
necessary action. Sprinkle in humor in the right doses at the right
time and you have a major motion picture event.

Shows that only have "good wrestling" are as boring as movies that just
have "good car chases." You said it yourself, there are only so many
interesting ways to put on an actual wrestling match and they are (and
have been) done to death. Personally I'm amazed that people consider
the recent Nitro Hart/Benoit match a classic. I've seen it and
variations of it hundreds of times over the last 30 years.

And maybe that's what it really comes down to. I expect more out of
wrestling now than when I was ten years old. When I first got a
VCR in
the late 70's I taped every "good match" I could find on cable
television. No interviews, no storylines, just matches.
I find most of those old tapes unwatchable now, in much the same way
that I'd find a highlight tape of action movie car chases unwatchable.
The mind goes numb after awhile.

I now tape wrestling shows in their entirety. I can put in a tape of
Raw from 2 or 3 years ago and still enjoy it like an old movie
favorite. I try the same thing with old and recent Nitros and I see a
grade B movie that has some great car chases once in awhile.
And that's my main point. I look at wrestling as a "whole." I can't
appreciate shows that only get some parts right once in awhile. I
expect more out of the TV shows and movies I watch too.

For me Raw is quite frequently "The Hunt for Red October," while Nitro
is merely "Twister." And I've only seen Twister once. I don't have much
free time; I really hate wasting it on something called "wrestling"
just to prove I'm a fan. That is for fanatics, and I hope never to be

Taking your analogy a bit further, Raw is a professional musician while
Nitro is still that 8th grader looking for a band to play in...My guess
is you wouldn't be quite as interested in that eighth grader's first
"concert". In a few years he may become the best in the world... and
that's when I will pay attention.
Take care
FC : I understand your point but I would like to elaborate on the
Hart/Benoit match for one second. I believe that the reason (in my
opinion anyway) that the match is being called a classic is two fold.
One it was about the best match wrestled in WCW for a long time but
more importantly it was the meaning behind the match that made this
match so endearing to the fans. On that night I believe I witnessed
Bret Hart come to terms with his brother's passing. That is something
he had not been able to do up to that point. This match was to honor
Owen, and it did one hundred times over. I now see Bret with a
re-dedication to the ring which is something that he hadn't had for a
few years now. Bret will always miss his brother and wonder why, but on
that night in Kemper Arena Bret got to say good-bye, and he had a
nation full of people there saying good-bye with him.
That was without a doubt the best wrestling article I have read this
year, This is a must read article for anyone who calls themselves a
wrestling fan, Keep giving us the straight shooting no matter who it
pisses off.
FC : Thanks for the letter Mike and I plan to but at the same time I
plan to enjoy this sport a whole lot more then I have I used to!
The following letter was sent to Steve Appy about the SS column.
Steve was gracious enough to forward it to me and I just have to post
it for everyone because it let me know that there are people who feel
exactly the same way I do.
Man, Fritz Capp missed his calling, He should have been a preacher,
Cause all I could do was shout
AMEN! After reading his column, I'm
going to copy it and show it to all my wrestling friends, Cause
everyone who calls themselves a fan oughta read it.
FC : It is time that everyone who is/was like myself to refind that ole
time religion we used to know as pro wrestling and stop seeing all the
bad and start enjoying all the good that is being presented to us each

The WWF, WCW and ECW workers give their best to entertain us. Not
everyone in wrestling has the ability of Bret Hart or Chris Benoit, not
everyone in wrestling has the mic skills of Steve Austin or the Rock
and not everyone in the business can take bumps like Tommy Dreamer or
The Sandman but everyone is unto himself a great worker for getting in
the ring in front of the millions and millions of people watching and
giving their all to perform. We OWE it to them to take them at face
value and not under any preconceived notions of how they SHOULD be.
This is wrestling pure, plain and simple and if we can get together and
show the promoters that is what we want maybe we can collectively
change the promoters view points so they too can get back to wrestling
instead of ratings, something I believe we would all benefit from. In
plain English, it's time we all "Get It"!
Written by reader: legacy

I personally have loved to watch Dean Malenko in the ring since around
1996 as well. In fact he is one of the reasons why I have began to
train for a future in Professional Wrestling. I was being dogged by all
of my friends and fellow trainees in a martial arts school. They kept
telling me that I was too short, and that I could never make it.

I started listening to the stats of certain wrestlers and then Dean
Malenko's stats came across. 5'10" 210 lbs. Those were my exact stats.
Upon further research I found that myself and Dean share the same
birthdate. August 4th. I have always looked up to Dean's technical
prowess and his Iceman status. How they are treating him now will only
increase his occult following.
Legacy <-- Legacy -->
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