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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 399

Date:  Monday November 15th, 1999  8:50 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Meltzer at:
Meltzer reports that Austin actually received a negative diagnosis on
his neck on November 5th, nine days before The Survivor Series.

Austin immediately told close friends (and the WWF) that his career was
over and Austin was said to be unusually insistent about protecting
his health (the WWF have been successful in talking Austin into
ignoring doctor's orders in the past).

Early estimates are that Austin won't wrestle until Wrestlemania at the
earliest, and possibly not ever (a scenario that I can't imagine).
Tonight's A&E Biography claimed that Austin is engaged to Debra
McMichael and he certainly has opportunities outside of the wrestling
business. Let's hope that Austin will do whatever is best for him and
will not once again rush back too early from serious injuries.

Let's also hope that the WWF doesn't advertise Austin for appearances
that they know he will not be attending and possibly even allow Austin
to recover without undue pressure in the meantime.
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

Norman Smiley versus Jimmy Hart
Despite interference by Brian Knobbs, Smiley beat Hart (who was
sporting full body armor) pinning him on the floor after the Mouth of
the South went through a table. Knobbs attacked Smiley after the bell.
Winner: Norman Smiley via pinfall

--Curt Hennig said that whether he beats Goldberg or not (with his
career on the line) that he would put up a fight. –

Kimberly told Terry Taylor that she needed to see the "Powers That Be".
Taylor then wished her "good luck."

--Mike Tenay was speaking to Spice about the situation with the Nitro
Girls when a fight broke out between all of the Nitro girls.

--Kevin Nash (wearing a Sid Vicious mask) and Scott Hall took center
ring where they were poking fun at Sid (constantly repeating....I am
the ruler of the world). Sid came out and told Nash that he was only
half the man that he is and that all of the problems that the Outsiders
have been causing stopped tonight. Sid then challenged Nash to come out
of retirement and face him. Nash said he was retired and it would not

--Booker T said he had a surprise for creative control (Patrick and
Gerald), whom he would face later in the evening.

--Vince Russo told Kimberly that if she was not going to shake her
stuff as a Nitro girl that she would wrestle like everyone else. He
then gave her a tune-up match (with a special referee) against Aysa to
prepare her for her match against David Flair on Sunday. He then told
Creative Control to take care of Booker T. Kevin Nash was then seen
sitting at the table in front of Russo. The "Powers That Be" then
"waived Nash's retirement." Nash was then signed to face Sid in an
anything goes street fight. Nash then told Mike Tenay that he took a
break (during the retirement angle) because WCW sucked, it wasn't fun
anymore, but it was fun since Hall came back. He said that he would
kick Sid's teeth down his throat.

Booker T versus Creative Control
Booker was stopped on his way to the ring by Chavo Guerrero Jr., who
was trying to sell Amway products. Booker faired well, but fell to a
monstrous double slam. The lights went out, came back on and the
mystery woman helped Booker clean house.
Winner: Creative Control via pinfall

--All of the members of the First Family were in the dressing room

--Vince Russo yelled at Creative Control for being beat down by a woman
and reminded them how lousy their careers were when they were D.O.A.
and the Blu Brothers.

Evan Karagias versus Johnny Boone
Madusa announced at the broadcast position that her and Karagias were
an "item." Madusa, using her seductive powers, had Boone stand up (he
was on top of Karagias pounding him), pushed him back down, allowing
Karagias to take the pin.
Winner: Evan Karagias via pinfall

--Russo told a group of Luchadores that they were going to hang a
pinata (which was from Juventud Guerrera's birthday party) above the
ring with a $10,000 check in it. The only catch was that they would
have a stick to beat one another with.

--Dr. Death Steve Williams was shown arriving at the arena with a man
dressed like Jim Ross (probably Ed Ferrara).

Silver King versus Juventud Guerrera versus Psychosis versus Villano V
versus El Dandy
The Jim Ross look alike sat at the broadcast position imitating Jim
Ross and reintroducing Steve Williams to the world. Dr. Death then
caused the match to be thrown out when he interfered and manhandled the
Luchadores. Winner: No Contest

--Creative Control told a security guard that if he saw Torrie Wilson
that she need to report to the office. They later found the Filthy
Animals (who were told if they did not send Torrie to the bosses
office, they would become unimportant) who said they would find her.
She was eventually found and taken to the boss' office where she was
told she would be the referee of the Aysa/Kimberly match.

Curt Hennig versus Goldberg
This match started in the back with Hennig attacking Goldberg before
the bell. Hennig tapped out to a leg submission maneuver. Hennig
attacked the referee after the bell, with Goldberg responding with a
spear and Jackhammer. Goldberg hung around in the backstage area after
his match.
Winner: Goldberg via submission

--Kimberly was on the phone with Diamond Dallas Page, upset about
having to wrestle. After she hung up, the lights went out, which
freaked Kimberly out. Jim Duggan then came in, said it was the fuses,
and went and bought a fuse from Chavo Jr. to fix the problem.

Berlyn/The Wall versus Vampiro/The Misfits
The Germans argued throughout the match, with Berlyn pushing his
bodyguard around. The Wall took the win for the team after a chokeslam
on Vampiro. After the bell, Vampiro was attacked with a chain.
Winners: Berlyn/The Wall via pinfall

Rick Steiner versus Sid Vicious
These two battled all over the floor, culminating with Sid powerbombing
Steiner through the stage and walking away. The DFG was taken away by
paramedics. After the match, Sid told Mike Tenay that the match had
just begun and that he had 2000 ways he could send Nash back into
retirement. Winner: None announced

Jerry Flynn versus The Barbarian
These two First Family members fought in the basement of the arena with
Flynn walking away the winner after knocking the Barbarian out cold.
Winner: Jerry Flynn via decision

--Chris Benoit said that others' doubts have become his motivation and
that he is the real deal. He said Scott Hall could not stop him.

Aysa versus Kimberly (Torrie Wilson as special ref)
It started with Torrie and Aysa going at it. Kimberly left when David
Flair hit the ring. Aysa then attacked young Flair, who retaliated with
a suplex. Shane Douglas tried to help, but was nailed with a tire iron.
Flair split when the Revolution hit the ring.
Winner: No Contest

--A worried Total Package watched from a monitor as Sting refused
flowers that Luger had delivered to the Stinger's dressing room (Luger
was trying to make up with Sting). Liz told Luger she would come up
with "another plan."

Scott Hall w/Kevin Nash versus Chris Benoit w/Bret Hart *Title
Tournament Match*
Benoit avoided interference by Nash on more than one occasion with the
help of Bret Hart. While the ref was tied up with the fight on the
outside, Sid intervened and powerbombed Hall. In the end, Benoit ducked
a punch (with a weapon on his hand) by Hall, put him in the Crippler
Crossface, giving him the win, and the advancement in the title
Winner: Chris Benoit via submission (Advanced in Title Tournament)

--Buff Bagwell told Mike Tenay that the powers that be have gotten to
him a little bit, but he would not roll over and play dead for Jeff

Kidman w/Filthy Animals versus Bret Hart *Title Tournament Match*
While the Outsiders were destroying the Animals on the outside,(which
continued after the break) the Hitman was forcing Kidman to submit to
the sharpshooter. Hart scooted out of the ring before the Outsiders
could get him.
Winner: Bret Hart via submission (Advanced in Title Tournament)

--Luger and Liz went to the kitchen and retrieved some brownies from
the caterer. He then put Ex-Lax pills in the brownies saying it would
"soften him up." Sting never received the brownies because Jim Duggan
took them from the kid delivering them and began eating them.

Jeff Jarrett versus Buff Bagwell *Title Tournament Match* The referee
turned his back on the interference by Creative Control, which allowed
Jarrett to hit the stroke (front russian leg sweep). After the bell,
Bagwell was attacked until Dustin Rhodes made the save.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett via pinfall

--The Revolution said they would beat the Filthy Animals in the first
ever "House of Pain" match.

Perry Saturn/Dean Malenko w/Revolution versus Eddie Guerrero/Konnan
In order to win the match, one team would have to handcuff and shackle
the other team to the cage. The Revolution took the win when they
shackled the Animals. Rey Jr. tried to help but was stopped by Aysa.
They then hung Mysterio by one leg from the top of the cage and took
turns dropkicking Mysterio in the knee.
Winners: The Revolution via decision

Sting versus The Total Package w/Miss Liz *Title Tournament Match*
Sting began by going to work on the knee that Luger insisted was hurt.
Sting controlled the match and had the Package in the Scorpion
Deathlock until Liz sprayed mace in Sting's eyes again. Luger put Sting
in the torture rack. Meng came out, put Luger down with the Tongan
death grip, and put Sting on top of Luger, propelling Sting to the next
round of the tournament.
Winner: Sting via pinfall

--Duggan, having ingested too much Ex-Lax left a little "present" in
the boss' office.

Sid Vicious versus Kevin Nash *Anything Goes Street Fight* The match
went back and forth, with much of the action being on the floor. Hall
interfered when Sid was preparing to Powerbomb Nash. Goldberg hit the
ring and double speared the Outsiders. Goldberg and Sid then began
fighting, until Bret Hart hit the ring and sent Sid packing. Winner:
No Contest

Rick's Comments: --It is kind of sad to see an all star athlete like
Norman Smiley being made out to look like a little punk. --Did anyone
else hear Sid trying to prove that he was not an idiot and then say
that he only had half of the mind that Kevin Nash had? --Tony Schiavone
said the most enlightening thing he has said all year. I am referring
to when he said that the Kevin Nash retirement "angle" was "lame."
--The ovation Booker T received from the fans in Little Rock was
amazing!! --I am a fan of ALL I can say
this....making fun of Jim Ross and his medical condition was in poor,
poor taste. --Like him or not, Curt Hennig showed alot of intensity
tonight. --Vampiro is cool and has alot of talent, but that white
makeup has got to go! --Sorry guys....but I think Torrie Wilson has
Rena Mero (Sable) beat in the looks department.....BY A LONG SHOT!! --I
am an avid Scott Hall fan, but it was great to see Chris Benoit win
such a high calber match. --Gee......I was almost insulted when Tony
Schiavone (someone who I thought I admired) made his comment about
"every mark on the internet" thinking they could do his job. Well, Mr.
Schiavone, you have the greatest job in the world, but you choose to
spend more time arguing with The Brain!! Call me a mark if you will,
but now that I think about it, it was probably your idea to have
someone imitate J.R. because you realized that he is better at the job
than you will ever think of being. --I would not mind seeing another
Chris Benoit/Bret Hart classic in the finals of the world title
tournament at Mayhem on Sunday

Visit My Home Page At:

In the past few weeks, I have seen more dissection, rationalization,
analyzation, computation, etc., etc., of wrestling then I have in the
past twenty years. It almost seems that wrestling has taken on a whole
new identity within the Internet Community. Just look at some of the
things that have been written about, responded to, rebutted, and every
other term you can think of recently:

1. The movement of Vince Russo and friends from the WWF to WCW and the
effect it will have on wrestling and ... of course, the ratings.

2. The "rape" of Stephanie McMahon by Degeneration-X, which it seems
became a rape on the Internet.

3. The Big Show's (Paul Wight) father having cancer, dying and the
deplorable conduct of The Big Bossman.

4. Dusty Rhodes "quitting" WCW.

5. The removal of the Al Snow action figure from Walmart's shelves.

6. The Big Bossman kidnapping Al Snow's dog Pepper and later feeding it
to him.

7. Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry's escapes, including the infamous oil
rub and oral sex scene.

8. Stone Cold Steve Austin's "accident" on Survivor Series to cover his
not appearing in the Main Event. This one has brought out all kinds of
legal minds.

9. Bret Hart being "screwed." We've been discussing this one for two
solid years.

I could probably list a bundle more, but it wouldn't serve any
purpose. Let's look at this realistically. All of these things are part
of the new environment in wrestling. That environment requires
innovation in angles and how the shows are presented. Let's not forget
that wrestling is a business and the name of the game is to make money.
The "Purists" (or "Traditionalists, if you prefer that word) object to
what they see as being the downfall of the sport.

It should be apparent that at this time interesting personalities,
controversy, sexy women and short matches are what sells. If that's
what sells, that is what the Federations will give us. If the
atmosphere changes, something else will sell and that's what we'll see.

Let's face it, if there were no controversy, we would probably have no
problem obtaining tickets to shows and there would be a lot less
wrestling on TV to choose from.

It's great to discuss all that is going on, but we need to remember
that is only wrestling. It is not brain surgery, it is not Nuclear Arms
Limitations talks, it is not Rocket Science. If any of what you see so
disturbs you, pick up your remote and switch to Ally McBeal, Monday
Night Football, or just turn your TV off. There is no reason to lose
sleep or picket your local discount department store.

There is no reason we can't watch wrestling for the sake of watching
it. If you are a longtime fan as I am, you have seen the changes over
the years and are still watching. If you are a new fan, you may or may
not be watching next year or the year after. No matter what kind of fan
you are, how about just watching because you like to. If you see
something you don't like, write to your Newsletter, but remember it is
only wrestling. The sun will still come up tomorrow and life will still
go on.
By Nate Pelley (WKONPelley)

A lot of people seem to have a problem with Austin not wrestling at the
Survivor Series "as advertised." But the WWF did carry through an angle
which took Austin out of the match and put the Big Show in (and of
course he subsequently won). Some people seem to be a bit upset that
Austin didn't wrestle... but is this any different from when Hulk Hogan
"laid down" for Sting at Havoc, or when Chris Candido got choked out in
30 seconds by Taz at Living Dangerously? Neither of these "matches"
were exactly what the company promised, but at least they were all used
to further angles.

Same with the Austin deal. I'm sure some people will be reluctant to
buy the next WWF PPV because of this, but so be it. I doubt anyone in
the Arena was truly disappointed that Austin didn't wrestle,
considering the final outcome of the night. At least he did make an
appearance so all the fans could get their pictures of him... and with
the Rock, arguably more popular than Austin, involved in the bout, as
well as the title switch to the Big Show, can you really complain that
"Stone Cold" didn't work?
Written by reader: Patty Therre (WCWNWOEdit)

Regarding the reader who thought the Big Show/cancer angle was so
funny, yeah the whole this was just hysterical. My dad is in the
hospital suffering from cancer and I just laughed until my sides split
at the idea of a policeman telling the Big Show his father had died
(when he didn't), and I cracked up when the Bossman stole TBS' father's

Yup, it was hilarious.

Only one who has not lived through what cancer does to a family, what
the loss of a parent feels like, can write a letter like above. I
surely do NOT blame the Big Show for doing his job. He didn't come up
with the angle and he can't say NO like many people think. He has to do
what his boss tells him to do.

While I understand that WWF is entertainment now, I wasn't, and am not,
entertained by this angle.

That The Big Show, however, got the world title because of his "tragic
week." I think that offended me most. I didn't get rewarded when my
beloved mother died and I bet when it is my father's time, I won't win
any trophies either.

The WWF should think just a little bit before getting into storylines
that may affect people on a very deep level.

I haven't stopped watching nor have I complained to WWF about the
storyline but I am patiently awaiting the day that it ends and because
another "bad storyline memory."
-Patty Therre
***Please visit my website at***
If reports indicating that Paul Wight had a lot of input into this idea
are true, I'm even more disappointed. I can't imagine that he found
these developments clever or enriching and I hope that his creative
involvement has been exaggerated.
Written by reader: Tim Wan (TWAN)

Easily, one could observe that the WWF did not fulfill its promise on
delivering a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series. However, to prove
criminal fraud according to 18 USC 1343, fraud by wire, radio, or
television, one must show that there was

1. An intent to defraud

2. That yielded an acquisition of money or property

3. By false pretenses, promises, or representations

4. Through transmission in interstate commerce.

Factor 4 clearly weighs against the WWF. The pay per view is a
nationwide commercial service. Factor 2 could easily be proved by all
the people who bought the PPV in reliance of the fact that Austin would
be performing. Factor 1 is a question of fact that is beyond any
speculation. It is known only to WWF officials, whether they intended
to defraud the viewers. Factor 3 is where the little clause of "card
subject to change" comes into place. By acknowledging this fact, any
person who purchases a PPV implicitly waives their right to bring an
action based on the card. As a result, the factors are not fully met,
and the WWF officials probably would not be convicted of fraud or

Alternatively, consumers could bring a class action misrepresentation
suit, similar to the kind back in 1991 where the artists known as
"Milli Vanilli" were actually not the singers performing, as purported
by the record company. As a result, any person who bought a copy of the
album could send in part of the album cover, and receive a nominal
amount of compensation for their reliance. I actually got $2.00 for my
album cover.

The WWF has one significant difference: It's all fake. The WWF no
longer attempts to hide the fact that they are not truly a sport. It is
simple to consider the WWF product to be no different than any other
dramatic TV show. Similarly, if on "All My Children" there is to be a
wedding between Matt and Hayley, and ABC promotes this wedding for
weeks, and suddenly, Hayley is kidnapped, and there is no wedding,
there would be no cause of action.
- Tim Wan, Law Student (twan)
Written by reader: takersbitch

November has become legendary as a month of "screw jobs" at WWF PPV's.
I guess this year the Stone Cold fans were the ones that got screwed.

But really, how many people buy a PPV just to see a single wrestler?
Most buy them to keep up with the latest plot turns. I, for one,
didn't miss SCSA in the main event. It was refreshing to see a main
event end without him coming out on top, whether he won the match or
not. It lets other talent get a chance to shine.
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