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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 380

Date:  Tuesday November 2nd, 1999  8:34 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at::
ECW on TNN (10/29) 0.8
WWF Livewire (10/30) 1.8
WCW Saturday Night (10/30) 1.4
WWF Superstars (10/31) 1.9
WWF Heat (10/31) 2.8

ECW’s rating dropped .4 points, not a good sign leading into November
to Remember. Heat’s very low rating can at least partly (mostly?) be
attributed to Halloween. After all, all of those children that the WWF
doesn’t market their product to must have been trick-or-treating or
Written by reader: XoreoXguyX

Last nights Nitro only revealed more how childish WCW can act. I
thought it was stupid that they spent so much time on Kevin "McMahon",
they could have used it for something better, further develop angles.
Did they do that? No!

Instead Russo and
Ferrara, along with Nash, take personal shot after
personal shot at Vince McMahon. It just goes to show how jealous WCW
can get with the fact that for over a year they have been losing to a
more fan oriented wrestling program. The thing is where would Nash be
right now if McMahon hadn't gotten him? Where would Scott Hall be if
McMahon hadn't gotten to him? Where would Russo and
Ferrara be if they
didn't meet Vince? Hell, where would WCW be if it weren't for Vince?!?
Damn it, Vince made wrestling and I dare anybody to say that he didn't!
Me and many other people were outraged at the low shots that WCW
repeatedly took last night at McMahon.

Every damn wrestler in WCW right now should be thanking McMahon for who
they are now! If Vince didn't bring wrestling to what it is now then
none of the "wrestlers" in WCW would still be somewhere low in the

I don't see why WCW has to act so childish like they did last night.
You know, people can say that WWF is the worst fed of the two due to
it's content, but who really is the worst of the two? Who constantly
takes low shots at the WWF, Vince McMahon and the top stars of WWF?

Do you hear WWF fire back as much as WCW did last night? I think we saw
more of WCW making fun of WWF
last night than WWF has made fun of WCW in a year. The most I've ever
seen WWF "make fun" of WCW was the DX "Free the hostages" skit, and
they weren't really making fun of WCW constantly like what happened
last night.

The WWF is obviously more professional and I will be surprised if the
WWF fires back at them by doing some type of skit. The only thing I see
happening is Jim Ross next Monday may say one small thing about WCW,
and he'll say
it to where only the internet people who read behind the scenes stuff
will get it.

He (Ross) won't put it out there in blatant terms and say "Oh wowzers,
and look at our top star, he is only 27! He ain't now 40 year old."
He won't say anything like that to where most people get it. So I now
refuse to watch WCW anymore
because that is the lowest anyone can go when they make fun of the
brains behind all of sports entertainment, Vince McMahon.
Steve Appy responds:
First of all, Vince McMahon did not “make wrestling”, although he did
coin the term “sports entertainment” (though he didn’t invent the

Before Vince Jr. took the reins of the WWF, there were over 20 full
time territories in the
United States alone. 20 full time territories
means more places to work, and there were far more fans actually
attending the matches (though they were spread out). There was also
far more opportunities to make a living for a wrestler, and territories
where a developing performer could actually learn his craft before
being exposed on national television.

Vince McMahon did have a huge influence on the business, in both
positive and negative ways. He is not above criticism though.

I agree with you that Nash’s skits last night were extremely
unprofessional; focusing so much of your television time on your
opposition is stupid (and nobody comes out of it looking good).

Don’t think that the WWF is above such petty maneuvers, as the 1996
Billionaire Ted skits made crystal clear. BOTH the WWF and WCW have a
long history of petty, cruel, inappropriate attacks on each other and
anyone who is perceived as an enemy. In my mind they are equals, and
neither has a right to throw stones at the other.

If the WWF ignores this attack I will be pleasantly surprised, although
it will be the best thing for them to do. Responding to these attacks
only legitimizes the affair, when it really should be ignored.

Russo & Ferrara are putting a lot of hard work into Nitro (whether you
appreciate the product or not, there is a plan in place). Wasting
television time on personal garbage like this portrays everyone
involved in a bad light.
Written by reader: Sk8PunkXX

About a year or so ago, I was in a local gym working out here in
Phoenix, AZ, and I saw Kevin Nash walk in. I was pretty much amazed
that he walked into the same gym I was at. As I was leaving, I passed
by him and stopped
to talk to him. I simply told him how much of a fan I am and whatnot,
and he was very polite to me. Now for all of you that say he has a bad
attitude towards fans, "especially kids" I have to say that you're
wrong, because I'm a kid, and he acted with total class towards me.
However he acts at shows is simply that, an "act." From what I've
seen, he's a great guy.
-Justin Niedzialek (Sk8PunkXX)
Written by reader: Kevin Cooper (bootsy5)

I recently read a commentary talking about an autograph signing with
Kevin Nash. The reader was upset at the charging of money for the
autograph as well as Kevin Nash being more 'friendly' with the
beautiful women. Now, I personally am a giant Shawn Michaels fan and
have asked myself one question for a long time. If I ever got to meet
Shawn Michaels would I want him to be a real nice guy who's going to
straight talk with me about the sport for a while, or would I rather
have him be the arrogant and cocky Shawn Michaels I see on television?

I really haven't come up with an answer, but I do know one thing. I am
a fan of the Shawn Michaels on television, I don't truly know much
about him in real life. So all in all I would only expect and even love
if Shawn would be joking around and letting hot girls sit on his lap
while calling them up in line, as long as he got to everyone there.

Along the lines of charging money for an autograph, sure I've been to a
few autograph signings and they've all been free, but ten dollars? I
have to be honest in saying I'd cough up ten dollars to do as little as
stand in the same room as Shawn and get to see him, let alone get an
autograph. I think it's time for this reader and others who agree with
him to evaluate whether they're a fan of the performer or the person,
and ask why they wouldn't want to see the wrestlers they like act as
they do on TV in public.

Also, come on, like Steve and others said it isn't uncommon to charge
for autographs nor is it wrong, hey time is money. Man, I'd love to see
a live Degenerate Kevin Nash. Sincerely,
Kevin Cooper (bootsy5)
Written by reader: Greg804

Regarding the autograph signing and charging by Nash. First off, the
man WASN'T in character, he is and always has been an a**hole in real
life! He is an egomaniac in the same line as Bollea. As far as
charging? I have NEVER in over 28 years of being a fan, wrestling
myself, managing, and promoting independent cards here in Illinois,
ever seen a wrestler charge for his autograph!

I can remember Shawn Michaels at a trade show years ago
Chicago signing and being a complete gentleman, and this was when he
had turned heel by throwing Janetty through the window on TV.

As a rule, the entire corps of WWF wrestlers are a courteous and polite
bunch when representing the WWF in any way. I cannot say that about
the WCW group, however, as I have seen them act like asses on several
occasions. I think that the WWF employees get to vent all of their
"bad" sides on TV and in the ring, and can be the gentlemen that they
are in real life elsewhere.

We just used Duane Gill this past weekend on a card as "Gillberg" and
he was nothing but class from head to toe!! He talked about how nice
the locker room is in WWF and how the guys are all good guys. By the
way, he signed several hundred autographs, didn't charge a penny for
them and left many a fan smiling ear-to-ear.
Written by reader: BretHartHA

I really don't understand why so many people have been putting down WCW
since Russo and Ferrara first started booking for the company. While
in the WWF, all I've ever heard were rave reviews about how great the
shows were
each and every week, and how it got better as well. "Attitude" seemed
to be what wrestling fans wanted in general. No one really commented
on how the adult material was pushing away the wrestling in the WWF.

In general, as far as I saw it, wrestling fans seemed to have preferred
the WWF because of "Sports Entertainment." Several opinionated articles
from wrestling fans all over the Internet showed that they preferred
the gray shades of wrestling instead of pure black and white. Now that
WCW has acquired the services of the Russo/Ferrara team, I've seen
nothing but fans say how the wrestling is gone from WCW. That WCW
"sucks" because they turned their backs on 3 million people. If that's
the case, then I'm with WCW on that one.

Before Russo and Ferrara came in, Nitro's ratings seemingly decreased
every single week. I remember a quarter-hour rating of 1.7, which
happened to be the lowest WCW received in years. Had WCW not made the
change, in my opinion, ECW would have become the number two wrestling
company -- what a major blow that would be for Ted Turner. People need
to make money, but then they must also be entertained.

Although I doubt there will be as much wrestling as there was every
single Monday on Nitro, I feel that they'll be making the boring
matches faster-paced, which isn't such a bad idea. Who wants to see
Disco Inferno putting a headlock on Saturn for several minutes while
Edge/Christian and The Hardy Boyz are having a "fast-paced" match? I
wouldn't, and with what I've seen in the ratings, a hell of a lot of
other people don't either.

All WCW is doing is making the matches more enjoyable to watch. Having
someone in a leglock doesn't mean that wrestler is utilizing his skills
to his fullest extent. Doing a sommersault plancha off the top rope
and onto the outside seems a little more enjoyable to watch for me.
And we can't forget the drama that wrestling has been bringing us for
so many years. Had it not been for that, two wrestlers wrestling each
other for the hell of it wouldn't really bring in any interest from

WCW is fighting fire with fire. It's not like they had the choice,
and, frankly, I'm glad they've taken a part in "Attitude."
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