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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 381

Date:  Wednesday November 3rd, 1999  10:37 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of this issue we have the results for Thursdays
Smackdown, taped
11/2/1999 in Philadelphia, PA. Remember, if you would
rather be surprised, please skip that section.
Written by reader: Christopher J Cassidy (ccassidy)

Let me give you my perspective on the Nash situation, and maybe expand
on what the other reader wrote. Kevin Nash, bottom line, would not be
where he is in wrestling without Vince McMahon. He had already had a
failed run with WCW when Vince brought him in. Vince's promotional
machine made "Diesel" a household name. Who will ever forget Nash's PPV
match with Shawn Michaels in
Omaha? It wasn't just that Shawn carried
Nash, Nash was actually carrying his end of matches pretty well against
guys like Michaels and Hart, as well as Hall, in the WWF.

When Nash took the guaranteed money of WCW, any semblance of workrate
went out the window. Since his payoffs were not dependent on match
quality or crowd heat, he lost whatever pride he had in his work. Nash
brought with him a reputation as such a witty and hilarious guy. As has
been pointed out by many, Hall's absence exposed Nash as an overgrown,
lazy, immature goof. Nash without Hall = boredom. Too bad Hall has been
equally exposed as a death pool statistic waiting to happen.

They are simply caricatures of their former selves. Vince McMahon
provided the framework and discipline for both of them to excel. WCW
has provided anything but. I'm sure that Nash thought the whole thing
was a riot. I'm equally sure that not many others did. Clearly a case
of someone getting a little too big for their britches. The sad thing
is that for all of McMahon's faults, he has shown time and again that
he is the king of "second chances". Hopefully that won't be the case
with Hall and Nash when the time comes (and it will).
-Christopher J Cassidy
Written by reader: VAidoo

I take you up on your challenge...Vince didn't make wrestling.,Paul
Heyman/ECW did...wrestling was not where it is not until WWF stole
ECW's concepts. And even though you may deny it, its the truth.
Steve Appy responds:
First of all, neither McMahon or Heyman "made wrestling". I totally
agree with you that McMahon did borrow (some would call it steal) ECW's
hardcore edge and brought it onto the national stage. Heyman presented
a similar product with very little resources, and its influence totally
changed the business. While he was the first to bring "garbage
wrestling" into prominence in the
United States, Heyman was the
innovator of the concept, not the entire business. I don't think this
was ever actually in question, though.
Written by reader: JKASMULDER

HHH is not my favorite wrestler by a long shot. But, he is pretty far
away from being my least favorite. That having been said, I think the
way his role as champion is being played is pathetic. Here, we have a
champion that can't beat anybody, really. He gets slaughtered by the
Rock and
Stone Cold, and even has a problem against Shane McMahon. He keeps his
belt every time he faces an opponent, but never even comes close to
fighting the good

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that he shouldn't cheat. What I am
saying is that he should be allowed to look like he belongs in the ring
with the likes of a Stone Cold or a Rock.

The problem becomes even more evident when you see Stone Cold in the
last couple of televised events putting over Val Venis and Bad Ass
Billy Gunn. Those were real matches where Stone Cold was actually
dominated for a
portion of time. If those two guys are given a chance to shine
against the main event athlete in sports entertainment, then surely,
the champion should get that same kind of push, as well. Just a
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)

I would just like to congratulate Vader on his victory over Misawa to
win the Prestigious Triple Crown for the 2nd time this year. Watching
Vader in All Japan Pro-Wrestling is so much better than watching him in
the circus in
New York. In Japan, Vader can work stiff, and he doesn't
have to be involved in a stupid angle to get over. He is over on his

His feud with Kobashi was great, and I remember the ***3/4 match where
Vader really worked stiff with Kenta, eventually making Kobashi cough
up blood. Vader in
Japan is a monster, and when used right he is
brilliant to watch.

Because there aren't many big guy's in
Japan, Vader is hugely over.
However, the man still has to perform, and this year he has done that.
Well done big guy!!!
Kevin Bryce
P.S. I hope Misawa isn't out for too long. The man is awesome and is
truly the best in the world!!!
Written by reader: Lee Relph (LEEINBLACK)

After reading the piece in WBS no. 378 about Kevin Nash charging for
his autograph, I remembered a promo clip he appeared in for the WWF
when he was the WWF champ Diesel, back in 1995.

In the clip, he was at a personal appearance and he signed a photo of
himself and handed it to a small girl. The girl then offered Diesel her
money but he declined saying "No, I don't want your money." Then the
voice over tag line was "The World Wrestling Federation - We care about
our fans."

I know that Nash is now in WCW but it is still pretty ironic, don't you
Written by reader: Lisa Maraschin (Lisamara)

I wanted to comment on the subject of "Autograph Sessions"... The
public sees the wrestler/entertainer/sports star on TV every week. For
some people, in their own minds, they are like family. Then, when we
happen to see them in public or at an autograph session it can
sometimes be surprising to the public or fan that the person is not the
guy or girl from TV.

He or she can be a really down-to-earth person, in some cases a jerk or
someone who is not having the best day and may wish that he or she
could be somewhere else. It is not fair for the public or a fan to
expect for a "star" to be "on" all of the time. I am not making
excuses, everyone has their faults. That is what makes us human.

When an autograph session is held it is for purpose of making money or
promoting something (tickets on sale, etc.). The wrestler is paid a set
fee for making an appearance or it may be a "contractual" thing that
they be there. I'll use a sports card shop as an example.

Like has been mentioned in previous posts, the card shop makes some
money and it is also covering the cost of the wrestler's expenses.
Plus, the card shop has pictures and other stuff autographed after the
public leaves to sell and make a few dollars more. The wrestler makes a
few bucks. Being in the tax bracket that they are in and to off set it,
some of the guys give the money to their favorite charities. They do it
without a lot of fan fair or without looking for a pat on the back.

I have read in other newsletters and on some web sites that fans were
not happy with the fact that they had to buy a 8x10 picture or pay for
a Polaroid picture after they had already paid for a ticket to a
session. I don't believe that that is the fault of the person that you
are going to see. The card shop is charging for the supplying the 8x10
pictures and Polaroid film, with a bit of a marked-up cost to the fan.

Now, you are in line, getting excited and you are finally getting to
meet your favorite wrestler. Then you get a picture or an autograph or
both and quick "hi" and it is time to move on... just like that. It is
not the fault of the person you came to see. The card shop has sold so
many tickets and the wrestler has only so much time to spend at the
session. The card shop staff has to move everyone through the process
quickly to make sure that everyone gets what they paid for and the
wrestler stays on his schedule. In the end, the autograph sessions
host's staff should be held responsible for any problems regarding the
line of fans and how the session is handled.

I was not at the autograph session that Mr. Curt Rapala had written
about. It sounds like it was not a very structured event if there were
people who had paid for pictures and autographs and others who were
there just to say hello and shake Mr. Nash's hand mixed together in the

In defense of Mr. Nash, my husband and I have met Kevin at a couple of
personal appearances over the years. He was nice and friendly to us and
to our young son. We received our autographs, said "Hi" and a few other
words quickly and moved on so that the next fan could have a chance. We
got what we paid for. After all, we did not pay for a night out with
the guy, just an autograph and a 8x10 picture. Having to pay for an
autograph is the nature of the beast.

I am in agreement with what Steve had posted about the value of an
autograph/sports memorabilia. Just look at what is being auctioned off
on eBay or what happened with Mark McGwire's home run baseballs and the
prices that people were and are willing to pay for one.
-Lisa Maraschin (Lisamara)
Written by reader: Patrick Murphy (stardog_99@xxxxs...)

This is addressed to Greg, and his comments about
Kevin Nash and his autograph signing policy. Mr Greg,
you claim to be a wrestling insider, obviously you are
not. Anyone knows that it is common policy for
wrestlers to charge a fee for autographs at "trade
shows". You mentioned Duane Gill and how he signed
hundreds of autographs after a local indy card you
promoted. For your information sir, Kevin Nash, as
well as most of the other wrestlers always sign
autographs, sometimes for hours after Nitro each week,
for free.

I am an employee of Turner Sports, and I see
it each week. As for your comment that Mr. Nash is an
a**hole, well sir just like an a**hole, is an opinion.
Yours included. I have been acquainted with KN for
over 9 years. My family has been involved with the
business for well over 40. Kevin is one of the more
congenial wrestlers I have meet.

You said Terry Bollea is a "egomaniac". While I agree when it comes to
wrestling the Hulkster has a certain arrogance about him. Then again,
he should. He has done more for this sport, than any other single
performer ever. Terry Bollea, the person, is very nice and great to
talk to, unless it involves wrestling.

I, have spent hours speaking to him (Hogan) about a subject we both
love. Harley Davidsons. During all of our conversations about
motorcycles he was never anything but nice. If you don't like Kevin
Nash, fine. Everyone has their opinions. But before you go making lame
you may want to examine what you say. It makes you look stupid, sir.
Written by reader: STINGdremr

I have encountered Kevin Nash on two different occasions. One, the
morning after a Nitro, at the hotel, and the second, at an autograph
session near my home. Both times Nash was a JERK. And that is putting
it mildly. Very cold and very rude. Both times. Coincidence? Nope-
just Kevin Nash!

I have met over 40 wrestlers in the past and everyone was nice and had
the time to talk, if not just sign an autograph (well, except for Curt
Hennig). So that goes to show, they are not always what they seem.
Written by reader: RanmaSolo

About the Nash thing. The WWF did it with their Billionaire Ted bit...
it was novel. Made me laugh a few times. Second time around the novelty
is gone and well... The only laugh I got was when Hall said, "I don't
wanna burn my bridges up North." Because as we all know that's
impossible in wrestling. One name, "James Fullington." I rest my case.
Written by reader: KyDDReDD

Okay, I've sat back long enough and listened to this wrestling fan and
that wrestling fan complain about how ECW was ALMOST the number two
wrestling show, and how horrible it would be. One fan in issue #380
said: "what a major blow that (ECW beating WCW in the 'ratings war')
DUES?!?! Each and EVERY ECW show I've seen has be TOP OF THE

For the "purist" ECW has INCREDIBLE wrestling, and for the fans leaning
towards the "sports entertainment" aspect of the game they run AWESOME
angles, and their workers put over their gimmicks SUPERBLY!!! And if
they are any "new age" wrestling fans out their who dig their hardcore,
you KNOW ECW can provide!!!

Finally I wanted to reiterate a point made by more than a few fans out
there; RATINGS
ARE NOT EVERYTHING!!! Nitro has NOT won the "ratings
war" since Russo and Ferrea have taken over, but IMNSHO (in my not so
humble opinion) Nitro has been a better show for the past two weeks.
Granted, 50% of that has been the mystery of "what are they gonna do
next" and after a while it will wear off, but that's how Howard Stern
AND the WWF have gotten over so who am I to knock it?? Until LaTeR...
This is BiG Redd, and I AM OUT!!!
SMACKDOWN SPOILER (Skip if you want to be surprised!)
Reported by Dan Stabb & Curt Creighton at: http://www.ultimowrestling.c

WWF Heat & Smackdown Taping Results from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -
November 2, 1999

Sunday Night Heat Results to air November 7, 1999
-Steve Blackman def. a local worker.

-The Dudley Boyz beat Sho Funaki and TAKA Michinoku with the 3-D.

-Val Venis beat Christian with the Money Shot in what was probably the
best pure wrestling match of the night. Christian got a surprisingly
huge reaction.

-The Acolytes vs. Mideon and Viscera ended in a no-contest when the
referee disqualified both teams.

Smackdown Taping Results to air November 4, 1999
-The show started right away with a tag title match between Mankind/Al
Snow and The Hollys. Mankind hit the Double Arm DDT on Hardcore (I
believe) to capture the Tag Titles. Huge pop for the win. Afterwards,
Al Snow and Mankind celebrated with some of the other wrestlers
(Meanie, Hardyz, Edge/Christian). But instead of the traditional
champagne bath, they poured milk over themselves. Finally, Mankind said
he had some business to tend to and left the party.

-Throughout the rest of the show, Mankind was seen in a local Philly
strip club looking for Val. These bits are simply too funny and I don't
want to spoil these moments. Finally though, someone (presumably Venis)
took off with Mankind's car. Val is later shown beating on Al Snow in
his dressing room. Like I said, this bit pretty much spans the entire

-Next, Steve Austin was shown in the dressing room with JR, questioning
what he meant by insinuating that Vince purposely tried to attack
Shane. JR simply said he got caught up in the moment and he apologized.

-Next up was Test vs. D'Lo Brown. The Posse stood at the entrance way.
Awkward ending with D'Lo going for a flying axhandle and seemingly
twisting his knee. He then seemed to sucker in Test with a small
package for the 3-count, but it seemed like two. D'Lo was still limping
after the match and needed help back from Test and the referee, so I'm
not sure if the injury is legit or not.

-Tori and Kane were now shown conversing with JR about the whole
Vince-Shane deal. Once again, JR assured them that he changed his mind
and was simply caught up in the moment.

-Next up, Too Cool fought the Hardy Boyz. The Hardys came out to a
pretty huge reaction. Back and forth match that ended when Jeff hit his
senton splash for the victory.

-Next, The Rock confronted JR. Rock told him that if JR is lying, he'd
take his cowboy know the rest.

-Next up, Edge fought British Bulldog for the European Title. The Posse
and the Headbangers were both at ringside. It seemed like Edge was
ready to take the win, but Joey Abs interfered, causing the DQ.
Afterwards, a wild brawl took place with all the participants involved,
sans Bulldog who took off.

-Vince is shown arriving in a limo. Later on, he gets really pissy with
JR about JR's calling of Monday's match. JR apologized, and Vince
begrudgingly accepted.

-DX then came out to a huge reaction, which quickly turned into boos
once HHH worked the mic. They showed Monday's finish to the Shane/HHH
match, and went on to introduce the newest member, Vince McMahon...or
so we thought. In a really funny moment, McMahon's mike would not work,
which caused HHH to say, "You own a billion dollar company. You have
stocks coming out your ass, and you can't even get a working mic?!?" A
HUGE reaction to that one. Once Vince got a new mike, he went on to say
that he would rather be in the Ku Klux Klan or WCW (in the southern
drawl) than join DX. Finally, Vince orders a Survivor Series matchup on
Smackdown featuring DX against Shane, Kane, Rock, and Austin.

-The Godfather then came out to face Chris Jericho, but not before
Jericho hyped his match against Chyna (in typical Jericho fashion). A
brief match, which saw Stevie Richards come out dressed like a
ho/cheerleader and Stevie kicking Jericho. Godfather hit the Ho Train
and got the win over Y2J.

-Backstage Lillian Garcia interviews Stevie, who talks about how much
he admires Chyna, even spelling out her name in cheerleader fashion.
Funny segment.

-Next, Big Show took on the Big Bossman. Not a long (or good) match at
all. Both men get counted out, but that doesn't stop Big Show from
chokeslamming the Bossman in the ring. Prince Albert runs down to
ringside and gets the same treatment. Tony Garea, Dave Hebner, and Sgt.
Slaughter (who got slammed to a huge pop) suffered the same fate.

-During the break (which there were WAY too many of) Bob Backlund was
seen in the stands campaigning.

-Main event time. The pops for Shane and Kane were decent, Rock's was
tremendous, but Austin's was HUGE! Vince came down a few minutes into
the match. Shane and Kane were the first two eliminated, followed by
Road Dogg and X-Pac. The Rock eliminated Mr. Ass, but Mr. Ass continued
to do a number on him. HHH hit Rock with the Pedigree to eliminate "The
Great One." Finally, with the ref distracted by Mr. Ass, Vince came in
with the belt, and just like Monday, it seemed like he was ready to hit
HHH. But HHH threw Austin in front of him, nailed Vince for his
troubles, and got the win over Stone Cold. The show ends as Vince is
saying he didn't mean it while Austin is completely chewing him out.
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