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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 398

Date:  Monday November 15th, 1999  8:34 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Al Isaacs at:
A&E's week of wrestling documentaries starts tonight (Monday, 11/15).
All shows will be shown at 8:00 PM EST, and 5:00 PM on the West Coast.
Here's the schedule below:
Monday - 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: Lord of the Ring
Tuesday - The Life and Death of Owen Hart
Wednesday - Mick Foley: Madman Unmasked
Thursday - Jesse Ventura: The Body Politic
Friday - Andre the Giant: Larger Than Life

Initial reports indicate that the Owen Hart piece is the best of the
bunch, as it was produced by the "Wrestling With Shadows" team. Either
way they all sound worth checking out, with the Ventura piece generally
cited as the weakest of the collection. It'll be interesting to see
how the Austin piece will affect Nitro's first hour rating.
Written by reader: Sammyfren

In response to your recent Booking Sheet about Austin's appearance at
Survivor Series and the "Card Subject to Change" loop-hole:

Legally there is nothing anyone can do to the WWF. Austin did show at
the PPV and as part of the angle was hit by a car and rushed to the
hospital. Therefore he did "appear". The fact that he did not wrestle
does not have any effect on the PPV or their misguiding advertising.
Written by reader: TWOD

We all have a level of tolerance for poor taste. Some people handle an
ethnic joke well, but wince at sex-filled comment. I tend to enjoy a
certain level of drama, and have always believed that my intestinal
fortitude was able to stomach the best of the storylines a fed's
creative team could dish out.

After all, I liked the Ministry of Darkness angle, I could even handle
the Pepper-steak, Terri's titillation's and the like. Now, the Big
Show's dad thing got me riled, and I felt that the manipulation of the
audience's emotions was just unethical...but is the Steve
Austin "incident": that has left me speechless.

Jerry Lawler's face. That is it. He played the role way too well when
telling the audience of Austin's automobile accident. It hit me hard in
the gut. It was the same face that has been etched in my brain from the
Owen Hart tragedy. The halting words...the uneven sentences. I got a
chill up my spine, turned to the people in the room and said "this is a
cover for the injury, right?"

I, a grown woman, who considers herself somewhat savvy considering
wrestling angles and gimmicks said something similar watching the PPV,
about six months before: "This is not real, right?" Somehow, I am
missing the entertainment part of this sport. I am glad to see The Big
Show get the belt, and liked some of the matches, but I do not want to
be reminded of something I have tried so hard to forget...not to forget
Owen and all his work, but to forget how it happened and how I felt
that night.

I am in my 30s, but a piece of my innocent love for the sport, was
taken away from me, and it is still missing. I would like to be able to
sit back and enjoy the match without certain cruel realities burping up
from my memory. This is a painful reminder that is hard to swallow.
Written by reader: Kshi8762

Ok now, the lawyer in me once again says I need to respond to your
misuse of the legal system, or references to it. Although they say
card subject to change, I doubt it is more than just words, in that the
WWF calls itself sports entertainment. Sports entertainment is a short
term basically meaning an athletic play, if you will. Much like the
Young Guns movie, touting Charlie Sheen as a major role player who was
actually shot shortly into the film, Austin was taken out by a car

Being a show means, they have the ability and the right, to throw in
subtle or not so subtle plot twists into the scenario. They have no
legal bind to star certain people on cards, they may say what they want
and do what they want with their matches and whom they decide to put in
and remove at certain times.

Now, if you really want something to complain about from the PPV, try
Jericho vs. Chyna, first they tout him as the Millennium Man, then
demean him by having him wrestle Chyna, then demean him even more by
having him lose.

The WWF does many things I don't agree with, however, your reference to
the legal system was way off base, and though you may disagree with it,
it is in no way an opportunity for sue-happy folks to run out and find
a mockery of the legal system lawyer to sue them.
Written by reader: PATMAN943

I don't write to newsletters much and to be honest Steve
Appy usually makes sense when he gives his opinion. Heck, I
usually sit back and agree with him. His view on the Survivor Series
Main Event change of Austin for The Big Show, I however, did not agree

Now granted, the WWF did advertise "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at
Survivor Series. True and the hardcore Austin fans probably were very
disappointed that he did not wrestle. The truth is he doesn't know all
the facts. There could be many different reasons for the apparent
"deception" but the one that comes to mind most is that it was a

GASP! A storyline in the WWF??? Why, that has never happened before!
I mean seriously, is it really worth getting that upset over? So
Austin did not appear like he was supposed to. Like you said Card
Subject to change. I mean would you have rather had Austin come out and
do a half assed performance at one of the biggest PPV's of the year?
Granted Survivor Series wasn't spectacular but I don't think the
addition of The Big Show to the main event was the reason for this.

Like it or not the WWF made a decision and stuck with it. They did it
in 1993 with Perfect and Savage (granted it wasn't the main event) but
I am sure anyone who bought that PPV to see Mr. Perfect was
disappointed. My point is, things like this happen the WWF made the
best of a situation. Telling the world Austin was injured would have
hurt the storyline they had planned and ruined the surprise element.

I mean, the Survivor Series was not the "Stone Cold Steve Austin PPV",
there were others advertised as well. Call it lying, call it deceiving,
call it whatever you want. I call it a big deal out of nothing.
Written by reader: Nvrmor4lif

The whole Austin non-appearance is akin to the saying "a sucker is born
every minute" and Vince suckered a few hundred thousand households.
The Austin backers will say "yeah, but...", the marks will say "I saw
it coming", the WWF will say "disclaimer", and no lawyer worth his salt
will take the side of those who paid to see one thing and got something
else. The "buyer beware" rings oh so true. Can you say "take the
money and run?"
Written by reader: Barry Stulberger (mrmom57)

I have a great honor of working with NWA NJ. We have just finished 2
shows this weekend, in Hazlet and Pt. Pleasent with Ryan Shamrock. She
is a REAL nice person to work with, and when I mentioned Mark Madden's
story about her signing with WCW, she was AMAZED to say the least. As
far as she knows, no one from WCW has called her about it.

She was genuinely surprised about it. I must say this about Ryan, she
is a truly sweet person and can't seem to do enough for her fans. She
has never said no to anyone who asked for an autograph, and really
seems to enjoy her appearances. During the past few years, there have
been alot of WWF, WCW, ECW personalities that have worked with us, but
NONE were as fun to work with as Ryan. Thanks,
Big Barry
P.S. to see the photos of Ryan's appearances with us, Please come to my
webpage. I will have the last shows pictures on there before the end of
this week.
Written by reader: NYPaisan57

Can we all please stop arguing over the over this purity of wrestling
thing??... Fans need to realize what sells and that has been three
things since the beginning of time intrigue, sex, and scandal. Nobody
cares about a well worked plancha or how stiff a guy is working except
us net "smarks".

The average fan is out there to be entertained. We as a group need to
stop taking this so personally... because the fact of the matter is as
much as you complain you must still be a fan otherwise you wouldn't be
writing into this publication.

If you want to put a stop to the smut on Monday nights stop
watching it... otherwise quite complaining, sit back and enjoy. I
remember a line from the Howard Stern Movie ..."55% of the survey said
they absolutely hated him... but listened just to see what he would say
next". Controversy is part of life and is interesting... McMahon knows
this... so should you...
Written by reader: WeEatFish

There have been lots of letters in the WBS about whether the Stephanie
thing was or was not rape. No, it definitely was not, the best reason
is that the thought of rape wouldn't have even crossed anyone's mind
had it been Shane instead of Stephanie. They were doing nothing sexual
to Stephanie-a rape has to have sex involved.
Written by reader: Mishudog14

I know lots of people are complaining about The Boss Man/ Big Show
cancer angle, but I think it is great! The Big Boss Man may not be a
great wrestler, but he sure is funny! The whole skit, when The Boss Man
tricked the policeman to tell The Big Show his father is dead, to the
tear gas, to the card, and finally to the funeral, (which was
hysterical), it has all been great!

Sure, this disease is very serious, and the WWF aren't saying it isn't,
so what is so bad about that? Little kids may even be learning from
this angle! If they hear about cancer enough times, they may want to
go online or go to the library and research it. And please, don't blame
the WWF. If it is anyone to blame, it is The Big Show.
Written by reader: RanmaSolo

I've seen a lot of letters about the Big Show/Big Bossman angle. I
personally can see all three sides of it. Yeah, three, there's those,
the majority, who are sickened by it. Those, the middle group, who
don't care. Then I have seen a few, one or two people, supporting it.
I, as I said, can see all the sides. The pros and cons. And I'm not on
any of those sides. I myself don't know what to think. I think that I
think I should be concerned but I'm not sure if I really am.

I mean wrestling HAS been taking a turn into more 'TV' show style
drama. Maybe this is just a sign of things to come? Maybe eventually
all angles will be more like this and wrestling WILL become a soap
opera for men, literally. Is it a good thing? I don't know. But I have
to say I don't like the idea much. Though incorporating the idea
sometimes in certain angles might be interesting I do also like the
less over the top (Or is that more?) wrestling angles much more.

BTW I know Head is a sexual reference (To people who know the double
meaning already) but next thing you know they'll be insinuating that
Socko is a reference to condoms and that it's corrupting kids too.
Steve Appy responds:
Socko a condom reference? Now that would be an interesting theory!
I, The Python, am running a 64 Champ Tournament of the Best Champs,
whether it be IC, US, Tag, World or WCW, NWA, ECW, WWF Champs. This
will include past
and present champions. Can Austin hold against Sammartino? E-Mail
TheRock80 and vote only once please!
Round 1, Bracket 1
[Steve Austin] vs. [Andre The Giant]
[Hulk Hogan] vs. [Chris Beniot]
[The Rock] vs. [Bruno Sammartino]
[Undertaker] vs. [Pedro Morales]
Summaries will be made of the matches, that's why only four. If you
want to know the results, please subscribe to The Python's Byte by
sending a blank message to:
ONLY E-MAIL TheRock80 about this, DO NOT hit reply.
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