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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 377

Date:  Monday November 1st, 1999  10:22 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Al Isaacs at:
Almost before it began, Dustin Runnels new WCW character has
been eliminated. The mysterious black clad figure hovering
outside the window of little boys (with the former Goldust
playing the character it conjured very creepy images) will
never see the light of day.

Allegedly a knockoff of the aliens from the movie 'Dark City',
Runnels initial appearance started a string of false rumors
linking The Undertaker to the new character (especially since
he debuted shortly after UT "quit" the WWF in a televised angle).

Where this leaves Runnels is uncertain; a solid worker with the
right opponent (and in shape), his career is at a crossroads.
His last two years in the WWF saw him put forth some mediocre
performances (not that he was presented as a top star either).

Vince Russo has mentioned that Goldust was one of his favorite
WWF characters, so it's always possible that he will put his
energy into revitalizing Runnels character (Dustin has certainly
showed a willingness to take part in bizarre scenarios). It
does appear unlikely that we will see a return of the big Texan
"Dustin Rhodes", especially with the breakup of The West
Texas Rednecks.

A silly rumor is getting around the internet claiming that The
Undertaker is on the verge of retirement. In fact, two of the
letters published in today's issue address this rumor; trust
me, it's not true.

Although plagued by a sore groin and chronically bad hips, The
Undertaker (Mark Calloway) will not be retiring, and should be
returning to the WWF shortly after The Survivor Series.
Rick's Reaction
By: Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Ladies and gentleman, it is good to be able once again bring you
my random thoughts on what is going on in this crazy world that
we call professional wrestling. I typically jump back and forth
between WWF, WCW, and ECW,but, I have decided that I will
concentrate on one organization at a time.

World Championship Wrestling is what I would like to discuss
this week. Before I even start discussing the happenings in WCW,
I feel I need to address something that is really bothering me.
I have receive e-mail after e-mail of people asking me why I hate
WCW. For the record, I do not and never have hated WCW. If those
of you who pay attention to what I say, I have negative and
POSITIVE things to say about WCW, WWF, and every other promotion
out there. So for those of you who decide to mail myself or any
other person who writes for a sheet or a site and read us the
riot act, remember two things.

First, we do this because we like it, and if you don't, that is
just too damn bad. Secondly, consider reading the entire column
before you start writing immature, infantile, and even sometimes
badly worded emails. For god sakes, I received an e-mail telling
me that "my RITING SKILS WUR REEL BAD". Anyhow, wrestling should
be about fun, not about people fighting over petty and minute

Now that I have sufficiently let my feeling be known, I would like
to discuss what's up in WCW. Halloween Havoc in my opinion was
a decent pay-per-view. The biggest disappointment of the night
was Hulk Hogan laying down for Sting. I am not implying that Sting
could beat Hogan or vice versa (that is a whole different issue),
but what I am saying is that believe it or not, many people were
either in attendance in Vegas or ordered the PPV just for that
match. And what do they get, not a
MAIN EVENT, that's for sure.

Instead, they get Hogan, the stand up guy that he is playing
the crybaby act and not even wrestling because he did not get
his way. Work or no work, it does not make a bit of difference.
If Hogan truly cared about the SPORT and the FANS, he could have
put his personal feelings aside and given the FANS what they
wanted. Did I make it clear that I felt that the FANS got screwed?

On the subject of Sting, I absolutely am loving this new attitude.
Sting has been the stand up guy around WCW for so long, that it
is great to finally see him being selfish and alot more
vicious..............Lex Luger, what a body! It is just a shame
that he still has not reached his potential. I remember years ago
when everyone touted the Package as being the next big superstar.
It did not happen, has not happened, and will not happen. In my
opinion, the reason is because he is more concerned about flexing
those boobie muscles than he is learning some mat moves........
Dallas Page. Two greatest assets, Kimberly......and
the Diamond Cutter........can not think of anything else nice
to say.......and those of you who know about my internship with
WCW Mag know why I say that about DDP. He is a two-faced, sell
out, butt kissing guy. You really think Page will win another
world title without Bischoff there?!?!?! "I DONT THINK SO!!!!!!!

I was really enjoying hearing Goldberg come to the ring with
Megadeth playing in the background. The whole gladiator bit
is beginning to bore me. I am, however, enjoying listening to
him speak more. I just hope he does not become one of those guys
who spends more time talking about what he is going to do than
actually doing it.

On a side note, I have really enjoyed the last few weeks of
not having to watch and listen to the Bore.......I mean the
Cat. He sounds like he borrowed his grammar skills from an eight
year old. Sonny entertainment value whatsoever.
The Filthy Animals just may be the best idea that WCW has had in
a long.....long time. Think about it, you have four of the best
and youngest talents in the world jackin' Ric Flair and his kid
.......that was great. Do not misunderstand me.....always have
been and always will be a Nature Boy fan, but that was classic.

I would have to say that WCW showed more class a few weeks ago
than they did in their entire existence. Bret Hart and Chris
Benoit wrestled a classic in a sportsman-like battle to remember
the fallen Owen Hart in the very arena where Owen tragically
died. WCW handled the situation very well, and for that, I tip
my hat. I was in
Kansas City the night that Hart passed, and I
did not think that either promotion would recover, but they
both proved me wrong.....and I am glad they did. I am reserving
the right to finish this monologue at a later time. It was great
to "talk" to you all again. Please let me know of your thoughts
on my thoughts or any other ideas you may have. I can be
reached at wrestleric
Written by reader: TWOD

Have to compliment Fritz Capp on a really intelligent
commentary regarding music and wrestling. These are
both forms of entertainment, and his analogies are top
rate. I have used similar analogies comparing the older
veterans such as Hulk Hogan to my reaction seeing Rod
Stewart in concert after seeing his in the early 70s. I
sat there and said to friends "he is a parody of himself."
The old Rod was gone and there were more ballads and he
sat a lot throughout the concert.

When I talked to younger (not necessarily chronological age)
fans outside the Dome afterward, they raved about his music
and his ability to keep it going. Fritz is right on target
by saying it is all in the perspective and it is all in
the opinions. Fun to discuss and debate, certainly...but
there is a limit.

This weekend, one of my favorite (not!) rumors has arisen
again ...that of the Undertaker retiring. Yes, it will
happen sometime. We all will go gray and be eligible for
retirement too. Sure, when there is an injury, the topic
is brought up, and that makes sense. What does not make
sense to me are the following reactions (these are also
seen in the music/entertainment biz)

#1 - My life will never be the same! (sure it will - if
you get one!)

#2 - The federation will never be the same (no, but ice
cream all the time would be a poor diet too)

#3 - How can he do this? (Easy, if and when it is his
choice - rest assured these wrestlers - sports entertainers
- are very intelligent and have planned for the future, with
opportunities in or out of the industry)

#4 How can he do this to his fans (In the case of the UT,
I start spitting at this one and would defend other wrestlers,
musicians in the same way- he has given you over a decade of
entertainment, whether you are a fan or a foe, an offering
has been made for you to enjoy. These men and women risk
their bodies, put their personal lives on hold and all ...
just to go for it. Bottom line: the entertainer has already
given to you and you have given in return. Nothing is owed on
either side except maybe a sigh of gratitude and some memories)

#5 How can he/she change federations/gimmicks etc? (These fans
really take this stuff really too personally. In music my
favorite is: I loved this band until they went commercial. Some
fans explain this intelligently, others just babble more radio gaga)

Sex, drugs and rock n roll? Face it, we do love the
titillation, but there is a limit. I will never appreciate
or condone some of the female-male "matches" but loved to
see Chyna against Jarrett. It is a matter of degree and
taste. And yes, Fritz, you are right on again, there is
nothing new in anything really, if you look at the basic
conception of a storyline or scripted match. However, the
art is in the abilities and what they can bring to the bare
bones and give it flesh. You really had me thinking on that one.

As for your comments on ratings, ratings should not be ever
used by fans, again, that is just my opinion. Networks need
the demonic digits to see if a show is working for them, and
the advertisers need it to get a price for their ads and find
out if they are getting the number of impressions (people
watching, listening) for the right number of dollars. Yes, in
the schoolyard, it was fun to be with the most popular team,
but today's wrestling fan is far more sophisticated (who wants
to be seen as number two?). We need those nasty numbers for
the business aspect, but not for personal enjoyment. When we
have to run with the crowd, throw the originality out the door.
It all comes down to "mine is bigger than yours is." As we
mature, the resolution is "are you doing all you can with
what you got?"
By Cindy Barnes (wrestlebabe316@xxxxs...)

Hello Everyone!! Yes, Wrestlebabe is back. Before I get
down to business, I have an announcement to make. Due to the
tremendous increase in my work schedule, (I'm working 60+
hours a week now) I have no choice but to discontinue doing
weekly columns. I will however, be doing editorials
periodically, so keep an eye out! The quality of my columns
has suffered almost as much as the quantity, which lead me
to this decision. To all the friends I've made writing this
column - I LOVE You
ALL a BUNCH! Keep in Touch!! E-mail
replies won't be quick, but they will be answered!

Now down to business:
The Most Desirable Wrestler voting is over. The results of
this poll will be posted on the SPAM Newsletter Awards Issue.
The SCOOPS website should have subscriber instructions for
you to subscribe if you don't already.

The Heel of the Millenium poll is still going strong. I will
announce the winner in a year end column sometime in December.

My personal choice for most desirable wrestler is looking
BETTER than ever!! Brian "Crush"
Adams was on the 10/14
Thunder show against Horace Hogan. Clean shaven, hair
darkened and 40 lbs lighter!! I didn't recognize him until
he stood up and the camera zoomed in for a closer shot.
DAMN, The man looked AWESOME!! He looks like he's in the best
shape of his career!! Rumors are flying again about WCW cutting
him. If that's the case, Vince should snatch him up and throw him
in the soup. Brian has talent and potential, he just needs to
find his nitch. If anyone happened to get a picture of Brian's
new look, PLEASE e-mail me!!

Droz is having feeling in his feet!! This is EXCELLENT NEWS!!
Keep praying that Droz has a complete recovery.

Gorilla Monsoon is gone at 62!! He was one of the best
"HEEL" wrestlers of his time! He was tag champion with Killer
Kowalski. He was 1/2 of the best announce teams ever formed
in wrestling with Jesse "The Body"
Ventura. He was also a
no-nonsense WWF President. Everything Gorilla did, he did with
honesty and integrity. These traits are hard to find in this
day and age. Though he never won the WWF Championship, he laid
some well placed @$$ whoopings on then champion Bruno Sammartino.
As the WWF President, he survived a butt kicking from a irate
Vader. Everything you did, you gave 110% Rest in Peace Gorilla,
you will be missed!!

GOOD NEWS - DX is BACK TOGETHER!! I'm SO Excited!! Their
reunion is a prayer answered!! (Now, God - How about the LOTTO!!).
SCSA isn't happy, then again, he looks like he's having fun!

So, Russo and
Ferrara have gone to WCW? I worked so I didn't get
to see Halloween Havoc. From the looks of the 5+ reports I read,
it was just Havoc! Hogan laid down for Sting? Ric Flair was
"retired" in an unfitting way by the Filthy Animals? Right now
I'm taking a wait and see attitude. If they are smart, they will
put Ric Flair in as an announcer!! One thing is for sure, last
week that Hall and Nash segment with the girl that had boobs
bigger than my rear end was totally ridiculous and juvenile!!
Two of the best draws in WCW are being portrayed as total
@$$holes!! That's not my idea of the "wholesome" entertainment
that WCW claims to provide. Well, I'm still gonna take a wait
and see, it hasn't been long enough.

I have to say, MY TWINS as bodyguards for the Powers that Be is
OK with me!! I LOVED seeing the pictures of them in suits!!
(THANK YOU CHANTAL!!) They looked FANTASTIC!! They're definitely
sexier in jeans and leather!!

Final Thoughts:
Big Show/Bossman angle BITES THE BIG
ONE!! The Bossman has the
sense of humor of a wet dish rag!! Show hasn't found his nitch
yet, he will when The Undertaker comes back. if he does at all.

I hope No Mercy comes out on video soon!! I didn't get to see it!!
(Working AGAIN) I really want to see the entire ladder match!!
Two standing ovations? I NEVER heard that happening in all the
years I've watch wrestling!!

Mick's book is out!! I can't wait to get my copy!! He did an
excellent interview with Howard Stern. It was refreshing to
listen to 2 totally honest human beings in the same room.
Hopefully the interview will be on the Saturday night show soon.

Please!! Moolah and Mae Young, RETIRE, before you break a hip
or have a heart attack!!

What's Val Venis trying to do? He actually thinks he's in the
same league with Mankind, The Rock, SCSA or Triple H? PLEASE!!
Val hasn't been in any WARS or earned a single stripe! He's got
a long way to go!! Especially going the route of a crotch
grabbing pervert!!

What are they doing to Chris Benoit? Did they take your mind
and hide it or did you lose it? Loners in WCW get lost in
the shuffle. Want a change in partners? Get in touch with Kanyon!!

Kanyon - Hope you weren't swept away in the clean-up!

MISS YOU BUBBY/Taker. Heal and come back soon!!

Bye for now!
Written by reader: William (madspector)

Bill Busch, Ed Ferrera and Vince Russo can all kiss my ass...

Here is a message for those true non-bandwagon WCW viewers...
the ones who comprise the 3 million people who chose Nitro
instead of Raw bofore Russo and his clowns invaded....your
message is this:

You've been screwed,

For being dedicated and loyal watchers of Nitro you've been
rewarded. Yep, you've been given the opportunity to watch
your wrestling company deteriorate into another circus.
You've been had. For sticking it out with WCW you have had
the privilege being grand witness to Bill "I have no damn
business whatsoever near a wrestling company" Busch basically
turn the fed into the exact same thing you probably turned
the channel from in the first place.

By bringing in Russo and Ferrara, Bill Busch is telling you
"I don't give a rats ass if three million people like this
brand of wrestling...I need to make a name for myself...I need
to justify my position in the company I had nothing to do with
building" he went for a quick fixer upper. You've been
hoodwinked. Bill Busch has taken WCW away from its fans and
handed it to the short attention non-fans of the WWF.

You've been sold out. The three stooges Bill, Vince and Ed don't
care about what you, the ones who help carry the company through
thick and through thin. They are more concerned with what WWF
marks want...where does this leave you?...without anything to
watch. You've been suckered.

For hanging in there during a trying year for WCW you get to see
the Outsiders, one of the most dominant tag teams in recent memory,
wrestle strippers and porn stars...for no real reason. You who were
smart enough to see wrestling for what it really was, and art form
that mimics sport in spectacular fashion, will now be cast aside
while the "idiots that be" kiss the inconsistent asses of the
casual wrestling fans who cant even spell wrestling, let alone
appreciate it.

You've been replaced. Bill, Ed, and Vince have decided that
you are expendable, that if they are going to stupify the fan
base of WCW they definitely don't want any of its previous fans
around, or anyone else who can think for themselves.

The trend has begun, the "Stooges that be" are taking everything
you like about WCW and wiping their @$$es with it. What happens
next is up to you...if you care. Better move quick though. The
aroma of "sports entertainment" is right around the corner...and
from where I'm stinks.
ISPW will be in Selinsgrove, PA at Selinsgrove Area High School
this Saturday night, November 6th, at 8 P.M. The main event will
be the ISPW Champion, "Mr. Main Event" ACE DARLING defending the
title against former WWF Tag Team Champion, MARTY JANNETTY!


ISPW Commissioner, THE IRON SHEIK will be there to address
all of the wrestlers in the ISPW! Former WCW Manager
CHASTITY will be there to meet and greet the fans and will
be a part of a special interview segment.

In other matches: "The Psycho" Derek Domino takes on Jak Molson,
J.R. Ryder battles Crazy Ivan, and Flash Wheeler takes on "Sure
Thing" Ryan Wing

For more info visit the ISPW website at:
or E-mail ISPW at: ispw2
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