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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 393

Date:  Wednesday November 10th, 1999  10:01 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of this issue we have the Smackdown Spoiler for
11/11/1999, taped Tuesday in Baltimore, Maryland. If you would rather
be surprised, please be sure to skip that section.
Written by reader: Patty Therre (WCWNWOEdit)

In response to the letter defending Dustin Runnels' stunt, I have to
think that the writer would have also enjoyed Owen's entrance, had it
not ended tragically. What fans enjoy isn't necessarily safe, nor
appropriate, and while I am sure Dustin was checked many times for
safety, accidents can, and obviously DO, happen.

What must Bret think after seeing THAT? If nothing else, it was in poor
taste to do something like that with Bret Hart there, after having lost
his youngest brother in a stunt not all that dissimilar to Dustin's.

I wonder if the Hart family enjoyed the entrance? I guess it only
matters what this writer enjoyed, not what is right or ethical.
-Patty Therre
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Written by reader: Suptman

In reponse to the letter in WBS #392 (comparing the popularity of Hulk
Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior in 1990), I just wanted to throw in my
opinion and say that the Warrior never approached the popularity that
Hogan had in the late 80's / early 90's. When the Warrior became champ,
the WWF's house show gates and TV ratings plummeted.

When Warrior beat Hogan at WM6, there was a newspaper article in
Toronto, where the event took place, that said that half the arena was
booing the Warrior when he won the belt. The WWF may have wanted you to
believe that the Warrior was Hogan's successor, but he couldn't even
hold a candle to the man who made wrestling in the 80's.
Written by reader: Bryant8

I think that is totally uncalled for. That reader is complaining about
the Al Snow toy saying "Wal-Mart should take the toy off the shelves."
You say "Getting Head is another way of saying oral sex" Yeah well;
when it says "What does everybody want??" "Head" and so on it means
what does everybody want? Head!! Plain and simple. THEY WANT TO SEE THE

Yes some people like you say it means oral sex, but WWF has an easy
defense. THEY WANT TO SEE THE DAMN MANAQUIN HEAD!! For Pete's sake why
is everyone making this such a big deal! Oh, Al Snow sure rapes women
and decapitates them. That's what he brings down to the ring every
week. YEP! This makes me so mad. People GET OVER IT!! It's just a fake
Steve Appy responds:
I'm not going to touch on whether the ban is a good idea or not I will
say that there is nothing subtle about the "What does everybody want?"
chant. The point of it is to infer oral sex and use that as a way to
empathize with Al Snow. Not to say if it is a good or bad thing but
this interpretation is pretty clear. The argument centers around
whether you approve or disapprove, not what it means.
Written by reader: Ekud1

You are right, the Al Snow figure shouldn't be banned over the
"violence against women" issue but it shouldn't be banned over the
"tongue in cheek sexual reference" issue either. Everyone is gung-ho
these days about banning this and censoring that but last I checked
this is still America and we still get to choose.

Toys are not simply marketed to children anymore, many are purchased by
adults as collectors items, I would be surprised if even half of all
Star Wars toys end up being played with by children. More likely they
are gathering dust in a plastic bag somewhere increasing in value. The
bottom line is whether it is purchased for a collector's item or a toy,
9 times out of ten an adult is making the purchase.

As for corrupting our nations youth. The sexual reference is a play on
words created to add to the adult entertainment value of Raw and really
has nothing to do with the actual characters of Al Snow & Head. Head is
merely Al's imaginary friend. If after all of this the Al Snow toy ends
up in a child's toy box what harm will come of it? The sexual reference
is so lighthearted and downplayed that any kid who could pick up on it
learned it already from something else.

As far as the severed head, beaten women aspect, the toy "head" would
probably end up on the bottom of the toy box with a dozen Barbie dolls
decapitated by normal children who know the difference between a toy
and a real person.

Bottom line is this toy should not be banned. It is in no way harmful
to children and parent's can decide for themselves whether or not to
purchase it for them. It is just another witch hunt and another attempt
to blame society's problems on pro wrestling, which in the end isn't
any different from a hundred other forms of mindless entertainment.
Steve Appy responds:
While I realize that there is a large (and growing) collectors market
for action figures the toy companies do still realize that children
are the target demographic for their products. I know that collectors
buy a certain percentage of the figures but the vast majority are
bought either for/or by children (I'd be curious to see the percentages
on this).
Written by reader: Bryan (Jones820)

I find it a bit hypocritical that Wal Mart can sell guns but ban a
child's toy. Last time I checked no one recently has been beaten to
death with a mannequin head. Let me know what you think.
Being about as anti-gun as it gets, I agree with you 100%. I also feel
that it's a separate issue and the philosophical debate behind gun
ownership is not something that we need to pursue here (I can just
imagine the passionate letters to that one!).
Written by reader: Kevin Bryant (Bigkev21)

I'm tired of people claiming WCW is copying off of WWF. I hate to tell
you this but it isn't true. Yes, some things may be the same, but they
aren't done by WCW or WWF, they are done by Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara.
Nowhere did WCW copy off of WWF. The ideas that were "copied" belong
to Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara. It's their minds. They made the WWF
and now they are making WCW. They can use ideas which they originally
thought of no matter who they thought of them with.
-Kevin Bryant
You are both right & wrong; the STYLE that Russo & Ferrara used in the
WWF can be emulated, but direct ideas are the intellectual property of
the WWF. For example, putting an almost exact copy of the Road Dogg
gimmick on Brad Armstrong would be a violation of the WWF's trademark
regardless of the input that Russo may have had in developing the
character in the first place.
Saturday, NOVEMBER 20th- 8 PM, Montgomery Middle School, 373 Burton
Hill Rd. Skillman, NJ (Montgomery Township)

"Mr. Main Event" ACE DARLING (with CHASTITY) will defend the ISPW Title
against ECW Superstar MIKEY WHIPWRECK.
(Note: Mikey couldn't make the Nov. 6th show due to an injury, but will
be on the Nov. 20th show)

"Samoan Storm" AFA JR. defends the ISPW Light Heavyweight Title against
the #1 Contender, JUDAS YOUNG

"HEAD SHRINKER" SAMU (with AFA The Wild Samoan) takes on J.R. RYDER.
"HEAD SHRINKER" L.A. SMOOTH (with AFA The Wild Samoan) takes on "The
Psycho" Derek Domino. FLASH WHEELER takes on "SURE THING" RYAN WING

PLUS: ISPW Commissioner, THE IRON SHEIK, BOBCAT, KARA, and more action!
Tickets are available by calling: (609) 918-9669. More info:
SMACKDOWN SPOILER (Skip if you would rather be surprised!!!)
Reported by Kevin S. & Curt Creighton at:

WWF Dark Match, Heat & SmackDown Taping Results
from Baltimore, Maryland - November 9, 1999

Dark Match
-Kurt Angle def. Sean Stasiak

-Steven Bradley def. Tom Powers. This may have been a dark match or
Heat result. Not sure.

-Julio Fantastico def. ??? Also not sure about this match
being dark or taped.

Sunday Night Heat Results to Sunday November 14,1999
-Rikishi Fatu def. Gillberg.

-Gangrel def. Papi Chulo after his Impaler DDT.

-Headbangers def. Mideon & Viscera
SmackDown Results to air Thursday November 11, 1999

-Degeneration X interview to start the show. Showed footage of Monday
night kidnapping of Stephanie. Turns out it was not really Steph as it
was some other girl. Vince comes out and sets the main event for the
night DX vs. Kane, Test, Shane and The Rock. AND Stone Cold Steve
Austin will be the enforcer of the match.

Before the end of the segment DX puts down Steph until
Test runs out and gets pounded on.

-Vince, Patterson and Brisco are shown waiting for Arnold
Schwarzenegger to show up.

-Hardcore Holly w/Crash def. Edge w/Christian.

-Arnold shown arriving.

-Dudley Boyz def. Godfather w/ ho's & D'Lo Brown. The Boyz hit the 3D
for the win.

-Val Venis def. Bulldog by DQ. Mean Street Posse interfered. Out for
the save was Mark Henry, Steve Blackman, and Gangrel. After checking
out the recent
Survivor Series card this run-in now makes sense

-The Rock is shown talking with Arnold.

-Farooq def. Big Bossman via DQ when Prince Albert
interferes on the Bossman's behalf.

-Chyna is shown talking with Miss Kitty about how Chris
Jericho will never be the IC champ and has no chance of
beating her this Sunday. Chris attacks her from behind, not
sure what the result is, but.....

-Jericho now comes out and cuts a promo building up their
match this Sunday some more.

-Brian Christopher def. Jeff Hardy

-Torrie NC Ivory. Every damn woman the WWF has
under contract comes out. Luna, Terri, Jacqueline, Moolah, Mae Young,
and Debra! Confused as hell at the time but after seeing the new
Survivor Series card, hey it makes sense.

-Arnold is now introduced to come to the ring by Vince Mac. Arnold does
some mike work talking about his favorite wrestlers from the past and
weightlifting. Decent segment. Vince is beaming. Arnold takes a seat
with the announcers

-Shane McMahon, Kane, The Rock and Test def. Degeneration X in a
Survivor Series 8 man elimination match. No Test right away. Kane and
X-Pac keep up their angle, both getting eliminated and fighting to the

Shane gets destroyed by DX and is gone. The Rock vs. three now. BUT
here comes Test. Decent tag match now as Bad Ass is out of the match.
Chair shots a plenty now from Stone Cold trying to get HHH. Rock gets
laid out, but Rock/Test get the win after a chair shot on HHH. Match is
over so its Arnold time. HHH is pissed so he picks a fight with him.
Push and shove with SCSA helping Arnold.

What would be a TV ending with SCSA w/o beer drinking?
Austin & Arnold do some celebrating. Arnold even gets some shots in at
HHH at some point although it may not be on TV. To finish off the night
The Rock does a great routine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance went over very well I felt.

-I'm not sure where these will take place in the broadcast but the Big
Show / Bossman angle is continued. TBS is shown attending his father's
funeral several times during the show and eventually the Bossman
arrives and things get weird ..... TBS ends up getting hit by a car and
the casket ends up getting tied behind a car and driven off. People
around me were stunned this angle has gone this far.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
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Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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