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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 386

Date:  Saturday November 6th, 1999  6:34 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WWF House Show Report for October 5th, 1999
Live in
Lexington, Kentucky
Reported by Brad McPeek & David Tyler at:

The Godfather defeated Midean.
The Godfather came out to heat until he brought out the ho's. Midean
came out with Viscera (who is alive). Viscera said he was the real pimp
in this house. The match saw a lot of outside interference until Midean
went to hit Godfather and hit Viscera. The Godfather hit the Ho Train
forthe pin.

Al Snow defeated Steve Blackman.
Snow received a good pop. The match went back and forth. A lot of
submission holds by Blackman. Snow got the win with the Moonsault; he
didn't use the Snowplow.

Kane defeated
Prince Albert.
Decent match, and Kane received a great pop.
Prince Albert actually had
more moves than what I expected. Kane hit a Chokeslam for the pin. A
lot of boos because there was no pyro for Kane.

The Big Show defeated The Big Bossman
The Big Show got a huge pop. Pretty slow match. Bossman used the
nightstick to gain the advantage. TBS hit the Chokeslam on Bossman and
halfway through the pin
Prince Albert ran in, only to receive a

The Hardy Boyz defeated The Dudly Boyz.
Dudleys came out and trashed Kentucky women and the Wildcats. Great
Dudleys did hit the Dudley Death Drop on Matt but Jeff broke up
the pin. Hardyz won by using a double team move. After the match the
Dudleys celebrated as if they won the match.

Intermission (my seats were right by the door where the wrestlers came
out. I was waved at by Bossman, Al Snow, Road Dogg, Matt Hardy,
Bulldog, Edge and THE
ROCK. It was great.)

D-lo Brown defeated Gangrel.
Great match. D-lo received a huge pop. A lot of trash talking by D-lo.
The end came when D-lo hit the Lo Down for the pin.

British Bulldog defeated Test.
Test got a good pop. A lot of power moves by the Bulldog. At one point
the Bulldog tried to leave and Fink said if he did Test would be the
European champ. The end came when Hebner got pushed down, Bulldog
grabbed a chair and tried
to nail Test but Test grabbed the chair and nailed him. Hebner saw it
and awarded the match to the Bulldog.

The New Age Outlaws defeated The Acolytes and Edge and Christian in a
Triangle match
Outlaws got a huge pop from the
Lexington crowd. The Acolytes were out
early because they pushed the referee twice and he sent them to the
back. Great match between the remaining teams. The Outlaws won when
Mr. Ass hit a
low blow on Christian and then the Famasser for the pin.

The Rock defeated Val Venis.
The Rock came out to the biggest pop I ever heard in my life. Back and
forth match until The Great One hit the Rock Bottom and the People's
Elbow for the pin. After the match the Rock said he served Val Venis a
piece of pu tang pie and he sang Smackdown Hotel and left to a huge
pop. It was a great show!
Written by reader: Brad Michaels (BMichaels3)

Hey, this is Brad Michaels again. I read the comments by Kevin Cooper
about being a mark, and I decided to give you my side, from a wrestlers
point of view.

Simply put, if you are a wrestling fan, you are a mark. In my opinion
there is no such thing as a smart mark. There's no degree. Either
you're a mark or you're not. There are definitely no "smarts" on the
internet. Just because you know some inside stuff, or rather, you think
you do, or you are up to date on the latest news and rumors, doesn't
make you a "smart". Unless you are in the business, you are by no
means a smart.

In closing, there is nothing wrong with being a mark. In fact, I am
one, or why else would I be in the business? And in reply to Ken
Kobiernicki's comments, I couldn't agree more. If you don't even know
the proper context of wrestling terminology, don't waste your time
using it. You will just end up looking like an ass in the end.
-Brad Michaels
Written by reader: Mike (MNR1118)

I was at a friends house recently, watching old wrestling tapes from
the mid 70's to the early 80's when it hit me. Racial stereotyping has
been in professional wrestling for a long time, I just never payed
attention to it. The first match we watched involved a Native American
wrestler named Wahoo McDaniel, and Wahoo came to the ring in full
Indian head-dress, a loin cloth with wrestling trunks underneath, and
boots that matched the color of the feathers on his head-dress. As
soon as they announced his name, Wahoo let out this scream (Like Xena
Warrior Princess) and danced around the ring with all his might, Put it
this way, It should have rained cats and dogs with the way he danced,
and his finishing move was "The Tomahawk Chop".

Other wrestlers we saw was a Mexican guy named "Nachos Guerarra".
There was a Puerto Rican wrestler named "Kahlua"; later on there was a
African American wrestler named "Sweet Daddy White", who was dressed
very similiar to "The Godfather", with the loud colored clothing and
the fedora hat with the large feather on the side.

Now the stereotyping was very plain to see in these wrestlers (more
then 20 years ago, I might add) but the crowd didn't seem to mind, They
were too busy having a good time, and I guess that's what counts. Oh by
the way, Nacho, Kahlua, And Sweet Daddy (No Ho's) all sucked, but Wahoo
was pretty good though.
Written by reader: AlSnow6995

Would you agree that McMahon brought wrestling to the national front
instead of sectional? Also, I thought the Kevin McMahon skits were
funny. What's wrong with two rival organizations taking shots on each
other on their own programs? I don't think anything. It's a clever
game of one
upsmanship that us wrestling fans enjoy so much between wrestlers
inside the organization.

Let me put it this way, we enjoy that game when it is staged between
wrestlers by bookers, shouldn't we enjoy it more when it's on the
corporate level and not staged, so the two ogres have to actually think
to outwit each other.

I love the Kevin McMahon skits, and I loved the Billionaire Ted skits,
and may the low, petty insults continue forever!!!!
Written by reader: Written by reader: SMADIA25

After Thursday night's match between Hammer & Malenko, YOU (reader
drawboom) and Malenko backers better have your feet SQUARE in
you're mouths. First of all, Malenko, granted every fact that was
described well in your letter, including his well executed matches &
power moves, just turned his rights in to claim ANY of that when the
bell rang at THUNDER.

He needed help to defeat Van Hammer? Van Hammer, who originally was set
for a "BIG" tag-team push with the now-released Bryan Clark (WRATH),
has defeated some noticeably decent talent in WCW, but no one to the
bragging rights of Malenko. Dean could not do it on his own. Plain &
simple. I know of another "Vertically Challenged" wrestler that would
not only wipe the floor with Malenko's potbelly, but literally
well as having defeated Hammer already, and he is his ex-partner, and
the strongest under 6" Footer (PROVEN) "The Crippler" Chris Benoit.

Benoit is CLEARLY the faster, better built, as well as the more
"sound-superior" technician. His better shape allows for a more
realistic experience, proven with Dean's horrible, out-of-shape,
"kindergarten-like" kicks at the end of the crappy match that Hammer
was about to win until Saturn & Asya grabbed and held his legs, Wow,
holding Van Hammer, somebody is desperate for a real win, just think
about it.
Steve Appy responds:
It's not fair to blame Malenko because WCW bookers don't like writing
clean finishes. Actually, it was silly for WCW to even place Malenko
in with the oversized Hammer (you'd think they would have learned after
matching him against the likes of Stevie Ray & The Windhams).

As for a Benoit/Malenko comparison, I'm not sure I see the point. I
agree that Benoit is the more marketable of the two, and he's also the
more heavily pushed (I would also say that Benoit is the best worker in
the country as well).

Malenko's biggest fan would probably be Chris Benoit, and I'm pretty
sure that neither man would begrudge the success of the other.
To obtain your free subscription to The Python's Byte, send a blank
e-mail to python-byte-subscribe
Written by reader: Sonya Schell (schell)


I have to agree that I see Austin losing all the luster he had but
let's remember that after he won his first title at Wrestlemania that
he has had to carry the company torch. One man had to carry the company
and give them the exposure that has gotten pro wrestling to its all
time high.

Truly, I think Steve is tired - extremely tired - I mean this man does
talk shows, TV shows, newspaper and magazine articles, radio shows etc.
He is probably the busiest man in ANY sport. As much as he loves his
daughters, you know that he must hurt not seeing them more. I do agree
that he needs to get back in the 100% Whoop Ass mode and quit jobbing
to people. I have watched the Rock's popularity explode and be bigger
than Austin's. Even when Austin and Rock tagged team, 90% of the fans
were yelling Rock's name while Austin was in the ring.

I just think that maybe Austin's time has come to hand the torch over
to HHH or Rocky. How tough of an SOB can someone be when they are
wearing TWO knee braces? That's not very scary. Also, his mike work is
getting boring and he needs to pick it up.

Austin will remain in history as a great worker in the ring but let's
hope that he doesn't try to hang on when he is fading like Hogan,
Savage, Flair. Maybe he needs to talk to my friend, Ricky "The Dragon"
Steamboat about knowing when to retire when injuries are too much.
-Sonya Schell
President of The OFFICIAL Sting Fans Without Order Lair
Steve Appy responds:
I think we're jumping the gun here about Austin losing it. I feel that
he suffering from the overexposure that comes with dominating 3-4
segments of RAW nearly every single Monday for the past three years.

Austin will recover; give him time off to rest those chronically bad
knees and to get fresh again for television. Upon his return most of
the backlash will be gone, and he really is good enough to dominate the
business for years to come.
Written by William (madspector)

5 simple steps towards stupifying your wrestling fans...Hey, why not,
it worked in the WWF. What works up there is assured to work
everywhere, right???

By Vince Russo and his dog Ed

Step 1.
Defame the sport. Tell them its "Sports Entertainment", that its just
like any other TV show (even thought it isn't). That's it! Tell them
its just like NYPD, and if they believe you (!!!??) capitalize on it
and use that as an excuse to take the "sport" of the fraudulent Vince
MacMahon created term "sports entertainment"

Step 2.
Have storylines take up 99.9% of your show, train your fan not to
expect a decent wrestling match to the point he or she will go into a
state of confusion if they ever see one. This way they'll sit for
hours on end watching sports "call it what ever the hell you want its
still wrestling" entertainment without being disappointed since its all
they know...cuz its all you've shown them.

Step 3.
Have them wipe their ass with the tradition and prestige of the sport.
Teach them to call anyone who cares about all of the aspects of
wrestling a "purist"...even the though that word is only used by idiots
who haven't been informed that at no time during its history has
wrestling been "pure". The correct term is "traditionalist" and that
with out tradition there is no sport. But be careful, having them even
hear the word tradition might make them think for themselves, it might
broaden their attention spans, in effect threatening their desire to
watch your short attention span oriented show, and we couldn't have
that, could we?

Step 4.
Implement shock value. Do as many stupid and ignorant things as
possible, you've got them well on the road to being vegetables, the
last thing you want them to do is wake up. and finally…

Step 5.
Keep em stupid, keep em watching. Follow these quick and easy steps
and you too can turn your wrestling company into a complete and utter
joke just like Vince Russo has…twice. For more info log on to our web
and have a nice day.
ECW-TNN Television Report – November 5, 1999
Hosted by Joey Styles and Joel Gertner
By Joe De Leon at:

The Show begins with the return of Sandman as seen on ECW Hardcore TV
from the ECW Arena.

The Baldies and Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten went to a no contest.
The Baldies are shown in the ring. They call out Balls and Axl. Balls
and Axl clear the ring. Skull enters the ring and begins to argue with
Balls Mahoney. He is crushed with a chair. All four Baldies enter the
ring and attack Balls and Axl. New Jack enters with his trash can. He
uses all of his weapons on the Baldies until Angel stapled him in the
eye. New Jack rived in pain, and Balls and Axl had to cover over him to
protect him. The
EMT's had to aid New Jack out of the ring.

Baldies promo. They are on the streets of Philadelphia telling New Jack
that they took the streets from him.

Super Crazy defeated Little Guido w/Big Sal Graziano and Spike Dudley
in a three way dance.
Spike gave his glasses to a fan, but Guido stole them from the fan. All
three men were in the ring. Little Guido was sent out of the ring.
Spike then did a rolling tilt a world from the ring on to the ground.
While both men were in the crowd, Super Crazy did a moonsault from the
second rope into the crowd. Guido took control outside the ring. As the
match made its way back to the ring, Spike Dudley was eliminated by
Little Guido. Super Crazy and Guido then battled back and forth until
Super Crazy was able to hit a powerbomb and take the victory.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam and Bill Alphonso tells Taz that he has no
chance. He says he is the best wrestler in the whole world, and he will
beat him at November to Remember.

Backstage, Danny Doring, with the Amish Roadkill, is crying because he
lost his women. He said it would probably take him two hours to get
over her. He then tells the ladies what room he's in.

Backstage, Sabu and Bill Alphonso tell Chris Candido that he is crazy
to make his comeback against Sabu.

Backstage, Simon is with Dick Hertz.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn threatens Tajiri.

On the streets, the Baldies again are making fun of New Jack.

Backstage, Steve Corino, with Rhino and Jack Victory, tells Sandman
that Rhino will destroy him.

In one of his vignettes, Raven asked Tommy what he was thinking
bringing Sandman into their family. He then tells the Impact Players he
will hurt them.

The Show was filled with promos of November to Remember throughout.
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