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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 389

Date:  Monday November 8th, 1999  5:34 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
The 11/5 edition of ECW on TNN bounced back up to a 1.1 rating, an
increase of .3 (which may be favorable to November To Remember's
Straight Shooting
By : Fritz Capp (afcpwbts)
November 8, 1999
PWBTS 2000

This version is going to go back to the old format as I want to speak
on some random thoughts that are going through my head and catch up on
some of the readers feedback and also get back to the "Favorite
Memories of the
First I have to wonder where all the so-called professionalism in
wrestling reporting is that I have heard so much about the past 2+
years I have been on the Internet.

Now I am not passing judgment on anyone nor am I trying to give you
your opinions. I leave that up to each and every reader of this column
to form their own opinion. I also ask everyone to check out what I say
here so you know for yourselves that I am being truthful with you and
not just saying something to generate heat.

The topic I want to bring up is the latest shots being fired between
the WWF's "Byte This" show and WCW "Live".

Last week on "Byte This" Kevin Kelly and company took shots at WCW
Live's hosts Jeremy Borash and Bob Ryder. Not at family members, not at
friends, at Borash and Ryder.

Now you can expect this, especially on rival wrestling programs that
are being run by rival wrestling promotions. In wrestling just about
anything is fair game, I imagine, but all I did was chuckle to myself
when I heard that Kelly and Co. took shots and I wondered what the
response would be.

Well the reports are in and what is being said is that Bob Ryder and
Mark Madden (was he even involved?) did fire a salvo back. But not at
Kevin Kelly, not at anyone else on the show, but at Kevin Kelly's wife,
basically saying how ugly and fat she is. My take is that Jeremy Borash
has more class than to lower himself to those levels.

My question is couldn't Ryder (again Madden was just trying to generate
heat for himself by interjecting himself into this) take shots at Kelly
and Co.? Why did he have to drag Kelly's "wife" into this? Has Kevin
Kelly's "wife" ever done anything to Ryder to warrant such an attack?

I highly doubt it but this shows the utter lack of class and
professionalism that some people in this industry have for other
people's feelings. It also shows a great lack of imagination on both
Ryder's and Madden's part.

I have dealt with certain people for as long as I have been doing this.
During that time they have time and time again showed how low class
they are by never coming straight at me in public, but they have had no
problem with taking shots at family and friends of mine in the public
venue. It seems this practice has rubbed off on Bob Ryder and it is a
shame because if I remember correctly (and I always do) Bob Ryder used
to have class and was above these
kinds of attacks. Hopefully one day Bob will remember that and return
to the person he used to be, all those paydays ago.
Everyone has been having their say about the dreaded glitches that
happened on Nitro last week. Give the techs a break everyone, they are
running a format that they are not accustomed to. Remember, for years
they were used to doing things a certain way and now have to change on
the fly. Of course there are going to be glitches. It is not unlike a
pro football team getting a new coach. Sure the guys know how to play
football but with the new coach comes a new play book and nuances that
they have to learn.

Unlike pro football the television crew at WCW didn't have training
camp or pre-season, they just went right into the playoffs. So cut them
some slack...everything will be worked out.
Keeping on the same note I think that Hall and Nash should keep the
glitches in their promos. Beings their big thing right now is that
everything is "for the ratings" I think it would be funny to hear the
producer counting down at the beginning of their promos. They should
also leave the camera on them when the promo is done so we can hear
them talk about how good it was and how that should boost the ratings.
If done right it would be humorous to say the least and I am sure that
Russo and company could make it work.
I finally got to see Sandman's return to the ECW Arena and I for
one am
glad to see him "go home". Only the people who are longtime ECW fans
know the history of Sandman and how he came to be what he is today.
Only the fans of ECW appreciate what Sandman stands for as far as
"politically incorrect and damned proud of it" goes. Also only in ECW
will Sandman garner the respect that he deserves for all the blood and
sweat he has given to wrestling in general and ECW as a whole. I am
glad to see him there, and hopefully he will never leave again.
I just picked up WWF The Music : Volume 4 and I have to say I really
enjoyed the fact that all the music was current. If you haven't picked
it up yet and you are a WWF fan this is the CD for you.
The WWF has taken another hit, albeit a minor one with Terry Taylor
going back to WCW. The only reason I say it is a minor one is the fact
Taylor wasn't really used during his tenure with the WWF but I am
sure that he has enough information that he can fill in Russo and
company as to what Vince has been doing since they left the company.
My Favorite NWA Memories
I want to thank everyone for sending these in and for being patient
with me posting them. If anyone else has memories of the old NWA
promotion and would like to share them with the readers please send
them in to afcpwbts & please put NWA Memories in the
subject box.
After Magnum TA's accident they had him out with his baseball bat (The
Equalizer). Tully Blanchard and JJ Dillon, part of the Horsemen, of
course confronted him. There was a stare down and Tully dropped Magnum
with a punch. They had just started going to work on him when Dusty
Rhodes ran-in and pounded Blanchard with the bat. This is my most
memorable NWA moment. Also, the Flair/Sting Clash of the Champions 1
hour match was right up there also. (David McKinney)
Hi I am from
Virginia and grew up watching Mid-Atlantic
Wrestling. These were the days when they actually had matches the
whole hour and a few interviews!! It was fun to watch all the greats
Flair, Paul Jones, Blackjack Mulligan, Ernie Ladd, Mr. Wrestling, The
Anderson brothers, Tony
Atlas, & The Brisco Brothers.

I saw my first live match in
Roanoke Va. at the Civic Center and had a
blast. The main event was the battle of the Nature Boys, Flair vs.
Buddy Landell. It was a good match and I really enjoyed it.

The best memory is when I took my grandmother to a match at a local
high school. She had never been to a match live but she watched
wrestling every week on TV. She had the time of her life!! We sat on
the front row and got a chance to heckle some bad guy wrestlers. I had
more fun watching her than the matches!!! I was really glad that we got
a chance to go!!

To tell the truth I kind of miss those old days of wrestling, it was
just as fun without all the hype!!

Oh my fav. tag team from those days was Doom, they rocked . Also can't
talk about the old days without mentioning Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
and Ricky Steamboat, two of the best in their day!!!
(Gerald Rubin)
NWA memories, huh? Okay. Wahoo McDaniel, probably one of my top
childhood heroes. I think I got in trouble at least once for Tomahawk
chopping someone in the throat.

The Road Warriors, probably the greatest tag team ever, and don't even
mention Tully and Arn in the same breath. All things being equal, Hawk
and Animal would have ripped those punks new orifices. How about
'Number One' Paul Jones? He was always entertaining. Roddy Piper
didn't look puny back then. I could think of a few more, but I have a
cold and a few beers in the system. But those things I have mentioned
stick out the most.
Rogers Alley)
When I think of the NWA, I think of Jim (King) Ross calling Flair
vs.Steamboat. (SCCI1735066)
The NWA had the best mixture of mat work and blood and violence going
in the 70's and 80's. Guy like The Funks, H. Race and Flair could and
would work for 60 min every night. Not the 10 min matches ending in a
screwjob that we have been treated to by WCW and the WWF for the past
15 years. Flair's promo's were the reason I turned on the tube on
Saturday morning. He made a living putting asses in the stands on the
mike. He put mine in the stands 50 or so times. Times change but there
will be only one NWA!!!! Thanks,
(Gary Rowe)
One of my best memories of the NWA was Nikita Koloff, Dusty Rhodes and
the Road Warriors against the Four Horsemen in a War Games that was an
awesome match. Any of the Dusty Rhodes/Ric Flair matches for the World
Title or Tully Blanchard/Magnum TA for the best of 7 for the US Title,
those were great matches too.
1st - The Road Warriors just turned heel and beat the Midnights on a
house show for the tag straps (they showed footage) and Eaton was
busted open so he didn't work

...Cornette got a call as Lane was working on a jobber and he mumbled
something about using the name, next thing ya know Paul E Dangerously
and the Original Midnight Express (Dennis Condroy and Randy Rose) came
out and
jumped the Midnights and Cornette and busted Eaton back
open...very cool.
I have been watching wrestling for awhile so this was easy.(maybe next
time you could ask for memories of WCCW or
AWA). I think of Barry
Windham and Lex Luger against Tully Blachard and Arn Anderson at the
1st ever Clash of the Champions for the tag belts. Ron and Jimmy
Garvin w/ Pecious involving an incident with Ric Flair. Dusty
Rhodes as
Midnight Rider. The 4 Horsemen will always consist of Ric Flair,
Arn Anderson, Tully Blachard and Lex
Luger with JJ Dillion. That was my favorite lineup.
And with that I'm outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than
it appears to be.
Written by reader: Tom (tbrutis1)

The WWF NEVER at anytime belonged to the NWA. It was the WWWF that had
been part of the NWA. Regardless of what anyone thinks, the WWF & WWWF
were two completely different organizations.

It was Vince McMahon Sr. that broke away from the NWA because of
something to do with a Title match that was proposed to happen between
the then NWA Champion Lou Thesz, & "Nature Boy" Buddy Rodgers.
Negotiations fell through, & McMahon Sr. broke away from the NWA &
formed the WWWF, & named Buddy Rogers as it's 1st Champion.

The difference between the WWWF & the WWF are as follows: The WWWF was
in actuality a REGIONAL Wrestling Promotion that operated in the
Northeast part of the Country. The WWWF was headquartered in
Washington, D.C. & operated under the auspicies of Capital Sports Inc.
The WWWF's 1st president was the late Wilie Giltzenberg. The WWWF at
one time had only
ONE Television show that was syndicated n JUST the
Northeast, & had the late Ray Morgan as it's announcer. When Ray
retired, a young kid by the name of Vince McMahon Jr. took over the
announcing duties.

Though the WWWF Heavyweight Singles & Tag Titles were listed as "World"
Championships, they were in actuality "Regional" titles, seeing that at
the time, the WWWF NEVER went anywhere outside of the Northeast part of
the country. Wrestling Promoters (including Vince Sr.) NEVER invaded or
ran shows in areas that were already being ran by other wrestling
promotions. There was actually professional courtesy between promoters.

When Vince Sr. retired, he sold the WWWF to his son. Shortly
thereafter, Vince Jr. took this regional promotion, renamed it the WWF,
& turned it into the Sports Entertainment giant that we all know today,
& ran LIVE events along with TV shows literally AROUND THE WORLD. The
rest is History. In the words of Paul Harvey," and now you know "THE
–-Tom, tbrutis1
Written by reader: Alicia (DGenX829)

A reader wrote in and suggested that WCW pair Juventud up with Eddie
Guerrero to compensate for Juvi's English problem. Well, Eddie 's doing
his own thing now, but for those first 3 weeks before Russo and after
Bischoff, when WCW looked like they were getting better, they did have
Juvi with an English-speaking wrestler. They put him and Psychosis with
Chavo Guerrero Jr.

It looked like it was going to be a great group, since all three are
immensely talented (throw in Silver King or La Parka to round out the
group and it would have been perfect). Plus, Chavo can speak English,
has a great voice and an awesome sense of humor.

If Juvi does have to leave, I'll say what I've said before: he needs to
take 3 or 4 of his buddies (the guys mentioned above) and go to ECW so
they can party with Super Crazy and put on some good matches that we'll
actually get to see... often.
Steve Appy responds:
I like the idea, Chavo does have tons of personality and is a terrific
worker to boot. As long as they weren't presented as a comedy team
they could be tremendous; tremendous in a promotion that valued a team
made up of smaller workers who were two of the best in the company (I'm
thinking of teams like The Midnight Express & The Rock & Roll Express).
I just can't see Russo putting the energy into pushing these guys,
despite the talent & potential.
Written by reader: Tina J. Jones (edgeluvr)

I'd like to respond to the mark thing. I'm simply a wrestleholic. I'm
hooked. I told my fiancé if I'm ever admitted to the hospital he'd
better make sure he tapes wrestling.
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)

When so called wrestling fans question the ability of Dean Malenko, you
know there must be a problem.

Now onto more important things - The state of NJPW.
Japan Pro-Wrestling is a great wrestling company who have some
extremely talented wrestlers at their disposal, but there is a problem
at the moment. This problem is the lack of top quality main event
matches. Mutoh is a brilliant champion, but he isn't getting the right
matches. He has had some good matches, but he hasn't had any classics.

AJPW have Kobashi, Misawa, and Kawada, meaning you will get a ****+
Triple Crown title match on numerous occasions during the year, this
doesn't happen in NJPW.
Japan have a great mid-card, and some of the matches involving the
Junior Heavyweights have been out of this world, but it's the
Heavyweight title which is the most important.

An option could be to put Liger in the ring with the heavies. He has
done it before and held his own so it wouldn't be a bad option as the
Junior division could cope without him. Ohtani is the next big thing,
so he could carry the ball.

NJPW must get rid of Onita!!! The man is a joke, and most NJPW fan's
do not like him. The sooner he leaves the better.

A deal with the WWF would be a mistake. Seeing NJPW titles defended on
smut TV would be very bad, and I don't think the wrestlers in the WWF
are worthy of challenging for NJPW titles (
Jericho could!!!). Lance
Storm said recently the Rock would get laughed out of a NJPW building
and that is true, mike skills are not important in NJPW. WCW wanted
Norton to defend the IWGP title on Nitro v
Lodi, but NJPW said no as it
would degrade the belt, so I couldn't see NJPW working with the WWF.

The best thing to happen would be NJPW and AJPW running a
Tokyo Dome
show together. This would capture the whole of
Japan's and the worlds
interest, and the matches that could be made are breathless.

I believe this could happen as Misawa has said he is announcing big
plans for AJPW in January 2000. I wait and hope the two companies will
start to work together.
Written by reader: Zac Boyer (EAGLEBOY5)

If you watched Sunday Night Heat last night, you saw the debut of Chris
Jericho's music video for his theme song, entitled "Break Down the
Wall". Well, now that it officially has a music video and is on a CD,
let's try to get it on MTV's Total Request, a show where the viewers
vote for their favorite music video. What can you do? On November 26,
go to and head
to the bottom of the page. Type in "WWF: The Music Volume 4" under
artist and "Break Down the Wall" under video name. Then go to the top
of the page and fill out the information. Then click "submit". If we
get enough votes we can get the video on the top ten countdown. Make
sure to spread this around to wrestling fans around the world!
-Zac Boyer (EAGLEBOY5)
Rope Productions and World XTreme Wrestling's CEO and Owner, Afa The
Wild Samoan is very proud to announce that The Wild Samoan Training
Center will be opening a second campus in the heart of the beautiful
Lehigh Valley.

WSTC II will be located in the
Allentown area. The building has yet to
be named. Afa's
Wild Samoan Training Center is no stranger to this part
Pennsylvania, as before the Hazleton campus had opened, the Wild
Samoan Training Center had been located here. The opening date has yet
to be named, but we do know that it WILL be open for business in time
for the new Millennium!!! The WSTC II opening will be a historical
event, because there is no other multi- campus professional wrestling
in the country!!

Hazleton campus will be open Tuesdays and Thursday, and WSTC II will be
open Mondays and Wednesdays. It is a well documented fact that the
Samoan Training Center is the BEST professional wrestling school in the
country. With stars like Kidman, Kanyon, Bam Bam Bigelow, Hulk Hogan,
The Headshrinkers, Paul E Dangerously, Luna Vachon, Gangrel,Doink The
Clown, and so many others. Our reputations speak for ourselves. We will
keep you informed with all further information as is develops.
-Josh Pontrelli News Reporter The Bagpipe Report &
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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