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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 378

Date:  Monday November 1st, 1999  9:02 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Meltzer at:
Jim Niedhart, the brother-in-law of Owen Hart, has been hired by the
World Wrestling Federation.

His role is unclear, though the motivations behind it are clear (trying
to score points as the wrongful death lawsuit heats up). A once
mediocre worker who hasn’t gotten better with age, Niedhart made an
impact at the Heroes of Wrestling PPV as perhaps the second least
professional competitor on the event.

The WWF is considering not using Niedhart in the ring and instead using
him as a trainer in one of the development territories (does anybody
get the irony in that one!). I would expect an appearance on
television one way or the other, if only for a one-shot deal.
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Bret Hart entered the dressing room of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and
told the two to stay out of his business. He also said that he did not
need their help winning matches.

In the ring, Hart said that Goldberg is the
U.S. champion. Sid Vicious
hit the ring and told Bret that he would have proof later that Goldberg
said "I Quit" at Halloween Havoc. After a war of words, Sid
clotheslined Hart and was about to powerbomb him when the Outsiders hit
the ring. Nash handed Sid the belt as he and Hall teased Hart.

Saturn arrived at the arena with Torrie on the back of his motorcycle.
She tried to run, but Aysa stopped her.

Berlyn w/Bodyguard versus Vampiro
Despite interference from the bodyguard, the music group The Misfits
provided even more interference, allowing the vampire man to advance in
the tournament.
Winner: Vampiro via pinfall (Advanced in Tournament)

--In the back, Kevin Nash told Scott Hall that he could be his
promoter. Over the next few segments, Nash was shown having makeup on
put on his face.

--After locking Torrie in a cage the Revolution hit the ring. Saturn
challenged Eddie Guerreroto a "key on a pole match", with the key being
to the cage that was housing Torrie. Dean Malenko then told Chris
Benoit that he was soft and that he would cripple him. The Crippler
then took the ramp and told the Iceman that the cage hanging above the
ring was for their tournament match later in the evening.

--The Filthy Animals arrived at the arena discussing how their tires
had been slashed again. A security guard at the door was beat to the
ground when he asked the Animals for their passes.

--Kimberly told Mike Tenay that DDP had a chipped collar bone and
cracked ribs and sternum. She then told the Nitro girls that she was
leaving the group. When the girls tried to come together, A.C. Jazz
walked away angrily when Spice took a leadership role. Later, while
performing a routine, A.C. pushed Spice, which started a fight that
continued when the Nitro girls went to the back.

Lash Leroux versus The Cat
The youngster forced the Cat to tap out to a leg submission hold.
Winner: Lash Leroux (Advanced in tournament)

--The "Kid"-
Cam captured The Total Package and Liz discussing how they
were going to handle their upcoming matches in the title tournament.

--A special look was taken at Scott Steiner. A pre-taped interview with
Big Poppa Pump by Larry Zybysko was then aired. Steiner said that he
had three ruptured discs and is in alot of pain. He said shoulder
surgery aggravated the back injury and although he prays that he can
get back in the ring, he is heeding the advice of doctors.

--Buff told Mike Tenay that he was getting tired of getting burned and
that he would keep knocking opponents down.

Buff Bagwell versus Stevie Ray
Ray came out with a strap informing Buff that the "powers that be"
ordered a strap match. An infuriated Bagwell took the match by DQ when
the two bald headed goons tried to attack.
Winner: Buff Bagwell via disqualification

--Jeff Jarrett told Mike Tenay that he had stroke and that if the Total
Package did not publicly apologize to him for the accusations of taking
Liz out, that Luger would be on the unemployment line.

--Kevin Nash came to the ring in character as Vince McMahon. Dressed
like him and using McMahon's catch phrases, he introduced Scott Hall,
who said that the powers that be told him that if he screwed up one
more time that he was out of WCW. Hall then said that he did not want
to burn bridges with anyone up North. Hall and Nash then told the "boys
New York" that they had their ATTI TUDE "right here."

--The Total Package told Meng that Jeff Jarrett had been saying bad
things about him and handing bananas out to the boys in the back.

--Curt Hennig told Mike Tenay that he will retire when he is ready and
will win the world title tournament.

Disco Inferno versus Curt Hennig
Larry "The Axe" Hennig took a few shots at Disco when the action went
to the outside. In the end, Hennig won by countout when Disco left the
ring with a gentleman who was telling Disco that he wanted his money.
Winner: Curt Hennig via countout (Advanced in Tournament)

--The Filthy Animals told Mike Tenay that they would get Torrie back
tonight and that they would defend the tag titles against anyone.

--Kevin Nash told Scott Hall that he was trying to get into character
and said that if Sid was screwed tonight, it would be because "Sid
screwed Sid."

Meng versus Barbarian versus Norman Smiley
Smiley was taken away on a stretcher toward the end of this match.
However, he went back to the ring to pin a prone Barbarian who was out
cold next to the out cold Meng. Winner: Norman Smiley and his baseball

--Hacksaw Jim Duggan asked the powers that be in WCW to give him an
opportunity, explaining the events of the last year in his life. A
voice was heard saying that he basically did not care about Duggan's
personal life and that it was all about ratings. He said he would think
about giving Duggan an opportunity.

--Jarrett hit the ring and said that he wanted the Package to
apologize. The Package did apologize, saying that he heard that it may
have been Meng that took out Liz. Jarrett then insulted Meng, who ran
in and chased Jarrett out of the ring. Luger then hit the ring, and
attacked Meng with a tire iron after the Island Monster had mace
sprayed in his eyes by Liz.

--Kevin McMahon, I mean Nash and Scott Hall were seen trying to get
into Sid's locker room.

--Lex Luger convinced Sting to team with him to face the Filthy Animals
in a tag team title match. Although Sting was only interested in the
World Title, he agreed to team with the Package. Luger told Sting that
they could have it all, the tag team,
U.S. and World titles.

Eddie Guerrerow/Filthy Animals versus Perry Saturn w/Revolution
Torrie Wilson watched from the cage at ringside. She won her freedom
when she choked Saturn through the cage allowing, Guerrero to retrieve
the key.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero(Torrie Wilson gains her freedom)

--In the back, Kevin McMahon told Sid that he needed to trust him. Sid
stood up screaming saying that the last time he trusted him, his career
went down the....toilet. Nash lifted up the wig to remind Sid that he
was not really McMahon. Sid then calmed down.

--The Total Package avoided questions about either having to face Meng
or Sting in the next round of the world title tournament. All he would
say that it was all about he and Sting winning the tag team titles.

Kidman/Konnan (c) versus Sting/Lex Luger *Tag Team Championship*
At the beginning of this match, Luger went down to a "knee injury" and
rolled to the outside. The Filthy Animals then attacked, causing the
DQ, while Luger laid on the outside. Sting was brutally attacked, even
taking shots from his own baseball bat. After the bell, Sting put Luger
back on the ground once he stood up.
Winner: Sting/Lex Luger via disqualification

--In the back, Scott Hall told Sid all he had to do was barely touch
him, he would fall and Sid could beat him. Nash said he was going to
burn every bridge he had left, but wanted to make sure that "Sid was
part of the team."

--Sting stormed around the back looking for the Filthy Animals.

Booker T versus Jeff Jarrett
As the bodyguards of the powers that be provided an interference,
Jarrett smashed Booker with the guitar for the win.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett via pinfall

--On the set of the WCW movie in southern California, Goldberg told
Mike Tenay that he would take care of the Outsiders and Sid. He also
said he would make the match at Halloween Havoc look like a
meeting. He said that he got up and walked away from the attack on last
week's Nitro, which was dangerous for Sid, Nash, and Hall. Goldberg
said his job was to get those three out of the business for good.

--Kevin "McMahon" broke up another argument between Spice and A.C. Jazz
in the parking lot, and the only thing he had to say was "Pay Per

--Evan Karagias told Mike Tenay he has never wrestled Madusa, said she
was "hot" and hoped after the match that they could be friends. Madusa
then told Tenay that WCW should never have doubted her.

Madusa versus Evan Karagias
A smitten Karagias picked up Madusa, fell on the ground and allowed her
to pin him. After the bell, they passionately kissed in the middle of
the ring.
Winner: Madusa via pinfall (Advanced in Tournament)

--David Flair was shown arriving at the arena, tire iron in hand.

Chris Benoit versus Dean Malenko (Steel Cage Match) Benoit intercepted
a chain that Saturn attempted to throw to Malenko and nailed the Iceman
with it. The Crippler than scaled the cage and hit the flying headbutt
from the top of the cage for the win. The Revolution then handcuffed
Benoit to the cage and attacked him. The Filthy Animals then cleared
the ring until David Flair came out and began wearing them out with the
tire iron. Sting then came out, nailed Konnan, and took his bat back.
Young Flair then unlocked Benoit from the cage.
Winner: Chris Benoit via pinfall (Advanced in Tournament) –

-In the parking lot, Kimberly knocked out David Flair with a tire iron
and left him lying.

--In the back, Kevin "McMahon" was out cold, and Scott Hall was
screaming for help, blaming it on Bret Hart.

Scott Hall versus Sid Vicious
Hall went down as planned after being touched by one finger, but Hall
tried to roll him up, and a real match began. In the end, Bret Hart
whacked Sid with one of his crutches while the ref was down. He then
tried to take a swing at Hall, but Hall rolled out of the ring, rolled
back in, pinned Sid and took off with the U.S. belt. Winner: Scott Hall
(Advanced in Tournament)

Ricks Comments: --When I first saw the steel cage, I was almost hoping
that it was going to be for Schiavone and Heenan so that they could
finally beat the crap out of one another. --I wonder how much Norman
Smiley would charge me for dance lessons. --I really like
Degenerat.....I mean the Filthy Animals. --Kevin Nash almost....almost
had me convinced that he was Vince McMahon...just kidding!!! --I wonder
how much Torrie Wilson would charge me for dancing lessons?!?!?! I
would definitely pay good money just to get that close. I do not mean
to sound rude ladies...but she is gorgeous. --It is about time Sting
started looking out for himself instead of everyone else. --Luger was
not there for Sting...there's a real big shock. --I may not think that
Luger is that great of a wrestler, but he is looking like a punk. --I
would have loved to have been the lips of Evan Karagias tonight...LUCKY
GUY!!! --I am really beginning to enjoy the direction WCW is going in.
It is becoming more interesting and is starting to lose the lame points
it was building up. --I really hope that Chris Benoit becomes the world
champion one day....even if it is only for one day...because if anyone
deserves it more...I cant think of anyone. --I like Kidman's style, but
correct me if I am wrong, isn’t this the same guy who made fun of David
Flair a couple of weeks ago, but tonight, tried to run from him when he
saw him?

Visit My Home Page at:

I have read quite a few items related to "The Ratings" the past few
weeks. While always a topic of discussion of the Internet, the arrival
of Russo and Company in WCW has triggered a new rash of interest in
them. I think we need to look at just when and how they became that big
a thing.

Deep into NITRO's well documented 82 week run as the top rated
wrestling program on Monday Night, Good King Eric (GKE) was quoted as
having said that he was not interested in seeing the ratings anymore
since they "bored him."

He was so sure that NITRO would win that he supposedly stopped looking
at them. Believe that and I've got some great real estate in The
Everglades to sell you. GKE was first and foremost a numbers man. As
long as NITRO was beating RAW, he was content. We all know what
happened to him when he forgot what he was being paid for.

As several people have stated very eloquently, we watch what we like,
no matter what The ratings for it are. Those that prefer the program on
NBC watch it. Likewise for those that prefer ABC, CBS,
FOX or any other
channel. During RAW's year and a half of looking up at NITRO, I
watched RAW and taped NITRO. At that time I was writing both a RAW and
a NITRO TV Report. I still watch them both in the same manner. What's
interesting is that during that period, whenever I wrote anything
positive about the WWF or RAW, the most common response I received was
"NITRO is better, just look at the ratings." To those people, NITRO
was better, but not because of the ratings, but because they preferred

To those that say RAW is better because of "The Ratings," I have always
said RAW is better in your eyes because you prefer it.

With the obvious changes in NITRO, it'’s ratings have improved. Only
time will tell if they ever overtake RAW. So what if they do or don't?
Watch the one you prefer, or watch one and tape the other. The point is
you should be
watching the program you want because you prefer it, not because of the
ratings. Those that were faithful WCW/NITRO fans watched NITRO when it
was No. 1 and still do. Those that were WWF/RAW fans watched it when it
was No. 2 and still do.

There is also a segment of WCW fans that are unhappy about the
direction Russo and Company have taken it. Some have said they will
watch football and others that they will watch something else. My hunch
is that most will continue to watch wrestling, because wrestling fans
are a unique breed. Many of us that have been fans for a long time
endured the barbs and laughter from others when it wasn't fashionable
to be a fan. I suspect that many who are swearing off fit in that

If you enjoy wrestling, watch it, but remember it's like any other form
of entertainment: You watch what you like, not what others think you
Written by reader: John Pelan (jpelan)

Regarding the rumor of The Undertaker retiring, it may not be true, but
it's hardly a silly rumor. Mark Calloway has gone from a very
carryable big man to nearly immobile in the last few years. The gimmick
is still over and will likely remain so, but one has to wonder how much
longer he'll be able to drag his injury-ravaged body through matches.

Of course, the Orange-Skinned-Thing-That-Wouldn't-Leave is still
planning on inflicting his odious presence on fans in yet another
futile attempt to generate interest in his character... I'd just hope
that Calloway hangs it up before descending to unwitting self-parody..
Old School John
Workrate Cru
Written by reader: TakersFox

On Saturday, October 30th, I was able to attend an autograph session
with Mark Callaway (Undertaker) in Exton, PA. When he was asked how
soon he would be returning to action in the WWF, he said it would be in
December. He has no plans of retiring just yet. I felt so much better
hearing this statement coming directly from him. He has certainly been
missed, and I look forward to seeing him at ringside soon.
Written by reader: erapala

A couple of months back I attended the Chicago Wizard World 99', where
Paul Bearer and Kevin Nash were making personal appearances. In
Wrestlebabe316's last article it was stated that WCW was turning Hall
and Nash into @$$holes, but from what I saw, Nash didn't need much help.

Not only first off were his autographs 10 dollars (whereas every other
wrestler I've ever met was free) but he first off almost completely
ignored anyone that didn't buy an autograph (as in, okay no money,
shake your hand get
The hell out), but he also (and I mean Kevin Nash himself) was letting
all the big breasted blonde women cut in line (although the security
guards did seem rather irritated at this).

I being a kid, he didn't even take time to say anything, just kind of
kept me moving, but some damn blonde bimbo gets
to jump in front of me, sit on his lap, get her picture taken (for
free, mind you) and walk off. Whereas later me and my dad saw Paul
Bearer and he jokingly pretended to be irritated by my DX shirt, and
had about a 2 minute conversation about the old days of wrestling with
my dad and was an all around nice guy.
Loyal Reader,
Curt Rapala
Steve Appy responds:

In Nash’s defense, charging money for autographs at a personal
appearance is hardly unique to him. While we all long for the days
when such services were usually free, the reality is that those
autographs really are worth money, and they are valuable only because
of the fame of the person signing them. Somebody has to pay for the
transportation for Nash to appear in Chicago, and the time to
compensate him from spending a day away from his family

As for the antics you described, this sounds like the Outsider joker
who most of the fans seem to enjoy. I’m not personally a fan of his
act, but it is what has made him such a marketable figure in this
industry (though it’s usually only amusing when Scott Hall is at his

Yes, it would have been nice of Nash to be more attentive to someone
who is paying $10 for his signature; it would have been even nicer if
the guy making a Million-and-a-half a year would sign autographs for
free. I’m not sure if any of us can throw stones, though. Would you
give up your weekends to sign free autographs? I like to think that I
would, but I’m not sure that it would end up being the case after fame
is no longer a novelty.
What: Ultimate Pro Wrestling All Ages Welcome.
When & Where: Galaxy Concert Theatre, Friday, November 5 @ 8pm.
Doors open at 5:30 for exclusive autograph signings by former WCW World
Heavyweight champion Sting!! We all know the history of this man and
without a doubt he is one of the greatest stars in the business today.
Also, Mr. Monday Night, Mr. CBS, the Whole F'N Show and winner of
numerous world titles,
ECW's Rob Van Dam. WWF bad girl and their current women's champion
Ivory will also be there!! That's right, get there early for this
exclusive signing and this first where you will see stars from the 'Big
3' along with the future of pro wrestling, UPW.

If that is not enough, this event is also the last UPW show for
Sylvester The Escapee and Caryn 'Carnage' Mower as they head for the
WWF, that's our 6th superstar to go the WWF this year alone!! Will
these two go out with a bang?
Only one way to find out:

3503 S. Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana. (714) 957-0600. Tickets are $12.50.
The Roxy, Thursday December 2 @ 8pm
9009 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood.
(310) 278-9457. Tickets are $15
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