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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 388

Date:  Sunday November 7th, 1999  8:13 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

November 7th, 1999, Live in Buffalo, NY

By Nate Pelley of The Wrestling Informer; to subscribe to The Informer,
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Extreme Championship Wrestling presented "November to Remember 1999"
live on pay-per-view tonight. The event, from
Buffalo, New York, was
another wild night of ECW action. Wrestling wise, this PPV was about as
good as it gets. The storylines left a bit to be desired, and the first
match(es) looked kind of thrown together, but the upper card was
outstanding, easily better than anything the WWF or WCW has presented
all year.

The show opened up with Joey Styles and Cyrus in the ring, warming up
the crowd. Joel Gertner came out and worked the stick, getting himself
over with the crowd. He said he should be the host of the show along
with Styles, not Cyrus, so Cyrus backed off. Soon, Taz hit the ring.
Taz was "shooting" with Joey Styles about Styles' comments saying Taz
"sneaks up from behind" to apply the Tazmission. Taz asked Joey if he
wanted to fight, but Joey didn't (despite the crowd chanting for it).
Taz ranted a bit longer, before being insulted by Gertner. Joel
promptly got choked out, and Taz said he'd do the same to Rob Van Dam
later in the evening.

Match #1: Simon Diamond (with "Big" Dick Hertz) vs. Jazz. Diamond came
out and did his routine about "wherever I go, my big Dick is right
behind me" blah blah. Diamond is pretty funny on the mike, too bad he
has gotten next to no TV time until recently. Jazz came out and
challenged Diamond to a match, hitting the Jazz Stinger in about 30
seconds. Dick Hertz then picked up Jazz and nailed the "Penile
Implant." Diamond said Hertz was a giant killer, so cue Spike Dudley.
Spike came out and hit the Acid Drop on Hertz, leading to the next
Winner: No Contest

Match #2: Simon Diamond (with "Big" Dick Hertz) vs. Spike
Spike dominated the match up, and quickly hit an Acid Drop on Diamond
to pick up the win. But in ECW, a match ain't over until the Fat
Italian appears, so here come Little Guido and Big Sal E. Graziano.
They were quickly joined by Nova, who teamed up with Spike, leading to
our next match. Winner: Spike

Match #3: Spike Dudley & Nova vs. The Full Blooded Italians (F.B.I.)
)("The Extreme Stud" Little Guido & "The Big Salbowski" Sal E.
Good action for a few moments, with the FBI taking advantage of Nova.
Big Sal hit a big splash on Nova, and Guido got the pin following the
backslide DDT. But wait, there's more! The FBI brutalized Nova until a
returning Chris Chetti hit the ring to save his partner. Cue Danny
Doring and Roadkill, who attacked Chetti and Nova. Roadkill hit a big
splash on Chetti, in what looks to be the set up of a three way feud.
Winners: The Full Blooded Italians (F.B.I.)

Match #4: Extreme 3 Way Dance -- "The New F'n Show" Jerry Lynn vs.
Yoshihiro Tajiri (with Steve Corino & Jack Victory) vs. Super Crazy.
Corino worked the mike before the match, saying Tajiri is the king of
the 3 way dance. Lynn and Crazy worked the first few minutes against
each other, and it was wild. Too many high spots to list, and there
were more moonsaults in this one match than I have ever seen in my
life. Crazy hit a spectacular moonsault onto Lynn and Tajiri from above
the entrance way. Back in the ring,
Lynn hit the cradle piledriver on
Crazy, followed by a brainbuster by Tajiri, to eliminate Crazy. The two
men worked stiff for the rest of the match, with
Lynn eventually
getting the win following the cradle piledriver. After the match, he
hit the same move on Corino, to a huge pop.
Lynn was over BIG TIME.
Winner: Jerry Lynn

Match #5: Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten vs. The Baldies (Tony DeVito, Vito
"The Skull" LaGrosso, P.N. News, and Spanish Angel).
This one was a wild brawl (imagine that!) which quickly prompted New
Jack to appear with his trash can o' goodies. Jack did a spot where he
stapled Angel in his... manliness. Anyway, wild action, lots of blood,
typical ECW brawl. Jack hit a wicked dive off a basketball backboard (a
good 15 feet up in the air) putting Angel through a table. Pretty much
everyone but Angel was bleeding in the this match, which eventually got
back in the ring. Angel knocked out New Jack with his guitar to get the
win, and the crowd was silent in shock. No one expected that finish!
Winners: The Baldies

Match #6: Sabu (with Bill Alfonzo) vs. Chris Candido (with Tammy Lynn
Candido made his first PPV appearance since Living Dangerously, and put
on a great match with Sabu. Lots of table spots by Sabu, and he hit two
triple jump moonsaults. Candido, who seems to be favoring the diving
headbutt from the top rope as a finisher of late, hit that move on Sabu
but only for a two count. They teased the finish several times by
having Sabu lock on the Camel Clutch, but Candido got free every time.
Candido put a table in the ring, and Tammy and Alfonzo got involved.
Fonzie put Sytch on the table, but Candido pulled her off, only to be
driven through by Sabu. Sabu locked on the Camel Clutch again a few
moments later, and got the submission win. Very close to a five star
Winner: Sabu, by submission.

Match #7: ECW World Heavyweight Champion "Awesome" Mike Awesome (with
Judge Jeff Jones) vs. Masato Tanaka. The winner of this match will be
defending the ECW World title in Japan, then bringing it back to the
US. Styles and Cyrus tried to put over the fact that Awesome had never
pinned Tanaka in a one on one match in the US, making the champ the
under dog. Another unreal match, and if you have seen any of their
previous matches (from Heatwave 98, Anarchy Rulz, or any of the number
of times they have fought on ECW TV or in Japan) you know the kind of
spots these guys do, and they did them all tonight. Awesome hit an
unreal sit down powerbomb off the top rope through a table on Tanaka,
but only got a two count! Crowd popped HUGE, and Joey Styles even
chiming in saying, "My mother is going to kill me for saying this...
but Holy Sh**!" Unreal action, Tanaka is in league with Mick Foley on
the scale of taking sick bumps and getting right back up. Back and
forth action, with lots of false finishes and the like to get the crowd
going. If there was anyway to follow up the previous match, this was
it. Awesome eventually got the win with a sit down power bomb off the
top rope. GOOD GOD!
Winner: ECW World Champion Mike Awesome.

Match #8: ECW World TV Champion "Mr. PPV" Rob Van Dam (with Bill
Alfonzo) vs. "Human Suplex Machine" Taz. Could they top the previous
two matches? Well, ECW was going to try, and if there was any man who
could do it, it's RVD. While I am not a big fan of Taz's work, he did
work his ass off in this one, giving the ECW fans something to remember
him by (he will be heading to the WWF shortly, with promos heralding
his arrival expected to begin after Survivor Series). Wild action, and
easily one of the best matches I have ever seen Taz work. He hit a leg
and a Tazplex through a table on Van Dam, but only got a two. RVD came
back with a wicked Van Daminator off the top, but again, only for two.
After dominating most of the match up, Taz lost control in the end. RVD
hit a split legged moonsault for a two count, and must have landed
poorly on Taz, because the "Human Suplex Machine" got up with blood
pouring out of his mouth. Van Dam quickly hit the five star frog splash
to get the win! Afterwards, Taz shook hands with Alfonzo, talked to
RVD, and left the ring in ECW, perhaps for the last time.
Winner: ECW World TV Champion Rob Van Dam

Match #9: ECW World Tag Team Champions "Innovator of Violence" Tommy
Dreamer & Raven and "The Extreme Icon" The Sandman (with "Head
Cheerleader" Francine) vs. The Impact Players (Justin Credible & Lance
Storm) and Rhino (with Dawn Marie and "Sexiest Man on Earth" Jason).
Huge pops for Raven and The Sandman, and tons of heat for the heels.
Credible avoided the Sandman early on, but not in the end. Decent
action, although no where near as good as the early stuff (with
Dreamer, Sandman, Raven, and rookie Rhino that's not a shock). After a
catfight between Francine and Dawn Marie, Raven accidentally (?) hit
the Sandman with the Singapore cane, and Justin Credible hit "That's
Incredible" to pin the Extreme Icon! Afterwards, Sandman celebrated in
the ring, despite the defeat, with a case of beer.
Winners: Impact Players and Rhino
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Written by reader: Joe Vitti (javitti)

If there is a drug issue among the wrestlers, it would be wise to test
periodically. I am a teacher, and with some of my students, we discuss
various aspects of wrestling. I inform my students that all promoters
have a responsibility to their wrestlers. I do not care how it is
defined. The major concerns that I am interested in are safety issues,
assisting wrestlers when injured as well as dealing positively with
drug/drinking problems.

I will even stretch it and go as far as assisting with family issues by
providing counseling, etc. If for any reason, the wrestler, or other
member of the family does not enter into a helping situation 100% to
improve, then they are on their own. I would document the situation,
because one never knows when it will or how it will be needed in a
court situation.

Sooner or later, this will be the next step for promoters. They will be
held accountable for their lack of responsibilities to create a safe
and responsible environment for their employees. I do not care what
anyone says, but a sense of morality, dignity, and assistance to a
member of the human race is the responsibility for all. Yet, at the
same time, if we are not able to deal with the situation, there are
professionals to supply the necessary support.

This is what I tell my students. I am here for educational issues. If a
student has issues beyond education, then together we go to the social
worker, counselor, or house master. If a student does not go, I will go
and inform the parties. Finally, I tell my students that all of the
shootings, etc. going on there is one thing to remember: As an adult, I
will sacrifice my life so that you can live and fulfill your dreams.
Remember many men and women have done this in our wars, and daily

It is very difficult to get many messages across because I firmly
believe that our society is so into the entertainment aspect of life
and not the reality issues. Thanks for listening, I could keep on going
and going as the energized bunny!!! ---Joe Vitti
Written by reader: DrawBoom

Regarding the possibility of Juvi getting fired because of his poor
English skills: The answer is simple. Pair Juvi up with someone who can
do the talking because firing him for such a LAME reason would be more
than a mistake. It would be a crime and an embarrassment!

I thought he and Eddie Guerrerohad great chemistry. Get them together
again if talking is really that important (and judging from the
reactions that the Youth Warrior gets from the fans, it is NOT).
Wrestling today seems to love chesty women, give Juvi one as an
interpreter. It would be the first time that the presence of such a
woman actually made sense. Oh, that's right. This is wrestling in the
90's, making sense does not enter into the equation. Forget I said
Written by reader: Felipe Martinez, Jr. (FELIPEAPD)

NCRSpy >>

Dear NCRSpy:
This month would be my 20th year of watching the great sport of
Professional Wrestling. From the days of the territories, to the early
days of wrestling on Superstation 17, to the Vince McMahon expansion,
with Vince literally changing the rules of wrestling, to today's
wrestling product of Sports Entertainment. McMahon has been calling
wrestling Sports Entertainment for almost five years, but it doesn't
really bother me. Wrestling traditionalist of not, I think every fan,
ultimately, wants to see good wrestling.

The entertainment aspect is fun. The vignettes, interviews, cameos, &
comedy segments are all fun to watch, and are aspects wrestling fans
should endure. However, today's wrestling fans are missing out on the
wrestling aspect. There is a philosophy of sports to Pro Wrestling that
today's fans do not understand, because its not exposed to them.
Today's fans are trained to react to the same popular spots and catch
phases. And that doesn't bother me, because I also enjoy them. But I
miss the wrestling. And today's fans are truly missing out on it.

Sports Entertainment or not, each fan, traditionalist or not, shouldn't
just watch WWF or WCW. Fans with Internet access, should try and
purchase old wrestling tapes and support other promotions. You will
learn to love the wrestling aspect and philosophies, and not just the
entertainment aspect. Today's fans should explore the rich history of
wrestling. You will not be dissatisfied. Call today's wrestling what
you'd like, it will never deter me from supporting it for another 20
-Felipe Martinez, Jr.
Written by reader: TESRNE

The problem I have always had with Phil Mushnick of the NY Post is that
he doesn't know his facts. He has stated that the WWF once belonged to
the NWA. Most wrestling fans know that the NWA was the predecessor
organization to what is now known as WCW and a rival organization to
the WWF.

Also, while he complains about the sexual contact of the WWF and it's
affect on children, he never complains about the sexy ads with photos
which appear daily in his newspaper!
Steve Appy responds:
While I didn't realize that Mushnick claimed that the WWF once belonged
to the NWA, he's actually correct.

The WWF was a dues paying member of the NWA until the early 80's, and
officially recognized the NWA World Champion as the World Champion
above their own titleholder (as per NWA bylaws). I can't imagine why
this would be something that Mushnick would be concerned about, though.
Written by reader: XDaBoMb911

I'm pretty upset on how everyone still praises Steve Austin when his
value has obviously gone down. Fans have used the excuse that Austin
brought the WWF from debt and now is the franchise. Well, if Austin
were the franchise, then maybe he would know his role and wrestle
actual wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett. He just wants to make his name even
larger because his ego is so damn large. The WWF franchise is the
Undertaker- he's been the company for so long, loyal and faithful.

He doesn't go crying to the office or refusing to lose to another
wrestler. Or Sting in WCW- he didn't cry when he wasn't in the main
events. He lost if he had to lose because it was for the company. I'm
not disputing Austin didn't bring the WWF from its hell hole to a money
making machine, but where is he now? Wrestling, like all other
businesses, goes by the motto "Sure, you did great stuff then, but what
are you doing for me
NOW?" Is that a real good reason to keep someone?
If so, then let Hulk Hogan roam around WCW doing whatever the hell he
wants. Like Hogan, the only thing Austin has done is held back
potential, like Double J, Billy Gunn (who could be one of the best
wrestlers out there), Chris Jericho, HHH, and The Rock.

Who gives a damn if Austin helped the WWF beat WCW? If the WWF gets
smart, they better find a way to make Austin heel because he's going
down drain slowly and he's going to pull the WWF down with him. Of
course, they could also have Austin do a clean job to someone that
deserves it- maybe Chris Jericho or even Hardcore Holly! All wrestling
fans know that Austin doesn't have a speck of talent left in him. Hogan
has more moves then he does. If anyone can actually come by and tell me
that Austin has more than 5 moves (NOT INCLUDING PUNCH
then go ahead and e-mail me at XDabomb911. I'll be nice enough
to name three right now, The Stunner, Thesz Press ...... and I'm lost
after that. I'm saying that Austin needs to take a look at the mirror.
No doubt he's so egotistical, I bet he'll be muttering the words
"Whatcha Gonna Do......Brother?"
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