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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 390

Date:  Monday November 8th, 1999  10:45 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

We all saw Dustin Runnels (aka Dustin Rhodes, Goldust, Seven) debut
tonight, immediately casting off his "Seven" costume and embracing his
early wrestling heritage. Did WCW have to make him descend from the
ceiling? Were they trying to prove some bizarre point? I was positive
that the WWF would resort to this first, and I'm disappointed that WCW
(with Bret Hart on their payroll) would go for this visual.

I realize that the stunt wasn't identical to Owen Hart's (after all,
WCW actually uses safety releases when their athletes "fly"). Still,
this is one gimmick that should have been abandoned out of respect for
Owen's memory.
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

In the production truck, Sid told one of the production workers to cue
a tape when he told them to. He then went to the ring and showed the
tape (Goldberg never said I quit...Sid did his own voice over of
Goldberg saying I quit) which showed absolutely nothing.

He then said the Outsiders tried to screw him and that he is the United
States champion. The Outsiders then hit the ring and pointed out that
Bret Hart hit him with the crutch. The Hitman then came out and said
that Goldberg was the rightful U.S. champ and by the end of the
evening, he would personally take the title back and personally give it
to Goldberg. The three then challenged Bret to come and take the belt
(which was around the waist of Hall.) Goldberg then came from the
crowd, cleared house, and speared Sid and challenged Sid to an "I Quit"
match for WCW Mayhem.

Sting told Mike Tenay that the game Lex Luger was playing made him want
to quit and said that his later match with Goldberg would be different
then at Havoc. The Package was then seen arriving at the arena hiding
his face with a hooded sweatshirt.

--Kimberly asked Doug Dillinger to provide her with extra security
because David Flair was stalking her. Throughout the evening, Flair was
seen (with a psychotic look on his face, yielding a tire iron) stalking

--Rey Mysterio Jr. and Torrie agreed to face Dean Malenko and Aysa in a
mixed tag team match.

Norman Smiley versus Kidman *World Title Tournament* Brian Knobbs, who
was at the broadcast booth for this match attacked Smiley, allowing
Kidman to pin the Englishmen to advance.
Winner: Kidman via pinfall (Advanced in Tournament) –

Sting continued to look for the Total Package, who continued to hide.

--Kevin Nash was shown with a member of the WCW crew who would dress
him up, eventually making him look like former WWF manager the Grand
Wizard. The two also agreed that they would also need extra security.
They also rhetorically asked what 3:16 meant. Nash said it was the
number of times "Austin met the Undertaker" in a main event PPV match.

--Sting called the Package out to the ring. Liz initially came out, but
Luger eventually followed. Luger apologized for his actions. Sting put
Luger in the corner, choking him, telling him that if he screwed him,
he would rip his throat out.

Madusa versus Chris Benoit *World Title Tournament*
Evan Karagias pulled referee Johnny Boone out of the ring, which set up
a fight between the two on the outside. Jeff Jarrett then slugged it
out with Benoit. Jarrett (after being kicked and punched by Madusa)
told her that he just screwed her out of the tournament.
Winner: Chris Benoit via disqualification

--Vince Russo (although you couldn't see him) told Chavo Guerrero he
did well in the ham 'n' egger battle royal, gave him some Amway
products to sell and told him to hit the streets.

--Hacksaw Jim Duggan was shown cleaning the toilet of the powers that

Disco Inferno versus Rick Steiner
Disco's acquaintance from last week, Tony Marinera joined the broadcast
booth, carrying a bucket of concrete. After hitting him with the
concrete bucket, Marinera watched as the DFG won the match with a
release German suplex. The bucket was the poured on Disco.
Winner: Rick Steiner via pinfall

--Mene Gene introduced all of the Nitro Girl finalists, who danced for
the crowd. A.C. Jazz hit the ring, said they were wannabes and told
them to leave. Spice then hit the ring and a shoving match ensued with
the other Nitro Girls getting involved and taking sides in this ongoing
argument. –
-The man known as Seven appeared, took off the costume and told the
powers that be that he left the WWF because of stupid gimmicks. Dustin
Rhodes then said that Goldust sucked and that he will make WCW go
through hell for disrespecting him and his father (he said they fired
his father last week)

Sting versus Goldberg
While Sting had Goldberg in the sleeper hold, the Total Package sprayed
mace in his "old buddy's" eye. Goldberg capitalized with the spear and
jackhammer for the win. Winner: Goldberg via pinfall

--The Outsiders made amends with Sid, offering him their security
guards. The DFG tried to talk to Sid, who brushed him off.

--Lex Luger took a Caution...Wet Floor sign near where Jim Duggan was

--Vampiro said Buff Bagwell better realize that evil has a place in WCW
and that being a misfit was a lifestyle.

Buff Bagwell versus Vampiro w/Misfits
Interference by Berlyn allowed Buff to win with the Blockbuster. After
the bell, as Berlyn was being beaten on by Creative Control (bodyguards
of the powers that be), the Misfits were pounded on by Berlyn's
Winner: Buff Bagwell via pinfall

--Luger was seen laying on the ground (near the Wet Floor sign) holding
his knee screaming for help. Paramedics then told Luger they could not
find anything wrong with his knee.

Perry Saturn versus Bret Hart *World Title Tournament*
The Hitman took the win with the sharpshooter despite interference by
Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko (which was thwarted by Benoit.) Winner:
Bret Hart via submission (Advanced in World Title Tournament)

--Kimberly was finally granted a meeting with the "powers that be" who
informed her she would face David Flair at Mayhem.

--Booker T spoke of how the "powers that be" suspended Stevie Ray for
losing to Buff Bagwell, and then challenged Jeff Jarrett and Creative
Control to come to the ring. Booker held his ground against the bald
twins but fell when Jarrett hit the ring. A large, built woman (an
almost exact replica...except darker version of Chyna) hit the ring,
but took a guitar shot.

--Mike Tenay told Luger (who was saying he could not compete) that the
"powers that be" said that if Luger did not compete, he was out of the

Rey Mysterio Jr./Torrie Wilson versus Dean Malenko/Aysa After having
his knee wrenched around the knee post, Mysterio tapped out to the
Texas Cloverleaf.
Winners: Aysa/Dean Malenko via submission

Sid Vicious versus Lex Luger *World Title Tournament* Luger, initially
said he could not compete, but was pushed (in his wheelchair) down to
the ring by Sting. Goldberg hit the ring and speared both men.
Winner: None announced (It can be assumed Luger won, because it was
said Luger would face Sting next week.)

Brian Knobbs w/Jimmy Hart versus Bam Bam Bigelow
The ref called for the bell when Norman Smiley interfered, as the two
competitors were fighting it out in the back. Winner: No Contest

Scott Hall versus Lash Leroux *World Title Tournament* Hall put out
Leroux with the Outsider Edge. After the bell, Goldberg emerged as one
of the security guards, and speared both of the Outsiders.
Winner: Scott Hall via pinfall (Advanced in Title Tournament)

Curt Hennig versus Jeff Jarrett *World Title Tournament* Hennig kept
his job, but dropped out of the tournament when he was counted out
after a beating by Creative Control. Winner: Jeff Jarrett via countout
(Advanced in World Title Tournament)

--Kimberly called David Flair out to the ring, saying that if he did
something to her, he would have to do it in front of everyone. Flair
then came out and almost completely ignored being attacked by Bam Bam
Bigelow. He then whacked Bigelow with the tire iron. He then followed
her into the parking lot and was bashing out the windows in her car,
but took off running when Creative Control hit the scene.

Bret Hart versus Sid versus Scott Hall versus Goldberg (Texas Tornado
Ladder Match for U.S. Title)
Kevin Nash was the referee for this match. The DFG hit the ring in this
match and nailed Sid with a bulldog off of the top rope. Although Bret
was the first to retrieve the U.S. title, Big Sexxy ignored it, and
allowed Hall to snatch the belt to become the new United States champ.
Winner: Scott Hall (New United States Champion)

Rick's Comments: --Scott Hall paid a great tribute to the recently
deceased Walter Payton by wearing his number 34 jersey.

--I do not understand the censors that work for WCW. Sometimes the word
a$$ is okay, and other times not. Then the word skank is bleeped out,
but not the word ho......

I am really confused. --I am gonna call it now....I am seeing Buff
Bagwell and Scott Hall in the main event at Mayhem ......why
not......since the Powers that Be arrived .....well.....odder things
have happened.

--When Torrie Wilson hit the ring......did anyone else notice how big
her............SHOES are......they seem BIGGER every week. =)

--Glad to see Bam Bam Bigelow is feeling better.

--What's up with Bret.....he only limps every other minute?
Sunday, November 14, Mid American Wrestling is holding a Fantasy Camp.
For those interested can call the Mid American Wrestling Hotline at
414-777-3941. Cost for the event is $150 and will run from 12-3pm CST.
For any info call the hotline or e-mail THMPR44, DO NOT contact
Written by reader: Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)

How can people question Dean Malenko's ability? The "Shooter" knows
all the holds, and maneuvers in the book, and he can work stiff. Some
of the matches Dean Malenko has had have been absolute classics.

ECW's Hostile City showdown ' 96: Dean Malenko v Eddie Guerrerowas
****+ 30 minute time limit draw. His matches with Chris Jericho in WCW
were great matches, and some of the stuff in Japan is amazing!!! His
matches with Rey Jr. recently were too short, but still the "Shooter"
showed us all how good he really is. Malenko always put's people over,
and he is a great seller. He has everything, but has been misused.

Malenko should be wrestling: Benoit, Guererro, Guererra, Mysterio,
Regal, and Hart. Putting him in the ring with Van Hammer is plain
stupidity by WCW bookers. Okay, his mike skills are not brilliant, but
what's more important, mike skills or technical ability? I think all
real wrestling fan's know the right answer. At the end of the day,
there are not many wrestlers I would rather watch than Dean Malenko!!!
-Kevin Bryce, London
Written by reader: Felipe Martinez, Jr. (FELIPEAPD)

In regards to the WWWF never venturing out of the Northeast, a letter
in WBS #389 may have been incorrect. If I recall, Vince, Sr. was
running shows in California, which is not in the Northeast.
-Felipe Martinez, Jr.
Steve Appy responds:
Your right. According to Dave Meltzer, Vince Sr. did promote in Los
Angeles near the end of his leadership of the WWWF; I think that we can
agree that the WWWF rarely strayed outside of its territory, but there
were exceptions (I imagine that there were others as well).
Written by reader: DKole13615

I would have to say that the greatest moment I personally witnessed/and
or was involved in personally was a 'special' Wednesday night, amongst
all those great Wednesday nights of wrestling from the Miami Beach
Convention Center.

A good friend, Dave Flaherty, who had a personal friendship/ rapport w/
the Nature Boy Ric Flair, had it all set up for us to meet and greet
Ric and go back backstage to take some pics and autographs and all that
good stuff.

I came prepared w/ some of my favorite Flair shots I had taken from my
'archives' and hoped to have him 'sign' a few for me. So we meet Ric
and he posed for us and took pics w/ us, whereupon I asked him if he
would sign a few of my pics, when ric goes, "Hey, wait a minute, let me
get you a good' picture."

So he goes into his briefcase and pulls out his official NWA 8x10 black
and white World's Champion photo and promptly pens it to me personally.
Now that night he was wrestling local island sensation Tyree Pride,
the Haitian Sensation. Now Ric of course carried this man to the match
of his life.

Here's the classic, me and Dave had 1st row seats at the end of the
aisle near one of the corner posts. Tyree posts Ric into our post and
right at my feet, the great Ric Flair, gave me a wink of the eye and as
he lay sprawled on the 'cold concete' (for real) he 'blades' JUICES,
for us, like a private showing, sharing that most sacred rituals of all
wrestledom personally with us.

It was so cool... for Ric to entrust that moment w/ us, and it is one I
will never ever forget. I felt so privileged that he would do that,
words do not even do my feelings justice. We were able to laugh about
w/ Ric afterwards as we downed a few beers together after the matches.
That was a great night, and I'll always remember Ric as being one of
the coolest EVER! Speaking w/ the Deacon.
Written by reader: Newton E Calkins (mr.gray)

I had been present at the Buffalo show when Tanaka faced Justin
Credible. I had seen him do half a dozen variations of the Boring-Ass
Stunner. I've watched him wrestle on ECW TV. And last night, I watched
him give his all for the ECW title. While I didn't like this match as
much as his previous outings, I thought it was amazing that the house
was actually popping huge for Tanaka. He so completely deserved it.

I'm sad that I can't afford tapes of Japanese wrestling. I'd be a huge
Tanaka mark. The whole show was pretty good, but I thought the
Awesome-Tanaka match made the night. And to see a crowd pop for Tanaka,
who most of us suspected wouldn't get the title because of his on-loan
status, was great. I was sure he would lose, and still jumped up for
the near falls.
Written by reader: Busta12uss

This is just another view on the common desire to see more 20 minute
matches and complaints about the short attention span of today's
audience. While the Flair/Steamboat marathons and other 20 minute
matches of old wrestling were great, they would not fit into the
wrestling world of today. While some "purists" or "traditionalists"
claim they want to see more of these enduring matches, it really would
do more to hurt today's feds than help.

Don't get me wrong, I love and probably prefer those matches of old,
but these days it would not work. Why? Because of the talent depth and
competition of today.

Do you think there is enough time on today's programs to build enough
characters and develop enough angles for a PPV with an hour to be used
up for a singles match? Assume we DID see another Flair/Steamboat
marathon on you think guys like Benoit, Jericho, etc. would have been
given the chance to become what they are today with less time to
showcase what they have? The truth is there just isn't enough time to
see the quality of matches today, for the good of the company.

The solution is to increase the quality of pay-per-view matches. The
WWF seems to pick quantity over quality these days (such as the
addition of Godfather vs. Mideon to No Mercy) when really they should
just present on pay-per-view the best of what they have to offer, and
take the time
it takes to watch Godfather vs. Mideon and instead add it to a match
people are actually interested in.
Written by reader: RoAdOg51

As much as I like it, this new "hardcore" -type wrestling has lost
its's luster. The old type of "hardcore" wrestling is the best. See,
the old "hardcore" was wrestling that took place in rings, not cages.
It was when men, and women, wrestlers could go sixty minutes in one
match, reach a time-limit draw, and shake hands. Only to set-up a major
feud would promoters book a DQ. This new "hardcore" wrestling is a
mockery of that, with constant run-ins and ninety second matches of two
big oafs with no in-ring talent.

There are "up" points, such as seeing a two minute "chain" segment
between natural talent. The other day, my friend and I were discussing
gimmicks and their longevity. The only person we could list with a good
five plus years on a gimmick that still is fresh is Mark Calloway's

We were also debating natural talent. I noticed that less and less
wrestlers in the WWF, and WCW have this quality (or any arguable
talent) and get air-time to display this talent. At this point I will
not touch on the angles, Austin, WCW/WWF, and mark debates, but I will
convey my feelings on which American federation is the best, and I feel
that ECW has the best in-ring talent, even though it caters to new
"hardcore" fans. Now, if this get's published, and I get bashed with
hate mail, know that I will take what you say into effect, then discard
-The Roadie, MD
Rope Productions and World XTreme Wrestling's CEO and Owner, Afa The
Wild Samoan is very proud to announce that The Wild Samoan Training
Center will be opening a second campus in the heart of the beautiful
Lehigh Valley.

WSTC II will be located in the
Allentown area. The building has yet to
be named. Afa's
Wild Samoan Training Center is no stranger to this part
Pennsylvania, as before the Hazleton campus had opened, the Wild
Samoan Training Center had been located here. The opening date has yet
to be named, but we do know that it WILL be open for business in time
for the new Millennium!!! The WSTC II opening will be a historical
event, because there is no other multi- campus professional wrestling
in the country!!

Hazleton campus will be open Tuesdays and Thursday, and WSTC II will be
open Mondays and Wednesdays. It is a well documented fact that the
Samoan Training Center is the BEST professional wrestling school in the
country. With stars like Kidman, Kanyon, Bam Bam Bigelow, Hulk Hogan,
The Headshrinkers, Paul E Dangerously, Luna Vachon, Gangrel,Doink The
Clown, and so many others. Our reputations speak for ourselves. We will
keep you informed with all further information as is develops.
-Josh Pontrelli News Reporter The Bagpipe Report &
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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