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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 391

Date:  Tuesday November 9th, 1999  9:37 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
Rey Mysterio Jr. (Oscar Gonzales) will miss approx. 6 months of in-ring
action following a scheduled surgery next week to repair his injured
ACL, an injury aggravated while filming the upcoming WCW movie "Let's
Get Ready to Rumble".

Ryder projects that Mysterio will return to television in approximately
two months, probably to continue his active role in the Filthy Animals
storyline. Let's hope that Mysterio doesn't rush back before he's
ready, something that Rey has done in the past. Mysterio has to be
thinking long-term at this point, and allowing his body time to heal is
essential (the Luchador mindset about returning from serious injury is
dramatically different than the typical WCW philosophy, which often
involves staying at home up until the point their salary is threatened).

Visit My Home Page At:

A hot topic on the Internet circuit of late has been about the
popularity of Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) and whether it has
diminished. I have seen many comments from readers, some that say SCSA
is losing his status as the top man in the WWF, and others that feel he
is as popular as ever.

There can be no denying that The Rock receives a tremendous ovation
wherever he appears, be it on TV or at house shows. Many of the items
that I have seen say that he receives as big, or even a bigger,
reception than does SCSA. However, I see nearly as many that say that
SCSA received the biggest pop of the night. It should be obvious to all
that The Rock is the future leader of the WWF, but I don't think we
should be writing SCSA off just yet. I would be willing to bet my last
Tic Tac that every other wrestler alive would kill to get the reaction
SCSA does when the glass breaks.

The WWF has a unique problem on their hands, having two wrestlers with
the following SCSA and The Rock have. I can't remember when they had
two men on their roster at the same time that fall in this category.
The only one in recent years that approached this level was Shawn "The
Heartbreak Kid" (HBK) Michaels. Michaels still draws that type of heat
whenever he appears on RAW. As popular as he was/is, The Undertaker
never approached this level. In WCW, the only one to draw a fan
reaction even close is Goldberg, although it has been somewhat tainted
by WCW's practice of sometimes using piped in cheers to prompt the

Some suggest (and there are rumors to the effect) that SCSA needs to
turn "heel" in order to keep his character fresh, citing getting tired
of his standard routine. I suspect that the WWF brain trust has
contingency plans for this when they feel it is necessary. Likewise,
many suggest that The Rock's routine is wearing thin. To those that
feel that way, I suggest you pay attention the next time he appears.
The crowd eats up everything he says, hangs on his every word, even
though they know what to expect.

Even when he is shown backstage on The TitanTron, cheers of "Rocky,
Rocky" erupt. All one needs to do is be in the arena whenever SCSA or
The Rock appear and I think their mind would be changed. The air is
positively electric. While I accept the premise that change is
necessary to keep things fresh, I also subscribe to the theory that if
it isn't broken, don't fix it.

Looking at another item of interest this past week was Walmart's
decision to remove Al Snow's action figure from its shelves. This was
yet another example of reaction to a complaint from someone who doesn't
have a clue what they were taking about. Walmart removed it because a
woman complained that it contained a "severed woman's head."

Anyone familiar with Al Snow's gimmick knows it is a mannequins head,
and has nothing to do with violence against women. Walmart apparently
made their decision before looking into the facts. Walmart's telephone
number was posted on the Internet for fans to call and request they
change their decision. I personally tried it more than a dozen times
and was unable to get through. From reports I have seen, many people
got through and Walmart is reconsidering their decision. If you have
occasion to visit Walmart, it might not hurt to express your opinion to
the Store Manager.

Last night on RAW, I think the WWF handled the situation quite well.
JR and The King talked about it, Road Dogg showed the package, and Snow
and Mankind did a funny bit about it. I think anyone who saw it would
have come away with a positive view.
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Steve Austin hit the ring and addressed how he was smacked with the
title belt by Vince McMahon on Smackdown. Vinny Mac then came to the
ring and told SCSA that it was an accident and to prove his honesty, he
appointed himself the special referee for the three way match at
Survivor Series. That brought out the Rock, who thought McMahon being
the ref was a bunch of crap. McMahon then brought up the "No Mercy"
incident in which the Rock hit SCSA with a sledgehammer to show that
accidents do happen. This brought out HHH, who said he has proved
himself, guaranteed victory at the Survivor Series and said that if
McMahon does anything wrong tonight, he would make him regret it.

The New Age Outlaws were seen arguing with Mankind and Al Snow.

Mankind/Al Snow (c) versus The New Age Outlaws *Tag Team Championship*
Val Venis attacking Mankind on the outside allowed Gunn to hit Snow
with a chair. The Road Dogg rolled over, made the pin, making the
Outlaws tag champs once again.
Winners: The New Age Outlaws (New WWF Tag Team Champions)

--Michael Cole was speaking to the Outlaws when X-Pac started ripping
on the Rock as HHH mooned the camera. On the other side, a dejected Al
Snow blamed his mistakes on his action figure being yanked from shelves.

Godfather versus Val Venis
Venis attacked his former partner after making him think that he was
going to accept the Godfather's ho's. The Godfather took the match by
countout when Mankind attacked Venis.
Winner: The Godfather via countout

--Michael Hayes announed that the wedding of Test and Stephanie McMahon
as being three weeks away, as Linda and Shane McMahon expressed their

--In the ring, the bell tolled ten times for Paul Wight Sr. The Bossman
interrupted the ceremony and read a disgusting poem, poking fun at the
death of another man.

Edge/Christian/Headbangers versus British Bulldog/Mean Street Possee
The brothers and the Headbangers took the victory after Edge scored a
pinfall over Pete Gas. A huge fight erupted between all eight men after
the bell.
Winner: Edge/Christian/Headbangers via pinfall

--Vinny Mac warned HHH not to moon the camera ever again.

--On the football field at Penn State, Chris Jericho discussed how and
why he would beat Chyna for the IC title at Survivor Series.

The Rock versus X-Pac
The Rock defeated the Pac with the Rock Bottom. After the bell, DX
attacked. Vinny Mac then hit the ring, ordered HHH to defend the title
against Test tonight with himself as the timekeeper and Shane O Mac as
the referee. McMahon told HHH that if DX came within 50 feet of the
ring, he would be stripped of the WWF title. HHH then turned around and
became the victim of the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow.
Winner: The Rock via pinfall

--In a bar, the Acolytes get into a brawl with some patrons, who made
fun of WWF superstars, including the Acolytes. One of the patron's
girlfriends left with the Acolytes.

Kane versus Big BossMan
The Big Red Machine took the match by DQ when Prince Albert (who was
chokeslammed) interfered. The Bossman attacked Kane with his nightstick
after the bell.
Winner: Kane via disqualification

The Holly's versus Too Cool
The former tag champs won the contest after Hardcore pinned "Hottie
Scottie" Taylor after a Juvi Driver.
Winners: The Holly's via pinfall

HHH (c) versus Test
After HHH hit the pedigree on Test, Shane McMahon left the ring to
check the time with his dad. This infuriated the "Game", who attacked
both father and son. Vinny Mac then nailed HHH with the belt, but HHH
kicked out. Vince and Shane both left the ring (causing a count out)
to look for Stephanie, who had been abducted by Degeneration X.
Winner: HHH via coun tout (Retained World Title)
Courtesy of Fritz Capp…
Would you like a chance to chat live with perhaps the hottest young tag
team in the WWF today? Then you'll have that chance this Wednesday
night, November 10, 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST, as Matt and Jeff Hardy
will be conducting a live chat direct from the Louisville Gardens! The
high flying duo will be in Louisville, KY that evening to challenge the
Suicide Blonds in (of all things) a ladder match for the Ohio Valley
Wrestling Southern Tag Team Championship!

To participate in this live chat, just go the OVW website at, click on the "Contact OVW" menu button,
then click on the "Live Chat" area. Again, the chat will be this
Wednesday night, November 10, from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST.

Immediately following the chat, OVW will begin its latest Louisville
Gardens show, featuring the Hardy's and many more OVW and other
superstars! So if you're in or near the Lousiville area, come on down
to the Gardens that night and see the entire card! Good seats are still
available and will be on sale the night of the show. Bell time is 7:30

If the Blonds saw the Hardy's vs. Edge & Christian in that awesome
ladder match at the "No Mercy" PPV last month, then they know they're
in for a match probably like none other they've ever had nor ever WILL
have again! So come be a part of this special evening as the
history-making Hardy Boyz showcase their great talent for the Louisville
fans and share their thoughts will all their Internet fans!
Written by reader: Skeetah12

First off, the music video countdown is Total Request Live, not just
Total Request, and secondly, Chris Jericho's music video on Heat
labeled the artist as James A. Johnston. I believe he is the artist you
need to put and the title is "Break the Wall Down".
Written by Kevin Bryce (KevinBryce)

I think it has now been confirmed that Vince Russo has no care for
wrestling at all. Juventud Guerrera is one of the hottest talents in
wrestling, but WCW is considering firing him, unless he learns to speak
better English.

Excuse me, but I thought wrestling ability was more important than
speaking (then again, we are talking about American wrestling here).
Personally, I do not care if Juvi doesn't pick up another microphone in
his life, I love to watch that man wrestle and I don't care what
language he speaks. As long as he works his ass off, and showcases his
in-ring talent to me I will be happy!!!

There are not many better workers than Juvi in the whole world, but
still WCW would fire him, very strange. There are not many wrestlers
in WCW who real wrestling fans would rather watch than Juvi, but WCW is
catering to "Sport Entertainment fans", so a wrestlers in-ring ability
isn't important.

If Juve is sacked, it will upset me, but I do know Paul Heyman (a
promoter that promotes wrestling), will snap him up and showcase his
talents. Super Crazy and Tajiri do not speak English, but they are
over because they are great wrestlers, and Juvi would be no different.
Look at the possible matches: Juvi v Crazy, Juvi v Tajiri, Juvi v Lynn,
Juvi v Storm, Juvi v Guido, Juvi v Nova. The list continues.

If other organizations were to follow Russo's thinking, wrestling would
be a joke.

Could you imaging AJPW saying "We cant give Vader or Stan Hansen the
Triple Crown because they cant speak Japanese", or NJPW saying "We cant
give Benoit the Super J Cup because he doesn't speak Japanese". It
would be
pathetic, and in Japan it wouldn't be accepted by the media or the
fans. It really proves why the "Big 2" are a joke, and miles behind
AJPW and NJPW!!!
-Kevin Bryce, London
Written by reader: TDR (STINGdremr)

It is all just POLITICS!!!

Now I bet you are asking yourself "What Does She Mean?" Well, even if
you are not, I will tell you anyway. I have been a registered voter for
many years. And when it comes time for any election, I want to run and
hide in my closet. I want to know what the candidates are going to do
for me and everyone that lives around me, local or national. I get so
discouraged when all I hear, read, or see is one candidate bashing,
degrading, and belittle the other candidates. That is what it seems
that WCW is doing TOO MUCH of lately.

Don't get me wrong. I am a very loyal and dedicated WCW fan, but it
seems they are using too many storylines to belittle the things that
WWF did. I, personally think it is funny, but there comes a time when,
your point has come across, is taken, and enough is enough. When am I
going to hear and see what WCW is going to do for "me and the others
around me"?
Written by reader: TPhunkEra

First of all Dustin was not lowered from the ceiling. He was lifted
(barely) off the ground. At no point was he much more than ten feet
from the ground. This stunt had absolutely nothing to do with Owen.
What's next, should we suspend all live performances of 'Peter Pan' in
honor of Owen?

I miss, love, and respect Owen for what he contributed to professional
wrestling just as much as anyone who did not actually know him, but
comparing Dustin's stunt last night to that tragedy is ridiculous.
Steve Appy responds:
I don't have an opinion on whether 'Peter Pan' should suspend stunts
like this, but I do feel that the wrestling business (the industry that
this tragedy occurred in) should out of respect for the victim. I
concede that Dustin's lifted height wasn't anywhere near Owen's (and
the safety features of the stunt are FAR safer when performed by the
WCW crew). What bothered me is that WCW went for the visual of Dustin
descending, regardless of whether it was 10, 15, 25, or 90 feet.
Written by reader: Matt Fox (mefox)

Unfortunately, since I now attend a public college, I am unable to view
WCW Nitro. I do, however, read the reviews from both WCW's web page
and the Wrestling Booking Sheet religiously, and chat afterwards with
friends who were fortunate enough to see Nitro. After reading in past
weeks, and chatting afterwards, I'm not sure if I've been fortunate or
not to have seen Nitro. Maybe it's all the work of the new "creative"
team, or some other factor, but I think WCW is killing itself from the

The last time I saw a Nitro airing, Sting was a good guy,
Hollywood Hogan just made his transformation, and Kevin Nash was no
longer a wrestler. Since then, so much has happened, I'm lost, and I
think WCW is as well.

All of the sudden, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko are at each other's
throats, there are Filthy Animals roaming around, and the new creative
team of Russo & Ferrara are removing some of the sport's more talented
performers. I just think that this new creative team is doing a
horrible job.

They are removing all of the talent in this waning company.
Hogan and Flair are getting a bit old, even I'll admit, but they still
are incredibly popular. When the Hulkster once again donned the red &
yellow, I felt like a kid again, a Hulkamaniac!

Also, from what I've read, the new team is thinking of (and has
partially done) eliminating some of the Luchadores. I've been reading
in The Booking Sheet that Juvi is hanging by a thread at WCW. How can
they eliminate some of the sports' most energetic and entertaining
performers? In my opinion, watching the Luchadores jump around without
regard for themselves was one of the few popular parts
of WCW that WWF could not replicate.

Next, with Sting turning into the bad guy, my only guess is they were
trying to duplicate the immense popularity of Steve Austin in the WWF.
This will not happen, as I am still wondering why Austin was first
received with such popularity (but that's another story). With this
change, to me there are only 3 good guys left in WCW: Chris Benoit,
Bill Goldberg, and Bret Hart. Thankfully, these three have enough
talent and showmanship to carry the fledging WCW.
But, I pose the question, how can WCW think to survive with just 3
heroes, and a bunch of villains who really are disliked?

If Russo & Ferrara are trying to replicate the successful mold of the
WWF, they are not doing a very good job at all. I am losing more
interest in them every week, and the only thing keeping me at their web
page is for a good laugh at an attempt at a wrestling program. Right
now, as the ratings numbers indicate, WWF is a much more entertaining,
much more talented group of guys and gals. I sincerely hope that WCW
can get their act together, as my younger brother loves WCW, and won't
touch the WWF. To me this is a shame. I grew up in the WWF age of
Hulk Hogan, Demolition, and a real Undertaker who wore that nice suit
and gloves (another grievance of mine).

I wish my brother could enjoy the same stories and talent as I was, but
he is a loyal WCW fan, and will not watch anything in which Goldberg is
not involved. I find this a tragedy, and hope WCW will try and do
something about this. If someone can explain to me what is going on,
please do, as I have no idea why a once entertaining wrestling company
is killing itself!
Steve Appy responds:
Once you see the new version of Nitro there will be things that you
enjoy about it and things that you hate; still, it is more entertaining
than the Kevin Nash booked fiasco that we witnessed for 10 months.
Let's hope that some of the kinks will be worked out over the coming
months (and a two hour Nitro will make for a much more exciting product
in January).
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Tom Kirkbride
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