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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 397

Date:  Sunday November 14th, 1999  7:46 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

A quick note before we present the results for The Survivor Series; as
those of you who paid $30 for the event already know, Steve Austin did
not wrestle in the main event.

Due to Austin missed bookings and avoiding bumps at the TV tapings,
many within the business speculated that Austin was suffering from a
serious injury, perhaps to his neck. There was even talk that Austin
would miss the show, gossip that I ignored as a false rumor. After
all, if the WWF knew that Austin was injured and still promoted him as
taking part in the main event of a PPV, this would be false advertising
and a despicable case of consumer fraud.

After all, Austin was still announced as being a part of The Survivor
Series on Smackdown, a mere 72 hours before the event. The WWF had
time to inform it's viewers that Austin would not be available to
compete; they choose not to.

When the WWF (or WCW or ECW) advertises a PPV event, there is a legal
disclaimer warning that "The card is subject to change". This is to
protect the promotion in the case of a last minute injury or travel
difficulties; Austin injury did not occur at the last minute, and the
WWF chose to keep it from us in order to protect their precious
buyrate. It makes you wonder if an enterprising legal mind could build
a serious case against the publicly traded corporation.

WWF Survivor Series- November 14, 1999
Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live from Detroit, Michigan
By Joe De Leon at:

The Godfather w/ Ho's, D-Lo, The Headbangers defeated The Dudleys and
The Acolytes via pinfall.
Everyone, including The Headbangers, are dressed in Godfather attire
entering the ringside area. Mosh and Buh Buh start the match. An
agitated Bradshaw tagged himself in and hit Thrasher with a running
lariat followed by a pin to eliminate Thrasher first. Buh Buh made a
blind tag to D-Von and they collaborate swiftly to execute the 3-D to
pin Mosh, and eliminate both Headbangers. Turmoil within the Dudleys
and Acolyte group caused Farooq, Bradshaw, and D-Von to be disqualified
leaving only Buh Buh to hold the fort down. A fresh Godfather was
tagged in and Buh Buh is overpowered, with the Godfather able to hit
the big Ho Train splash followed by D-Lo's acrobatic Fropsplash. D-Lo
made the cover to get the victory
SURVIVORS: D-Lo Brown & The Godfather

Kurt Angle defeated Shawn Stasiak via pinfall.
Angle began the match with a fireman take over on Stasiak, quickly
followed up by a waist lock take down. Stasiak recovered with a
powerful lariat followed by some well-placed stomps to the chest of
Angle. Angle stopped mid way through the match to address the crowd,
stating that `…you do not boo an Olympic Gold Medalist.' Angle then was
able to evade a top rope maneuver by Stasiak and hit him with a
modified Samoan Drop for the victory.

Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel, & Steve Blackman defeated The Bulldog,
Pete Gas, Joey Abs, Rodney.
Pete Gas is overpowered early on by Val and Blackman, and is eliminated
first. Rodney and Gangrel are next to do battle. Gangrel hits an
awesome DDT to eliminate Rodney next. Sexual Chocalate and Joey Abs go
after one another with Mark Henry executing a huge splash to eliminate
all but the Bulldog. A lonesome Bulldog got Gangrel up in a long suplex
next and is able to get a pinning combination to eliminate him.
Blackman was next to be eliminated via a fishermen's suplex. Henry and
Val double-team the Bulldog with Henry executing another splash and Val
climbing the top rope for the Money Shot to eliminate the Bulldog.
SURVIVORS: Val Venis & Mark Henry

Moolah, Mae Young, Torrie, Debra defeated Jacqueline, Luna, Terri,
Before Ivory could even enter the ring Moolah cheap shots her. Back
inside the ring Torrie spears Luna. Moolah and Mae double-teamed Ivory
with a SLOW lariat to eliminate her and get the pinfall victory for
their team. Debra and Terri after the fact, go at it with Terri getting
her top ripped off exposing her bra.

Kane defeated X-Pac via disqualification.
Just as Kane ignited the pyro, X-Pac was able to get a few shots in to
begin the match, followed by some martial arts kicks to the mid-section
of Kane. Kane then got dropkicked outside of the ring where X-Pac then
drove him into the steel steps. Just about when X-Pac was about to do
the Bronco Buster, Kane catches him in a choke slam. Road Dogg, and
then Helmsley interrupted Kane's pinfall attempts with a shot to the
head with the title belt. Torrie came to the ring and was accidentally
nailed with a spinning heal kick. Kane got the victory via

The Big Show defeated Prince Albert, Mideon, Viscera, Big Bossman.
The Show eliminated Mideon first with a chokeslam, followed by Prince
Albert, and Viscera. The cowardly Bossman runs away, and is counted out
giving the Show the victory.

Backstage, Steve Austin is lured by Triple H to the back of the arena
where he was run over by a car. The EMT, McMahon's, and even Jim Ross
make their way to Austin's listless corpse. Austin is hauled away in
the ambulance accompanied by Vince calling for his car.

Chyna w/ Miss Kitty defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall.
Jericho took Chyna to the outside early, choking her with some cabling
that was close by. Chyna tied Jericho upside down in the corner and
followed up with a dropkick to Jericho's chest. Chyna then executed a
hurricanrana to a failed pin attempt. Jericho then exposed the steel of
the guard railing and thrusted Chyna into it. Jericho then tattooed
Chyna over the top rope with a lariat and then `lip locked' Ms. Kitty.
Chyna recovered with a spear on Jericho followed by several right
hands. Jericho power bombed Chyna but she surprisingly kicked out of
the pin attempt. Chyna then did a back flip into a corner splash onto
Jericho and hit him with a DDT, but Jericho kicked out of the pin
attempt. Jericho caught Chyna with a cheap shot with the title belt but
she kicked out as well. Jericho locked on the walls of Jericho but
Chyna was able to get to the ring ropes to break the hold. Chyna the
stunned the crowd by hooking Jericho up in the pedigree off of the top
rope to retain the IC Championship.

The Hollys, Too Cool defeated Edge, Christian, The Hardy Boyz
Edge and Scotty to Hottie began the match exchanging fists and then
chops in the corner. Crash is hit with a cross body from Jeff Hardy on
to the outside, followed by arial attacks by Scotty, Christian and then
Matt. Edge was eliminated first by a rollup from Hardcore then Matt via
a cross body from Scottty. Terri distracted the Grandmaster, while Jeff
was able to hit a spectacular splash from the top rope to eliminate
Scotty. Jeff is caught off guard by the Grandmaster and eliminated
next, followed by Christian eliminating the Grandmaster to return the
favor. The Hollys overpowered Christian briefly, but Christain was able
to execute an inverted DDT to eliminate Crash. Hardcore then rolled up
Christain quickly to get the victory.

Shane McMahon announced that Austin suffered severe injuries though was
still conscious. He also said that the Triple Threat Match would still
happen, but did not reveal who the third person would be.

The New Age Outlaws defeated Al Snow and Mankind via pinfall.
Snow and Mankind made quick tags early on, wearing out the Road Dogg.
While the referee is distracted, Al Snow caught Road Dogg with a steel
chair to the mid-section. Mankind and Snow continued to isolate Road
Dogg in their corner giving him the `boot' so to speak. Mr. Ass is
finally tagged in and threw Snow over the top then drove his head into
the announce table. The Outlaws return the favor with some good
teamwork but Snow caught Road Dogg with a lariat and was able to tag in
Foley. Foley then snapped a double arm DDT onto Bad Ass, and Snow hit
the Snow Plow on the Road Dogg. While Al Snow was pre occupied on the
outside, the New Age Outlaws were then able to double team Mankind with
a spike pile driver to retain the Tag Team Championship.

The Big Show defeated The Rock and Triple H.
The Rock and Triple H team up early on to try and take the Big Show
down, but to no avail. The Show gave both The Rock and Helmsley huge
head butts. The Show was then double teamed and hit with a lariat over
the top rope. On the outside, the Rock was able to throw the Show into
the corner post. Back inside the show missed a running elbow to
Helmsley, and the Rock was able to catch him from behind with a side
Russian leg sweep, followed by the people's elbow and a failed pin
attempt. The Big Show then gave the Rock a sidewalk slam and proceeded
to take Triple H towards the entrance way. The Rock with a full head of
steam clotheslines The Big Show, and then the Rock put Helmsley through
a table. All three men continued to battle on the outside with the Rock
hitting Show with a fire extinguisher and Helmsley a suplex on the hard

Back near the announce tables, the Rock caught the Big Show with the
belt and then Helmsley and the People's Champ team up to suplex the
Show through the Spanish announce table. The Rock inadvertently hit the
referee and Triple H is able to hit the Rock Bottom. Shane McMahon
rushes to the ring to make the count but Helmsley is able to kick out.
The Rock hit Helmsley again with another Rock Bottom but this time the
Big Show pulled Shane out of the ring to stop the count. While the Rock
and Show were on the outside, Triple H gave Shane a Pedigree. DX then
came to ringside to help out Helmsley. Vince then came to ringside and
hit Helmsley with the title belt and the Big Show was able to choke
slam Helmsley to become the new WWF Champion.
Written by reader: JP0379

In regards to the seemingly endless comments by people who are saying
that WCW it becoming too much like RAW, I kept hoping that logic would
hit these same people square in the heads and that they would realize
WHY WCW has become "like" RAW.

Unfortunately, it never happened, so let me say it one time so everyone
will "get it." The two guys who just came over to WCW (and if I have
to remind you of their names, you definitely need to get with it) MADE
RAW what it is about right now. They wrote the storylines, people.
In business, if you create a successful formula which leads to your
company reaping tremendous profits, and you are approached by another
company which is involved in the same type of business, and it's not
doing that well at the present time, if you decide (due to conflict,
ego, or just more zeros at the end of your paycheck) to go to that
company, you are going to bring your formula with you and use it at
your new job. THATS LOGIC. I know there are some who are reading this
and saying, "Damn, everyone knows that."
I would think so, too, but unfortunately, there seem to be alot of
people that don't.

Or maybe, just MAYBE, there are alot of WWF fans that are worried that
WCW just might become bigger than them again. No, THATS not it?
Written by reader: Dane Matthews (IcePak1492)

Well, I am a BIG time wrestling fan and ever more true with the WWF.
The thing that's been turning me off is the whole Big Show/Big Boss man
angle. You see what their doing with whole dead dad thing is very sick,
and showing BBM do that to the casket was SICKENING! That's not right
whether its staged or not..

Then they go onto the whole poem that Bossman came out and did…and once
he did that I started losing some respect for the WWF. Sure the whole
thing with Al Snow and the hoes is bad but what they did with the
Bossman is horrible.

Now I'm hating to say this but I am starting to head towards WCW, as
sad as it may seem, because they've got better moral values. One thing
that is really going to change my mind about the WWF or not is how far
they go tomorrow at Survivor Series..I have tickets to go and I was
very excited at first and then once Ray Traylor (Bossman) started this
whole thing its been HORRIBLE.

Now I do understand this is sports entertainment but we have to stop
somewhere and I don't think the WWF should've gone this far. You see, I
am fully aware that time changes but THIS MUCH? I have an 8 year old
brother who LOVES wrestling and I really don't know if this is
appropriate for a 8 year old child. Its getting to the point where its
going to lose its TV 14 rating and go to HBO and be a rated R series.
The WWF should know where to stop, Vince McMahon is starting to go to
the edge.

Also, last week on Raw we saw Degeneration-X (whom I love) make it sem
that they would practically RAPE Stephanie McMahon. Now, this isn't
something we should be seeing because this would really turn off the
women viewers. I watched last weeks Raw with my girlfriend and she was
disgusted. She doesn't think the WWF should be doing this and they
SHOULDN'T. Sure DX are a bunch of heels but doing this? That's too far
for me. Degeneration-X can beat on Shane, Kane, Vince and The Rock all
they want but LEAVE the women out of it. Let's keep this business as a
wrestling show or not and stop this whole act. Dane Matthews
Steve Appy responds:
The only thing that will make the WWF step back on angles like these
are if the viewers stop watching (or a mass exodus of sponsors), and
not enough of them are. I'm inclined to believe that most of these
really bizarre angles don't do anything to increase revenue, though not
enough people are turning off the TV either.

Most of the letters I've received about the Big Show/cancer/Boss Man
storyline have been extremely negative, and almost everybody either
hates it or just doesn't care (not that indifference if what the WWF is
shooting for either).

What I haven't been receiving are letters from fans pledging to stop
watching the WWF. The WWF doesn't mind that many of us hate this
storyline, and they would probably love the fact that we are discussing
it. What they would hate is if millions of us changed the channel on
Monday nights.
Written by reader: ArSoN83

Okay, this letter goes out to all you people out there (namely Pat
Murphy) who calls wrestlers by their real names. He started his column
by calling "her" Chyna, and than said, and I quote, "Joanie Lee."
Okay, now I know that
her name is Joanie Lee, but when I talk about this "worker" (aka
wrestler) with my friends I call her Chyna. And I call Duane Johnson
the Rock, and I call Mick Foley Mankind.

Do you, Pat Murphy, call Stone Cold Steve Williams or do you call Dr.
Death that? That nice PsychoGabe guy called Ray Traylor The Big
Bossman, because we like wrestling because it's fun, and I read
newsletters to hear other peoples' opinions and not try to decode who
Chris Irvine (Jericho) is and I don't care that HHH's real name is Paul
LeVesque (not Jean-Paul).

And, just for the record, I've lost many a family member to cancer and
the way the WWF is making a joke out of this terminal disease is
sickening, and also the way they are downplaying rape is disgusting.
And yes, they were "raping" that lady.
Written by reader: James Dougal (bookerfan)

To the guy who said The Rock doesn't repeat phrases, well he does. I
have taped weekly wrestling programs consistently for about two years.
I go back over them from time to time and notice things that I wouldn't
the first time around. Look back at the Raw where DX parodies the
Corporation and then look at the Raw from Atlanta. The Rock's lines are
word for word the same. I am not bashing The Rock, but fans be honest
to yourself. Call a spade a spade. I happen to like the Rock's lines
but I really love when he brings up new material. While it is hard for
him to top his previous interviews he should really have new stuff
after every few weeks.

Next, The Rock is a decent wrestler, as is Austin. The problem is that
they don't have to be mat technicians to get over. They have no
incentive to change their offense. The Rock Bottom (aka Uranage) and
the Stunner are the moves that the fans wait for all match long. And as
long as they do those moves, the fans don't really care for how many
armbars they use. I would like to see Rock use more moves as he once
did, but he probably won't go back to the top rope any time soon like
he did earlier in his WWF career.

There is no way Austin can turn into a technical wrestler again. His
gimmick doesn't allow for that. But I would also like to see Austin use
moves, not necessarily technical moves but moves just the same. A good
Piledriver can be used by a brawler as can a DDT.
Written by reader: Little Penny (JsLiLPennY)

I was watching and flipping through channels on TV until I came upon
channel 53, a Hispanic Channel. I live in New York City and I get alot
of those. Anyhow I laughing at the dance and then I realized it was
Konnan with long braids. There was a ring next to him along with a
group of 80's M.C. Hammer type dancers. The ring wasn't that a WCW
ring, it was a AAA ring (a Mexican promotion that Konnan was once
heavily involved in). There was an audience of
Spanish viewers (duh!) watching Konnan and enjoying it. These weren't
wrestling fans as they ALL had suits on and looked a bit professional.
Anyhow ,just wanted everyone to know!
--Little PennY
*If you wanna join the NON-STARTED EHW RP-Fed, then e-mail
WrestlingTapeTrader. Rock, Dreamer, Sandman, Raven, Kane, &
"Franchise" Shane Douglas are all taken. SO JOIN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RESULTS of Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation Hampstead, MD North Carroll
High School Saturday November 13,1999 We at the Mid Eastern Wrestling
Federation are proud to announce the official results of our biggest
show of the year 1999. Unlike other Maryland promotions our attendance
figures are correct and we have no reason to pad anything for the
internet viewers. 10 big matches and 3 championship changes were all
part of this great night of wrestling in Hampstead, MD. OFFICIAL PAID
attendance : 781 Total in attendance 863

Main Event : MEWF Heavyweight Championship "Playboy" Bobby Starr Def.
Honky Tonk Man (To regain the MEWF Championship for the 2nd time.)

MEWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Ricky Blues & The Patriot Def. Maxx Thrasher

Special Teacher & Wrestler Match Smokey Miavia & 3 North Carroll High
Teachers Def. Lucifer, Joe Thunder, Agent Orange & Steve Camery

Tito Santana Def. Patch w/ Barry Casino / Morgus "The Maniac" Def.
Tony Hightower / George "The Animal" Steele Def. Otto Von Sthark / WWF
Light Heavyweight Championship GILLBERG Def. Bob Backlund / Ladies
Match Rusty "The Foxx" Thomas Def. Lady Anarchy w/ Carnage / MEWF -
Mid-Atlantic Championship Ruckus Def. Cat Burglar (TO WIN THE
CHAMPIONSHIP) / Battle of the Big Boys "WWF Natural Disaster" Typhoon
Def. Mad Dog O' Malley

The next Great MEWF event will be on Friday December 3rd at Sher Wess
Hall on Dundalk Ave, in Dundalk, MD with a belltime of 7:30pm. Signed
to Appear that night will be the NEW MEWF Heavyweight Champion
"Playboy" Bobby Starr, Earthquake, Lucifer, "New Mid-Atlantic Champion"
Ruckus, along with many others. 35 plus top stars on the indy circuit
will be on this special Christmas show. For more information please
call Planet Wrestling at 410-391-3200
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

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