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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 396

Date:  Sunday November 14th, 1999  10:29 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Pro wrestling not to be denied
By Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, November 14, 1999

Professional wrestling is everywhere.

Never before has the business had such an affect on the nation's
cultural landscape. For better or for worse, there is little denying
that an increasing percentage of the viewing public has embraced the
mannerisms, catch phrases and overall appeal of the wrestling genre.

Pick up a newspaper or magazine, or turn on a television set, chances
are that pro wrestling will have a presence. It's on T-shirts, CDs,
videos, dolls, lunch boxes and every kind of merchandise imaginable.

We now have a former wrestler as governor, with others running for key
political offices throughout the country, as well as a current
performer whose book recently debuted at No. 3 on the New York Times
Bestseller List. The WWF has become a media and entertainment
juggernaut, posting revenue of $251.5 million for the past fiscal year,
doubling the previous year and making it all the way to Wall Street.

What was once viewed as a fringe athletic/entertainment spectacle is
now regarded as one of the most popular forms of entertainment around.
The proof is in the pudding.
Monday night wrestling and its 10 million weekly viewers has become a
force powerful enough to make ABC's Monday Night Football, one of the
most successful shows in television history, stand up and take notice.
Coming off a year when the Walt Disney Co. unit's most popular
primetime show suffered the lowest ratings in its 30-year history, they
tweaked the start time and pared back the announcers from three to two.
The number of viewers in the group of men ages 18 to 34 who watched
Monday Night Raw doubled last year, while ratings for sports
broadcasts, including Monday Night Football, were stagnant.

Neal Pilson, a consultant and former president of CBS Sports, recently
said: "If you're ABC, you have to fear professional wrestling. It's
taking some of your audience out of circulation on Monday nights."

"The growth in professional wrestling mushroomed last year and fed on
itself," added Bob Flood, a senior vice president at DeWitt Media Inc.,
which helps companies buy advertising. "It took on a life of its own."

• It's been 15 years since he last appeared in the state's biggest
annual college football game, but former University of South Carolina
All-America standout Del Wilkes, better known in wrestling circles as
The Patriot, said he's "hoping against hope" that his Gamecocks can
pull one out of the hat in Saturday's clash against Clemson.

Wilkes, who was invited to USC coach Lou Holtz's luncheon this Friday,
said that it was Carolina's last hope for a victory this year,
conceding that the Gamecocks had little chance going into this past
Saturday's game with the University of Florida.

"We certainly know it's not going to happen against Florida," said
Wilkes, "As far as a prediction, though, I don't have one. All I can
say is, 'Go Cocks,' keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer."

Wilkes recalled the last Clemson-Carolina game he played in, on an
unusually warm afternoon in Death Valley in 1984, when the 9-1
Gamecocks, coming off a heartbreaking loss to Navy the previous week,
rebounded from a 21-3 deficit to defeat the Tigers, 22-21, in one of
the greatest games played in the rivalry.

"We hadn't had a sustained drive up there the whole day, and we got the
ball with three minutes left in the game, 84 yards away, and we were
able to score," said Wilkes.
"I'll never forget. It was an extremely hot day for November. We went
into the half down 21-10. Coach (Joe) Morrison pulled me aside and
said, 'I'll make you a promise. You tell 'em to keep after it because
those fat SOBs are out of shape. They'll die in the second half.' And
they did."
"In the first quarter William Perry was running from sideline to
sideline making tackles downfield. Come third quarter his shoes were
nailed to the turf," said Wilkes. "They were great athletes but they
were extremely overweight. But Joe was right. Come third quarter that
sun was beating down on them, and their tongues were hanging out and
they were panting like dogs."

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at
(843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at mooneyham. More
wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is available every Monday on The
Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is 1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99
cents per minute, and children under 18 must get parental permission
before dialing.
Reported by Al Isaacs at:
WWF Smackdown: 5.1
WCW Thunder: 2.1
The WWF's hyping of Arnold's appearance apparently paid off in spades
here! The nice thing was that he actually put over the product as
well, as opposed to most of the ill-fated celebrity appearances over
the years.

Reported by Mark Madden on WCW Live
Madden reports that the performer formerly known as "Ryan Shamrock" has
signed a one-year contract with World Championship Wrestling. Her
role, as well as her performing name, is unknown at this point.
Usually considered one of the more beautiful women of the wrestling
world, I would expect Russo/Ferrara to make full use of her talents

Reported by Al Isaacs at:
After months of rumors, Scott Vick, who wrestled occasionally as "Sick
Boy" in WCW, signed with the World Wrestling Federation late in the
week. Formerly one of Raven's lackey's in The Flock, Vick has often
been mentioned as an up & comer with tons of potential.

Reported by Zach Arnold at:
Arnold reports "That All Japan announced that "Dr. Death" Steve
Williams would be back for their January 2000 "New Year Giant Series"
tour. Because of Williams' return, the promotion has decided to book
bigger venues for the tour in hopes to make more money."
PWBTS in search of - Reporters
For the first time since PWBTS 2000 started, PWBTS is going out to
recruit some new reporters for the site.

Now do not think that just because you send your name in the job is
yours. Far from it. While PWBTS is quite probably the most relaxed as
far as the "rules and regulations" that most newsboards put on their
reporters, it is probably three times harder to get a reporting
position here.

Why? Because look at the people who post here. Unlike "any" other
newsboard we have more people who work "within" the business than
almost anyone else.

On staff is two ring anouncers, two referees, one current indie
wrestler, one ex-wrestler, one photographer, two published columnists,
one promoter, one radio host and the rest for the most part have been
around wrestling so long that they remember when Piper had a hole, not
a Pit.

So do you feel you are up to making the grade? We are not looking for
the cut and paste artists, I already have a good friend of mine (who
wants to remain anonymous but you all would get a kick out of who it
is) who goes around and gets the little newsbytes from the boards.
Unlike most c+p artists he gives the credit to the boards he gets his
news from (something the rest of you could take a lesson or two on).

We want the reporters who are not afraid to dig a little and to give
the full story, without the goobledy-gook that so many people feel is
needed to put themselves over.

If interested in posting at PWBTS 2000 please send an
e-mail to pwbts with Reporting Job in the subject box. Please
send along a list of credentials (if any) so I can check out your work.

Just to let everyone know right up front, you will be given your own
private posting url with your own login name and password. These are
all on a tracker set up by my webhost Interland, and each post is
logged with the time of post, post title, IP Address and time of log
onto the system. This allows us to see if anyone who is unauthorized to
post on the system does. IP Addresses are the equivalent of a
fingerprint and identifies each computer. Any unauthorized posting is
immediately sent to Interland with the log information and they take it
from there. Needless to say that the person who posted and the person
who allowed them to post (remember the "your own private posting url"
part?) will have to deal with one of the larger webhosting companies in
the USA. Also needless to say, they frown on unauthorized use of their

My current computer is down and I am at a friends house so it will be a
few days before I can get to read the letters let alone respond.
Hopefully my current computer problems will be fixed by next weekend
and I will then devote the needed time to go over each letter and make
any determinations necessary.

Please feel free to take it upon yourself to go to the PWBTS 2000 site
( and to question the current reporters who post there
and see for yourself about posting for PWBTS. Thanks you for your time
and hope to be hearing from you soon.
Fritz Capp
PWBTS 2000
Written by reader: BPapa2000

This is a response to the guy who has nothing better to do then knock
the two best pro wrestlers going today. First of all, Stone Cold and
the Rock don't spout "the same ten phrases" over and over again.
Sure, they have their catch phrases, but they are always adding new
ones and mixing it up. They aren't delivering the same interview time
after time.

Second, who the hell cares is Austin can do a surfboard or a
Hurricurana? He can get the crowd to pop after building some drama, he
TELLS A STORY with his matches, something few guys in the business
today can do.

And the Rock can't sell moves? Check out any of the ass-whippings he
received at the hands of Austin, or especially his ladder match with
Triple H at Summerslam 98. Also, some would argue the Rock sells the
Stunner better then anybody (D-Lo Brown is a close second). Thanks.
Written by reader: Sean Wilkinson (SCologne)

To writer Kevin McDermott in WBS #395, I would like to think that
Rocky's finisher is not the People's Elbow per se, but the much more
hard-hitting and convincing Rock Bottom (or, for move freaks like
myself, the uranage suplex).

The Elbow is merely a little salt rubbed into his downed opponent's
ego, and something flashy for all us fans to go apestink over. :)

I feel that Kevin Bryce is correct in his belief that Chono or Mutoh of
NJPW would never 'shoot' on Bill Goldberg should they ever face him,
being the professionals they are. It should also be noted that Goldberg
himself is trained in shootfighting (his gym is part of the Obake (sp?)
Martial-Arts Academy; he wears their name on his trunks and sweatshirts
in WCW), and would likely more than hold his own if things were to
degenerate in the ring...
- Sean Wilkinson
Written by reader: FroDaddy56

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the WWF Headquarters. We met
people there and got a look at the place and what goes on. We met
people like "the Fink" and everyone was really nice to us and I enjoyed
it a lot. They gave us a bunch of free stuff like posters, shirts, and
magazines and let us look at the gym and pump some weights.

We are also being allowed the opportunity, since Shane and Vince
weren't there, to go back and review wrestling videos and give our
opinion on what we felt about them and give them an honest assessment.

Everyone was friendly there and it was a great opportunity for me and
my friends, and the WWF handled it with nothing but class. I just felt
I'd write this for all the bad things that people have to say about the
WWF there is much else to what they do and what they support.
Written by reader: PsychoGaBe

I know I'll draw a lot of hate mail for this, but I absolutely LOVE the
Boss Man. He draws SOOO much heel heat. Obviously his story is an
ANGLE, is SCRIPTED...and the most important part APPROVED BY THE BIG
SHOW. He could've refused to go through with it! He gave it the big
Oh Kay!

The Big Boss Man is doing his job, and he is doing it well. He draws
as much heel heat as HHH did right up to the reunion of DX. Good work,
Boss Man, keep it up.
Written by reader: Nangbaby

A lot of people are complaining that the "new" WCW Nitro style is too
much like Raw is War, and that the WCW product is now just as bad as
the WWF's. Could it be, though, that professional wrestling fans are
taking this
style a little too seriously? Perhaps "the powers that be" aren't
trying to emulate their prior success, but instead are trying to make
fun of it by showing what WCW COULD be like if it went the route of the
WWF. It's just a possibility...
Written by reader: howdoesitfeel69

After for a few weeks of listening to readers thoughts on the Big
Show's angle, I'd just like to point out that the WWF in a way is
disrespecting one of it's all time greats in the late, great Andre The

If you remember, when Wight first debuted in WCW, the announcers dubbed
him as the "son of Andre the Giant".
What's to stop a 7 year old kid watching that and that kid (who now
would be 11) and thinking that Andre had just passed away from cancer
and sending an innocent card to his family.

BTW, I don't see what all the fuss about the Moolah/Mae Young skits?
It isn't hurting anyone (anymore), it doesn't go into a touchy subject
and to be honest, Mae Young is 10 times funnier and takes 10 times more
bumps than at least a quarter of the WWF's roster
Steve Appy responds:
I tend to think that anybody resourceful enough to track down Andre's
family would remember that Andre died in 1993 (and probably realizes
that Andre & Wight were not related, except in WCW's twisted short
lived mythology. Still, these days, I guess you never do know.
Written by reader: Patrick Murphy (stardog_99@xxxxs...)

To the person who said it is a joke for Chris Jericho to be wrestling
Chyna. Um...let's see. I would be the first to agree that Jericho is an
incredible talent. I think he will go far. I can see nothing but gold
in his future.

I really can't say I agree with you that him facing Chyna is a joke,
however. Joanie Lee has paid more dues than most men in wrestling these
days. She is truly talented. Now an argument can be make that men
shouldn't fight woman, and I am not going to get anywhere near that
one. I think Chyna has earned her right to be where she is.

After years in the WWF, in whatever moronic angle Vince has put her in,
she has done it all. Jericho hasn't yet been in the WWF over 6 months.
Yet at the next PPV he stands a good chance at the IC title, not a bad
title either. He could have been thrown a bone, say European Champ, but
he is given the shot at the IC. I have no idea of the booking, he may
even win it, though my personal money is on Chyna, but then again, what
do I know. I'm just a sound tech.
Written by reader: RJSMJJ23

This is about the Technical Wrestling piece written in WBS #395.
Kevin, wake up and get off the damn high horse. EVERYONE and their
brother says that they like the wrestling, and not the storylines. It
seems like everyone I
talk to is a newborn wrestling purist. If you really are, then good
for you but don't be one just to follow trends. But as for me, I'll
take being entertained over watching 15 minutes of an armbar in a
Japanese match. The only Japanese I watch is stuff like the Double
Caged Scaffold Flames of
Hell Thumbtack Exploding Hell Death Match type of stuff (and no, I do
not like ECW. I hate it.).

Follow the three guidelines when putting together a match: Be
compelling, weave a story, and entertain (i.e., Chris Benoit follows
this to a tee, but he hasn't had a good storyline yet).
Roleplaying is very popular and the oWa wants to lead the new era. So,
sInce I said that the oWa is starting in 48 days and wants to re-form
its roster. We were open for four years, but I have college so I shut
it down till Jan. Now it'll be back better then ever. So go to the oWa
at: , its the best fed around and was
IWOs Rp fed of the month, So join up, you'll see what the oWa Crazy is
all about in the year 2000.
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