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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 379

Date:  Tuesday November 2nd, 1999  10:55 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bob Ryder at::
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams has been released by the WWF, effective
November 1st. Williams was under a three year contract to the WWF that
did not include a review period for a release, so the legal
justification for releasing Williams is unclear.

One possibility is the WWF's insistence that Williams work an FMW tour,
which would have possibly ended any future relationship with All
Pro Wrestling, Williams' long time employer. A cynic would say that
the WWF booked Williams with the intention of forcing him to breach his
contract; regardless of the reasons, the WWF has found their
justification to get out of the deal.

Ryder reports that Williams is accepting independent bookings; his
future plans are unclear. All Japan looks to be tepid about making him
a regular and I can't imagine him fitting into the plans of the new
WCW creative team (who had no intention of booking him when he was
already under WWF contract).

I would guess that New Japan/UFO would be an option, especially with
Inoki's fetish for tough guys/shooters. Williams is something of a
legend in
Japan and his name value there should land him a deal
The Rock took center ring and told the fans (with his own rendition of
Heartbreak/Smackdown Hotel) that he has taken them both before and will
do it again at the Survivor Series. The Rock then said that the
RoadDogg has been a bother and that he would lay the smack down on the

The Rock versus The RoadDogg
The other members of Degeneration X attacked, with HHH leading the way.
Vince McMahon then jumped in the face of the "Game", and DX headed to
the back.
Winner: The Rock via disqualification

--In the back, Vinny Mac told B.A. that he could have
Austin tonight,
and that X-Pac could have Kane one on one. HHH told the boss that it
would be a DX night.

--The Big Show told Michael Cole that it did not even bother him
knowing that he could have crushed the Bossman and
Prince Albert with
the dumpster on Smackdown. He said that scared him and he did not know
what he was capable of. The Bossman and
Prince Albert then threw tear
gas into the locker room, and then attacked the Big Show who was almost
out from the noxious fumes. Paramedics then attended to Show, giving
him oxygen.

Edge/Christian and The Hardy Boyz versus Too Cool/The Holly's
This crazy match ended when Edge speared Crash Holly for the win.
Winners: Edge/Christian and The Hardy Boyz via pinfall

--Torrie berated X-Pac for turning on Kane. X-Pac said that Torrie had
the hots for him and that Kane's face was not the only thing that got
burned in the fire.

--Mankind was autographing copies of his book for other WWF superstars
while Al Snow read excerpts from the book.

Al Snow/Mankind versus The Bossman/Prince Albert Bossman originally
challenged Snow to a hardcore title match, but Snow said that since he
had "Fuzzy Wuzzy" with him, he would rather have a tag match and then
introduced Mankind. During the match, Val Venis was in the back
throwing copies of Mankind's book in the trash, and then setting them
on fire. After putting the mandible claw on Albert, Snow took over, hip
tossed the piercing pagoda through a door that was in the ring, and
covered the man for the win. An upset Mankind then extinguished the
flames. Winners: Al Snow/Mankind via pinfall

Chyna w/Miss Kitty (c) versus Stevie Richards (as Chris Jericho) Before
the bell, Chyna told Y2J that he is upset because she is taller, more
muscular, and better than him. The IC champ made short work of Richards
with the Pedigree.
Jericho then attacked and put Chyna in the "Walls of
Winner: Chyna via pinfall

Steve Austin versus B.A. Billy Gunn
Stone Cold told the Rock that he would not be sticking anything up his
a$$ and told HHH that when he thinks of games, he thinks of
tiddlywinks. DX hit the ring, forcing the bell. SCSA jumped back in and
swung a steel chair on the heads of X-Pac and the RoadDogg.
Winner: Steve Austin via disqualification

Test versus Val Venis
Stephanie McMahon did commentary as Mankind attacked Venis. Stephanie
then entered the ring and told Test that she had her memory back and
proposed to him. He accepted and the two kissed and embraced in
mid-ring. Winner: Val Venis via disqualification

--HHH told Vince McMahon that DX would not be responsible for what was
going to happen to Kane in his match against X-Pac.

Kane versus X-Pac
X-Pac told Kane that Torrie was a slut and that he told her about
everything that got burned in the fire. Once in the ring, X-Pac was
chokeslammed, which brought out DX, who beat Kane down to the ground,
with X-Pac delivering the Bronco Buster to add insult to injury.
Winner: Kane via disqualification

--A promo was cut on Kurt Angle as the most "real" athlete that has
ever been in the WWF.

--Kane stormed the locker room of DX and began attacking them until he
was restrained by security. Vinny Mac then told HHH that he would have
to defend the WWF title tonight. HHH got in the face of McMahon, which
infuriated Shane, who speared HHH to the ground and began hitting him.
HHH then agreed to face Shane in the main event.

The Dudley Boyz versus The Headbangers
The Dudley's could not speak at the beginning of the match, because the
'Bangers had their microphones cut and began mocking the
Thrasher hit a DDT on Bubba Ray for the win. The Mean Street Posse hit
the ring and attacked the Headbangers.
Winner: The Headbangers via pinfall

HHH (c) versus Shane McMahon *World Championship* Vince McMahon did the
introductions for this match. McMahon said since HHH brought DX out, he
would like to intro the guest commentator, SCSA, the second referee,
Kane, and the special timekeeper, the Rock. At one point, Shane hit the
pedigree on HHH and was one second away from becoming the new champ.
All the men on the outside ended up fighting. SCSA even made his way
back to the ring to give HHH a stunner. Vince tried to take HHH's head
off with the WWF title, but mistakenly hit Shane allowing HHH to pin
Winner: HHH via pinfall (Retained WWF Title)
Written by reader: IOwnTNM7CAVE

First off I admit that I am a big WWF mark, and have
been loyal to the WWF for more than 18 years, so I am a bit biased in
my opinions of WCW.
For the past three weeks I have been staying up late to watch the Nitro
replay at 1 am Eastern Time, mainly out of the curiosity factor (the
last time I was doing this was around the time the Outsiders started
making appearances leading into the nWo story). As I watch tonight's
broadcast I am wondering, are the fans of WCW who do not have access to
the Internet following any of this? I mean the only reason most of us
know that WCW got new story writers is because of the Internet. Yes,
WWF has made references to
behind the scenes happenings before but never as blatant as the 'new
look' Nitro is doing now.

All I have seen for the last three weeks is everybody on the WCW roster
making references to the "powers that be," ratings, or taking blatant
cheap shots at the WWF. The whole Hogan laying down for a PPV "main
event" was a blatant stunt to feed the minds of the Internet rumor
population. If Vince Russo's creative technique is to sit in chat rooms
and write storylines aimed at the so-called "smart marks", he should
re-think because in the process WCW fans without the Internet may
switch to a wrestling show where they can still follow the storyline.
------Brett Silvia
Written by reader: MsPhenom1

Oct. 30, 1999 I was at a signing at Nyack NY and Exton, PA. Both times
Sir Mark Callaway showed up. He was professional and a gentleman at
both signings. He was looking good although with a little weight loss,
but all in all
he seemed to be in good condition. Though I did not see any signs of
surgery as rumored around the net (Editor: Callaway did not undergo
surgery, he has been rehabbing his injuries in the hope of avoiding

Conflicting reports are still coming over the net as to his return. He
was reported to tell one fan that he was coming back in Survivor Series
and another report that he was coming back after December. I myself did
not ask him when he would be back. So everyone's guess is as good as
mine to when he will return.

I did read in Appy's "Ut's Future" and must say it was carefully
written. But who is anyone to condemn a man who as given his all for
over a decade. In this profession it seems no one leaves in good
condition. For we know way to well that in this line of entertainment
there are accidents, broken bones and so forth. No one really knows
how much Sir Callaway can take in the ring except the man himself.

As far as his gimmick goes: well, look at Hulk Hogan, it seems his
gimmick has gone for him for over a decade and hey, why not say that
Hulkimania is lost and gone forever? It seems Hulk has used his
gimmick well, although I myself am guilty of being a Hulkimania fan at
one time. So, we must give credit where credit is due.

I have been watching Sir Callaway's career since he first appeared in
USWA and watched him grow in the world of wrestling. I have seen his
clumsy days and terrible gimmicks and gimmicks that were just not him
but as he portrayed the Undertaker there seemed to be an air of
difference about him. He was more in tune with his abilities in the
ring then he ever was before. In all my time watching wrestling I have
seen the men wrestle while they were hurt
but never have I seen a man like Sir Callaway give his all in the ring
with as much pain as that man was in.

It is not secret that the ankle should have had surgery a long time ago
but the man went on. His knees should be looked at way back when but
the man went on. And oh yes, let us not forget the hips. Whether or not
surgery is needed only he and the Doctor knows but the man still went

It is not whether the gimmick will be the same during his return for
you missed an important point to all this. It is that the Creatures
will accept his gimmick and honor the man for his return and give him
credit where it is due.

Whether he be in the ring or commentating, for the fans of Sir Mark
Callaway really do not care. First and for most his fans have cared
about his health, they cared first for the man behind the Undertaker,
which I find is not shared by other fans of their favorite wrestler.

Yet when Stone Cold leaves for a problem with his knee, the WWF seems
to make a big deal out of that. Go figure on that one since it is
painfully obvious that since Sir Callaway's absence the ratings have
gone down a bit and the gimmicks are really going to the dogs. You
think by now that WWF would realize that Sir Callaway is a valuable
member and plays a significant part in the ratings and would want to
keep his Creatures updated to tune in to wrestling.

So the point of this is it doesn't matter to his fans if he comes back
and his gimmick is changed or it is not as dark as it once was. It is
the mere fact that he will be there whether it is in or out of the
ring. I myself have never seen such loyal and devoted fans as the
Creatures are and frankly I myself am proud to be called a Creature.
For I am truly one of the first Creatures ever.
Steve Appy responds:
While I'm sure that The Undertaker's longtime fans are as hardcore as
any other, I think that it would be a mistake to label them as more
devoted than other fans.

Certain wrestlers do build strong cult followings, and while my
experiences show that The Undertaker is one of them, he's hardly
unique. Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley & Bret Hart provoke
similar feelings from their fans, and their allegiances have shown to
stand the test of time.

Will current intense favorites Steve Austin, The Rock & Bill Goldberg
join this club? The test will be when they are marketed so badly that
only their true fans stand behind them, and at that point we'll count
how many of them still exist. My guess is that all three will end up
earning the title of legend (and more importantly earn millions of
dollars in the process).
Written by reader: Paul Stefanowicz (pnjstef)

Am I the only wrestling fan that is tired of having to use all of the
insider lingo and catch phrases of today?

Let me backtrack a moment, and say that I enjoy the up-to-date
wrestling point of view that the internet provides, as well as the
inside information that may give me the take on who's coming or going,
happy or unhappy. It's probably not truly "insider" information anymore
if everyone has access to it, but that's a different point.

My problem is that the terminology we use as internet fans has for me
taken some of the fun out of watching wrestling. I don't need to call
the losing victim in a match a "jobber." Benoit jobs to the torture
rack, Juventud jobs to the DDP, and so forth. And jobbers don't
"submit" or "give up" these days, they "tap out." Can't we say "lose a
match?" People who bleed during matched "blade." And jeez, do we have
to call the wrestlers "workers?"

To me all these terms make the stuff sound so scripted. We all know
wrestling is what it is, but that doesn't mean we can't have some more
fun with it. There are real people involved in these storylines, it's
not just on paper. I guess, if you just want to look at the wrestling
scenario as a bunch of "workers" being moved around a chess board by
scripters, then maybe that is they derive their enjoyment.

But doesn't the actual competition mean anything these days? Why do
they still bother to set up a ring for a taping of RAW? We fans are
viewers, we don't work for these federations!

I'm not saying that wrestling needs to go backwards to the world of
keeping everyone in the dark, and wanting everybody to "mark out" (it's
not called cheering here, folks, sorry). But there used to be something
called "suspension of disbelief", and this is what the "smarts" (aha!
There's one!) practiced at the arenas. Is this done anymore? I enjoyed
watching wrestling largely to see where guys would turn up, who got
pushes, and so forth. No big deal. But do we need Buff Bagwell coming
into the ring telling everybody that he's through "jobbing" for the
"people in the back?" Now we have the wrestlers talking this way while
in the ring??

Wrestling has changed the past few years, and a lot of this change is
for the better. But don't forget that "entertainment" means different
things to different people!
Written by reader: Jelloboy10

In Nash's behalf I think the man is funny (mostly when Hall is with
him). Charging money for an autograph isn't so bad. What's wrong with a
little side money? I mean, he just got divorced recently and probably
lost half of everything. I'm sure I'd want some "on the road" money.
-A loyal Outsiders fan
Written by reader: Billy Clark (CharterSF)

I don't normally write, but your comments to the young kid regarding
Kevin Nash's attitude, re signing autographs, are totally off the mark.
First off, Kevin did not "give up his weekend for free"... he was paid
a fee by the convention organizers to appear, as well as having all
transportation/ accommodations covered. The convention charged an
admission, thus making their money from the attendees.

Charging a fee to sign autographs is just a way for the organizers and
the athlete to make some extra money. Normally dealing in cash, the
athlete pockets a few extra thousand which he may, or may not, remember
to declare on his taxes.

Finally, try to remember that Nash is, after all, just an actor. His
on-screen persona does not give him any special license to be a jerk to
people then Mel Gibson or Bruce Willis have to beat up someone who
accidentally bumped them on the street... I know that the line between
reality and fantasy can get confusing for people in the wrestling
business, but Kevin Nash's attitude and actions towards fans --
especially kids --proves only that he can be just as big a jerk in real
life as he is on the screen.

Why defend him? In another year or so he'll be replaced by another
actor whom we'll all love or hate, depending on the
script, and Nash will still be a jerk going around saying "Hey,
remember me? I used to be..."
-Billy Clark
Written by reader: DKlozik

I can honestly say for the first time in a long time I actually
enjoyed WCW tonight. They started an angle that every man in America
wants to see and I'll sum it up in 4 words....NITRO GIRL
I bet everyone was laughing as hard as I was when Kevin Nash was doing
his Vince impression.

How about Norman Smiley?? I never thought I would say this but I kind
of look forward to a match involving Smiley now. Even though everyone
has said that "The Powers That Be" are going to take away wrestling in
WCW now, needs to take a look at the Malenko and Benoit match, got to
love the top of the cage swan dive. Without rambling, my point is WCW
is more enjoyable to watch for the first time in a long time. I think
they are actually getting a good mix of the drama-storylines, and still
having some good wrestling. Just my opinion.
Written by reader: Bane Harlock (chaosbringer)

I for one would like to say that Jeff Jarrett, arguably one of the best
workers in the business, and highly underpushed, does have his
drawbacks. Now, personally I like Jarrett's skills and definitely think
he is underrated. But the first step to showcasing his talent is not,
as most people would think, his mike work. We all know that Jarrett has
solid mike skills. But before the fans will take him seriously, the
bookers have to first get rid of all the 1980's, Honky-Tonk-Man,
guitar-over-the-head gimmick.

The second thing is to book him against solid opponents, someone who
can maintain the intensity that Jarrett exudes. Let's face it people,
Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, while he may have been talented and have
potential 3 years ago, after the neck injury he became too much of a
liability to book him in a match with someone like Jarrett. Jarrett
needs another solid worker as a feud so that the two stars can put the
wrestling back into World Championship Wrestling.

Over the last few years, since the introduction of the gang tactics and
constant run ins of groups like the NWO and the cheesy "Sex Sells"
approach of "Sports entertainment", good solid wrestling has fallen by
the wayside. The potential of wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett, Adam "Edge"
Copeland, Billy Kidman, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho,
has been eclipsed by the likes of either so-called "phenoms" like Bill
Goldberg and Steve Austin. Or "Wrestling greats" like Hulk Hogan, Ric
Flair and Randy Savage, who are so busy concentrating on not soiling
their Depends that they forget how to sell a match, so they need gangs
comprised of underpushed wrestlers portrayed as thugs and hooligans.

If Ferrara and Russo want to make Nitro number one in the ratings and
really give "Emperor Vince" (Thank you SAMJERRY!) a run for his
potatoes, they'll put the focus back on wrestling by using Jarrett with
some of the other actual wrestlers like the Dean Malenkos, the Chris
Benoits or the Billy Kidmans.

While smashing a guitar over someone's head may get you over in a
shoot. It's not going to get you over in a world title match. Let's
bring back professional wrestling and bid farewell to "Sports
Written by reader: MillenniumMN23

I was at the MCI Center tonight and did I have a good time. But for all
of you who didn't see what happened after Raw went off the air, here's
what happened:

Triple H was celebrating in the ring and Austin music hit and
he came back. Triple H pummeled him until he threw Austin to the ropes
and hit the Stunner. After that, Austin drinks a couple o f beers and
Triple H gets back up and Austin offers him a beer. Triple H said no
because he knew he was going to stun him. Austin said that Hunter might
pedigree him.

So Triple H calls for a beer and they threw one at him. Triple H didn't
catch it. They do it 2 more times and he still didn't catch it and the
crowd started laughing. Triple H then picks up a beer and him and
Austin shakes on it. Triple H turns around and starts drinking and
turns back around for another Stunner.

A couple of beers later, Austin goes up the ramp and Triple H gave him
the finger. Triple H turns around and Austin runs down and Triple H
gets yet another Stunner but he doesn't go down. He starts crawling
around the ring and gets one more. I guess Triple H guesses that he's
not going to go down a loser in this one and gets the lady to announce,
"And still World Wrestling Federation Champion, Triple H"!!!! It was

Before it began, Gillberg was there and beat somebody, he actually hit
the Jackhammer for the win. I wonder what Vince is going to do with
the Lightweight Title? Gillberg is still the champ.

I read what happened on Nitro. Sounds like it sucked. Kevin Nash
looking for a gimmick for the night? Stevie Richards rip-off. I bet you
that the WWF will always make a comeback.
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