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Issue # 387

Date:  Sunday November 7th, 1999  9:17 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Concerns surround Sytch
Sunday, November 7, 1999
By Mike Mooneyham

A recent incident involving Tammy Sytch following an ECW show in
Philadelphia has raised more concerns about a performer once dubbed the
"queen of professional wrestling."

Sytch, 26, passed out in a chair in the ECW Arena locker room after the
company's Oct. 23 event. Sytch, whose troubled past involving substance
abuse has been well-documented, has denied taking drugs that evening
and believes she may have grabbed someone else's non-alcoholic drink by

"She was sitting down in a chair, put her head on top of her makeup
case, and that was it. She was out," ECW executive producer Paul Heyman
told The Post and Courier last week.

Speculation was that the designer drug GHB (Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate), or
a derivative thereof, was involved. The drug, which has been linked to
a number of wrestling performers, is a potent substance that has become
the controversial designer drug of the late '90s. The drug slows down
the heart rate and burns fat while a person sleeps, but also has been
blamed for causing unconsciousness, comas and convulsions.

Heyman said that Sytch, who has been on probation with the company,
will not be fired because she passed a court-ordered drug test, adding
that he was unwilling to accuse her of knowingly taking the substance
because "the facts don't match up."

"She had a (urine) test done by the court of New Jersey on the Tuesday
after the incident, and they found nothing in her system," said Heyman.

Heyman said he believes Sytch's story.

"Everybody drinks from each other's Gatorade bottles or Coke bottles
(in the locker room)," said Heyman. "Is it a possibility that someone
else had GHB in their drink and she unknowingly picked up that drink?
Yes, to the point where it raises enough reasonable doubt that I have
to at least judge this from the perspective that there's reasonable
doubt not to fire her, and it convinced a judge in the state of
who has been monitoring her situation now for about eight

Heyman said that Sytch readily complied with a request to do interviews
following the ECW show.

12:15 a.m. I pulled her aside and asked her if she was up to doing
promos," recounted Heyman. "She had already changed and was actually
leaving the building when we came up with the idea of a doing a promo.
She said she didn't mind and that she would get dressed. Now getting
dressed requires her to redo her hair, put on her clothes, redo her
makeup. She would need at least 45 minutes. She goes upstairs, washes
and blow-drys her hair, she does the curls, puts on a new dress. If she
was going to get screwed up, why not just come to the studio on Monday,
which was an option we gave her."

Heyman also pointed to a lack of evidence.

"I don't even know if she deserves the benefit of the doubt, but I will
say this. I'm the son of a lawyer, and I know the difference between
substantial evidence and no evidence. There's no evidence there. If you
find a dead woman's body outside of O.J. Simpson's house, it doesn't
mean he killed her. You can look at the track record, but that doesn't
mean that he killed her.

Just because this girl who has acknowledged her problems at
1 o'clock
in the morning put her head down on her case and admittedly had all the
symptoms of taking GHB, the question remains: Why would she take it if
she knew she had to do promos and get ready for promos? I can see it if
she was a chronic user and this was her new substance and she was
hooked on it. If she's hooked on GHB, why hasn't she lost more weight?"

Heyman, however, doesn't deny that the drug was in her

"I would assume it's in her system," he said. "I don't have any
delusions about that. I just don't think she took it knowingly or
willingly. I'm unwilling to convict her on this little amount of
evidence simply because if she was a user of GHB, why hasn't she lost
more weight? Everyone is so willing to talk about her weight, but if
she was on GHB, she wouldn't be that heavy. She would have lost a lot
more weight.''

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at
(843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at mooneyham. More
wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is available every Monday on The
Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is 1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99
cents per minute, and children under 18 must get parental permission
before dialing.
Fritz Capp's latest installment of "Straight Shooting" can be found at:

In it Fritz responds to Phil Mushnick's latest column bashing
professional wrestling (and Ted Turner specifically). Whether you end
up agreeing with Fritz's points or not, he does make some compelling
rebuttals to Mushnick's column.

I've always personally had mixed feelings regarding Mushnick; on one
hand I resent the obvious disdain that he feels for wrestling fans. He
has trouble understanding that an intelligent adult could enjoy
something that he personally considers so trashy, and has made it
fairly clear in the past that he holds zero respect for wrestling fans.
I feel that his tone is overly harsh and distracts from his argument.

At the same time, I agree with the majority of Mushnick's feelings on
the wrestling business. The rampant drug use, the marketing of
questionable content to children, I agree with Mushnick when it comes
to these points. I also feel that the discussion/debate about these
subjects will only help clean up a business that oftentimes really
enjoys being dirty.

Mushnick's article, along with Fritz's reply, can be found at:
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Written by reader: NCRSpy

I just wanted to point out that the commentary on Sports
Entertainment was by far the most narrow-minded and opinionated
commentary I have ever read, as well as being misinforming.

How is calling professional wrestling "Sports Entertainment" defaming
to the sport? What was defaming was when it was called professional
wrestling, because the actual amount of "wrestling" maneuvers was
small, and the fact that it is predetermined makes it a hard case to
call it a professional sport.

Sports Entertainment is a great illustration of what pro wrestling is:
It is a form of entertainment that is sports driven. The wrestlers are
athletes, there is no question of that, but it is entertainment rather
than a pure sport, as the punches are pulled and the matches are

To try and argue that it is a sport makes it an even bigger target for
the masses, and once McMahon admitted to it being predetermined,
critics lost most of their arguments and had to shut up because they
could never bash it by just saying "It's all fake." McMahon had said
so himself, and so they actually had to real negative comments to make.

Wrestling became more mainstream because people were no longer
constantly asked "Don't you know it's fake" or "Do you honestly
believe people can do those moves and
not kill each other?"

As for storylines, what's so wrong with them? I mean, obviously you
are in the minority when you state that you don't want storylines,
because many fans enjoy the storylines behind feuds and such. And
stories aren't an
invention of McMahon, because older feds back in the 70's had classic
feuds as well.

Sure, some were based on guys just gunning for the gold, but you had
many examples of guys who wrestled each other because of this reason or
that. Heck, down in the USWA, Lawler fueded with Andy Kaufman because
took offense to Kaufman claiming to be the inter-gender champion of the
world. The storyline in this feud were the driving force behind it,
because Kaufman wasn't much of a wrestler and had no in ring skills to
speak off. Their dislike for each other outside the ring made it so
compelling, not
the actual in-ring action.

As far as you being a traditionalist, I say that the times have passed
you by. Wrestlers these days are much more athletic and daring, and
have better mike skills, so why not use them? Do you honestly dream
back of the days when we were served up local worker vs. top stars 95%
of the time, knowing full well who was going to win the match? I
myself grew tired of those days, and appreciate the in-ring action that
we have today, and the mystery surrounding the outcome of most of the
matches we see.

Is wrestling today perfect? No. The fact is however, that different
fans want to see different things. For every ten fans who want to see
a Dean Malenko vs. Chris Benoit match, you have ten fans who want to
see a Scott Hall and Kevin Nash interview. For every ten guys who want
to see
Jericho as the World Champ, you have ten guys who think he sucks
and enjoy the ability of the bigger guys like Kane, and want to see him
fight for the belt.

Just because one fan likes something different than you doesn't mean
that they are wrong. Just because I have been watching for 10+ years,
while my friends have been watching for two years doesn't mean that my
opinion is any better than theirs.

Just because wrestling today doesn't look like the wrestling of heyday
doesn't make it any less of a show. Just because you no longer have
title reigns that last for years like Backlund's did doesn't mean that
no one is as good a wrestler as him. Wrestling, and its fans, have
There is still plenty of great workers, but there are also some great
outside the ring entertainers like the Rock or Hall. If you don't like
it, don't watch.
Written by reader: The Big Schwag (TastyBear)

Big Schwag The Biggest Manager In The Business would have to agree with
Steve Appy about
Austin. The Rock is great, Mankind is great, but
Steve Austin has brought the WWF to the top of the ratings, along with
Vinnie Mac. Without
Austin feuding with DX, The Undertaker, The Rock,
or Shaun Michael's, the WWF would have been good, not great. The Rock
is the flavor of the year and will be the man for a long time, but
Stone Cold is the franchise.

More regular folk can relate with him from all walks of life, and The
Schwag would be proud to manage him to another title. Thanks and God
Written by reader: NashBDC

After reading SMADIA's comments on Dean Malenko, I'd just like to say
this: Dean Malenko needed help to beat Van Hammer because that's what
the script said. Finishes or pushes have absolutely nothing to do with
how good a worker the individual is, as Juventud Guerrera (one of the
best wrestlers in
North America), who could soon be out of job, can
Written by reader: JlBt911

Here's something
NEW: The WWF is about to pull off the greatest
potential signing in, well, since
Jericho signed by getting Kurt Angle.
As a college wrestler, I'll say that this has my interest piqued.
Now, I only wonder, are we set to be treated to an Angle/Shamrock match
upon the Worlds 2nd Most Dangerous man's (behind Chris Jericho, of
course) return? And could it possibly be a shootfighting match?

Let's all just hope that the WWF doesn't screw up this big name
Olympian the way they did to the mediocre Mark
Steve Appy responds:
Considering all of the injuries that occurred during The Brawl For All
tournament, I'm pretty certain that the WWF will not arrange ANY shoot
matches involving its contracted talent.
Written by reader: ZzWiLLiEzZ

Will it be a "November to Remember"? Well well well, The day has
finally arrived ladies and gentleman. Tonight,
8:00 EST time (5:00
), we will witness ECW's showcase Pay-Per-View. November to
Remember. Now, N2R started out back in ECW's "old school" days and
turned into the premiere event for the federation. Back in the days,
many amazing events took place at N2R... but will this N2R be as good
as the ones of old? Or will the last November to Remember of the be
just another weak showing by ECW, as many will admit of last years
November to Remember.

ECW left us off at Anarchy Rulz, the company's last Pay Per View, and
the biggest show in ECW's history. Paul E. is going to have to pull out
all the stops to make this years show as good as the previous... So
far, all signs point towards Paul E doing just that... As ECW reported
to us on TV, we can expect to see:

Jerry Lynn v. Yoshihiro Taijiri v. Super Crazy
This 3 Way Dance should be nothing short of amazing. All 3 wrestlers
are capable of stealing the show, and this match could very easily be
the best wrestling we see on the Pay Per View. Personally, I hope that
Super Crazy and Jerry Lynn square off down the stretch.

Sabu v. Chris Candido
Candido makes his return to Pay Per View in this battle with Sabu.
Being a major Sabu mark, I am looking forward to this match up. Sabu
matches have a tendancy to be a bit slow, as do Candido matches, but
never-the-less, we should see some great spots in this battle. I am
pulling for Sabu as the winner.

Mike Awesome (c) v. Masato Tanaka
A fued that put these two wrestlers over in ECW, Mike Awesome and
Masato Tanaka will go at it once more at November to Remember. Tanaka
gets another chance at Awesome, and this time the ECW World Title is at
stake, which will make this match more memorable than their historic
battle at Heatwave 98. I am routing and believing that Masato Tanaka
will capture the World Title in the match.

Rob Van Dam (c) v. Taz
I thought the first time I would see these two go at it would be for
the World Title, but it is for Van Dam's TV strap. I wouldn't be
surprised if Paul E lets this match be the headliner of the Pay Per
View. It should be non-stop action, keeping us all on our feet through
out the battle. Do not be surprised if Van Dam's title reign comes to
an end at the hands of Taz.

Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Rhino v. Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Sandman
You could label it "
New School vs. Old School". 3 of ECW's top
prospects go up against 3 of ECW's greatest. Probably a hardcore brawl
from the start of the things. Expect Steve Corino to become a factor in
this one. Also expect something big to happen, though I do not know
what, but something big that will change the Tag Title scene. I am
thinking it will end in a No Contest.

When you add those matches with action from Mikey Wipwreck, Little
Guido, Simon Diamond, New Jack, Da Baldies, Balls and Axl, Danny
Doring, Spike Dudley, and Steve Corino... you end up with a great card
from top to bottom. Some Predictions for AFTER November to Remember: -
Taz wins the TV title, and drops it to Sabu, ending Taz's ECW stay and
the Taz-Sabu fued. - Masato Tanaka wins the World Title, and will face
Rob Van Dam at the next Pay Per View (Guilty As Charged) which would be
the match that was supposed to happen a year ago, but never did. - 3
Tag Teams come out of the Main Event: Impact Playerz, Sandman and
Dreamer, Corino and Raven... which Rhino goes his own way and works his
way up the ranks. - Sabu puts his new TV title (won from Taz) on the
line numerous times against Jerry Lynn and Super Crazy. - The Tag
Titles switch hands very often between the new 3 Tag Teams. *Note that
none of this might happen, all personal thoughts... But when you look
at the Pay Per View itself, and what comes out of it... it should truly
be a November to Remember in ECW history.
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning once again to Thomasville, NC
on Sat. night, Nov. 13th at the National Guard Armory (off of National
Highway), 7:30p.m. belltime.

In the main event, for control of NDW Wrestling Big Slam, Vader will go
one on one against The Dirty White Boy. In a grudge match Chris Cruise
w/John Hitchcock will collide with NDW Owner Chris Plano.

Serious heat has developed between local promotion CWA Wrestling and
NDW Wrestling. NDW Wrestler Brute Shooter also has issued a shootfight
challenge to CWA Wrestler Heartthrob Alan Rage. This war has started
Alan Rage attacked Shooter from behind with a steel pipe this past Sat.
night and also Rage legit hit a women with the same steel pipe in her
chest area. There is serious legit heat between these two combatants
and it will all boil down this weekend for all of the marbles in
Thomasville, NC. If Alan Rage is man enough to show up and accept the
challenge, don't you dare miss this one.

Plus you will see Eddie Brown, Mike Gunner, Chilly Willy, Toad, Tears,
Mr. Excellent, Simply Delicious, wrestlers from UWA Wrestling in
England, Jonny Fairplay, Boogie D (102 JAMZ), 7 all-star matches in
all, a truly International wrestling event.

Advance tickets are available at Southwest Expressions (Archdale) and
Hix Insurance Center (High Point), tickets
will also be available at the National Guard Armory up until bell time.

Call 336-882-4921 or check out the NDW Wrestling website at for more info. Be There!!!!

Thank you,
Chris Plano
New Dimension Wrestling, LLC
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